Being Misinterpreted – Pluto Transit Square Mercury

Dart_gunI’ve got Pluto stationing in hard aspect to my natal Mercury, where Mercury is a major planet in my world.  I am loathe to say anything to anyone because people keep being damaged by my communications. I can figure out why this happened. once it happens but injuring them (or anyone else) was not my intention so it’s pretty gross.  It’s like walking in a room and everyone faints because you smell so bad, but you had no idea there was an odor!

I think this happens from time to time, with a person like me. You can’t have Mars conjunct Mercury and not write or speak in a way that is abrasive or challenging at least some of the time but recently it’s been crazy. I keep saying or writing things will no ill intention whatsoever. Then people internalize the communication, random people in many cases, people I am not even addressing, and they wind up bloodied, laid out on the ground. Whaaaat?

I can’t blame these other people because I am the common denominator. But I can say it’s  not a good feeling when the words you use, which  you feel are regular or even innocuous, turn into poison darts in translation.

I am not sure what to do about this besides talk less.   I’d also like to say for the record, that there is not person out there whom I would like to harm. I’m just not strung that way as my anger lasts about as long as a drop of water in a hot frying pan.

Have you ever had a period where you struggled to communicate?

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  1. Hey Elsa,

    Just a word of public support. We just had a very intense consultation earlier this week which, as you know, which culminated in you effectively telling me I needed to grow up or potentially face finding myself alone when I’m older. It was unpleasant but necessary — vital, even — communication. You’ve given me a lot to consider, and I’m grateful for it, even if it hurts to hear it. So far as I’m concerned, you are at peak communication power now. Fuck ’em if they can’t handle it. Their problem, not yours.

  2. Just to go back to language and posting on a blog 101.. saying “you are this..” is a statement to that person.. and if it’s a negative statement then it’s an attack.. it’s NOT a general conversation.

    “You are so mean on poor people (to paraphrase)” is an attack. How YOU can’t see that when YOU are reacting to others addressing yourself and feeling attacked is beyond me.

    I know I used to use the word “seem” .. like “you seem stupid” but even that is offensive as it’s the poster’s own issue of projection.. NOT the problem of the receiver..

    got it?

    And Elsa even tried to give you the key to your own misconception of her.. to help you out of the pickle you entered into.. she’s got libra and cap.

  3. Thank you, Stephanie. I feel strongly that I have to do what I am hired to do and in your case…well you are attracted to brains. I don’t think you would have appreciated my playing dumb as you lay dying. (((((Stephanie)))))

  4. Reminds me of the old cartoon of marching cadets at the passing out parade, with one proud Mom observing to her husband “Look Fred, they’re all out of step except our Johnny!”

    Maybe persona when you’re in a minority of one, you might stop and consider whether you might be the one in the wrong? As for ‘out of context’ – the only context we have is this one. Words mean what they mean, not what you CHOOSE them to mean at any random moment

  5. Also: unpleasant but necessary is one of the (many) things at which you excel, Elsa. I wouldn’t be where I am now if you hadn’t told me over the years a) get your shit together now or you won’t have a chance for a long time and b) you got this – keep workin that groove.

    Said it before, will say it again: thanks! You rock my (zebra striped) socks.

  6. Sanity check. [scan complete]

    Nope. Not ashamed of myself.

    Yep. Comfortable and confident that Elsa is, was and will continue to be a “good person” and a trusted advisor.

    I placed myself in what was a vulnerable position with Elsa not very long ago. It was only due to the deep trust and respect that she has earned from me.
    That trust was proven out and then some through her taking time and effort and attention in handling of the situation with care, consideration and compassion. ((thank you, Elsa))

    Just wanted to take the opportunity to publically acknowledge that you, Elsa, have my respect and goodwill. I appreciate and benefit from the platform you provide with this site. Your voice and perspective are meaningful, relevant and thoughtful.
    You champion and encourage diversity and reasoned debate. It seems ultimately reasonable to me that you expect/ask people to have the faintest clue about the subject at hand–even then you are regularly generous in letting the chips fall where they may.

  7. People who are willing to broadcast unpalatable truths, at risk of attack to themselves, have my utmost respect, whoever they are

  8. Looks like I was late here, too. I was going to tell persona to stop being an a**hole but it looks like he’s already been nuked. Good work. 😉

  9. Boy howdy – I guess someone forgot to take their meds today!

    Seriously – if you don’t like how things are around here, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in the @ss on the way out. It takes a special kind of @sshole to come onto someone else’s blog as a guest and the proceeed to launch an attack. If you don’t see that as a problem, you best check yourself and consider how you might feel if someone busted down the door to your home and started screaming at you.


  10. I am heartened by the response of us “lot” and proud to ally myself with Elsa. I know her to be good and kind and generous in all ways. <3

  11. Calling “persona” on some serious SHENANAGINS!

    Elsa has provided an amazing space and fostered a loving community of folks, who honesty care about each other. I for one am greatfull for all you do here Elsa!!!

    I know how hard it is being misunderstood by the masses ( I have lived most of my life there too ) but please keep finding ways to speak your truth… In turn it helps other people learn to speak theirs.


  12. Avatar

    Straight forward , concise and extremely generous !

    And I’m pretty damn sure that she gives more than the 30min or 60min that are paid for in a consult.

    Love and gratitude Elsa!

  13. I don’t know how I am unable to decifer the expressions of others. Had an interview yesterday and the only thing I was saying was about my current experience and previous responsibilities and got an expression that i did something wrong. I kept thinking what the heck i didnt do right. wahhh

  14. I want a jacket! “One of THAT lot”


    on a more serious note: wearld, that sounds really frustrating! I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Hopefully things will work out well for you in spite of the crazy transits! Good luck.

  15. Holy balls…this isn’t Charles again, is it? Or whatever the fuck that shit-disturber’s name was in the past?

  16. I’m curious about what the original remark was that caused all the commotion. I have a feeling that the specifics would allow for more understanding but perhaps that is confidential material.

    People sometimes bristle at my communcations. Once I said to someone who wanted to get a trip to Paris from husband as reward at the end of a hard summer, “So you will battle it out whether you get to go.”

    She was insulted. “We don’t battle things out.”

    What I was thinking really was that she would battle it out – quietly, subtly – some would say manipulatively – to get the trip approved. But I didn’t say exactly what I thinking and I can see that she didn’t like my characterization of her relationship which as an outsider I’m not in position to understand.

    Still, I feel everyone is entitled to their “own take” on everything.

  17. Late-thread question…was that a zombie? Cuz that seemed to me to be very zombie-esque. Asking honestly. And a Virgo? Not all are bad, but noo water or food after midnight. Simple rules. Joking aside, though…those are my questions, if anyone has input. And thank you for the space in the zombie-free zone.

  18. Shannon, It makes me feel better that someone kind of understands what i am describing. Although i do have the mercury transit square pluto very close and already passed. But no tran. pluto square merc. Interesting

  19. Hey Elsa,
    I’m a newbie here. I like your style. I’ve read a couple of your direct ‘cut to the chase’ responses to clients and on the spot I make a mental note to have a session with you– when I’m in a truth-facing frame. Clearly it’s your role. For what it’s worth, my 3rd house Aries Sun and literal-speak 7th house Pluto in Leo exact square Taurus Mercury salute you. If we’re at all alike, it will happen even if you’re silent : )

    When they’re around me, people’s shadow debris comes leaking out of their psychological basement getting a bit of an airing. I get projected on in social situations, and that makes for a lonely life, but it’s a gift in therapy. Keep it up, here’s a hug xx

  20. Elsa! May I just say, I’ve only spoken to you once but I definitely got a “straight shooter” vibe from you. I am, too so I appreciate this in others. I also seem to elicit “nuclear-esque” responses from others occasionally, usually from people who don’t know me. I don’t know a whole lot about astrology but I have a lot of mercury aspects: conjunct desc, Venus, Saturn (in cancer, 7th h); trine Jupiter (Pisces, 3rd); semi square mars (Leo, 8th) & square Pluto (libra, 9th). I have an unfortunate knack for verbal brutality that was a source of terrible guilt and shame when I was younger so I’m *very conscious* of the way I’m communicating and would never intentionally upset anyone. Doesn’t matter, I can say things that dont set off warning bells for me that others find incredibly insightful or else incredibly hurtful. I always try to make it better but that doesn’t usually work so I have to be confident that my intentions were pure and keep talking…something you, yourself helped me figure out ;). Someone made the comment that we must have the knowledge of what can be hurtful somewhere to use it. I almost like that idea more because there’s hope I’m not tactless and may someday figure it out. Im sure you’ll figure it out first, if it’s possible & I’m counting on you to explain it so you can’t stop talking. glad I’m not alone 🙂

  21. Progressed mercury conjunct pluto, mercury conjunct mars natal. Feel like people want a cardboard cut out to talk at, not me.

  22. wow, speak of mercury pluto…

    m’ mercury aspects scorpio. sometimes i just step in it. have learned to apologize. and try to watch myself around thin skinned people (which means i don’t spend time around them much unless i have a real good reason.)

  23. Holee––kamolee!

    Gotta say, I like Elsa’s style.

    Suits me just fine, more than fine.

    I think we live in a world that has lost much of that power known as ‘common sense’ & much of the respect/admiration that ‘common sense’ deserves.


  24. Yikes! I’m getting nervous! Transiting Pluto is just beginning to oppose my natal Mercury. But truth be told, I experienced a major breakdown during a transiting square from Pluto to my Moon immediately followed by Pluto opposing my natal Sun. The good news is once you come back from the depths of Hell, alive, and you take the time to rebuild, you start becoming aware of your inner strength. To me, Pluto is about going deeper, in this case with respect to communication, and also becoming aware of one’s personal power. First you lose all your power, but then you gradually rebuild it on new, more solid ground and gain fearlessness. I think it’s the hardest lesson to learn, but maybe the most rewarding one as well.

  25. hey elsa, in the same boat,i do see it as healing for others. i do readings and my readings have been hitting the root of the problem. i am not even aware of what is coming out of my mouth at the time, i am horrified at what i have said. it’s that deep, hidden mess that no one wants to talk about and yet is also what needs to surface to be healed. i have had people come back to thank me for the healing. this is a shock to me, when at the time of the reading they looked at me with pure hate in their eyes. i have to share this cause it is so odd, they also are having dreams soon after our reading, healing dreams. pluto is powerful energy and words(mercury)are powerful also. i have to say i have been stepping back to take a better look at what is happening. the changes in the planets have helped to slow things down and review, don’t you love how that works,lol. God only knows, what you might be saying! elsa, that heals someone. flip it around, what pluto does, hurts like hell and yet heals too. by the way, i’d like to say i love your work and how you get it across to us. hades mouth, just kidding, love ya gal

  26. Sheezzz! Sorry I missed this one. I think people like this come in for help but don’t really want help, they want pity… The backlash is that silly projection… “you don’t understand…” We know you do!

  27. I can so relate Elsa, sorry to hear that. Mine is a world of constant communication too and having pluto opposing my merc and still is has been awful, constantly having my words twisted or misquoted has been doing my head in, feel like i need to tape every conversation and talk i give to have proof of what i actually did say.

    I so hope it improves, cos that pluto merc connection really sucks!

  28. I’ve had Pluto conjunct my Cap Mercury/Ceres most of the last year (still conjunct but moving off now).

    I know some get riled by my ‘as I see’ blunt talking here, but I CONSTANTLY get pms from board members telling me how much I’ve helped them, just by posting the way I do.

    I truly feel Merc/Pluto is to be respected, and its healing intensity is there to be used. Surgery is painful, but it’s a life saver – don’t be too cautious, please

  29. Recently had the pluto transit square natal merc. It was uncomfortable. Before I decided to shut up, I made the ever and always mistake of “trying harder.” Wrong!!! Only made it worse.

    But I also get what you wrote recently about those really deep engaging interactions where you share and cry or whatever and really get down to it. Wouldn’t trade those for nuthin.

    Interesting to find the experience could be plutonian. I thought my concurrent heavy neptune transits could have over sensitized me to what was around me.

    The whole experience really grounded and centered me because I had to power through it. Resolved that communication happens on different levels. Had to get beyond the sniping that was ripping at my flesh. It became external noise, like traffic. No sense in yelling at the traffic noise, when sometimes I drive a car too.

    The transit passes but I’m changed for having experienced it.

  30. Coming back to this because I’m going through the same transit (pluto opposite mercury) and I’m beginning to realize retro mars in Virgo isnt the only reason people are flipping out on me.

  31. Elsa, great post. I myself have been experiencing intense pain, reflection, change, loss, etc., what with transiting Pluto being conjunct my natal Venus (Sag), Mars, Sun, and Mercury in Cap since 2006. Transiting Pluto has been conjunct my natal Mercury for a while now, and while I’ve been depressed during the course of my life, nothing compares to the intense and painful depression (and introspection) I’ve been going through for the past year or so. Painful, very painful, but, with Pluto transits, I know “this too shall pass”, and hopefully I will come out of this dark period a wiser person.

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