Pluto Transits And Death

holesPluto transits are hard to talk about without scaring people. Pluto regenerates. It is deep and dark can seem ominous. Pluto also represents death. If you’ve ever dealt with death you know that the death of someone close takes you apart. Some are devastated and don’t come “back” as easily as others, but some seem to roll with it pretty well. Those are usually the people who have Pluto prominent in their charts, already have an innate understanding for the energy in some way.

It takes you apart. A death or a Pluto transit takes you apart and the feeling that goes with that is a strange one. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but the experience of having things torn down and put back together in a new order is common. That’s why when someone has a death in their close circle it’s important to say SOMETHING, even though what you say is not particularly important. It’s a human touchstone, that their disorder is acknowledged. It comforts, just the shared humanity of it. The same is true of a Pluto transit. You become disordered and eventually are putting yourself back together.

Pluto transits don’t necessarily bring death, or even negativity. They bring transformation and transformation is disconcerting. It helps to accept other people’s well meaning contact. It’s like hanging onto something solid when you’re dizzy. It helps.

Even if Pluto is not transiting your planets it is transiting one of your houses and affecting that area of your life. Where is Pluto transiting YOUR chart?

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  1. Pluto is exact on my Sun in the 5th at the moment.

    Since the transit began, I got pregnant, had an abortion, got engaged, broke up, moved across the country, started a job and was laid off within 2 months, moved back across the country, got a full sleeve tattoo on my arm, and changed to a new university and major. Also got a cat during this transit which I’m very attached to, but he is now dying of FiP. :-/

    Oh, and I dyed my hair a few times.

  2. In my 1st house. Currently going through my Pluto transit, already a lot has happened, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  3. Yes, thank you so much for your good information about Astrological truth that I never know before , after I have read yours and I felt that it was Great to know and in some points , I really got some experiences in life of my Saturn Return, in the resent past and right now, I am still in “Saturn Sade Sati”. 7.5 years torturing, and that up now, I still have 2.5 years left to learn more about Life’s Lesson, that was the Greatest Gift of all, but I never give up, I will stand and face and fight all those and these challenges coming into my life! Yes, I am so appreciated for your column you created, thank you so much, Narumol, from Thailand./ yes, I am LIBRA person!

  4. Yes! Death does change your life and it is very different each time. It tears you apart and then reforms your life. The closer the death, the more your life feels like it will never be the same again. And of course, it won’t.
    But I like what you said about Pluto helping to bring a person back from it and keep them going. Pluto may destroy, but it brings renewal as well.

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