Pride, Psychology & Limitation

limitationsClearly people have limitations. This is universal.  I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed Pluto’s transit through Capricorn but the energy is compatible with my own.

The sun and Venus are currently squaring Pluto. The sun is associated with pride. Venus with vanity. I’ve been mulling these ideas for awhile. This seems a good time to present them.

It seems people are cool with being wrong so long as the error is tiny. You have your thesis, regarding whatever. Someone finds a typo – no big deal. Maybe you have to rework a few paragraphs. You can deal with it.

But what if someone tells you your entire body of work is wrong.  Not just wrong but egregiously wrong?

The average person is not going to accept such a thing. Their ego won’t let them. Or maybe they lack the imagination required to conceive of such a thing.

Lack. Limitation. Block. These things are Saturn related. A person may not realize their own limitation… it’s subconscious (Pluto).

Just imagine being informed you’ve got a key piece of information wrong. This mistake of your intellect has caused you calculate everything incorrectly.  Not a little here or there but in fact, everything, back to the beginning. Back to the first time in your life you thought you knew something.  It’s all wrong, to the point where even your own lying eyes have deceived you!

sagittarius-capCould you accept this? Probably not. It can’t possibly be true! It’s stupid to even suggest such a thing – why? Because people think they have a handle on things. I’m people. I thought this!

But then Saturn went into Sagittarius. This was about a real truth and real education.  I’ve been an astrologer a long time. I’m also Saturn-ruled and I know how critical these transits are for my growth. It was 2015 when I began to realize, many of the things I thought or believed were utterly wrong.

I had to think about revealing my mistakes. It’s not that I need to be perfect. I’m selling consultations! I’m supposed to know things and give wise counsel.  Stating that I’m massively wrong about a wide variety of things could not inspire confidence. But I’m not kidding about working my transits so I wrote about this to see where it would lead.

Humbling – When You Find Out You’re Wrong…

It’s led a very long way!

Saturn is headed into Pisces. This period is connected to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius.  It’s another reason this is coming up.  So what have I learned since, 2015?

I’ve learned the list in that post does not equal even the tip of the iceberg of my mistakes and errors. In fact, the entire contents of my brain had to essentially be dumped, block-delete style. ALL OF IT, including all judgments.

This is because I am no position to judge a person, humbled beneath my personal mountain of mistakes!

It didn’t actually hurt my pride or my ego to get in there and recalibrate my view on absolutely everything. I experienced a sense of urgency though; I give that tis to my natal Mercury Mars conjunction.  Once I decided to “hunt”; I locked on and proceeded to learn and replace the millions and billions of lies I was carrying around, for the purpose of having my mind straight.  I admit to having raw ambition on this front.

I’ve been on task with  this for seven years. It’s cost me but it’s the cost of education. I value education so it’s been time and energy well spent. It’s not drained me which is a huge blessing.

Here are some things I wonder:

How wrong can you stand to be?
How far will your imagination allow you to go in this regard?
What steps do you take to maintain your status quo and/or sense of control?

I think this is important stuff. I also this Saturn in Pisces is going to bring issues out like this.  False reality and  delusions of all kinds.   It’s crazy because when the veil drops and clarity comes in you, utterly wonder how you missed the plot.

This is along the lines for BIG lies being easier to pull off. This post provides clues:

The Advantage Goes To The Liar

What do you say?

11 thoughts on “Pride, Psychology & Limitation”

  1. When my Progressed Moon went into Scorpio in 2017, I went through the experience of realizing that I was very, very wrong about basically everything. A heavy feeling followed me for a while, and I don’t think it’s gone away yet. Not after the last couple of years. I didn’t broadcast how wrong I was, but I have talked about it here and there. It’s a confusing state to be in. The whole world takes on a different tone. Sometimes I have felt paralyzed.

    It was a good thing to go through in that I am now ok with being wrong. I wasn’t prior to that. I hated it! But we’re all wrong. We all know next to nothing. Now it’s like, Ok I was wrong again! Of course I was!

    As for control…I’m very cardinal and therefore can be quite controlling. I have to remind myself I’m not in control of this world, this story, this what-have-you. I’m a part of it, and I have to humble myself or else.

    1. @dolce
      Thank you! I have another year of progressed Scorpio moon until i turn magic 60. ♏️ Lessons yet abound about humility. My natal Virgo moon says I know I have to be of service and maybe Jupiter Aries 10th has expanded ego and self centered success to now. Sure hope as Pluto crosses my descendant and backs and forth til 2025 I can use natal Venus and Mars in Scorpio to navigate these depths.

  2. This resonates with a description of the awakening process, a person’s consciousness (soul) breaking through their constructed identity. The level of personality construction (false self), alongside the suddenness of the breakthrough, determines the shape of the identity crisis that follows. There is no way to avoid the identity crisis as its part of the process, but it can be made worse by the ego’s continued struggle to maintain control. Plus the collective, based on family systems promotes the centrality of denial of self, so you also have to walk against the main flow.

    I see it like two very different operating systems that need to be acknowledged and integrated to achieve a new more balanced system. Identity and sense of reality are intimately linked, so as your identity changes so does your sense of reality. The constructed personality has been formed through relationship to others, so there is always a strong desire to defer to others thoughts/opinions. The other is part of our constructed identity and needs recognising and rooting out. The soul is connected to source energy, love. With the soul breaking through, you have to start listening to something which is invisible, unknown, this is faith. It’s a bit of a nightmare for the ego!

    I wondered reading this how each generation handles the process. Particularly linked to Pluto. Pluto in Leo generation have a very interesting connection with the ego (Sun). I think some really go the whole mile with the ego death process, while others have intense resistance. The process involves a ego humbling to the powers of nature, which could feel like annihilation at times.

    I’d like to figure out more about other generations, such as Pluto in Virgo. Some Pluto in Cancer’s are still alive. I’m Pluto in Libra and it seems very connected to locating self from other. But I know peers who have no contact with the awakening process thus far.

    1. @sophiab Pluto in Virgo natally singing “You gotta serve somebody”, and has some affinity with fellow Earth sign of Capricorn. Health certainly a theme, and I had rectosigmoid /colon surgery 2014 to remove cancer – definitely Plutonian, so deep in bowels!!! With depression since death of partner by suicide May 2021, (man w PTSD) I’ve lost dietary control and become inactive physically where by 2018 I was in best shape ever from daily yoga, meditation and morning healthy smoothies. I had a few spectacular years. Reminds me of that movie, I think, Awakenings? W/ Robert Deniro… I broke through and now return to a lesser consciousness or at least a less vital feeling. I take heart and hope that I am simply thrashing around, a caught fish, on way to ego transformation!

      1. From what you say, the Pluto Virgo awakening transformation heavily involves the relationship to the body, or at least more weighted towards the process of balancing body, mind, spirit. I couldn’t help think of Neptune when you described the period you are in now – a form of undoing. Undoing in order to heal and restore, perhaps bringing in more formlessness (chaos) and acceptance from Pisces energy. For some reason I think the Saturn in Pisces transit will help with the reconstitution process. The trouble is when you feel the undoing is permanent rather than a stage, it’s like you submerge into that belief completely, then bob up to the surface and see its temporary, only to go under again. This is based on my experience of 12th h transits and life with a Pisces Moon in 6th h!

  3. This is an interesting subject.

    I learned a lot of things about the world and what really was going on during Saturn and Sag. I learned a lot about myself and my mistakes, and how I had perceived the world.

    And I learned that I will come through if I stick with it.

    This week I learned that my ex was probably more of a narcissist than I thought. And I learned about PNSD – Post Narcissistic Stress Disorder, like PTSD, but after narcissistic abuse only. It have taken me years to unravel the extent of the abuse during the 3 three years (the same period Pluto squared my natal Moon)

    Boy, was I wrong on so many things!
    I was heartbreakingly wrong, and the veil just dropped during my conversations with others having been through the same shit like me.

    So yeah, you wanna hear the hardcore truths? I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see him for what he really actually was. I was blinded by my faith in his ability to be a professional therapist.

    I had ADHD. I could not see it. I believed in him, wanted to really see the best, even though I kept reading so many articles about narcissism. But I couldn’t do the connection with him. Could have been me, could have been my hidden ADHD. But could I have done anything at that time?
    No, I could not. So now I do what I can and learning to see people is only reflections of what we want to believe.

  4. I’d say that explains a lot about my day yesterday and today. I’m questioning everything I am doing. I feel like my identity got flushed down the toilet. And when I tried to talk about it to the one person who I think should support me…well…that didn’t go over well at all. Instead I got told how wrong I am, how I’m doing everything wrong, and how I don’t have room to complain because my problems are nothing compared to his.

    The upside is I’ve wanted to lose weight, and my appetite isn’t faring well through this stress. Five-ish pounds down, about ten to go. It’s the only silver lining I see, and it’s messed up, but I’ll take it.

  5. Personally, for me, when someone is able to set aside their ego, personal gain, etc. to say that they were wrong and to learn from their mistakes (much less share that information publicly). I find that inspiring and it DOES inspire my confidence in them. Because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that if you live long enough, this is bound to show up in your life in one form or another.

    As for how wrong can you stand to be? I think the number would be insurmountable, yet when the clarity comes that peace that comes with that (to me, in my experience) has more that made up for that number.

    What steps do you take to maintain your status quo and/or sense of control? I don’t really care much for the status quo, but for my sense of control? That has hit a hard reality and been boiled down to a point of the only control I have is of myself. How I will or won’t react, how I will or won’t see a situation (my perspective), what steps I can or can not take to make a difference in regards to the situation, etc. This has been a road not easily walked, yet I find it oddly freeing, given my chart is cardinal laden.

    Have you ever thought about the idea that control= personal responsibility? Meaning the more in control of things you try to be, the heavier the responsibility for you to make it that way. Now multiply this by the number of things you want to be in control of. Another view, less control= more personal freedom. I find this fascinating to think on lately.

    1. I recall the day I realized the list of things I was wrong about was growing rapidly. I was also struck by the variety of items. It felt like it might be the tip of an iceberg which turned out to be the case.

      I’d have never taken this further if I were not an extremely curious person. It’s the Mars Mercury / 8th house situation. I am going to be drawn to taboo and if there is anything taboo in our current culture, it’s the truth!

      So really, this is a lifetime event waiting to happen for a person like me. I will sit in the dark for as long as it take to see the light of the truth.

      1. I enjoy that you’re such an extremely curious person. With my 1st house merc/mars, I see you, I hear you. Being a 12th house sun, I compare it to being blind, I’ve learned to live through my other senses or planets/placements. In this case your libra merc/mars are probably squaring mine in cancer.
        But I’m willing to learn.
        Will it be easy? Probably not.
        Will it help me miss some of life’s potholes? Hopefully.
        But even if not, merc/mars in the 1st can’t just sit still.

        ..”and if there is anything taboo in our current culture, it’s the truth!” HAHAHA! True Story on that one!!!!

        And because you’re willing to sit in the dark for as long as it takes, I have the ultimate respect for you. It also helps me to take what you say with more weight and be grateful for the information.

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