Jupiter & Perspective (Don’t Ruin Your Life)

cave paintingJupiter will turn direct in Leo tomorrow. He rules perspective and this seems to be the hot topic of the day.

I was talking to a client about how broad a range there is, as far as how a person chooses to see things.  For example, there are are some who think everything – every little thing that happens is a blessing. Good things, bad things, medium things…everything is a blessing.

There are other people who rarely see the good in anyone or anything. A person’s perspective is no small thing!

As another example, someone told me that everything seems to be going wrong in regards to our finding a house. I can see how it looks that way, but it does not look that way to me.

Sure! It would have been nice to pack a truck, arrive here and unload it into our new home. But that didn’t happen and I can see a lot of upside to this situation.

Our house in Colorado sold in a day. Hard to see that as not going well.  I admit we landed hard here, but I know have time to shop for a house and better yet, we’ll be able to use the proceeds from the sale of our old house to pay for our new house. This also seems not merely good but a great situation.

Granted, we don’t know where we are going to wind up, but that does not mean we are not going to wind up somewhere great!  This story is still unfolding!

One more example, because this is so common…

A person is dating someone and they have fight with them. They recover from the fight and what do they focus on?

Many if not most people focus on the imperfectness of it all.

“Everything was great and then, Wilbur and I had a fight.  Now, I just don’t know. He used to be great but…”

See what an awful story that is?  Try this:

“Wilbur and I got in a fight. We recovered…I think that’s a really good sign that we’ll be able to overcome differences in the future…”

This has to do with Saturn in Sagittarius too, of course.  The story you believe is the real one. It makes sense that you mind the story that you tell.

Generally speaking, do you spin your life up…or down?

23 thoughts on “Jupiter & Perspective (Don’t Ruin Your Life)”

  1. well i’m supposed to go into the psych ward tomorrow for assessment, possible treatment. so it’s spinning in god knows direction

  2. Elsa – awesome advice. I am going through a nasty time with Saturn squaring my Sun (virgo) and how I perceive things have been a blessing and a curse lately. I’ve always enjoyed your stories and am tempted to take a look at the book you just recently wrote (not sure where to find it though).

    I am one of those on the spectrum who sees whats happens as being for a reason, whether it’s good or bad. I get sick, there’s a reason – my actions affect the outcome. That’s how I see it. Same with the good things (opportunities).

    I’m assuming that with Sagittarius associated with ‘benefit’ and ‘opportunity’, with Saturn there we have to work hard to find those good things within the stories of our lives, even if they’re dark.

  3. I spin many stories. I love the ones here to refresh a discerning perspective!

    I Scorpio, fit into this story (from Satori 5/2011) “Seeing what is beneath the surface is what Scorpio does best. When presented with a situation where the pieces don’t seem to fit, Scorpio moves those pieces around until they do. When Scorpio can’t make those pieces fit they throw the puzzle in the trash and set off to find a new one, amputation.” Jupiter and Venus at natal in Sagittarius for me, so I make good news when I need it to be real (a bigger picture). All the Capricorn in my nature helps me land on my feet. I am grateful!

  4. I’m definitely a Polly-Anna type personality. As I’ve aged I’ve learned to have back-up plans for back-up plans “just in case”, but on the whole I just *know* that things will always work out. I’ll admit that sometimes this has been to my own detriment as others have taken advantage of me but I do somehow, and often miraculously, land on my feet.

    I too have been experiencing delay after delay since Jupiter went retrograde and I’m praying that this brings some positive and upward movement *finally*. I can feel this energy, and it is some kind of powerful, and after all the harsh transits we’ve had over the past while, I am very much looking forward to the future. 🙂

  5. Oh what a good way of looking at this, Elsa! I can see it now. I’m still nervous about Jupiter going direct because it seems to want to go back over the September stuff but well, we do the best we can and seethe light in things!

  6. Up, I spin up. I have lots of squares & oppositions but no matter how often I get sideswiped (or full-on run over), that gorgeous Jupiter on my ascendent is like a skylight. Look up 🙂

  7. As usual, I’m going to go against the majority and look forward to this. I think this is going to be good for me and certain people around me.

  8. I’m a Libra. I tend to see both the good and bad in everything. I think I’m an optimist though. I have some neptune action in my natal chart as well as transits. I’m starting to see the benefits in faith.

  9. After living over 6 decades on this planet I have come to totally believe that if something is very difficult to achieve then it isn’t the right thing. The right thing will flow, almost as if the universe has carved a path out for you and when you find it you just float along without even touching the ground. Like you, Elsa, if something doesn’t work out I just sit back and know that the right path is ahead. A side bonus is a much more peaceful, less stressful life. After all, pushing against the mountain is very tiring and frustrating.

    1. Thank you, I love this! I like challenges and sometimes fixate on the challenges in my life instead of moving towards what flows more easily. Right now, I feel ready to make commitments to what flows more easily. For a long time, I have felt and known that everything else falls into place, and feels better when I do this.
      I deserve to have more ease and comfort.
      Again, thank you. 🙂

  10. Yes, perspective. And it is never too late to stop and change your perspective. I had a therapy session today and heard what I know, what I’ve known for a very long time restated to me in different words than the ones I would normally use. And you know what? I now see what I know and what I’ve known for a very long time completely different. Sometimes we push aside what we know is true to hang on to what we wish was true.

  11. My Scorpio Moon/Leo Sun gets me in periods of crazy dark depressing nights but then life gets super colorful,more spiritually rich and meaningful afterwards. I have to go through hell before I see anything good, lol. I always think of that quote where a seed needs the complete darkness in order for it to grow. Or when one door closes, a new one opens.

  12. “The story you believe is the real one. It makes sense that you mind the story that you tell.”

    Enough said.

  13. I have been through so many difficult moments in my life, and have shed my share of tears. That said, when I have a good cry, talk to a friend, write in my journal, pray, take a walk etc. there’s that moment when I do not feel so overwhelmed and alone. Some things just do not work out, and we have to accept them. However, with faith, prayer, meditation, visualization etc., eventually the right people and situations show up. I am Scorpio; one of the symbols of Scorpio is the eagle. An eagle in flight, gets to enjoy many things, including perspective.

  14. “The story you believe is the real one.” – Matrix comes to mind…. red pill or blue pill, anyone? 🙂

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