Progressed Mars Square Uranus – Busting Out!

progressedWell, this explains a lot! I have been so focused on the large stellium in Scorpio in my Progressed chart, as well as the profound shift with progressed Jupiter and Uranus changing signs, I failed to see, my progressed Mars in Scorpio is tightly square Uranus in Virgo.

Well, hell! I’m all about withdrawing, detaching, living on the fringe and right now, it’s like a erection, straining against pants! But I can see, I will bust out or maybe, bust away. Because here’s a cool thing…

My progressed moon is in Capricorn. I advanced this chart and my moon will reach Aquarius at the same time Mars progresses into Sagittarius.

Further, my progressed moon in Aquarius will conjoin Jupiter, in the 9th house… hotted up by Mars in Sadge. I told you I was living in the future.

Check out your Progressed Chart here.  This is a very fine and comprehensive report, by the way.  Everything you need.


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    Well, that’s a fun visual. An erection straining against pants. You sure have a way with words. 🙂

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