Psychics, Astrology, And Elsa P.

Five years ago it was rare I be hired by someone who also hired psychics. My world simply did not intersect with theirs, but this is no longer the case. These days I frequently work with people who hire psychics and it’s a big shock to both of us.

Based on what I hear, there are primarily two kinds of psychics out there. There are the psychics who tell a person what they want to hear, and there are those who tell a client that if they want a particular outcome, they should send the reader some amount of money. The client is told (and sold) on the idea if they send the psychic some cash, the psychic will do some Hocus Pocus and deliver the client the million dollar lottery win or of the man of their dreams or whatever it is the person is after.

I don’t know why someone who pays this type of person would hire me, but they do. The result is occasionally relieving but more often it’s jarring in both directions. I’m upset having to tell a person they are not likely to get some thing they want. This is one hell of a job to be given after 40 psychics have told the person otherwise. You can imagine the range of reactions. It’s heart-breaking.

I speak with people like this at least once a week these days. As a result, I’ve developed a real disdain for people who sell their psychic services. I can see that it’s worth the coin to some, to call a psychic to be told that everything is great and will unfold as they wish. What kills me is to be lumped in with them.

I would like to distinguish myself from this group, but if writing 20,000 blog posts over a dozen years time doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will. Neptune on the midheaven strikes again.

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  1. I think things are getting tough for a lot of people and they aren’t used to tough times. Faced with an insecure future they want to know what their future holds. They need to understand that no one can tell them what their future holds. What a psychic may be show is what that future holds at that moment in time if nothing changes but since life is always changes so is that future.

    I think it is better to look at the tarot, astrology and perhaps psychics for a way to help with your own personal growth.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    And probably not particularly on topic.

  2. Elsa…this is not the page for this discussion, but hey. As I’ve stated in other posts, I used to be a scientist for years, stable, good income. Life intervened and I’ve had other concerns for the past twelve years. Several years ago I followed-up a desire to make soap…now it’s my passion. I can’t seem to figure out how to sell it and that part is somewhat irrelevant, except I know I have to make a living. The part that I really don’t like is dealing with the public! I make therapeutic soaps. When I tell someone I make soap, all they want to know is what fragrance is it? Can’t I make soap with coffee grounds in it like they used to buy from someone? Why don’t I add flower petals? ETC. For every person that loves a particular soap I make, three others find that it’s too soft, too hard, or too weird. Why should I buy your soap when I can buy Dove cheaper? I catered to a wide variety of buyers in the beginning, but no more…I make whatever makes me happy. I don’t sell as much, but I don’t care. For every bar of soap I sell, it costs about five-times that to make, once I consider all of my expenses…I have a web site and e-commerce that costs $$$. My point here is that we have similarities…dealing with the public and selling a service is not easy…I think we both love the work. I hope you stick with it…now is not the time for me to give you a $-tip or join the coliseum…no $ here, but maybe someday. You do a tremendous service here. This will sound ridiculous, but if only you could figure-out how to capture as a book (could be turned into a movie, too!)…when I first arrived at this site, that was my first impression. Fantastic insights and amazing human stuff happen here and it’s in constant flux. Sad, happy, weird-gaspy, strange, informative stuff happens here. Just look at the mini-story of burnedbridge…can’t wait for him to surface. You have a wealth of material in your archives to work with…names can be changed! You like to write, so write about your every day life…I think it would be stellar. I have no idea how you keep up with all of these posts and comments, so I hand it to you for your management skills…I know you don’t sleep much, when I look at the time-stamps. I’m sure that 99.9% of us use your site without thinking about the intricacies involved. If Scorpio is your 10th, then relax until Mars and NN enters soon, direction will follow. I thank you and commend you for providing “you” on this website…

  3. I bet you also deal with clients who don’t see psychics, am I right?

    “Based on what I hear, there are primarily two kinds of psychics out there. There are the psychics who tell a person what they want to hear, and there are those who tell a client that if they want a particular outcome, they should send the reader some amount of money.”

    Right. Based on what you hear. Of course.

    There’s a habit on this blog of stirring controversy and then hiding under a rock and whining whenever someone either disagrees or tries to offer a different perspective.

    It is ridiculous. Good luck with all Scorpio energy coming.

  4. What do you mean stirring controversy? She’s simply posted about what she’s encountered lately with clients & their experiences with psychics.

    For some bizarre reason this causes people to come to her site, insult her, and otherwise act ugly?

    Geez, these are some freaking crazy, crazy times.

  5. Well of course Elsa is going to comment on what SHE hears. Is she supposed to write about hearsay and gossip?

    WaitWhat you’ve been around long enough to know that Elsa writes about her own experience, and about what comes up in readings and on the blog. We all know Elsa offers trenchant views, not Libran equivocation

    Now you’re going to attack her for that? I agree with Jilly, people seem to be in a very febrile state out there, these days!

  6. Scorpioandproud

    I just threw my hands in the air! I seriously don’t understand why this post was hard to understand. I can’t read anymore. I don’t know how you do it. If If someone tells of what they are ‘hearing’ and that they are **worried** for people, how that is stirring anything? I always remember that when I post I am not supposed to attack someone…play nice….so Elsa (I will follow the rules)I am going to get off this thread before I feel the need to slap the cat shit out of someone….yeah, that scorp energy. It’s the bombdiggitybomb! Look out, its peeking out of the corner…I have to work today. I don’t want to be in a bad mood because there is a lack of reading comprehension.

  7. If it is any small consolation–it’s not you/this board specifically I don’t think.
    People have been blowing up and going generally apesh*t on others & their ideas/actions left right and center all day (escalating since Mon).
    Verbally, written…I’ve not seen anything like it in quite some time.
    It is painfully uncomfortable to be witness to. I cannot fully imagine being at the center of/trying to manage any of it. 🙁
    Got my hands full not being an offender (marginal success-bleh!) and buffering for others in my immediate sphere where/how I can.

  8. People went to psychics and were left wanting, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been seeking Elsa. That does not mean all psychics are full of it.

    It’s an old pattern, and it goes something like this:

    “You are cursed but for a price, I can lift it from you and/or neutralize it.”

    It’s the same thing as calling someone a sinner and then saying if they follow instructions from them, then they can be saved.

  9. CP, you can say that again. I’ve had 3 men yell at me in public for various things. I didn’t react to any of them. I’m just riding my bike minding my own damn bizniz and they’ve got their panties in a wad over god knows what.

    I am not going to unleash the beast because you are yelling at me and insulting me because you *THINK* I’m giving you stink the stink eye when all I’m doing is waiting patiently at a crosswalk for an old lady to cross the street.

    Seriously–get a grip people. IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU. You WISH it was about you!!

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