Psychics, Astrology, And Elsa P.

Five years ago it was rare I be hired by someone who also hired psychics. My world simply did not intersect with theirs, but this is no longer the case. These days I frequently work with people who hire psychics and it’s a big shock to both of us.

Based on what I hear, there are primarily two kinds of psychics out there. There are the psychics who tell a person what they want to hear, and there are those who tell a client that if they want a particular outcome, they should send the reader some amount of money. The client is told (and sold) on the idea if they send the psychic some cash, the psychic will do some Hocus Pocus and deliver the client the million dollar lottery win or of the man of their dreams or whatever it is the person is after.

I don’t know why someone who pays this type of person would hire me, but they do. The result is occasionally relieving but more often it’s jarring in both directions. I’m upset having to tell a person they are not likely to get some thing they want. This is one hell of a job to be given after 40 psychics have told the person otherwise. You can imagine the range of reactions. It’s heart-breaking.

I speak with people like this at least once a week these days. As a result, I’ve developed a real disdain for people who sell their psychic services. I can see that it’s worth the coin to some, to call a psychic to be told that everything is great and will unfold as they wish. What kills me is to be lumped in with them.

I would like to distinguish myself from this group, but if writing 20,000 blog posts over a dozen years time doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will. Neptune on the midheaven strikes again.

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  1. You can always suggest to your client that you can assist them astrologically to determine what makes them so gullible! [I would assume Neptune is involved here]

  2. It’s so strange. I used to work with someone like this every 6 months or so. It was very rare. It’s hard on the person and hard on me because I can tell the person feels gypped. They are paying me to reassure them, but don’t tell me this in advance. It’s just a train wreck, really.

    I fear I do damage in these cases. I worry about the person getting off the phone with me and having their psyche fractured somehow. They put a lot of faith in these psychics and when it’s gone on for years and then the veil drops – well cripes.

    I worry about suicide, frankly. It crosses my mind that when I have someone like this on the phone, I ought to follow the suit established by the psychics to avoid damage to the person, but can’t live well with that because I am not a liar.

    I’ll tell you one thing. If I decide to get out of this business, this will be the reason why. I mean, if half my clients were like this, I’d not be able to cope.

    I don;t see this trend reversing, unfortunately. 🙁

    I don’t know exactly what started it but it is definitively on the rise with no sign of a change of direction on the horizon.

  3. I’ve worked with some psychics and they were all great, in fact, when we work in tandem (with my astrology) we can complement each other in wonderful ways. So I personally wouldn’t dismiss their ability in a blanket manner.

    Of course I agree there are many many bogus psychics, but also astrologers, tarot readers, etc. and they are doing themselves no favors karmically. I shudder to think about the karmic consequences of telling people bullshit (for money or for ignorance or else).

  4. I’m sure you’ll have more clients wanting this…I’ve read numerous articles that there is a big increase in people seeking these services, mainly due to the recession (depression). As you’ve stated about the Uranus-Pluto square (with previous Saturn square), the pressure is on. You’ll always win if you provide an honest service, whether the client is happy or not…the client may express dissatisfaction with you, but may have a different take weeks or months later. You’ll need to hone your introduction phase with the client to weed them out. It’s not your problem, it’s their problem…they sought your services.

  5. I went to a psychic only once. I was desperate. As soon I walked in, the psychic said, I know why you’re here, you’re desperately want this guy back, he’s tall and dark-haired. Here the fun started, I asked what do I need to do. She said that I need to clean chakras because somebody is blocking me. Each chakra cleaning is 100$. The psychic found 7 blocked chakras in me. I looked at her and said: “You know, you didn’t even asked me why I’m here. I’m here because I can’t get a transfer at my job. And, yeah, I want this guy back,but he’s a blonde and in a business trip.” I left laughing…! Btw, that’s was the time when I started to learn astrology. So, no more psychics for me!

  6. Scorpioandproud

    I have gone to a couple. The problem with me is that veil, you know when its lifted. My problem is there is no veil. I have to be blunt. I thought they were full of shit. Just waiting for me to give them any info they could run with to give me a reading. They would suggest things and I would say ‘NO’ then something else and I would say ‘NO’ I don’t have any of that nor do I know what you are talking about. You could see them just waiting for any crumb so they could make up a reading that you would agree with. I think when people are troubled they go really just to have someone outside to talk to. Pay a therapist or pay a psychic….I talk to my best friend. She already knows all my ackkkk. The last flake tried to tell me one of my family members were in the room and wanted to talk to me. I said which one. She said a woman that has passed over with grey hair hahahaha well hot damn…that could be one of 50 people. You usually have grey hair when you pass….I did all I could not to laugh. But, it was entertaining…

  7. I am guilty of going to Psychics. I have had readings that were right on, and not in my favor. I can always tell the ones that are hoodwinking me though and just saying what I want to hear. But strangely I would feel at peace when I got off the phone rather than annoyed or frustrated, even though I knew it might be a lot of fairy tales. I think there are good psychics out there, one is on T.V. “Long Island Medium”. I also think there are a lot of flaky people who rely on the blood sucking kind of psychic because they are insecure and naive and believe everything that they are told. It’s up to one to read between the lines as well. I have to admit Elsa, that I did not WANT to hear some of the things you told me in my readings and see you were dead-on right. I only had two psychics tell me the same thing, but this only helped to verify to me that the signs were clear and I should heed them. I didn’t…and I got badly burned. I am still sifting through the wreckage. But mike is right, it is these people’s problem and NOT yours! Keep Calm and Carry On!

  8. What a shame and disservice to their clients. That’s kind of the stereotype isn’t it? I guess it exists for a reason. Too bad. I can imagine that it would be difficult to have a new client on the phone with such a diametric expectation of outcomes from consulting with you, Elsa.

    I’ve been very fortunate I suppose–not a regular or frequent patron of psychics myself–but on the occasions I’ve had a consult (maybe 5 or so throughout my life)this was not my experience.

    In fact I’ve searched off and on for *years* for a gentleman named “Monday Jones”. His impromptu reading nearly two decades ago has proven remarkably spot on. To say that he didn’t pander would be a bold understatement.

    Actually–now that I think about it, he had a no-nonsense but compassionate delivery similar to a certain consulting astrologer I am pretty crazy for…

    Guess I’ve gotten lucky. This other type sounds rather sordid..Preying on people’s worry and despair? I couldn’t do it–it’d eat me up and burn me out.

  9. I’m not sure why the majority of people who go to psychics are the kind who just want to hear that everything will turn out the way they want it to, but it seems to be the case. people like that can be pretty fragile, in that they’re looking for every way they can imagine to deny reality. i’m a bit clueless about a good way to get through all that resistance.
    but if i’ve learned anything recently, it’s that that responsibility is theirs- to take control back for their circumstances and ACT. and perhaps the best thing anyone can do is to drive a wedge through that delusion and offer the tool, at least, to climb out, if they choose to. but it comes down to choice. and people will cling on to delusions pretty fiercely. maybe it would be gentler to let them wander away in their bubble, but, sooner or later, something’s going to crash through. think it might be preferable this happens at the time a tool or support is offered as well.

  10. eris, in reality, it’s hard to deal with these situations in 30 minutes, which is another reason it makes me crazy. It’s because I fail, I suppose.

    See, I can address almost anything in a 30 min time frame. ANYTHING, and hang up the phone with the person better off and usually much better off, though in some cases it may take a few days to settle. But when I get a call like this it’s we can’t speak the same language. There are exceptions to this but 80% of them time, I really feel I’ve done more to jar the person than I have to help them.

    I am so upset by this, I have actually discussed if it might be kinder to offer what they want out of compassion. I’ve not been able to come to that…but I’ve also not been able to come to a point where I am comfortable with these exchanges.

  11. The problem with the word psychic is that it’s misused. Just because you are psychic and see for people, doesn’t mean you mis-lead people. Some people that guide, and are psychic are not swindlers. A better way to phrase this is there’s a lot of people out there that will believe what they so desperately want to believe and will pay anyone to hear it. I’m sure Elsa you can see it (the writings on the wall, or chart, lets say) You can fool yourself only for so long. The fault is on those taking advantage of someone in desperate need (psychic, shaman, astrologer), and also on someone that desperatley wants to manipulate themselves into not wanting to accept what they don’t want to accept. Just my opinion.

  12. I really feel for you here Elsa. With my ton of Earth and esp Cap I would never go near a psychic in a million years. It’s so obvious to me that the vast majority, if not all of them, are con artists of the worst kind, just feeding on people’s desperation and pain. There may be a few who genuinely try to help and practice for that reason – but I’m convinced they are a tiny minority.

    I sometimes want to scream at people on EE who get themselves sucked into these scenarios. I can’t see how any intelligent person can fall for this stuff. And I have Neptune in Libra sq Venus, trine Uranus, so you’d think I’d be prime material!

    As for this increase in consulting psychics, I think it’s due to the internet. It used to be hard to find a psychic, but now it’s all too easy: just go online. What can someone see in your future via the internet, ffs?

    In any case, I feel people should deal with their problems in a rational way and according to their circumstances, work through their negative energies and life events, and make decisions from their own cognisance, not keep seeking a ‘short cut’ via a psychic. Maybe that’s my Merc in Cap talking, and all my Saturn.

    But as I see it, if these desperate people believe in the ‘powers of the universe’ do they not see that the universe won’t tolerate such attempts to short-circuit its lessons? My own feeling is that consulting psychics creates bad karma, of itself.

    Harsh words, but that is what I believe.

  13. And I also wish to say that, I do think the power of suggestion IS very powerful. It’s a great responsibility what is said to any client by either a Psychic, Therapist, Astrologer etc. Some people are very vulnerable. Most likely that is why they are seeking help. It’s easy to get caught up in the Psychic thing when you are simply looking for answers to things that don’t make sense in your life. But I do feel for you when they get word that it’s not what they heard from the Psychic. I would simply say, Psychics deal with something in the human realm of the unseen, and Astrologers with what is.

  14. I can’t say I have had any kind of experience like this with a psychic–but then again, they didn’t tell me much either. Other than “you have mother issues, you could write scripts or sell artwork for a career, no, I don’t see love for you” stuff. You need a discerning eye before you go in, and some folks do not have it or care.

    I tend to think that the people in denial can learn now (from Elsa or not) or learn fifty years later after the man has still not come. I guess the choice is theirs, though.

    Meanwhile, I can look at my own chart and see that I am not going to be able to have what I want, no matter what. I have debated asking for a second opinion on this, but always end up thinking, “Why make someone else tell me I can’t have love and put them in the position of having to be the asshole, when I’ve known that since I was five?” Everyone hopes, but realistically, some folks just aren’t gonna get what they want because they were born doomed, end of story.

  15. I’ve considered and re-considered writing a response to this. But then I realize you’re in a bubble preaching to the choir, elsa, and surrounded by Yes People nodding their virtual heads in agreement.

    So why waste my breath.

    I’ll just remember this the next time you go on a rant about how all those “bad astrologers” out there are making it tough for the “good astrologers” to gain the respect they deserve.

    It’s never fun to be lumped into a group based on the worst among you.

  16. Also, if anyone wants to look at my chart and confirm that I’m a perv or something… I do have venus sq saturn, moon opp pluto

  17. “I’ll just remember this the next time you go on a rant about how all those “bad astrologers” out there are making it tough for the “good astrologers” to gain the respect they deserve.”

    I’ve never gone on a rant like that. Perhaps you have me mixed up with someone else?

  18. Yeah, Elsa, that must be it. It’s my mistake. I must have you mixed up with someone else.

    (nods my virtual head in agreement with you and gets back in line)

  19. @valerieplame I believe that you were raped/abused because even if you were willing beforehand, it was not what you expected, or you were forced to do something you did not want to. And if you did not like it or wanted to stop, you have all the right to change your mind, especially if it hurt you. They should also have a problem with hurting you if you say you do not like it.

    See, if he hit you during sex without asking about if you liked it beforehand, you’d be extremely pissed and confused, wouldn’t you? Even if he asked and you didn’t know if you liked it or not and you decided to give it a try and you found you did not like it, if you voiced it, but he continued anyway that would be abuse, wouldn’t it?

    Even if you find you or your partner like BDSM, there is generally a contract before any sex happens. This is so both participants can discuss and agree upon what they are and are not willing to do beforehand. And the contract can be edited, so you can change your mind if find you do not like something. There is also a safe word so no one does anything gets hurt if something is more intense than they expected or can handle. It is always a safe environment for both participants.

    You have Venus square Saturn, which can be expressed as “Love=Suffering under/overtones.” You may be oppressed by the partner, suffer in love, or have low self-esteem. These are only some expressions. Another expression would be having a serious or committed relationship where both partners love, support, and respect each other.

    Moon opposition Pluto can draw you to these extreme circumstances, but it’s hard to tell if you’re a perv, even from the chart. There may be indications in the chart, but only you can tell you if you’re a perv and how far you’re willing to go. As for perverted beliefs, the only one I can think of is that you may think you deserve a relationship that is full of suffering or that you deserve a man who is not respectful of you.

    Tarot readers, psychics, and astrologers seem to get lumped together because of the metaphysical field.

    Unfortunately, it is very easy for a con-artist or cold reader to take advantage of people who are desperate and may be more gullible than they usually are, and the field is saturated with these types. You are lucky if you only lose the fee and get away instead of forking over hundreds or thousands.

    I would go to a psychic, but I am very guarded when going to any new/unfamiliar Tarot reader, psychic, or astrologer unless I trust or seen that they are not a con-artists, or it is an environment where that kind of thing will not be tolerated or is not possible. I know a cold read when I see one, and I know what a scam is in this field.

    There was a thread on a Tarot forum where some readers mentioned people who said they only wanted to hear good news upfront (only way to do this is to withhold information if you don’t want to lie), and readers discussed how they have and would handle it. It is a similar situation.

    I believe they need the truth, especially from someone compassionate, but I can understand that they could be very upset by it or even suicidal. You just don’t know what a person will do with the information/how they will react/how they will interpret when they get out of a consult.

    Maybe you’re the one that will cause them to make a change? Maybe your consult will be the one on their mind because you didn’t tell them what 40 other people told them. Or they could just follow their previous trend and go onto someone else that will only tell them what they want to hear.

    I don’t know how they’d handle when reality starts to scream signs that something won’t come true. I can sustain an illusion for a long time, but there comes a point where reality wins (unless they are seriously mentally ill, in which case they can hold the illusion indefinitely). It may be 5, 10, 50 years from now. And when the veil starts dropping, perhaps they’ll have a map or at least some encouragement.

  20. Hmm, this is interesting Elsa. I actually had a consultation with you about 2 years ago, and I remember you literally telling me that my chart shows that I am “inordinately psychic”. Those were your exact words. So perhaps, if you wouldn’t mind, could you explain how people have psychic ability shown in their natal chart, yet, you also believe that “psychics” (generally speaking of course) are basically full of shit? This is quite confusing to me.

  21. LadyTaurean, I do think people are psychic. My husband is psychic. My sister is psychic. They are not on the internet selling services though.

    This is what I wrote:

    “I speak with people like this at least once a week these days. As a result, I’ve developed a real disdain for people who sell their psychic services.”

    And that is what I meant.

    To translate, I have developed these feelings due to my experience.

  22. Look, psychic fans! If you don’t like me for coming to this point in my life, okay! But I am still here and this is what I think and how I feel.

  23. Elsa, I hope that you didn’t misunderstand my question, or maybe I just didn’t word it correctly. The truth is, I am not “selling services” or trying to profit off of my “ability” either. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I have also had mostly negative experiences when consulting psychics MYSELF, so I completely agree with you. My question was more so whether or not you thought people were actually BORN psychic or not, and how that correlates to doing it as a profession. My goodness, I certainly didn’t mean any harm 🙂

  24. Scorpioandproud don’t have to buy anything here with Elsa. This blog is FREE.

    2nd if you do decide to talk with her trust me, she isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear and pet you through your chart. She is going to tell you what is in front of her. Then she is going to tell you what may be coming if you don’t pay attention.

    She didn’t tell me that grey haired ladies were waiting there to talk with me…she told me what to look for with 5 planets in Scorpio.

    She didn’t predict my future. I PREDICT MY FUTURE based on what I do or decide not to do. It’s all me baby. I have a choice. My chart is my chart.

    And last I am no head nodding cyber groupie! I am however smart enough to know when someone is full of shit and when they are not. And I am somewhat psychic and I don’t like it.

    I don’t like bullies or smart asses. Don’t bring it to a Scorpio. I am trying to relax after a very full day of work. People need to change their tone … I can’t stand the RUDE

  25. Further to my post at 14, since I was quite scathing about physchics: I too believe that some people are psychic but I don’t believe most of those selling their gifts to all comers are the real deal

    I also make a distinction between ‘psychics’ and healers. I’ve been to a healer, around 10 years ago. I was in a very bad place at the time, both physically and emotionally. She was effective, and definitely helped me. She’s a Christian lady with a gift, and gives people 15 minute sessions – she just holds her hands a few inches over the area which needs ‘healing’ – for which she asks that you put £3 (around $5) in a box. She gives the money to charity, mostly through her local church. She doesn’t take that many appointments as it takes a great deal out of her

    Psychics mostly claim to be able to tell your future. I see them as a modern variation of the gypsy lady who sat in a tent at fairs: the ‘fortune teller’

    << kicksotic’s twitter profile says he’s “polite.” haha ::

    Thanks for the laugh Jilly! it's amazing to me how these people like kicksotic who come on here and insult both Elsa and the regulars manage to stay long enough to read the posts. You'd think, time being so short and all, they'd be off reading somewhere more congenial 😉

  26. And re: kicksotic, I don’t know what the deal is. Historically, he/she has been insightful and very valued as a commenter. I never understand this shit.

    I work as an astrologer. These are my feelings about my experience. End of story.

  27. Avatar

    (((Elsa))) that’s not a pity hug it’s a hug of support. It’s hard to watch people who are so desperate they would pay anything, do anything to feel some hope. You don’t tell people what to do or what WILL happen. In my experience you show people how to keep an eye out for opportunities and for obsticals.

    Many psychics do the same but in my opinion if a client us coming from them to you something didn’t either settle fir them or it didn’t help them help themselves. Some psychics are great and are true and earn what they make. Others well nope. And it’s hard to prove but you get to see the fall out 🙁

  28. Thanks so much for that Elsa 🙂 I remember once being told by a “prominent” radio psychic that I would get married within a year and a half, and have a baby boy. This psychic apparently had no idea that not only was I already married (and had been for 5 years at that point), but I already had 3 sons, one of which was 3 months old at the time! I just remember shaking my head, and laughing my ass off in disbelief, so trust me, I do understand your point of view LOL!

  29. Hi,
    I’ve been a long time observer around here, and I really appreciate the discussions on this blog.
    I see Elsa’s point of view, and kicksotic’s too.
    There is a ‘psychic industry’ that often makes a business out of deception. But I believe you can find legit psychics too (although few and far between).
    I think the post can be perceived as painting a negative light on all psychics that sell their services (I am not sure if this was the intention or not). People with psychic abilities may read it as an attempt to invalidate their psychic gifts. It can be related to a recent post about the negative portrayal of astrology in the media and by ‘average’ people.
    True talent is hard to find, and it takes experience and a lot of discrimination to weed out what’s true from what’s not.

    1. I don’t have the power to paint an industry! I am not Oprah talking about beef for Godsakes. I talk to someone who calls psychics a lot once a week or so. This is how I feel! I am about as important as a speck of dust – less!

  30. Elsa, please just be yourself – your advice is invaluable and you tell it like it is. The art of prediction is in fact a combination of astrology and intuition, which gains strength the longer you deal with a client. I have had some scary psychic moments in my life, but they were at a time when I had absolutely no self and was open to all kinds of vibes. Now I prefer intuition with a strong sense of self and some small knowledge of astrology to “psychic” leanings. I hope you never quit!!!

  31. I went to a very well-known psychic in Dublin years ago–she told me I was too hard to read. Too murky. LOL. I think t.Pluto was conjunct my natal 12th House Neptune. I was as murky as tar.

    Anyway–I don’t really know what to add to this discussion except I think the topic is valuable to consider and thank you for bringing it up, Elsa.

  32. See, this is why it becomes difficult to support you sometimes. You DID paint an entire industry in your initial Post. You herded psychics into two unpleasant dishonest camps. And then when the heat gets turned up, you suddenly say “hey, no, wait a minute, little ol’ me doesn’t have the power to do that”

    If you said it, and you did, own it.

    1. ccpup, you have never supported me before so I fail to see the loss here, lol.

      I also stand by every word I wrote. It is an honest account of my experience and my feelings. Make of it whatever you like.

  33. I got that too Kashmiri when venus andrecht was on a radio show I listed to, about 2-3 years ago. She said no, too gray. I was thinking, uh oh.

  34. I think that people who are psychic often end up finding some discipline that they can use as guidance for their impressions, for example astrology or tarot. I really believe that for most people, putting those impressions into words or some kind of viable communicable message is just too hard, and there is no baseline to walk to make sure you stay on track.

    Astrology makes use of both intuition and poetic sensibility’ not to mention compassion and insight into human nature. That’s pretty much everything you’d need to be psychic in most situations, unless someone demanded you give them their winning lottery numbers or something.

    i did see a very famous psychic years ago at a psychic fair. She completely ignored me and told my husband at the time that he would own a ranch out west. She was right.

    But I still won’t go. I think it’s just too difficult — especially for a highly impressionable, *naturally* psychic person to be on call and useful to someone else without some kind of external guide.

  35. Lol. Maybe those people should be referred to ‘PA’ classes,.. ‘Psychicaholics Anonymous’.. 😉
    Addiction to psychic advice is a real thing!

  36. I don’t know what’s wrong with a truly talented psychic selling his/her services.

    It’s not a matter of selling them to me– what matters is that one isn’t ripping people off being unethical.

    Eh, life experience has taught me a very different story. I don’t hold disdain for everyone in a particular group.

    I hold disdain for fraudsters, and you can find them in all professions. There are fraudster psychics, fraudster astrologers, fraudster_______.

    Sorry, but that’s true.

  37. As most of you know I am a psychic medium and various other services in this field, I have to say what Elsa said saddens me, because I actually agree. This area is very misunderstood, through mainly ignorance, not just by the clients either, often by the practitioner, sadly also for the practitioner in this type of scenario the karmic weight is huge, especially as it often “interferes with the nature of things” and screws with vulnerable peoples minds.

    I dont charge for my services, i work by donation I give generously of my services and hope for a generous gift after I finish, generoaity being based on the situation of the client.

    I too spend a lot of time, trying to help a person repair the damage done by ignorant readers and have trained all my life, maybe other lifetimes too, to be as clear a channel as possible as I have no desire for the karmic weight or to have a ginormous line of folk waiting to have a go at me once i pass over for not quoting them or presenting them accurately for
    the purpose of the communication.

    Due to the fast changing pace of the current energies plus the huge and instant karma involved currently. it has been very difficult to read psychicly for others as the fast flow of choices moves their direction in an equally irratic and somewhat unpredicatable pace, only any (which are always few) destined experiences/situations are readable. I have also been guided by my own intuition for alot of the past year, to not read, to allow nature to take its course and give people the chance to trust themselves and their own intuition, which although in current financial crisis could have been an obstacle for me, I can totally see it and why quite clearly and the repercussions for ignoring that would have been dire.

    My natal chart is quite supportive and indicative of my spiritual channel and philosophical mediumship, it is what i am here to be and do in this lifetime, but with saturn at the penultimate degree of capricorn just before my IC, its a do or die aspect to me, do it ethically and do not initiate or trigger fear, or die and be earthbound in eternal state of damnation…

    Yep, I see it, and I dont fear it, I just respect it and do it.

    So can others born with this life purpose, but they need to get their ego out of the way and even if vocation is known at a young age as naturally born, there is still a lot of training and fine tuning to be done if success for themselves and others is to be achieved.

    Just my opinion and I thank you for the opportunity to have a rant about a topic very dear to me. Namaste

  38. Well, (((Elsa))), bet you never thought there would be so much dust in the air over this post!! It’s a full moon in about 90 minutes…let’s all breathe deeply. I think this is the post that kicksotic is referring to:

    Maybe everyone should shut-down their computers and go have a delicious bowl of ice cream.

    Satori is claiming to have developed psychic ability recently…I commented to her that you could send her referrals:

    1. Well, mike, thanks for digging up that post because I was going to refer to it myself, because I am pretty sure it says that astrologer = flake. What I meant to convey with that post is that this was weighing on me at the time.

      Now I am saying that this astrologer (aka flake) is troubled and struggles working with people who typically hire psychics. This also weighs on me and these two things are both on my mind, as Saturn transits into my 10th house and I take stock of my career.

      Do I want to keep doing this? What are the costs and benefits? What is the reality here? Do I want to continue to invest? If so, where should I focus my energy?

      See, if people like the ones I describe in this post become a large part of my business, I will have to quit because it’s too hard on my psyche. That people are internet are upset with the fact I write about this is baffling and while some may think it should be my priority to understand, it is not my priority. In fact, there are 50, if not 100 things more important to me. I only have time for about 5 of those things so that should put this in perspective.

  39. ps It is my belief and experience, that everyone, to some extent, especially for their own self sufficiency, is psychic.

  40. Scorpioandproud

    Psychics and Astrology are two completely different things. There are so many people looking for help. They are calling psychics for comfort and there are so many that are taking advantage of someone in a terrible situation. I went for fun. It was part of a party. It was entertaining.

    There was a lady I know that really had some bad things going on in her life and she really believed the screwball that was telling her how her life would soon change. She was told she would meet a new man and live happily ever after (didn’t happen) and that she would land this fab job (didn’thappen) so when those things didn’t happen she was more broken than she was when she asked in the first place.

    She paid the lady $90.00 that she didn’t have at the time to be told hogwash! She was grasping for anyone to tell her something good was going to happen and was willing to turn over her grocery money to hear it. It took me a YEAR to help her pick up the pieces. I seriously thought she was going to commit suicide.

    There are good and bad people in every line of work. I run into it every day. But when a sorry sack takes money from desperate people on the edge there has to be some karma that comes with that. EP was not attacking all psychics of the world. She is saying that she is looking at actual charts and running into people that have had smoke blown up there ass ~ they are fragile and she is worried about them.

    If you are having a problem go back to the top of this page and re-read the blog post please. It couldn’t be a clearer message.

  41. “I was thinking, uh oh”

    blech! 12th house!

    abluelily, I can attest you are a psychic with a HUGE amount of integrity! <3

  42. “EP was not attacking all psychics of the world. She is saying that she is looking at actual charts and running into people that have had smoke blown up there ass ~ they are fragile and she is worried about them.

    If you are having a problem go back to the top of this page and re-read the blog post please. It couldn’t be a clearer message.”

    THANK YOU. That is exactly what I was saying, how nice to have a non-community-agitator around.

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