Astrology and Insight, Epiphanies & Intelligence

intelligenceWhen looking for ideas or answers or insights where do you go? Do you look high or low? Do you consult with experience, lie still or get moving to facilitate progress?

Having Mars conjunct Mercury I have my best ideas while moving, either in the car or while exerting myself in some way (exercise).   But there are some things that I can only access if I isolate and lie still.

Others time I have to seek counsel. If I know someone who I feels knows better than I do, I am going to tap them if at all possible.

Occasionally things emerge in dreams or via music or just float in Neptune style.  I have also had my fair share of flashes of genius but tried and true. in my case, ideas flow when I get up and go.

How do you access intelligence?

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  1. Ur/Jup/Merc in Libra 5th..sextile my venus. When I am having a ‘love flow’ of some sort, can be the space of gratitude within myself, or loving interactions or thoughts of others..I just open-up and bammmm…lightening bolt non-stop.
    I have the ‘I just KNOW thing” too. Pisces midheaven maybe??
    My Merc stellium also is in quintile to my 6th Mars, I read energies, from this maybe.
    Hmmm..never really thought about this so much, the mercury connection to my communication beyond everyday speaking/engaging with others. Interesting..

  2. Just as I’m drifting off to sleep and as I’m waking up is when the best ideas/answers emerge. Mars-Mercury in the 12th, inconjunct Uranus

    When I’m in motion, the same thoughts tend to go around, and around, and around . . . but I do like chatting with someone when I’m walking. 🙂

  3. With mercury conjunct neptune in the third, I probably do best with music. If I want new insights, it’s best to get something new, that I’ll really dig. Then put on the headphones and get down. The silver screen starts rolling. Or I’ll rent a car and take a day trip, if I really need to get unjammed. Crank the CD player on the road. If I miss my turn, what of it?

    I like to make connections between past and present. We live in the techie world, instant information, all that, but the human concerns are the same. In Athenian literature, Tiresias is the seer, the blind man who exposes the blindness of the hero character. In astrology, the 12th house seems to represent the stuff you can’t recognize. Being human, it’s always a struggle to see.

    The cycle for me is like this: I get caught up in the worldly realm, and to some extent, overly concerned with it. Then I hit the wall a little bit and have a 12th house experience, or perhaps a mystical house experience. I’m made new again, rejuvanated. But the cycle repeats itself. Blindness returns, and I forget the lessons that I learned.

    I like that period in the early waking hour. I’m still in bed, in the dark, with my eyes closed. It’s a dreamy period, but pleasant. And that first cup of coffee is the best.

  4. I read. From every possible angle. Then my mind sets itself to work and comes up with (often creative) solutions. I also ‘absorb’ energy from books. For example, if I need to access a ‘higher’ perspective to a problem, I’ll read a yogic text or something like that to get access to that type of energy. Or if I need wit, I’ll read Oscar Wilde. Just a little will do- it’s like getting into the right gear. My mind does the rest.

  5. Many ways. I have my dwelling time, where I just sit and be, and allow whatever wants to come to come. It’s a way of reading the unseen worlds. Other times I go into intense periods of research, either online or in books. Sometimes I ask a question and wait for the answer to arrive, which it always does eventually in some fashion. Often on waking. Journalling or automatic writing can draw in amazing intelligence. And following instinct and intuition, going somewhere without knowing why, just because the notion has appeared can lead to the most amazing insights. Exercise, a walk in nature or just cooking or housework after hard thinking/research always brings in the right-brain Aha! moments. Mercury in Aquarius in the 5th conjunct Sun (out of sign), Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces (6th).

  6. This may sound weird, but it seems like most of my best insightful/’aha’ moments come while I’m taking a shower… perhaps because my mind is blank and I’m relaxed? Not being an astrologer I can only guess at why, but I do know I have very little water in my chart. Mars in Sag in 12th, inconjunct Uranus in Cancer on the descendant (6th house), maybe?

  7. I have Mercury Conjunct Venus in Gemini at 11th house and both make a Sextile to Mars in Aries 9th house and Sextile Uranus in Leo 1st house.

    So Traveling with friends or reasearching (Virtual Travel) helps me start the process and after that is hard to Stop !!!

    Have a Great Day !!!

  8. I have Cap Merc Rx conj my Sun in 1st, Square Pluto on my MC, with a sextile to Neptune in 12th that saves me a bit. Saturn is in Scorpio. Throw in a Moon, Venus, and Mars Aqua you can tell I think…A LOT. Pretty much everything is connected to my brain. 🙁

    Merc square Pluto and Mercs Ruler in Scorp is a hell of a thing…it’s like I’m constantly mentally tearing everything to bits and putting them under a microscope.

    Tapping into my Neptune helps me step AWAY from the microscope…zone out and put it all together and see things for what they are. Meditate, listen to music, watch a movie. My best ideas are brought about by letting everything GO. I need to lose Saturn and Pluto’s rigid grip and trust I can come back and make use of the ideas!

    There’s a song I love by the band Spiritualized called “Don’t Just Do Something” where the singer (A Scorpio) imparts the wisdom of his mother “I can lay in bed, like my momma said…’don’t just do something, sit around and stare sometimes'” and he just lets go…it’s a good example for people like me.

  9. I don’t know from whence they come, I just knows they do. Sometimes when I ponder, sometimes when I read, sometimes out of the blue. Sun-Merc-Saturn trine Neptune, dude.

  10. I like to talk it out with friends. I do find that a problem shared is a problem halved. I like to hear objective feedback on what path I think I’ll take and any experience they’ve had in the subject. One of my fav things is having heart to heart deep convos.

    If my thoughts/concerns are taking over, producing anxiety, movement is a must. Whether that be in the car with loud music or a walk with fresh air blowing on my face.

    I enjoy daily bathing with aromatic bath oils where I switch off my mind and just enjoy the stillness. I find this can aid in sudden insight at a later time, as it allows both sides of the brain to communicate. Sleep does this as well, and that’s why people can wake up with a brain wave.

    By turning off my thoughts and just being present, I believe I am allowing the portal of intuition/insight to open. Exact square Jupiter 11th and Uranus 8th. Of course this happens when I least expect expect it ?

  11. I learn through moments, random moments whilst in the midst of a task or through conversation.

    I have learned one must be able to look up AND down, to not become caught in direction or absolutes.

    29 deg Cap Mercury, opposite ASC, square Taurus Moon, also 30 degree away from Jupiter.

  12. When I am totally alone not a soul
    In site I am able to say my truth
    Out loud; you know like talking out loud to yourself I resolve my problem or pained thoughts when I confess my truths out loud .i love love to read , wonderful resource
    And I so enjoy opinions even when I don’t agree; love the different take
    There is also powerful parts in light, daylight that grounds me shows me
    Simple and perfect
    Not sure if I reward “intelligence “
    As solutions or peaceful sense
    I do so love to slog, my version of jogging, love swimming but haven’t
    Had opportunity to do either lately
    Your site is great reboot for me
    A fresh direction or rather many

  13. I don’t have any specific method, it sort of depends on the type of problem.
    If it’s technical stuff I check out internet, or ask people who know about the subject.
    Or I submit problem/question to my work partner and we “brainstorm”. This usually opens the range of possibilities, or goes onto another track, which might be a solution. (Give up the idea and do somethig else instead!)
    Taking a shower usually relaxes me and I use this to let my mind free-float. This can let stuff come to the surface. But it’s not systematic. I sort of cleans my mind too.
    I’ve also had ideas pop into my mind out of nowhere, but I suppose it’s just one of the brain’s ways of answering questions.
    I have Virgo Mercury sextile Uranus – my Mercury’s only aspect.

  14. I forgot : also when walking around, whether in nature or sometimes in town. Perhaps all the things one sees, consciously or not, allow for free associations. The mind is connected-disconnected in a different way.

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    Susan Steffen

    Mars, Moon, Mercury and Neptune within 3.5 degrees in my 3rd house Scorpio, and I have always found refuge in speed. My rotten sisters could not catch me to harm me, I got a rush, insight, and peace in my individual whirlwind. When I had to walk several miles to school and was afraid of all the highway underpasses and long solitary stretches next to on and off ramps, I began using my skates to go to and fro in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Then my bike was my freedom, then my cars- I recently counted owning 15 so far in my life. There I can sing, process information, see myself in relation to the world, etc.

  16. I have Mercury in Libra with a combust Sun and Venus in the 10th house. I’ve noticed that when a problem concerns someone I really like, I can easily research it until I find a solution(s). Also, all those planets trine my Mars in Gemini, so I want to talk or email my findings. Unfortunately for me, sometimes others (who don’t know me very well and/or who don’t want to) will find my intellect annoying — even though I’m just trying to be helpful. So yes, if I like you, I talk to you. And if I’m not talking, people who know me well wonder what’s up with me.

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    James Slattery

    We have so many distractions these days it’s hard to focus. I also think better while moving, Cancer Mercury but in the 5th house (sports) trine Jupiter in the 9th (great outdoors). Stillness makes this Gemini Sun mentally sluggish and sarcastic! Uranus conjunct Venus and Mars in the 6th compel me to search for trends in exercise and info on using your brain better!

  18. Lol. All these. Movements
    I relate
    Mercury aqua trine Neptune quintile mars. Bi Q. Uranus
    Oppose Pluto
    If not moving. Depression

    Dance driving loveit

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