Psychopath In The Workplace

smokingHave you ever had to work with a psychopath?  I’m not talking about an abusive person or some idiot troublemaker. I’m talking about a stone-cold psychopath.

I had an interesting consultation this morning; appropriate for Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  The Mercurial client has been trying to “talk it out” with a co-worker who has no interest in anything of the sort. Imagine this.

“Let’s work it out and move on.”


I told the client it would be impossible to move the woman but she could win by learning about psychopathy.  She caught on right away; she could detach and see this as interesting, which it is.  The gal is not a normal human!

Luckily, the psychopath intends to move on from her job, pretty quickly. This is a great fortune for my client.

I know you’re curious so I’ll tell you what’s in this chart but with this disclaimer: I am not tagging this person with this diagnosis because of their chart! It’s the gal’s behavior that reveals the situation but the chart certainly supports the idea.

Taurus sun opposing Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto. All three bodies tightly squared by Mars in Leo. Venus in Aries…and this is just for starters.

This situation reminds me of this: there are people out there who just can’t be “got”…

Have you ever had to work with a psychopath?

3 thoughts on “Psychopath In The Workplace”

  1. Dear Elsa, after reading those placements alone,
    I totally believe you. That chart is astrology
    in action. The person holding the chart makes
    it unique, the planets influence the emphasis
    of who the person evolves into during this

    1. Yes, it was utterly clearcut. Stunningly so.

      You’re not going to bend this person’s will. I like to offer a client a solution but there is nothing to do but walk around. Give wide berth as well.

      I have considerable firsthand experience. If you haven’t been around it you don’t know but once you know, you know. It becomes obvious.

      I think the client is inordinately lucky in that she’s only stuck for a finite time. She’s also highly mutable so she can adapt and juggle this until she’s clear. It becomes higher education but still chilling.

  2. A Scorpio Moon? YIKES!!!!
    A Moon Pluto Opposition? DOUBLE YIKES!!!!
    A Pluto square Mars? a MILLION YIKES!!!!
    My heart breaks/cries for her soul.
    I’m just a rookie, but I firmly believe if Pluto was any bigger or any closer, Earth, would be one big, giant, “GAME OF THRONES”.

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