Saturn Message For Libra – The Worst That Can Happen

I made this video when Saturn went into Libra. With Saturn direct, headed for the later degrees of the sign, I read a client today and am sure this should re-run so…

Saturn in your sign? No need to fear. This is as bad as it gets…


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  1. Here’s what I can tell you, the hubs has his asc & moon in late Libra, this could not have hit the nail more on the head. I just didn’t see it before. Come the end of sept. he’s gonna be getting quite a review, first his uranus, then juno, then asc then moon all get hit by saturn. Hmmmm????? Wonder how that’s gonna play out?

  2. Thank you for the references…Awwwwww, I am so sorry about Dora. I have been there a lot. On the one hand, I know they are at peace and that I provided a good life, but on the other hand, I wish I could have done more and I miss the hell out of them…

    This is still a great post. I love the simplicity of the message. I have a lot of Libra, and this has been my MO. Yet now I am resisting all eligible comers and just want to be alone. I hope I snap out of it as I slowly emerge from Saturn in Libra

  3. Given the way I was affected by someone that I flipped for, I think I would go the soldier’s way, if there were a way to opt out. I felt happier when I was younger, and felt happiest doing my own thing; this wanting a relationship – especially with a certain someone – has been really yucky-feeling, and I haven’t known how to switch it off.

  4. Oops, I don’t know why I’m in moderation. I should add that it’s because I care too much when I feel that strongly; it just kills me if things head South (and further south, into hell).

  5. I remember being blown away with this information when I first saw this video. It was nothing I ever considered before. I was like “whaaaa…?” But I will be darned it’s true!

    Funny part is, I am no used to the idea. I told my mother this bit of information..”You know, not everyone puts having a relationship at a priority. Not everyone thinks being in a relationship is important.” She shook her head and stared at me like I was a friggin alien. Then I said, “It’s true. Not for me. When I’m in a relationship my whole world centers around that. My relationship becomes my world. Not everyone does that. They may say, ‘My job is my yeah, I’m dating someone’ or they may look at the relationship as a function and you are just an interchangeable dynamic”

    yeah..blew her mind. It’s ok, did mine too til I got used to the idea.

  6. This was what I wrote before:

    “Given the way I was affected by someone that I flipped for, I think I would go the soldier’s way, if there were a way to opt out. I felt happier when I was younger, and felt happiest doing my own thing; this wanting a relationship – especially with a certain someone – has been really yucky-feeling, and I haven’t known how to switch it off.”

    BUT, if I feel ready, and I’m trying – that relationship is extremely important.

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    Blessed Place

    Fascinating to read this, at my current point in life (ie when all romantic involvement is no doubt over). I LIVED this all my adult life, and understood it clearly, even though I didn’t have a clue about Astrology other than Sun/Moon/Rising.

    I guess it must be true of most Libra, since my planets there are Neptune and Jupiter – and the Jup is conjunct Chiron which is probably significant. The conjunction and most of my Libra are in H2 – and what do I value most in life? … why LOVE of course

    “Find bliss in the ache of your love for others”

    The exception to this phenomenon in my life was my marriage – my husband definitely always loved me more than I loved him (and finished the marriage when he could no longer face the truth of that). I tried to buck the inevitability of my fate, by choosing that: it didn’t make me happy. [I don’t know his tob by the way, but his only Libra, unless he had Asc, was Part of Fortune)

    Other than that I spent all my life desperately in love with men I couldn’t have, or couldn’t keep. Some of them loved me deeply too, but not in the all-consuming way I loved them (or not for so long, at least)

    The Man, by the way – the longest sexual/romantic relationship in my life by far – has only Neptune in Libra; it’s conjunct my Jupiter/Chiron, wouldn’t you guess!

    Great that the new laptop allows me to watch the videos properly Elsa, without you cracking up lol!

    And where the hell is Orlando? (Bob too, come to that). We miss them!

  8. I already suspected this…but…! My beloved is a Libra too. (Though it must be said, I’m more Libra-ish than he is.) Wonder if that makes any difference to what you’re saying?

  9. Also can’t wait for Saturn to get out of my sign. I feel like the universe has clipped my wings. But I should be thankful for the stability. It’s a very new thing.

  10. I just looked at my general natal chart on It looks like Taurus rules my DC which is Venus ruled. I know it’s a different Venusian energy that Libra, more earthy, sensual, rather than looking needing to partner, sweet with a breezy mental process and reparte, but would that mean that my 7th is Venus ruled and how does that differ from the Venus ruled 7th house ruled by Libra? My Jupiter is in Libra in the 12th and Saturn conj. it. So this tells me that my exuberance in partnering is going underground. Or happening in a more subdued, private behind closed doors fashion. Since my Sun is in the 12th as well, it could be me I should be whooing! I have, like a lot of you, been through a rough patch losing my heart to one and having to close the door on another – sadly but necessary. I do need so me time, as much as I hate to say it.

  11. Okay I just wrote a long paragraph here and submitted it, but it disappeared!

    I have yet to watch the video, I am at work but I do see lots more clarity and can see that it shows you very nicely Elsa! I think I did say you look like an Italian movie star! : )

  12. Okay so my question is: how does a Venus ruled DC (Taurus not Libra – but Venus non the less) differ from say a 7th house Venus, Moon or Venus (Libra) 7th house?

  13. Elsa, thank you so much for this. Just had a situation this relates to. He has no Libra anywhere but his Sun, Mercury and Mars all in 7th – packed 7th house but claims to never want to marry, despite having had one long term live in relationship.

    I only have Libra in one place – 5th house. Sun Scorp/Moon Aries/Asc Gemini. His Venus is Aries in his 9th house. He was Pisces/Scorp moon/Leo Asc.

    Loved him but only as a friend but it was uncanny match. He was pushing for more but I felt it wasn’t real love, just fantasy for him. The reality would have caused much more havoc had I not ended the friendship entirely due to his control and defensiveness. Saved me more heartache in the long run. But to this day, I still love and miss him as a friend and always will. We met as children so was kindred spirit thing I felt but not real love. i don’t know. All I know and had to go on in the end was knowing “love is not supposed to always hurt” so I had to walk away entirely.

    Now I’m worried about what happens when Saturn hits Scorpio. Cripes. My Scorp Sun is my 6th house and i’m already very sick with chronic illness.

  14. That’s ok. Thank you Elsa. I was worried I’d offended someone.

    I don’t know what’s going on in the sky but this relationship is months gone now and all of a sudden it’s front and centre in my heart and head again. Just riding it out and sitting with it waiting for it to pass. It’s awful missing people.

  15. I did post re my comment on the boards as you suggested. I hope I get some insightful answers!

    CLD: That is sad about your friend. Where was his Neptune in your synastry? Do you know?

  16. I don’t have his exact time of birth so picked a time (after much trial & error) which seemed to fit him. That says his Neptune is in Scorp in 3rd. In our composite chart, Neptune is 5th house Scorp.

    Aspects in our composite with Neptune are –
    Moon square Neptune
    Venus trine neptune
    sun sextile neptune
    neptune sextile pluto

    I hope to wake up tomorrow to find this memory phase has passed once and for all. Don’t want this upset in my life.

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