Recipe for Nacatamales

nacatamales.jpgPeppermint asks:

I have never heard of nacatamales, what’s in them Elsa? They look like tamales but flatter and wider and now I’m curious.

Here’s the recipe from the soldier’s mother who got it from her mother in law. It is a tamale native to Nicaragua…

“This is what my grand,mother would send with my father when he went off to fight…”

Nacatamales recipe

I am making both chicken and pork. I did run into someone who told me there was a sweet version but I’m sticking with tradition here. They look YUM to me.

These are meant to be made as a group project. Everyone sits around the table and passes each tamale around, adding the ingredients they are in charge of and then the last person folds and ties. I will be on my own although I might hijack Vid and Quirky Aquarian to help. Keep those boys out of trouble!

6 thoughts on “Recipe for Nacatamales”

  1. yeah, I think I can imagine outside of the banana leaf part. No idea what they taste like but apparently they add a distinctive flavor. I am excited! Got everything I need except for whole milk!

  2. Wow – that sounds delicious – thanks for sharing the recipe, Elsa! You must let us know how much everyone loved your batch of nactamales, okay?

  3. Wow that sounds good, and I could actually eat it, all I would have to do is leave out the pork pieces. Thanks for sharing, not that I need to be eating anything like right now, LOL, but thanks.

  4. The meat is marinading now. Apparently the soldier’s grandmother (and great aunts) marinade ALL meat in vinegar before cooking… this is to get rid of the evil spirits.

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