Voice Of Mars On Dirty Rats And Rules Of War

dirty_rat_3051bs_mor.jpgPlease note this is not about the guy burned up on this blog last week. That is (way) behind me, we are discussing someone else here..

“He’s a dirty rat. I don’t think you can be a dirty rat and get away with it,” I said.

“Either do I,” the soldier said.

“Yeah I just don’t think that works out over time.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Well let me ask you this: I know you think there are no rules in war. You believe in doing whatever to win, is that right?”

“Yeah that’s pretty much right,” he said dipping down on the “pretty much”.

I quickly registered exceptions to his rule that I was aware of.

“Then how do you resolve this? What if the dirty rat thinks they are fighting a war and so doing whatever it takes to win the same way you would?”

“That would be like someone going into a peaceful village and it shooting it up when there is no war. There is no war, there is peace! You’re not going to get away with that. If you do that, you’ll be killed.”

“I see.”

Do you think it’s possible to get away with being a dirty rat? Why or why not?

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  1. It depends. There are some people that are dirty rats and they skip through life crapping on others and I wait for karma to kick in,lol. I know it is not in “my” time their karma will come. I hope it will come though, possibly in another lifetime, I am not sure.

    I have lived long enough to see dirty rats get their due and others not, so I guess it depends. How is that for a gemini answer,lol.

  2. I know some who have gotten away with it so far. But I think that being a dirty rat derives from self-hatred, which must, in itself, be a pretty punishing way to exist.

  3. depends on what you register as “getting away with it,” i guess. i think there is unquestionably a price to be paid for living as a dirty rat, and the price is steep, if not always readily evident to outside observation.

  4. I understand that war is one against the other, it means I will fight the enemy and the enemy will fight me, so it’s what we could call a “fair play”. But a dirty rat – I like the picture – is someone who threatens or causes harm to others just out of his dirty personal motivations, while the other part is not really his enemy (and in most cases they’re not prepared to strike back either), but they are his victim. So, this is not “fair” at all and no, they won’t get away with it. There is always a checkout close to the exit.

  5. Probably not, but I’m hoping the world makes an exception for me! *lol* I told my family that since the semester is over, the gloves can come off re: my ex and I know that they have some payback in the works. I don’t know what it is, I don’t wanna know, but I’m not going to lift a finger to stop it. It’s all between them.

  6. I pretty much agree with goddess. I have seen a whole lot of dirty rats seem to “get away with it”, at least for the moment. I have worked with a miserable bitch of a woman for the past 10 years, and have seen her psychologically abuse people that she knows can be intimidated. She is completely incompetent, cold, callous, and has managed to convince the person in charge that she is wonderful. She is a Capricorn and I am hoping, I admit, that Pluto somehow blows her miserable world up, but, it sure is not in my hands.

    1. What is it with Capricorns? I have a dirty rat living next door, and his wife supports him (she wants him out of her hair) I have told him, in the lowest possible language, to get off my life. He’s a creep and a stalker, and no matter what I say or do – he acts like we have a ‘thing going on’!!! He tries to ambush anyone who comes to my home and do his ‘good neighbor’ act. I see this person as evil, a compulsive troublemaker, an empty man trying to fill himself up with fantasy, and if I don’t conform, he has all sorts of dirty tricks up his sleeve. He is short and a bully, so others give in to him. It’s pitiful.

  7. IMO, it depends on how you define ‘get away with.’ I think a person has morphed into a dirty rat the instant they carry out a dirty deed designed to deliberately harm another and at that instant they have also deeply harmed themselves, so they haven’t gotten away with a thing – they begin paying the price of that deed right away because they have hurt their own spirit by hurting another’s. And the hurt goes on and on, piling up in consequences that we can sometimes see and sometimes can’t. I guess that’s my definition of ‘instant karma,’ another discussion we’ve had lately.

  8. I know for a fact it is possible in this lifetime. It was done to my by an entire gang of dirty rats all working together, and they got away with it. I mean I could have sued them, but I would have been gagged ordered and I will not be silenced so I dropped the case.

    Now, whether or not these people get away with it long term, maybe even until the end of their life in this lifetime. But who knows what happens after that? I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t rule out the strong possibility that these dirty rats don’t get away with shit in the long haul.

  9. LOL, I typed mine before reading the others entries. I can see that so many of you already said the same thing, in essence. Kewl.

  10. I have a footnote to this post. My line manager for many years and who bullied myself in myriad covert ways and many other members of staff has finally been given the boot. She was found out covering something up (Mars in Scorpio). Suspended without pay after nearly 20 years. To say I have been walking on air after I found out is an understatement. So,yes I truly now believe karma does kick in. By the way I like rats and feel they are much maligned. I have Chinese Rat sign rising! But it wasn’t enough to beat her and I knew my battle with her was over before it had started. However after 6 years since I and my colleagues were got rid of it sounds as if an even bigger rat has come in and kicked her ass big time.

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