Recipe For Success At This Time

air manTwo days ago, we had seven bodies in Earth signs. Today, the sun, moon and Pluto are in Air signs. You can really feel the difference.

Whether this shift feels good or otherwise probably depends on an individual’s makeup. I’m adjusting to feeling less tethered.

I’m also observing surprising events and fast turnarounds. For example, a gal emailed me to say she was laid off on Thursday. She interviewed for a new job on Friday and let me know this morning, she got the job.

It’s trippy to think about that. She’s like a bee or a butterfly, exhausting one source and finding another. But beneath the surface, I doubt it was that easy.

This seems to capture the current shift. You’re probably best off to stay somewhat light on your feet, even when swinging on a vine, between tall trees. As a land animal, it’s no wonder I need to adapt.

Note that Mercury is conjunct Mars in Capricorn, supported by Jupiter and Saturn.  This is inordinately favorable for anyone trying to get something done.

Confidence + determination and commitment, are hard to beat, especially over time.  Add “light on your feet” to that and you’re really looking good.

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5 thoughts on “Recipe For Success At This Time”

  1. We’ve had this bowl shape chart holding tight. My chart is nearly totally opposite this and it feels like it’s sustaining something epic.

  2. I could literally feel the heaviness in my body just before the big switch. This energy feels very different. This is why people like the Whole Sign system. Not only does the feel of the planets change, the houses do too.

    “I’m free! And freedom tastes of reality.” – The Who

  3. Woke up with a huge energy shift on Jan 21. I had a few big tasks I had been putting off.. clutter and messes in my art studio, a mass of paperwork to weed out and get through.. the more I postponed, the more tense I felt..YESTERDAY (Jan 21) I woke up with huge energy (was feeling VERY lethargice since Jan 1.) and I spent whoel day putting it all in order.Whew! By dinner time I fel that sense of accomplishment and Joy that comes for a refreshed space.
    I have a few more areas to clean up and refurbish: my closet and my pantry.My busy little Moon in Capricorn,Sun in Cancer self is feeling wide awake again,took me a few weeks to get this new year started!!

  4. was just thinking about what said about in this article about the change of energy shift. It’s also in people, in their astrological chart and there really is a feeling about it. for example, it’s so strange how i change an environment especially those who lack earth. I seem to “ground”people and make them feel better, or more easy going relaxed. While before they were intense and full of emotional turmoil and anxiety. my son is too much fire and easily stresses. practically no earth sadly. I wonder if its made that way so i can sacrifice most of my life to care of him and help him till i die, so he doesn’t have anxiety and have mental disorders. he can’t take any stress thats not within his control. my parents only have one earth placement, one in the mars and one in the moon, and it is unbalanced, their cardinal fixed charts go haywire and intensity, madness, cruelty and stress and fights ensue; plus all the squares. my mother has dominant scorpio water, too much intensity and with aries mars, crazy! and my father with his fixed air, and one lone mars capricorn, squaring moon and squaring her planets. its not a pretty picture. it’s pure madness. My sister can’t handle stress either, in work she can because she can be in control but with outside of that, in her family she can’t handle and will go literally suicidal. she too has one lone earth moon, and Ive noticed this, but i never noticed before until i really paid attention. I have an earth grand trine and a stellium in virgo, so i’m really dominant earth. My husband also feels happy around me and feels relaxed, he has virgo stellium too but he has more fire /stellium and strong water too; and he easily gets anxiety and stress easily if things go off the kilter. Intensity and turmoil ensues! Me and his mother remain calm, (she has a capricorn stellium with virgo mars on top of her capricorn sun) it’s so strange how earth really grounds people. it really is a conduit for any electrical currents or water to be soaked into the earth and grow nutrients. with fire, to keep it tampered down, keep the flames down, and less stress. Fire plays a crucial role even in nature, keeping the ecological system of the world going. but oxygen is an essential part of keeping fires going. which is why fire needs air. but with all the elements at play it balances and keeps the anxiety levels down. It’s why we all need eachother. we have all the missing elements to help one another.

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