Running Around As Society Collapses

october 2014Most would agree, these are interesting times.  Just look at that chart.

First, let your eye focus on the green lines. They indicate ease. Mars is involved, Jupiter is involved, Uranus, Venus and the Sun are involved.

That’s a lot of positive energy, all working together. People are somehow buoyed at this time. They have some luck. Even if they’re despairing at this time, I bet that something is going right.

No let your eye focus on the red lines. OUCH.  It describes death, and shocking violence.  Rules, structures and standards, rotting, as I’ve been writing about since Pluto went into Capricorn (see tag).

Do you see what I see? People running around as society collapses? I’m doing it too. I don’t know how a person could not be running at this time. Those green lines will not be denied.

Either will the red ones, and so here we are.

What do you see out there, feel or sense?

23 thoughts on “Running Around As Society Collapses”

    1. ….yes…somehow we are supposed to believe that this is all fate…but to me it just seems that those who know of the different possible routes this fate can take are manipulating it within that sphere, for their own gain of course.
      Can you ever really define fate when there are those who manipulate fate…is that in their fate????

      Fine Chocolate and fine wine…all is good here!!

      I for one find it inteseting that the Ebola anouncement started to unravel days prior to Mercury going in retrograde..seems like confusion and lost in translation…+ people running out and spending/buying stuff based on this ebola wave.

  1. To me, this week has been all about waiting — and trying not to panic while doing that. It’s anxiety on overload. But there’s also a feeling that something unknown or unseen is happening just outside the line of sight — so it’s also like waiting for a shoe to drop, but having no idea what form it will take.

  2. I’m a long-time reader and just had to comment. Anxiety and waiting have totally defined the last week for me concerning work/career. It all began in April and since then the words “change” and “consolidation” have been bandied about with no real progress. Lots of activity and challenging old ways of doing things but we’re still waiting for what’s next. On the personal side, I see an increased focus on our own lives and those we are close to because we have no way of affecting what’s going on beyond these inner circles. Fate/manipulated fate is a strong force.

    1. karellen, you just described exactly what I was feeling since april as well, but couldnt put it in words!

      I feel stuck, in the limbo, you work work work and things dont progress. I had 4 opportunities to get jobs I totally had the skills for, and yet, failed all of them. My thesis doesnt go foward, the procrastination around it is just insane! Sometimes I go and clean the house, so I have an “excuse” in my own mind to not work on it! (and I hate cleaning days).

      And this month, the procrastination got released for a few hours, I worked on the damn thing AND MY COMPUTER FAILED, SIMPLY SWITCHED OFF and it happened TWICE and I lost all the progress from the procrastination release, its just insane!

      I was never the kind of person who put fun first, then duty (capricorn ascendant), but I’ve been doing it now! I’d rather spend time with my loved ones, play computer games, craft stuff, and then MAYBE think abt university, my thesis, etc. Yesterday I skipped school to stay at home playing a new computer game. It has NEVER happened to me.

      Feels like the universe is saying: your diploma will be of none use, enjoy your time, cuz this will be useless and time must be enjoyed while you have it. It REALLY feels like we’re running out of time. Some people are going foward with their lives, while others have the universe’s messege rubbed on their faces. It might be whats happening to us!

  3. Well, it looks to me that society and the world are changing. And this is a challenging change.
    And the green lines are here to show us that there are ways to adapt?

  4. I don’t know about YOU, but I’m getting a new tattoo. In Latin. From Cicero. The MAN. It will read, “Vitam regit fortuna, non sapientia.” Which means, “Lives are ruled by luck (fortune), not by wisdom.” There’s a lot in these five words, cynicism, realism, stoicism, a belief that most of what happens to us astrologically happens to us before we have had enough time to accumulate life’s wisdom. It will be my kiss-the-Grand Cross-goodbye tat!

  5. Everything I have ever believed or dreamt about since childhood has now collapsed. All my Libran-ASC morals, principles, standards, philosophy and behavior towards relationships, my professional life, my identity and life in general has gone to the pits. This Libra now realizes that making another person happy does not guarantee their own happiness. Pluto Capricorn has horrified me with the reality that the majority of society just don’t give a f*** about you, no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you put effort into making relationships into a positive experience. The emotional detachment, self-centeredness, greed and the notion that everyone is out for themselves in the corporate world just horrifies me. Why am I here? What possessed me to stay here? I don’t belong here. As the physical world falls apart around me. I’m reminded that the trinity of water signs, Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio, there still exists an emotional/spiritual realm that I can still share with people. I’m going to leave behind my Libran legal career and aim to be reborn into finding a place in a more emotionally nourishing field like a teaching or healing career. I’m running away for sure and never coming back.

    1. Cuspy (and everyone) I am right there with you! I also have Libra asc and am experiencing the same disillusionment(horror, disgust and exhaustion) with the world around. I also pray a lot and even began wondering if my prayers are even being heard which frightens me most of all.

  6. I’m Libra, with Cancer rising , Sag moon,I’ve had some serious changes happen to me that have made me scratch my head! an illness that is right now unexplained. I’ve gotten rid of some snakes that were draining me, and I’ve been hell bent on forgiving me for any and all of my transgressions. For some reason i feel very calm. Is it the calm before another storm? I keep my big girl panties and some extra large Depends around, I’m tired of running, so as the green lines there are and will be some adapting and I hope very little running… This old girl has reached her limits!

    1. Sag moon here too, and Venus in Libra…I hear you, I know what you mean. My VIrgo stellium keeps me moving but I sense a sort of…..pointlessness? But my Scorpio bits are swishing their tails, whispering that rebellion is what it’s all about.

  7. You keep hearing about collapse of the rotted structures but the too big to fail banks are too bigger to fail and Obama wrote his own 20,000 page HMO bailout plan. It seems to me like the only thing really collapsing is the lives of the little people; most of whom didn’t deserve the pile of crap they’ve had dumped on them the last several years.

    1. I work in retail and I see this. Management and hierarchy change, policies and the structure, rules change, and either the smaller, part time employees like it (and things improve) or dislike it (and things get worse). I think it’s important for those who make it to the top, or who are already there, to realize the value their position holds and how important it is. They must realize they made it to the top, but have everyone, depending on them, under their feet. People get promotions and become managers and think they can enjoy the good life while the others toil away. Those in power still are part of the team.

      I believe people with certain positive psychologies can rise to the top. I also think we are seeing those with negative minds who are at the top truly fail because those under them are nearly fucking dead.
      Its a matter of time before the cookies at the top become crumbs like those on the bottom.

  8. This, in some odd way, is positive. But I have to ask (begging your pardon): why is the chart drawn up with Scorpio at the ascendant (or is it Sagittarius?)? Is it because we’re getting close to the Sun’s entry into Scorpio?
    Thanks Elsa!

  9. I LOVE the title of this. We are all running around as society is undergoing a transformation. I feel that so much of what was once important to many of us is not longer worth our time or consideration.

    I have Pluto on my North node in the twelfth house. Its has been ride especially with all the damn Saturn transits. All we can do is hand on and see where life takes us.

  10. I’m not spending much time on the Illuminati stuff anymore (life’s too short, too little time left! lol) BUT — came to an understanding over Saturn in Scorpio of some of the darker agendas in place for humanity by certain (certainly not all) ruling elites. The ebola pandemic has, for example, possibly been planned for quite some time as part of the “global depopulation agenda”. Take a lot at the Georgia Guidestones & their prescriptions that are literally carved in stone for humanity. Anyway. Point is — I take for granted at this point that a lot of what’s happening has been planned, or at least anticipated by certain powers that be. And basically — they WANT us to live in fear. They want us to be afraid & do what we’re told. It is fear as a tool for manipulation. Knowing this, what do I do? I choose to be unafraid. I choose not to panic. Plus I’m psychologically prepared at this point! I would encourage people in general to hold the line for normalcy & positive evolution as much as possible during this time. Know that even when the worst has been uncovered, this is still your task….. This faith is ground zero for humanity to rebuild upon when the worst has flared up, & then passed. Bless bless all.

    1. Your comment about fear prompted my memory over something I realised a few weeks ago which is – once you lose fear, you are free.

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