Adjusting Expectations Post Uranus Square Pluto

saturn gir2lIf you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I’m super-sensitive to Saturn. I’m Saturn-ruled, I guess that’s why. In whatever case, I see what’s coming, way ahead. Coming for you, but coming for me as well. It’s not like I have immunity!

What I’m seeing is that a lot of people are simply going to have to adjust their expectations.  What was possible, five years ago, may still be possible, but it is not at all, probable.  Everything, everywhere is being cut back.

You can be mad as hell about this, if you like. You can rage against the machine.  You can attempt to elevate yourself over others via whatever machinations you think might work. You may even be successful, but I doubt it.

I think that Saturn in Sagittarius is going to humble people, worldwide.  And I see people out there, acting like they are playing on the same field they were at some point in the past, and this is just not the case.

About a year ago, someone posted a comment, stating that if I wanted to start this blog today, I would not be able to.  My immediate reaction was defend myself, against…I don’t even know what. But in reality, that person was probably right. It can’t be proven, either way.  But the chance to be the first astrology blog on the Internet has certainly passed!

I realize that reading this won’t give people a good feeling, but hey! I’m tactical. And people desperately need to think smart at this time.

Thinking that what has been possible in past is possible now, is fine. As long as you realize the odds have changed, dramatically.

As a people can try to reverse this trend in some way, to some degree. But at moment, this is the field we’re on. Smart people will let this register and rest inside them on some level.

Because Uranus and Pluto have not squared off, five times with two times to go, and left the world unchanged!

Who can relate?

27 thoughts on “Adjusting Expectations Post Uranus Square Pluto”

  1. This is timely, for me. The past few days, I’ve been thinking back to a conversation I had two years ago that resonates with (and is connected to) a situation I’m in. Back then, the probability was high that I’d get what I wanted. Now? I’m not so sure. It’s like…a definite yes turning into a maybe, and that can go either way. Is the desire still there? Yes. But is the drive still there? That’s the question. Lately, I’ve had to adjust my expectations dramatically. But that never quite keeps out the hope that they’ll be exceeded.

    In any case, great post. Thanks for this. 🙂

  2. After the past five years we’ve had, is there anyone left with unreasonable expectations? It’s been a brutal crash course in how to have yours hopes dashed, for most people, as far as I can see. I prefer to see Saturn in sadge as a return of hope, albeit with cautious Saturn structuring and realistic expectations. The world is different, the job market is radically different, and as the dust starts to settle it will be those who can see the new opportunities who will start to thrive.
    I have a friend who was a big time marketing director before the crash. He’s on his own now, but he is still trying to get some sweet corporate gig. And trying. And trying. And…failing at it, for four years now. If he could just see that his job niche has disappeared, he could move on to serving the newly massive freelancing market. But instead, he clings to the past…
    Even if you add Saturn, you still have Jupiter, so I’m going to focus on restrained optimism and pragmatic, realistic growth. 😉 I’ve had enough doom and gloom for a lifetime!

    1. Your friend is one of the people I am talking about, Heather. Land the plane, already! That brass ring is of your/their imagination.

  3. Land the plane, indeed! Well put, Elsa. 🙂
    I also see so many people who have started businesses because they couldn’t find jobs. Most businesses become profitable after five years. I suspect we are on the cusp of seeing an American entrepreneurial renaissance, as this trend comes to fruition. It seems appropriate that this will happen with Saturn in sadge. These folks are war torn and weary, but about to rise after a lot of hard work. It’s a good time for cautious optimism, in my opinion.

      1. Growing up we had the scrap yards and junk yards where my father would show me how to make ‘a dollar outta 15 cents.’ The lessons have stuck with me. Black Market, Peoples’ Economy, and we are the junk yard dogs.

          1. I know you’ve tracked this underground trend. It makes sense, it empowers at a different low-to-the-ground appliance. It ties with a post you (or Satori) wrote about knowing ‘your currency.’ When you do know your worth or what your economy requires the exchange is more is more direct. Extraneous falls away. You eat, you sleep, you breath, you laugh, you live. It grows from there with time.

  4. Not sure if this applies to what your saying, but I’m seriously researching my options ($). I want to start moonlighting and hopefully start a tutoring business. It’s all in the hustle! And I feel like that’s what needs to be done (me personally).
    As far as Saturn is concerned…he/she has been kicking my you know what. I recently ended an almost 5 year relationship. It’s been hard, but it had to be done.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. time marches on and things change no matter what the planets do. it’s almost pointless to worry or prepare: we chose.

  6. I started creative writing when I was 20 in 2010,had plans to write some short screenplays and try to get them shot myself and collaborate with other filmmakers and artists. was extremely possible to do 4 years ago. Had the connections, the funding, and the platform. fast forward to now, I’m almost 25 and that just isn’t feasible anymore. I have tenancy and rent to think about, my health, everything that was just a distraction before is now a priority and I don’t have the luxury to pursue a creative career. It’s possible, but highly risky, and silly now.

    1. Twinbulls, I sincerely don’t think 25 qualifies as “old”. I sure hope you don’t see it that way. I can understand circumstances changing and opportunities being lost, but, I mean, it’s just too early to throw in the towel. And maybe there’s less opportunity in the future, who knows, but still, there’s always, always something we can do about getting where we want to go! You mention health, I sincerely hope you’re okay in that front, because yes, that is an issue that can change everything. In any case, I wish you the best of luck.

      1. thanks AriesCancerLeo, no I certainly don’t think my age is old at all, but yeah the health situation limits things in terms of how much output I can muster long term. That’s a Scorpio thing I’ve had to confront over the last couple of years and I’ve had to balance that with all of the Uranus energy churning everything on. It’s been humbling, but I can fall back on my Taurus to be content with that. I didn’t really have major aspirations and for a long time considered myself invincible from childhood. that has to end or my hubris will consume me lol. What’s needed is just to strip back and work the limits and structures Saturn provides and hopefully it will work to my advantage come my 1st Saturn return in a few years!! 🙂

      2. One big risk factor is getting the Neptune Square, it’ll be hitting my Moon and Ascendant and Mars as well so I absolutely need to keep it real otherwise there’s that risk of going into oblivion and being an utter mess by 29 hahaha. Elsa your blog has definitely been keeping me grounded for what’s to come so I’m not too worried about Saturn going into Sadge. it’s doable. that’s enough to trust in.

  7. Very Saturn-ruled conversation. As a Sagg, reading this first thing in the morning, I’m inspired! Really my first thought was “oh my god, has everyone lost hope, I feel old”. I was just reading an AARP mag article about Anne Rice being inspired by Dickens Great Expectations. As long as you think you don’t have the luxury to pursue something, you don’t! I think I’m saying this more for myself, thanks for the inspiration, I needed that.

  8. It feels like I’m in a canoe on the ocean tides.

    Last night my husband (nicknamed Hun) and I were discussing his three sister’s plight to save their 89 yr. old mother from death. I say it’s death by prescription blood thinners.

    Hun and I use alternative medicine for any health problems we’ve had, and these are few. His twin Virgo sisters are hypochondriacs who believed for several years they had lupus and were going to die. After a while they didn’t have lupus.

    The twins have the most say-so on what to do with mom. The elder sister is Aquarius with moon in Aries. She opposes them. Between the three, they cart mom around to a plethora of doctors in different towns, etc. Mom is loving the attention.

    My husband asks common sense questions that her regular doctor won’t answer. “If you implanted a pacemaker, why do you keep her on blood thinners?” (one of them is Xaralto) The doc will not answer – he just leaves her plethora of prescription the same.

    A vacation we had planned would have taken us away from this. It would be such a relief. But it looks like all I get is that damned old canoe and sea sickness. Yesterday we were going. The day before we weren’t . . .the next we were. Bobbling again each time a new wave hits.

    I got this canoe visual spontaneously with Hun’s report of the sister’s recent madness. The twins are controlling the boat. They give us reports that she’s only got two weeks to live. Pretty soon that statement diminishes and is out of sight. (I’m getting sea sick as I write this.)

    I thought it was kind of uncanny reading this post the next morning . . .

  9. Back in my 20’s I probably should have explored different careers instead of clinging to my steady job. Back then everyone was begging me to do something better with my life.
    Those days are gone. Now I’m grateful just to have a job and so is pretty everyone else in my boat. I’ve lost all desire to go back to school or pursue an actual career. My dreams have been on the back burner I don’t really think about them anymore. I’ve learned to focus on getting through the day and that’s it. For now, I’m not too worried about that–planning for the future seems a bit risky with Uranus/Pluto going on.

  10. I am so sick of my job and being told to do this and that and the way I’m doing it is is jump thru this hoop and not high enough…I would love to find my own “thing” to do..dont know what though….also, fear keeps me here and the thought of losing paid vacations, health insurance and other perks from the job.

    1. Waterfall, that is EXACTLY how things have been at my workplace for the last few years!! It is getting more and more like that every day, too. Just when I think I’ve pushed myself to my limits, there’s another new rule to follow or new way to do things. So I have to drive myself to keep on going. What other choice is there?

      1. Nothing stays the same very long these days. I don’t like it either. I just remember other times when big changes hit and life felt full of perilous impending disasters. Something else always happened to save me from the perceived difficulty I’d anticipated. In between these times, I did have to buck up and accept situations even if something beautiful flipflops into something ugly.

  11. Registered… Maybe because I have the Saturn sadge and it’s my return too. What was 5 years ago is no more and I accept that. Funnily enough I feel happy and I haven’t felt that way for a long time. Finally I want to set my career and a new home and even though I may go to school not in an area I would like to be for the rest of my life I could always move after graduation. What I thought I wanted out of life then has shifted completely. I thought to myself that I could sit here in misery and let life be imposed on me or I could be happy and impose myself on life.

    1. me too, on every point — feel like I am coming out of the dark and seeing it’s way better on this side. It’s not a cake walk, but, better. Like I am getting back to being me and that suddenly hit me about a week ago. (Saturn return coming up too, and natal Saturn in Sag too.)

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