Truth-Telling Liars: What’s That Sound Like?

Piya asks re: Liars Who Tell You The Truth:

“Like, what sort of “lies” are these? I mean … are they like, saying something and then modifying it to mean something different later?”

Yes. It sounds like this:

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t want to tell you at the time because of this and this and this reason…”
Or, “Yeah, sorry Mom. I know I shouldn’t lie but I thought you might be mad if you found out so I just told you this instead. Do you forgive me?”

And the fact is I do forgive her (and him) and some other truth-telling liars in my life. Because I know as a matter of fact that lying is part of the package and lecturing or trying to control the natural nature of someone is a ridiculous pursuit. I also know there is a shadow side to constant, consistent, relentless truth-telling.

See, I grew up with both of these. One of my sisters is a double Sagittarius. The other has a Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius but she also has Venus in Gemini and that sister would consistently lie then confess, lie then tell the truth, lie than tell the truth and then lie and confess. “I have to tell you I was lying when I said that,” she’d say. Hah!

Meanwhile my other sister would never lie. You got the truth, the truth, the truth, the truth until you wanted to hide under the bed to escape it! So fact is there is no perfect way to be so intention becomes key.

Are you well intentioned?

Don’t lie!

10 thoughts on “Truth-Telling Liars: What’s That Sound Like?”

  1. I have lots of Libra + Sagittarius, so it’s screw up my courage and be as tactfully honest as possible. When saying nothing (lying by omission)rather than trampling all over someone else’s feelings is an option, i keep my mouth shut. On the other hand, if someone ASKS, then i will tell them the truth, tactfully. Libra enough for you?! 😀

  2. I am a sagitarious rising with a stressed geminii moon, so my option was tell the truth (whenever it is possible) because I forget my lies and I am not good at all to cover my feets, and my sagitarious side literally sweat the truth. Words can bring me a lot of real problems. (the stressed moon) Then I tell the truth ,…. but,…. a truth with a lot of make up, I cannot avoid it. For my geminii side there is not such a thing as the truth, instead there is a problem to fix, or something to reach. Another option is to keep my mouth closed (12 house mercury)

  3. gah.
    i tell the truth even if it’s brutal. so sometimes i stay quiet. i have an extremely poor sense of tact 😛 though i guess i’m getting better.

    saturn is squaring my mercury/uranus opposition. both sides of the opposition are in good aspect (trine/sextile) to my ascendant. the only way i can really “lie” is by omission. blanking my face out. because otherwise i telegraph _everything_.

    i also have a totally unaspected jupiter in gemini on the midheaven, and i pretty much have no idea what he’s doing. except that there’s gemini all over my family…… (lots and lots of gemini around, what?)

    i _think_ my intentions are good. but ya’ gotta’ watch the unconscious stuff. it can bite you. i have too much 8th house to underestimate the potential for negative repercussions if i don’t watch what i’m doing. as much as one can….

  4. I’ve despised lying my whole life until i had to tell a big fat one. It killed me doing it but it stopped some people from getting hurt. I will only lie when its absolutely vital because i really dont like being lied to myself. Saying that, have been told a few truths that i wish i hadnt but overall, honesty is the best policy. Thats not to say i would tell you your ass does look big in that but i would recommend you try something else. Taurus, venus in aries, mars & mc in sag. (My sister is double sag too but has libra rising to charm over the foot in mouth syndrome..her merc in sag too).

  5. I lie then come clean, but usually it’s lies of omission…Oh, I thought I told you that part. And rarely I will do that with intent, never ill, but often it’s because I have conversations in my head all the time and I sometimes can’t remember if I bothered to speak the words or just thought them.

  6. I only lie when I know I can act like I said these things with limited knowledge later, ie come up with some dumb excuse. The lies are only to get out of doing something or because I don’t want to be mean. But I am getting better at being honest to save time. I never fabricate or make up stories to hurt anyone and I always make sure I never get caught and if I did its the type of lie that no one would care about. Since people see me as someone they can trust (I know because people tell me everything), I believe I come across as well intentioned because I am. usually to a fault.

  7. Avatar

    O feel like a mafia Scorpio talking to my attorney in a gangster movie …I don’t usually hang myself on my tongue n incongruous extraneous details. I just try to remember what is probably best left unmentioned for prevention of how much hurt it might cause…. I might spill if you ask me a specific yes or no question poised directly to me. Then I would admit what I’m. Havingaccusations hurled… Oh the whole idea seems more sordid.

  8. so interesting because i was reading on the news today and Trump, was known to lie and he was known to have lied alot then is telling the truth. the astrology is gemini sun with gemini uranus (shocking lies?)/sagittarius moon. that opposition, lying and truth telling must be confusing for him. weirdly truth telling is bravery and he has leo mars so he’s quite ambitious go getting and brave. but maybe he mixes up the words (lies) to cause drama? i haven’t really delved much into his use of politics. its kind of boring lol but the news headlines was interesting today due to the opposition.
    the double sag of extreme, telling truth too much until you hide under the bed is lol sometimes there is a need for discretion. (my 12th, 8th says that)

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