The Psychopath’s Parting Shot

parting shotContinuing to mull what I know about psychopathy, first I want to mention, I know or have known a number of them. I’m not necessarily talking about my father when I write this stuff.

Psychopaths love to mess with people. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you know it’s happening in the moment.  The example offered here: Psychopath Fun & Games was pretty much in the moment. Other times, it’s a long con or a longish con but I’m going outline this other creepy thing; it’s the psychopath’s parting shot.

I’ve seen a variety of versions of this. I guess you might call it a “short con” but some of these people can pull this on you, even if you’ve know them for years and know who and what they are.  I hope I can convey this with words.  It’s possible this has happened to you and you may realize it as you read.  In other words, you may be triggered.

Let’s say you’re in an environment with a psychopath; they don’t necessarily need to be directly engaged with you.  Maybe you’re at the same party and they’re operating in another sphere, at the moment.  I’ll use myself as an example, here. Let’s say I know a person is a psychopath and they know, I know.  We’re both at a gathering. On this particular occasion, there’s minimal interaction between us, with no particular explanation.

As a regular person, I’d be glad in this scenario. The known psychopath is busy elsewhere, right?  I’m “safe” in a way.  And don’t even think I should be warning others. People LOVE attention from charismatic psychopath. They look on the verge of orgasm, for Godsakes.   You can’t tell them, they’re enamored with a dangerous, devious person, because they’re enamored with a dangerous, devious person and they couldn’t be happier.  They sew themselves to the psycho if they could!

Party winds up or maybe the psychopath is going to leave. In some scenarios, they make beeline to their target, in this example, that would be, me.  The psychopath whispers some super disturbing remark, then off they go, before you can respond. If you CAN respond, you’re probably psychopathic, yourself, because the remark will take your breath away.

The remark may be threatening.  They may just be letting me know, they observed something. They may be letting me know, they spent the party, setting you up, planting seeds in other people at the party..?  It’s like mentioning, you’ve been dosed with poison that killing you, right now, as the psychopath, breezes by on their way out the door.

Sometimes, they won’t bother to speak it. It will be muttered in your vicinity.  The message, intended for you, can also be rolled into the conversation with the person next to you. By the time your brain can sort it – you’re hit and they’re gone.

Hopefully you get the idea and there are other versions. For example, sexual humiliation?   Let’s say some guy smooth talks you into bed – you have a GREAT time. You’re thinking, you’re falling in love and this is your new boyfriend.   But then this person is going to leave and before they do, you get their parting shot.  Maybe you have beautiful blonde hair, and on the way out the door, they tell you they hate blondes.

This is what real life psychopaths do. They love to jack people up. They care to ruin you and they most definitely get off on it.

The variations of sexual humiliations are many. If you spend enough time out there, you’ll eventually encounter this. I wrote about this, years ago, but I can’t find the post at the moment. The impact or the pain, changes you.  Deeply.

If you can parse what I’m saying; if you’re tracking, please think about various “movements” encouraging men to disrespect women.  None of them are organic, by the way.  This is the kind of thing I was talking about here:

The Collective Is Increasingly Sociopathic

If you open your eyes, just a tiny bit, it will be very hard to deny what I’m saying. It also goes both ways. Women are targeted and manipulated in regards to how they deal with men, in ways that are just as destructive.

You don’t want to get seduced by a psychopath in a romantic way (unless you do, and there are plenty of people who want this experience).
But you also don’t want to get seduced into behaving like one… which takes effort, nowadays.  You’ve got to work to be conscious of all the nudging.

If you need a reason, not to, outside of simple “morals”, here you go:

Born That Way: Talent & Psychopathy

Don’t get snookered.  You can’t win.

One more example. Let’s say you’re married for some amount of time. Ten years.  You go through fighting, therapy, a divorce… the whole ordeal.  Papers are signed and here comes the parting shot. “I never loved you,” says the psychopath.

The parting shot is intended to cause as much damage as possible. They want you wrecked and powerless.  Psychopath food, right there.

Have you ever been hit with a psychopath’s parting shot?

6 thoughts on “The Psychopath’s Parting Shot”

  1. I have a cousin who is like this. Before I introduced my husband to him, I explained how he operates. My husband said he would not care for him much and I said, on the contrary, you will like him a lot- that is his way in, he’s very likeable indeed. My cousin is harmless when firm boundaries are set. Just don’t let him fool you!

  2. Indeed. And don’t throw the word around lightly: it’s something very, very specific, not simply someone one might disagree with. To those that have lived under the hands of these people – to vocalize otherwise is a high insult indeed, IMO. 😐 You know not that of which you speak. 😐 Thank goodness.

    1. Yeah, I was going to go into this actually, but not sure if I’m understood or how things are received. Also, this was getting lomg.
      Specifically, non psychopaths trying to be badass, will something fire a parting shot when they get mad and storm off this blog.
      It’s not the same. People who have been doing this to people all their life ARE good at it. You never forget the words… or the feeling, though it fades with time.

  3. An early Taurus Sun with a Scorpio Moon after 10 years of serial cheating while we’re living together told the Aires Sun Cancer Moon fiancé that she NEVER really opened up to him ……. maybe not a psychopath but definitely a parting shot designed for maximum damage!

  4. such a sad way to live. its like being forever cursed to search for evil. I used to love watching tv shows that try to spot people like this with body language or some kind of pattern in order to be ‘ready’ or know what to do afterwards, but now I dont even want to poison my mind with that. I want to go back to a simpler time when my heart was purer, and when I came across conniving or unpleasant people I would just ‘poof’ dissaper. There is no winning when you wrestle with pigs.

  5. Sooooo, how do I counter Faith w Discernment
    Like I have discerned that a certain Mofo always disappoints me, wouldn’t surprise me if hes a psychopath. I know that he is psychotic on occasion quite literally cuz his friend w the social work background said it to me after explaining some issues I’ve experienced w him.

    So I guess I’m afraid to give up my faith even if this person doesn’t deserve it bc they’re gonna keep disappointing me but if I lose faith then does that make me an asshole? Cuz he’s the asshole for wasting my faith!

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