Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: March 30, 2023

Venus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus on March 30th at 16 degrees. This pair is independent, meaning the conjunction is unaspected. Love and money surprises with no additives!

I know it’s scary out there, but this could easily indicate a favorable turnaround, simply because Venus is a benefic planet and in it’s home sign.

I also see Venus as a “kiss” of some type. Venus in Taurus suggests the kiss comes in the form of tangible goods. Cash, food, art, luxury goods… and with Uranus involved, the wild card is digital currency.

I started writing about Uranus in Taurus and Financial Instability in 2017.  This transit also signifies what I call, reversal of fortune.

venus uranus in taurusWe’ve seen this throughout this transit with crypto million…billionaires, follow by the reversal. It’s been sick.  So I’m glad this conjunction is not under siege of some type.  It you have planets in Earth around 16 degree, you could easily fare quite well.

Love at first sight is a thing with Venus Uranus; as is “I used to love you but that was yesterday”.

I want to note, if you have planets in Fixed signs near 16 degree, that will clash with the conjunction, that’s okay.  It would still be a positive happening, though it would probably jolt you, because whatever it is, you’re just not expecting it and it utterly outside your control.

I would not expect anything to “settle” under this aspect, but Venus joining your team is generally a good thing. Check the house in your chart where the conjunction will fall. This will give you a clue as to how this might manifest for you.

How do you feel about this conjunction? Do you think you might be gifted?

Image: Venus and Taurus by Art By-Products

40 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: March 30, 2023”

  1. Is 11 deg Taurus DESC too far out?

    Either way definitely hits my 16 deg Leo MC which Uranus has been working on… I could use the jolt!

  2. Maybe the reversal of fortune will translate as reversal of misfortune, for those of us who haven’t had fortune yet.

  3. Your last two newsletters have been amazing. So much to take in. Thanks
    Natally I have a Jupiter and Saturn 14 degress conjunction in Taurus – 12th house. My ASC is 19 degrees Taurus. A little further away I have my natal Uranus in Taurus at 25 degrees – 1st house.

  4. I have Venus in Capricorn at 10 degrees in my 2nd house. @Elsa is that too wide an aspect? Would it trine? I am hoping for the best outcome!

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    Libra Stellium

    My 8th house cusp is 16 degrees Taurus. Love and money? My relationship is stable and good. Like so many, with the economy, as it us, money matters are unstable. My chart is not very earthy…mostly air and fire. But I’ve Virgo rising at 19 degrees.

    1. I’m WRONG! This is not sitting atop my 8th House cusp, it’s crossing over from 8th House to 9th House. I will be happy to have Uranus out of my 8th house. Money, having it or lacking it, are scary triggers in my life. I’m a Sagittarius, I think I’d prefer surprises in the 9th House. Wow! I changed my mind again? Not, wow! Another home/car/kid/medical expense?

  6. 17 Taurus ascending, 2nd house Venus. Will exactly trine 5th house Moon, sextile both Mars and Sun. Saturn is opposing my 8th house ruler Jupiter in the 5th. A lottery ticket or not? 🙂

  7. Uranus and Mercury at 16 degrees both in the 4th house, I guess something about home, family , living situation.

  8. I have taurus rising at 16 degrees but I think its going to aspect my pluto at 17 degrees the most. I was thinking about bleaching my hair which would be apart of my first house too. Maybe my unrequited crush (seventh) house will finally notice me!!!!

  9. Let’s see.. it opposes my venus and saturn at 16 scorpio and my husband’s moon around the same degree. We are.. awaiting some news related to money. He hopes the news is either really good or really bad so it makes our decision easy whether to stay on the same path or take a new path. 16 taurus is his 8th house.

  10. Conjunct my 16° NN – I’d be fine with a reversal of fortune. Lol. I’ll take this (as I always do) as a positive!

  11. 11 house “hopes and dreams” close to my Moon 10 degrees Taurus… opposing my Mercury 14 degrees Scorpio… If I could hope for anything it would be to find love under this influence.

  12. Hmm… I have natal Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house at 16 degrees with grand trine to Uranus conj.Pluto (exact) + Merc conj.Venus Sounds exciting … intriguing to say the least!

  13. 🤩 My natal Jupiter is 16 Taurus in my 9H. Transit Uranus will be a tight trine my own Uranus Pluto moon in my 1H, Mercury and Venus at 10 Capricorn. And it will oppose Neptune in my 3H.

    Wild 🥳

  14. I live with Venus in late Taurus conjunct Uranus in early Gemini natally. Have been ‘catapulted’ in and out of relationships and have also had money suddenly drop like pennies from heaven as well.

  15. reversals sounds good – me and my foe’s mercury’s lie around this point – either side of it! … it’s been a long mars in Gem and still don’t know which way the goods are going!!! this could be it! in which case the reversal would mean I get the goods!!! I could use a kiss from Venus!! lol!!! pluto has been trineing my sun & is about to hang on their DC too … surely that’s got to go in my favour! My ‘Foe’ is an institution & I believe I have the moral high ground … but then don’t we all!!!??? … you gotta laugh!!! Also isn’t this the point of the Nov 8th Lunar eclipse of 2022?!!

  16. On my husband’s Ascendent!

    It strikes me that there may be lots of specific events that occur with this transit… not just feeling type situations. I hope people report back anything that happens. I’ll put in a reminder to myself to bump this on 3/31.

    1. This is also the third hit of Uranus on middle Taurus degrees and my ascendant. Lovely to have chart ruler conjunct. Threes a charm, maybe. 🙂

  17. This is in my 8th house. I have Venus in the 8th @ 21 degrees. Since Uranus has been traveling there, it’s been mostly surprise bills or similiar. So I do not expect any gifts. I have a work meeting the next day, so maybe it’ll be really fun??

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    My moon is at 10° Taurus in 8th house. So Venus conjuncting Uranus at 16 degrees to me means my emotions which run fixed and quite deep will expect a flip flop.
    I cant wait for Uranus to be out of my 8th house and on to better things, especially with Pluto transiting my Aquarius 5th house(ruled by Capricorn because the first 2 degrees at the start of my 5th house) trining. Im feeling strong 9th house vibes already. Looking at free courses on-line and Im longing to travel.

  19. The cj will be trine my Venus, and I just got a call out of the blue that a police investigator will see me on the 29th about a matter we filed a complaint about 3 1/2 years ago, but because of Covid, nothing was done. We bought a new home in a tract in Los Angeles, Chile, and paid extra for an extra large backyard. We found out we were given a regular back yard about 6 months in. In Chile, fraud where the victim gets a loan to pay for it makes it a felony. So a Commissioner is driving down to come measure our property against the model home(as I did, and cited in the complaint). Funnily enough, the home had 3 major water leaks in the pipes under the home in the past 8 months, and they are doing a 4 week renovation of the outside walls as I speak, sitting in my car on the street in front of it. At least the builders do attend to the structural problems rapidly, but when I also mentioned the property line dispute, they remained mum. I even gave them a chance to just pay us back the difference plus interest, and I got nothing. So maybe, just maybe, we will get a payout after Pluto goes definitively into Aquarius again. LOL. I seriously thought this would never be attended to by the police. Yay!

  20. Well my goods came in,they weren’t the best goods I was after, not the ‘ideal’ reversal but not the worst either, reading Satori’s weekly,I had some comrades, but maybe not enough, hoping it was the untold David and Goliath whereby although David wasn’t strong enough to completely clobber him,he did inflict some brain damage ( that is a joke!!! / poor metaphor!!! … no violent actions have been taken 🤣) …I’m feeling relatively upbeat, guess it is that Neptune grace … 😁

    1. Actually …the more I think abt the goods,(my Foe didn’t score as highly as they could or ‘would’ have done Sans me and small number of comrades aquarian voices)… they prob were the best ‘goods’ we could have hoped for realistically (taking away the Neptune unrealistic dream of 2/10 score in hindsight!?)..I’m starting to think maybe David did win!🥳😂😁 & now ready to say adios Mars in Gem square Neptune, it was a ride!♥️😘

  21. I have Sun at 16 degrees Aquarius in 3rd house, Pluto at 17 degrees in 9th house. Looks like a T-square, no? – with Venus conjunct Uranus in 7th house.

    If add in Scorpio Ascendant at 13 degrees it could be grand cross.

  22. I have sun at 7 degrees Taurus and uranus currently sits on my natal mars in 10th house. Last year’s Venus- Uranus conjunction brought me financial help that was much needed.. transiting Jupiter currently is on my MC. Last year it trined my ASC and natal Jupiter -uranus conjunction. Venus is the ruler of my 11 and 4 houses. I really hope for financial gifts this time as well!

    1. You most certainly seem primed for a gift of some kind. 4th and 11th houses¿ family and foundations (the past) could be a treasure trove for you. Just my guess. Venus rules my 3rd and 10th….. Daddy always told me money isn’t everything. I’m not calling you materialistic at all btw.. I think my kiss may come from a local (third h) opportunity .

  23. Writing a few days after this conjunction – it was a huge jolt. Both square my Sun and more loosely, Mars.

    The day I unexpectedly lost a job – Venus squared my Mars exactly. Saturn on my NNode. Pluto just went into Aquarius.

    Since then, after some thinking, I figured out why I didn’t succeed. I can’t work in corporate veterinary medicine. (Uranus and Pluto in Aqua.) Of my last four clinic jobs, and the last two are staying off my resume because they were so short – three of them were corporate. The private one was my success story.

    Corporations are ruining this profession, but that’s another story for another post.

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