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Venus in Virgo red dressVenus will ingress into Virgo on October 2nd, 2020. You may worry about Venus in Virgo, the sign of it’s Fall.

When looking for information, it always helps to check different perspectives on a topic. Here are some choices:

Do you or your partner have Venus in Virgo? This placement signifies purity, but what happens when it goes rogue?


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  1. Bring it on. I will only work out harder and do more things. ? Worrying, fretting, nitpicking is a clear con. But I am willing to look over that. I have jupiter, vesta and psyche in virgo, so this is why I am really on board with venus ingressing to virgo. ?

  2. “What happens when it (Venus in Virgo) goes rogue?”

    She becomes more like Scorpio. After all Venus in Virgo is mercurial and just like Hermes, she can access the underworld, if she wants. When she does, what’s the opposite of purity? She’s discriminate because she has options. I know a few people with Venus in Virgo that personify the image of a virginal maiden, yet below is a hidden underworld of passion.

    Mid-October, Venus-Neptune opposition will be interesting, perhaps Neptune might dissolve some of Venus in Virgo’s reservations to reveal the passion.

  3. I think it’s fantastic. Then again, I have it natally, conjunct Mars, at the top of my chart. Picky? Yes. Most of my partners in the past few years have had their mars within 0-7 degrees of my venus in virgo; only one type will do! Hardworking, fussy, selective, and discriminating in my work. I am also hard on myself.

    I cried tears of despair when I was four because I attempted to apply nail polish as perfectly as my mother did and of course, did not succeed. I was incredibly frustrated, If that doesn’t scream Venus in Virgo, I don’t know what does!

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      Victoria Salvucci

      “Then again, I have it natally, conjunct Mars, at the top of my chart.”

      Me, too! I’m ridiculously picky with partners.

      Comes in handy at work. I’m an editor, I get paid to be picky!

  4. I have a 7H Virgo Venus. There is a practicality with this Venus like showing love via service. I enjoy decorating friends’ homes. I select practical gifts and look for sales. I am a reliable partner with common sense.

  5. I was listening to ‘9 to 5’ and thought of the contrast between Leo and virgo. How a free musician is singing about a repetitive grind full of toil and pointlessness. I think my ‘low Capricorn’ planets perceive everything that way.

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    Janine Johnston

    Ouch. Libra and Cancer stelliums very heavy in 12th house. Make of that what you will. And then lets, for fun, add Venus in Virgo, also in the 12th. Who am I?

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