Understanding How People Perceive Or Receive You

deep seaYesterday, a client asked if I thought he was an alpha male. I told him I would take it further than that, “I’d say you were a predatory male.”  This was not because he was doing anything bad to women or to say he’d ever done anything bad to a woman. It’s a matter of perception.

The client has a strong energy about him. His chart is formidable so when he puts his energy on you, you really feel it.  He’s got his sun and his moon in the same sign for starters. These lights are likely to land in one house in the other person’s chart. Depending on the house and the aspects, he cam easily throw you for a loop.

On the “predator” part of this, the man is after something. An employee or a work partner.  He presents an opportunity that’s real, exciting and safe, but if his MO (Mars), unnerves a person, he’s going to fail.

The plot thickens when age is a factor. I’ve been going on and on about the need to communicate with people who you may not have that much in common with.  If your business depends on such things, you can’t get on this fast enough.

pluto persephone sculptureThis is a Venus Pluto deal by the way. He’s got to manipulate by making sure he’s not mistaken as a manipulator!  I told him to bait his hook with one worm.

See, his hook is fancy and sophisticated. I’m sure any woman reading this can intuit what I mean. He can’t afford to appear, “to good to be true”.

To be doubly clear, the man has no ill intent.  But he’s smart and he can think ahead (and around corners, even). This ability is shown when he arrives having already considered every possible response the person he wants to hire might offer.

Now think of how that might feel if you were his target.  CHECKMATE before you’ve even had a thought cross your mind.

Sometimes there is a huge gulf between who a person is and how they’re perceived. If this is the case, it’s good to understand it. The answers are right there in your chart.

Do you feel there’s a significant discrepancy between who you are and how you come across?  Could there be a blind spot in this regard?

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17 thoughts on “Understanding How People Perceive Or Receive You”

  1. People assume I am too good to be true or that I MUST have hidden cards and intentions. Neptune square a 12H venus/merc. On one hand they might be projecting – pluto 7H opp sun. On the other hand they will try and block me – saturn 7H opp mars. I am what you see though. Taurus Sun conj AC, and I mostly act accordingly, Mars 1H. But all the Neptune haze…

    1. I had a supervisor tell me in 2010, as I was leaving a job by mutual agreement with the boss, she came to me and said, “you are a good employee, very effective, and I would never agree to let go of you if I was asked my opinion. at first I was puzzled and didn’t quite figure you out [which explains why I felt she was too distant or didn’t like me] but then I saw you’re like most of us, you just want to be happy”. I had to endure huge opposition and gossip at that job…

      1. I can relate.

        My mc is Scorpio with Merc/Venus straddling the MC.

        Scorpio being Mars territory you can imagine all the scenarios. I am honest and loyal but that Scorpio bit is difficult at times.

  2. I am initially perceived as aloof or shy with my Aquarius ASC. But, the fact is, I am an 8H Libra Sun. I deliberately sit back and assess before I will trust you with my confidences – oh, for fun, my Pisces Moon is also in my 1H.

  3. A Pisces Ascendant fools people into thinking I’m too laid back, overly romantic/unambitious and an easy mark for them. My Gem Sun and Sag Moon keep me ahead of the game. A Leo Venus/Mars/Uranus in my 6th house fire the ambition! Having Pluto on the Desc brings me into contact with power players who are flabbergasted when I turn the table on their antics. No ill will on my part, just protecting what I need to. Haha.

  4. 12 th house scorpio sun.mercury and saturn so yes. With my asc , moon and venus in sag I am sure I am quite difficult to understand

  5. Unfortunately I do not know how to read nor fully understand my houses and what the significance of each degree. However, I find almost everyones words relatable and validating. Appreciate you all for sharing.

  6. Angel to darkness angel, general to healer, meek to intimidating,dumb to wise, ugliest to ethereal. People have used all these words about me…Neptune in 1st. This is a losing game.

  7. When I know what I want, I will not rest. All my energy is put into it. I am focused. 4 personal planets in Scorpio + Jupiter, and the rest in my 8th house… Predator? That’s me!

    I can surprise people when I am that intense. I sure did surprise my BF. Normally my Aquarius ascendant makes me quirky and funny and eccentric. He thought I was just that. Boy, was he surprised, when I rolled out my Scorpio…

    My Scorpio planets falls in his 10th house by the way. I am a real boon in his hat, especially since his Ascendant is in Capricorn :p

    Neptune transits my 1st house too, so many times I have been seeing people projecting things on me or being mistaken about me. *Sigh*

  8. I have had numerous people over the years tell me I am intimidating/scary. In my younger days I used this to my advantage and a times detriment but now I am no longer that person. I don’t understand what makes them say that about me. Yes, I will stand up for the underdog. I will not allow people to push me around but I am supportive, encouraging and try to lead with my heart. I definitely have a blind spot to what people see that I don’t see in me. I am the person when a new employee starts, I make sure they know where everything is, who people are, I check on them and make sure they are ok.

    What in my chart gives people the impression that I am intimidating/scary? When people comment about it, I ask why they feel that way. They won’t answer me, they just say, “you do” sigh…..someday I hope to understand astrology well enough to see what I am blind to.

  9. I have noticed that people often perceive me to be an authority on certain things, when I really don’t feel that I am! I can even preface a statement by saying, “I don’t really know the correct answer to your question, but I would guess…” and they will still take my words as fact! It’s bizarre for me. It’s as if they are not comfortable with uncertainty, and they would rather bet on me than come to terms with reality. Could this be my prominent Venus in Aries in my 10th house? I’m not looking at my rising sign because it’s not a first impression thing. I’m talking about people who know me on some level.

  10. I’ve actually read a lot on this subject…..Having a Scorpio Ascendant (rising) causes others to perceive you as mysterious, intimidating & powerful in some way; which illicits pretty strong reactions to your presence. People will either feel strongly drawn to you or strongly repulsed by you for what seems to be no reason. {My rising sign is Scorpio & my Pluto conjucts my sun, Venus, Mercury & Mars}. Some Pluto or Mars placements/aspects can also cause those same perceptions and reactions from others.

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