When Bots Are More Interesting Than People

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I’m surprised to be writing this!  I’m aware that some people I read are “bots” or some type stream of AI produced content. There’s a formula to it and there is something for everyone.

Whatever personas or attitudes attract you; the content is available. Once your tastes have been locked on, it proliferates. I go for the iconoclast. The brooding intellectual.

I’m exploring the idea I am addicted to this. I wonder, because I continue to read the soulless missives, with full awareness there is no heart attached.

I don’t think I’m actually addicted but I had to open my mind wide enough to consider it.  I think this is just my 8th house, wallowing in the mud a bit longer, just to make sure I’m not missing anything.  I know I have to get out of here as I will never be happy eating slop.

I’ve been writing about consuming vs creating. I want to stay on the creative side of the scale, especially since Venus and Mars hit Leo.  Pluto’s eventual trek through Aquarius may kill most human creativity but if you  can work with the energy, your creative product may be quite powerfully infused.

I feel it’s important to register what’s going on beneath the surface. How much of the content you consume is “machined”?


I would never have thought this day would come where I would get more from bots or some type of AI can produce

7 thoughts on “When Bots Are More Interesting Than People”

  1. I’m not aware of consuming any machined info. Unless the videos I watch are deep faked or the books I read are AI written. Have you watched the new Black Mirror season. The first episode is crazy good. It’s “Joan is Awful”.

    1. No, I haven’t seen it.

      I probably should have described this better than “machined” though in my case, it’s accurate. It’s because of my taste in content. I’m looking for the unique brainy individual. Frankly, this is not a great idea, lol.

      But there are many other ways this is achieved. The problem is people copy everything… memes, right? So there is a template for a video or whatever and then people do it do death.

      An example here is that old crying about Britney Spears videos. Do you know how many people film themselves crying on tiktok? It’s mind-boggling.

      This is like modeling psychopathy; people copy the icons when the behaviors are totally inorganic to them.

      I’m to a point when I click something and I hear “mood music” setting the tone, I just click off. The people I can actually learn from, understand this stuff. They are going to distinguish themselves by present their material in a way that’s straightforward. Febreze free, you know?

  2. To follow on Jana and Elsa here

    Black Mirror throws a stark eye on all it touches.’Joan is Awful’ was awesome – the issue of replicants and ownership of image and identity and all the other issues of the nature of being human versue AI. We watch with text on, and Salme Hayek2/Joan3’s “com-PUTA!’ cracked me up! And I loved that instead of a sword, it was an axe!

    As for memes, ooh they actually are a pretty powerful tool. They capture a whole mindthought and in one brief moment. They are the humourous headline that all the newspapers were after, a heading that stuck. The political catoon is also part of that. This is food to feed the feelings. That 1 second chance to make an impression on the mind, to impress a story.

    They’re utilised to confirm a bias, change a narrative, express feelings and thoughts, and of course, propaganda. And the use of humour is of various flavours, do we deride in delight, or delight in deride? Or just revel in the humour of the absurd?

    But *how* people use & utilise these tools are another matter entirely, as Elsa aptly describes!

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