Venus In Aspect To Pluto – Scary Or Misunderstood?

Venus beautyDark Venus asks:

“Are Venus-Pluto aspects really such a ‘scary’ thing to have natally? Or are we just a misunderstood bunch?”

Good question!  I’d say, you’re scary to some and compelling to others.  It depends on how comfortable a person is being uncomfortable because you’re guaranteed to consistently put “the other” in their un-comfort zone (see tag).

Some people enjoy this, others no so much.

As for being misunderstood, you can only understand Venus-Pluto to a degree and then another degree and then another degree. Even if you devote your life to this, you will only scratch the surface. That alone alone is enough to make the average person uncomfortable.

What do the rest of you think when you think “Venus-Pluto”?

57 thoughts on “Venus In Aspect To Pluto – Scary Or Misunderstood?”

  1. Hmmm. I’ve got Gem Venus sextile Pluto Leo. Libra Nep in 1st trines n sextiles respectively.
    Pluto energy is pretty free to roam n do as he pleases. Venus adds intellect n Neptune offers mystery, fantasy and spirituality.
    Taurus Sun in 8 might be why Scorps have been my best partners.
    Along w/enhanced sexual acuity from Ven/Pluto. Must be like a magnet to Scorps

  2. Venus conj sun in Cap trine Pluto in Virgo and trine moon in Taurus. Grand trine makes a kite as Mars is in Pisces opposed that Pluto. Everything within 2-3° My husband and I have an intense karmic connection.we have opposed suns, opposed ascendants and out of sign but within orb opposed Venus and Mars.(his Mars opposed my sun and my Venus opposed his sun) His Venus is in my 7th and my Mars is in his 7th. The kicker…he has Pluto exactly conjunct his ascendant, exactly opposed my mars and trine my sun, Venus and moon. Also relevant, His Saturn is conjunct my moon in Taurus and square his moon in Aquarius. His Mars 1° Leo is square my Saturn 2° Taurus.(I am in the camp of Saturn connections to another’s personal planets being a karmic tie) Overwhelming Obsession, intensity, passion, pain, pleasure, jealousy, control, power plays, not to mention commitment,hard work, and staying power. We have been together for 25 years and actually stronger now than ever. The recent Pluto in Capricorn transit was conjunct my Venus and Sun 24 and 26 and is now opposing his sun 27 Cancer.We had a complete breakdown and then the come to Jesus realization that we are meant to stick it out for this lifetime are renewing our vows on February 16th on the full moon with Venus and Mars conjunction. Another kicker, our real estate agent is an ordained officiant with Pluto conjunct her ascendant who will perform our ceremony 2 days before we close on our brand new house that we’ve been building since May of last year in a new state to start our new life together. I fully expect for the heavens to open up and the mother ship to take us away following this! Lol! Jk! If you would like actual direct feedback about Pluto/Venus contacts in natal or synastry,we are your peeps for that!

  3. Lately I’ve been thinking about my venus opposite pluto, there is a hint of a danger with it maybe. It was interesting to see a scorpio woman get activated around me. This was a dude that I had no romantic feelings for, not even when he was single, especially not now that he’s married. I don’t like 12th house synastry in love and my pluto conjunct his venus, ice blue cold. He approached me when younger and single, I didn’t feel a connection. We were in public at this event, ran into him and his wife and this scorpio with her sunglasses ofc, she starts to build a wall of words around her husband. The dude could barely say a word. She kept talking and seizing me up and down, could see the movement of her head. After we left, the older person I was with said- weird. What’s weird? The woman. She never said so many words before since I’ve known her and I saw her pretty often. So yea, that can be one example of my close venus opposite pluto aspect at work.

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