Saturn In Sagittarius – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person

Henry chartThat’s a close approximation of my grandfather’s chart. Think he’s got enough Saturn and Sagittarius?  Think he might have been a teacher/preacher?

If you’ve not read this series – Henry in his own words – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – you’re in luck!   Expose yourself and be amazed.

There is a link at the bottom of each post, that takes you to the next. Also, be sure to check the tag – Henry. You’ll not be disappointed!


14 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person”

  1. Moon and Rising in Capricorn. Sun in Sagittarius. I have often wondered at having the two biggest planets in my chart.

  2. Wow! What a unique character! He’s fascinating. I really like what he said about trying to love everybody and avoid altercations.

    We could use more like him today.

  3. This looks to be the stuff that beautiful souls are made of. It would do us all good to learn something from the likes of him.

  4. I always wondered why he didnt step in and provide child rearing help to your parents…he must have figured it was not his business to interfere,they were free to nabage their household as they wish?…comparing your stories from childhood with mine, I just know my pisces mom would have had her grandkids at her house and a good talking to to the parents.(she was very bossy).

  5. I guess I expose myself by commenting before I read Henry’s stories on the link; inspiring intro about his book. Ironic topic “walk in the desert”. I don’t know how many years ago the Moses’ story’s to look at the chart similarities. One topic that keeps coming up in posts and letters is about Saturn moving into Sagittarius.
    A biblical, or Torah, Sun has a 28 year cycle that says it returns on the equinox or the day before Passover . If this cycle started in an April and advanced one sign every 2 years whether retrograde or direct I do not know. Could both directions be possible? The thing about the timing now is that the last return was 2009; 5th or 6th year of cycle now, Sun year in Sagittarius or Scorpio in a retrograde cycle; Sun in direct cycle, this year is either Leo or Virgo(Scorpio or Virgo) … Regardless, if their is a cycle divided equally, over the 28 years, thru each of the 12 signs, then, next year is Sun cycle Libra. The last year the Sun was in the 6th year , that year started in 1990, if the math is also equal, and the last Libra was 1991

    1. Using the Placidus House system, my chart has Sagittarius taking up 21 degrees of a 35 degree house, no objects, no oppositions, Gemini in the upper hemisphere.
      The March 14 letter to your Mom is a very difficult to recognize and understand; Sagittarius and Gemini placement in charts … and any other sign…

  6. So if my math is correct about a 28 year sun cycle starting in Aries, the last year began in 2009; a retrograde advance this year from Our 2nd year in Aquarious, moving into Capricorn; A direct motion every two years, our 2nd year of Gemini now, moving into Cancer next year.

    1. A straight one sign per year would need to know what sign it started in what year; i.e. , starting in year 1 or zero point in Aries there are years skipped in current calendar, but the numbers would be 2014 divided by 28 = 71.2104…; and again all this is figurative as we know where the Sun is (and unlike the nodes which we know where they cross the ecliptic point , the rationalizing some point of the Sun at the first hour of the fourth day’s start is a time and not a geographic point, correct?) I do not know how to adjust for a placement of this event,

  7. Henry sounds amazing! Did you know him well Elsa? I only have memories of my Mom’s step dad, aka Grandpa Joe to us kids. He was so kind and generous with his time, and funny as all hell. He wore an hearing aide and would turn it off when my chatty Gemini Grandma Helen got on his nerves. I think he was probably a Taurus. He loved watching his ‘stories’ on TV which consisted of the soap opera “as the world turns” nothing interrupted his stories. I recall being at Sears department store with our family doing some Christmas shopping and Grandpa Joe was in the TV section sitting on a chair watching his stories.

    1. I did know him well. He built our family home, then built himself an apartment on the land, where he lived while he built his home on the next lot. So he lived next door…I saw him every day.

  8. I recommend the Henry stories. They were the second series I read on this blog. I’ve been here ever since.
    Thanks for posting his chart. I find it interesting.

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