Saturn in Scorpio Transiting The 4th House

Lately, I’ve been working with a stream of people who  have Saturn in Scorpio transiting their fourth house.  Saturn in the 4th is a difficult transit. It marks an emotional low. It’s common people become depressed when Saturn transits their fourth, at least to some degree.

People with Scorpio in their 4th seem to be faring better than average. It might be courtesy the mutual reception from Pluto in Capricorn, but it might also be that people with Scorpio in the 4th are innately sophisticated when it comes to their emotions, their roots, and their inheritance from (or to) their families. Whatever it is, this is a great group, with courage that’s admirable.

Do you have Saturn in Scorpio transiting your fourth house? How’s it going?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Old Taskmaster has started transiting my 4th Scorpio house where I have natal Uranus and at the very 4/5 cusp Neptune.
    Taking it very easy, self soothing and healing have been the strategies so far.
    The inital Saturn ingess was accompanied by my MS symptoms worsening, with limited mobility ( could not drive as I lost sensation in my feet-4th house connected with vehicles i read somewher).
    Feeling very useless at work, but taking things very easy.
    My natal Saturn is in the 1st with NN and I have been a fighter an go getter all my life and it lookslike the time has come to “let go and let God”.
    So thats what I do, heal myself, most of the time in the confort of my home which I love being at nowadays. Also ambition of any kind seems to have subsided.
    No matter how scarry it gets, I know I am here to strengthn my Fortess of Solitude as with out it everything else fails.
    Eternal love and blesssings to alll.

    1. The lat paragraph is exactly how I feel, too! Saturn transiting my 4th and soon to conjunct natal moon at 26 degrees.

  2. Saturn transiting the 3rd and Scorpio also the nadir. Yes very difficult as it has squared the natal moon.
    My mother passed away last March, she took ill same day Saturn entered Scorpio. I was an only child and now living in this city all alone with no other family. Trying to decide where to move to now.

  3. Well it finally happened this morning. Moon transit over the nadir at 26 degrees separating from Saturn in Scorpio. The neighbor upstairs hot water tank busted.

  4. This is actually a good time for me. So far. There are definitely days that cause me to write owns like the one below, but I think what some call depressed times, I call deep times. Maybe it is different for Pluto in the first house people. Anyway, I hadn’t looked at this poem ,just written, from the point of view of Saturn in Scorpio transiting the fourth, but now that I look at it again….

    Deep blue day

    Today was deep, dark indigo blue,
    With fathoms of somber resounding
    In low, slow, mystical tones.

    When my soul is sore, I know it is a signal for me to circle back IN to my center,
    To listen to my listening,
    To hold the space for me
    To just be.

    When my soul aches,
    It is time to respect this body, my home,
    To go WITH the pace of my heart
    And not race ahead of it,
    To sink into the embrace of my breathing
    And be rocked
    As if I were sleeping.

    When my soul is weeping
    I feel the calling for my brain to be unlocked,
    To let the brambles and the tangles
    And the scrambles in my head
    Slip gently DOWN like melting snow
    Into the spring of my heart
    Until the clear sky of my mind is revealed,
    Deep blue…

    Deep dark indigo blue
    With fathoms of galaxies resounding
    In low, slow, mystical tones.

    -Deirdre S. Murphy

  5. Found this page on a simple google search. I’ve Scorpio 3′ cusp of 4th house, and my Jupiter is within minutes of the IC on the 3rd house side. I have Moon 28′ Scorpio and Neptune 0′ Sagittarius natal in the 4th. I want to picture what happened to me the last time around from Saturn. It was a year of breakthroughs….getting some perspective on family dynamics and seeing some of the abuse received from my father come to a head. His missing presence for a month was actually healing to me, and I began to apply myself more at school, feeling like I had some perspective, something to shoot for at least. I became rebellious, yet still was being pushed back. With Saturn in my 4th now, I was evicted from an apartment I rented for 4 years. It was the end of a time where I was enjoying living on my own, enjoying a city fully….yet not finding any luck finding or keeping work. I did build a vision, and have sought a ‘guru’ of sorts. In the end, a woman who is a fan of my art made the best pitch for me to relocate. She, her husband and daughter have welcomed me in. It was a lengthy relocation, my first time living on the West Coast. Luggage and ID were (and are lost), and I feel like I’m reliving some of those family dynamics, every day a drama, every day some amount of real love seeps in. I feel like that my personality is totally usurped or at least being watched by others. So that’s a bit of what’s happening.

  6. Avatar
    Marshall Harding

    Saturn transit in 4th house, mother passed, now I’m living in a small apartment after relocating to a small town. Help god!

  7. My fourth cusp is 25 deg Scorpio and although stressful, I seemed to be managing OK with this Saturn transit despite little things like roommate squabbles, furnace dying, water problems, oven dying. I was also toying with the idea buying some land and building an earthship (sustainable home). After it passed into Sagittarius, I was thinking I can handle this. I have Jupiter/Neptune conjunct in Sag about 1 deg and my Sun at 7 Gemini. When Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio and opposed my saturn at 27 Taurus, I tore two ligaments in my ankle in mid July (there was a moon/mars conjunction in my 11th) and I was homebound for a month and a half. 3 weeks after saturn turned direct my good friend and astrologer of 25 years passed away in her sleep while moon in scorpio (she was a scorpio with leo rising). She was like a second mother to me and I’m still grieving her loss. The same day, my dog had to go to emergency vet (he too is a scorpio and I spent $400). Just a couple days ago when Saturn was at 29 Scorpio and squaring my ascendant at 29 Leo, my landlord told me he is selling my house. I’ve lived here for 9 years so I’m in shock. I have options and think I’ll have a few months but the thought of packing up, selling, donating, sorting 9 years of stuff (with an injured ankle) and relocating is really unsettling.

    I’m hoping that transiting Jupiter in my 1st will offset this. A good friend of mine actually set up a crowdfunding site for me and raised a good deal of money so I could make my rent and bills for two months and I’m now able to return to work in a limited capacity. Its just scary to think about leaving my home and roommates who are like family. I feel like this should have happened sooner but maybe Jupiter transiting my moon at 12 Leo helped keep it at bay for awhile.

  8. Saturn transiting the 4th, especially Scorpio, has been the lowest time in my life emotionally. The depression has been crippling. I’ve been an optimist “glass half-full” for most of my life but this is the first time I’ve truly felt my guts ripped out and dropped into an abyss. And this last degree has been intense! I hope the 5th is more manageable. ?

  9. The Pluto mutual reception thing has had me quite depressed about my current health (used to bodybuild and am now very overweight) , work vampires etc and a bit too much wine in the brain has not helped me dig out of the hole. It hasn’t been devastating, just time lost is the vibe. I feel it returning, the energy to get up, get out and get it done again.

  10. Saturn has been in the 4th for me ever since Saturn was at 28 degrees Libra. It is passing into the fifth after 4 degrees Saggittarius. I have been a bit of a lone-wolf these years- and very focused on family. Important transit. I know it is ending. I can feel it. I started feeling my age over the last few years. Saturn was oppose my sun for a while.

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