Saturn & Pluto Transit For Capricorn Rising

foundation crackI have a late degree Capricorn rising. Eighty percent of the people I’ve consulted with since the first of the year have the same.   The group is really tight.  They have Capricorn risings between 18 and 22 degrees.   I expect to hear from people with ascendants at the later degrees as time passes.

Back in 2011, I used to write about “cracks in the foundation” in regards to Pluto in Capricorn. With Pluto transiting the 12th house, these cracks have been obscured for the most part. As Pluto in Capricorn nears your ascendant, the hidden damage will become visible.

The late Capricorn risings stand out because Saturn will join Pluto to cross these ascendants in 2019, into 2020. It’s like some kind of death-gauntlet being thrown down.

If you’re in this group, you can probably see this coming by now.  How are you dealing with it? Do you have a plan?

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  1. With my Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn, I’m wondering how it will effect me!!! I have Scorpio ascendant at 5 degrees.

  2. My Asc is at 1 degree Aquarius, so I am right behind this pack.

    And with transiting Pluto in Cap, I have moved into a house with cracks in the foundation. My 12th house had these hidden, yep, but they have recently been revealed, one by one, in different areas.

    Water comes in. No doubt tied to my Cancer Moon across the way. Emotional parental issues being played out and resolved, slowly.

    Interesting food for thought for me – both literal and figurative. Thanks Elsa!

  3. Yea, you’re writing to me, straight on, Elsa. I’ve a 17 degree Capricorn Rising, and the cracks in my foundations are leaking big time. At this point I’m sorting out the attitudes and the actions I have, or have had that led to today. My plan, our plan together (me and my husband) is to reckon with the shape of our life as elders. We are dealing with leaving one living situation and preparing our next relationship in shared-living.
    The fears and the exaggerations are leaking through those cracks, and with it a seasoned reality is making itself known to me. I am be in touch direct Elsa. Thanks for the light on just before Leo’s Eclipse.

  4. I am an early Aquarius Rising so I don’t fit into your discussion group…yet. But thanks for the heads up! I did advance my Tr chart for January 19, 2020. Yikes! Loaded 12H: Jupiter, Saturn exactly conjunct Pluto, Sun, Mercury poised to cross my ASC. 1H Tr Venus in a separating opposition with Pluto. Tr Uranus in my Taurus 3H quinqunxing my 8H Libra Sun. Tr Mars in 10H Sag in a separating square with my 1H Pisces Moon. Please don’t say female-related surgery.

  5. My husband is a 27 degree Capricorn asc in the 12th house. His sun is in Aries. Death is on the horizon he is being sent home from the hospital to a nursing home with hospice care. I wanted him to come home to me but they said he needed the kind of care only a nursing home could provide.I was hoping he had at least another year.

    1. Opalina, I am so sorry to hear this.

      I will continue to send prayers of support for the both of you as you go through this difficult journey 🙁

  6. Word! I’m Cappy Rising and I’m halfway through Pluto being in my first house.

    I wrote about this on another blog post but every chance I get I’m going to tell my story – it is so fitting you have to laugh. 🙂

    MY JAW LITERALLY BROKE DOWN. Saturn rules the bones and teeth.

    My identical twin sister had the same thing happen to her at almost exactly the same time.

    We were supposed to get jaw surgery 25 years ago. We didn’t – so Saturn came calling.

    It was painful and really hard and humbling but it was WORTH ALL OF IT.

    Whatever you say about Saturn is he knows what is wrong with you and what you need to do to fix it. Unfortunately the way to do that entails a lot of work and probably more than an equal amount of suffering. But if you endure you will get the candy. EVENTUALLY.

    Good luck everyone!

  7. My aunt has a mercury ascendant conjunction at 20 degrees Capricorn. She was just sentenced to jail for 10 years. Her son murdered her husband, his father, and she was convicted of conspiring with him. She wrote many letters to her son while he was in jail(before murder, for something else) and said many times how she wanted Gary dead. He abused his family. I grew up calling him Scary Gary because of a story he told us about him killing a neighbors dog for barking too much??! My aunt said she was just always venting to her son that she wished he would just die! She was born December 26, 1963 at 8:30am in Philadelphia PA and next year her solar return in on a south node solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter! My grandmother(her mom) just had her birthday Jan 6 on a solar eclipse and my grandfather’s cancer has returned. This is most likely his last year. My aunt will lose some of her family while in jail. It’s going to be hard on her. She’s always had a hard life. She is the baby sister and went gray at 26 years old. Literal Capricorn ascendant.

    1. that is sad. 🙁 sounds like she is in her prison that she can’t break out of, due to her thinking of society standards or her family upholding and then hates it so much. internal struggle. damned if you do, damned if you don’t. but the freedom is so much better, even if you’re saying damned if you do, than damned if you don’t and feel imprisoned in a cycle.

  8. Ascendant on 20 Capricorn; found out last week that I’m in pre-diabetic state, and I’m heading straight to diabetes, if I don’t change my lifestyle radically. I must admit, fear is such a good motivator 😀 I’m 34 y.o. and my plan is to spend the most of my emotional resources on my immediate family and myself(some higher goals are included, also, but they also affect mentioned, so somehow it’s also a bit self-centered :)) , so everything else must be dealt with accordingly. It is an ambitious plan, I know, but cuts are necessary…

  9. I have a good friend with Cap rising at 28 degrees, she’s had quite a difficult time in the last few years and I wish with all my heart the situation improves but now it seems it will get worse before it gets better. I mean, deconstruction of self never feels good even though it comes with benefits later on.

    1. Aghhhh I’m overwhelmed at the moment of what I’ve just read on here. 28° cap ascendant. Pluto transiting my 12th, 21 weeks pregnant and very confused. I’ve got 3 12th house capricorn placements, saturn, Uranus, Neptune, an 8th house leo moon, I don’t know if this helps anyone to guide some sort of advice or what is on the horizon for me but please help because what I thought I understood has kinda gone out the window.

  10. Progressed sun is at 22 degrees Cancer. Progressed moon is at 26 degrees cancer. Both opposing Pluto and connected to transiting nodes. I keep rereading notes from a reading we had last year where we talked about some of this – helpful. Paying attention to these posts on your blog. Stay warm – have a good Sunday. It will be 10 below here tonight. (Feels like Saturn stuff to me).

    1. They are also profoundly affected. I am working with one 20 degree Cancer rising; ongoing. Numerous consultations. But the Capricorn risings a dominating, at least in the last few weeks…. Saturn turned direct and is now applying to later degrees.

    1. I have 27 degrees Capricorn ascendent, and I have a 11 degree moon in Capricorn so I’ve been able to clearly distinguish the 12th house from the 1st house. I used to buy into the house systems but have been forced to use the signs as houses and haven’t looked back ever since. In fact it’s quite easy to see that Pluto has been transiting my 1st house since 2008/9. The ascendent cusp is a point and not a beginning. (Robert Hand)

  11. My ascendant is 3 Cap and I’m not sure how I could have had a plan for that experience. It was like going over Niagara Falls!

    Elsa, would love to hear you say more about having a plan.

    1. Mines 7°. I eff-ing give up. I have literally nothing good left in my life except for my dogs. In the last year, I’ve lost all my friends. I got engaged halloweeen 2017, friends who were jealous bailed on me. Friends I’d had for 27 years. My entire family simply doesn’t care. I’m 15 min from them, I’ve lived In this new house for over a year now and none of them even know where I live. Cause they don’t ask or ever try to see me. Don’t even ask about my wedding or engagement plans. Which hurts but is probably for the best, since, at this point I’m just beyond humiliated. This engagement has been horrible. There’s no end in sight. No date set. No venue. No engagement photos or engagement party. He makes no effort whatsoever. I stopped bringing it up and waited and waited. Months went by and …crickets. I finally freaked out about it and promise after promise to look into it blah blah blah. Tomorrow this, tomorrow that. Tomorrow’s have all come and gone. Nothing. I lost my ring in the snow last night. He literally doesn’t even care. Didn’t even bring it up once today. It’s like it never happened. It was appraised for over 10k. I’m absolutely devastated. But I made a point not to mention it at all today to see what he’d do or say. He did and said NOTHING. Then I was looking at some horse stable Facebook page on his iPad. I accidentally closed the page, so I went to history to try and find it. But it wasn’t coming up for some reason. So I opened a new tab, went to, then went to the search field to type the stable’s name in to find the page again. Some chick’s name auto-pops up as a suggestion, and as his most recent search. I didn’t care when I saw the name. But realized that I hadn’t seen that page in his search history. So I asked him about it. He said she is a girl he used to know who is now a lesbian. I said “then why did you delete the pages of her that you visited in her search history” (I’m never ever ever on this iPad. My phone was dead. I completely trusted him. He had no reason to delete something innocent like that). He then Straight admitted he deleted he pages from the history because he “knew I’d get mad”. Except that I don’t give a crap who he looks at on fb, I’m upset because he tried to hide it from me, deliberately. You don’t hide innocent curiosities. You hide weird sketchy things that you’re not supposed to be doing. I explained this and mentioned his lack of caring at all about the loss of my ring was crazy upsetting. And when I turned around for a response, he wasn’t even in the room anymore.

      Prior to winter, I had spent nearly 2 years at a company waiting (after being repeatedly assured I was about to get hired and they were getting the ball rolling), I was a consultant, only to get randomly laid off in August. That got really ugly.

      Last week was my last week of unemployment. My computer broke 2 months ago with the only copy of my resume on it. Don’t have access to another computer or know any of the dates and details or prior jobs off the top of my head, just generalities and stuff. I just have an iPhone. I need a new comp to get the data off my old hard drive. My Fiancé was supposed to buy me a new one for my bday. ….Still waiting on that. Obv never happening. Just like this humiliating wedding, as my birthday was mid-August. A week after I lost my job.

      And now I’m sleeping on the floor in the living room in our house, because he refuses to leave the bedroom. Despite the fact that he’s sleeping on MY king size bed. His* bed is still here. But it’s full size and like 20 years old…with stains. He has his bed. Yet refuses to make it up and sleep on it. Refuses to leave my bedroom (I like to call it MY bedroom, because I pay 1.5x the rent he does. He said he didn’t make enough to split the rent equally ….only for me to find some document months ago that had been sent to his parents house. It was quarterly statement of a fund with $20,000 in it. Meanwhile, I’m on unemployment. Sleeping on the floor in the house I pay more for, while he confiscates my bed.

      There’s a LOT of good, wonderful dream husband qualities to him. But hiding that money from me? The computer issue? The rent issue? And now the hiding of fb pages in his search history? Combined with not giving a crap that my ring is gone? All while I’m sleeping on the floor??? Like wtf?? I have one friend left to talk to. That’s it. I used to believe I at least had a support system. But I don’t even hear from my family. I’m not particularly close with my sister, but when he and I began arguing and he said some mean stuff last week, I called my sister and left a voicemail crying, asking if I could come and stay with her in her massive apartment for a few days to get a break from him. I was practically bawling. ….I never heard even a word back from her. Not even a text. My dad calls once a year. My mom texts once in a while saying “love you”. But that’s it.

      The last 2 years have been complete and utter hell, and I really thought I had things together. A good job, money saved, a beautiful new house, a new fiancé with a beautiful ring and then when I got engaged I was so excited for the upcoming year. I had a huge group of friends that I loved dearly. All of them screwed me over one by one. Until only one was left. And it’s been a year and half and now I don’t even have an engagement ring anymore. Never mind a wedding date. There is NO end in sight.

      This eclipse was in Leo. But I’m 22 Leo sun and 12 aqua moon. Either way, I just don’t even care to try anymore. Im not even speaking now. So super fantastic having my ruling planet through my sign. I’m sure 2019 will just be a blast.

      1. Hey- thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and reply with such great detail. I never really remember to pay attention to the less obvious aspects of my chart, such as quincunx and the like. Everything you said makes perfect sense.

        I’d also like to apologize for ranting like that. The months prior to that particularly bad week had really taken such a toll on me. I tend to write too much to begin with, but I always seem to come to this blog and post more when I am going through a bad time. It’s just such an enormous help to be able to come here and not feel like I’m being judged, that I tend to write my posts like I’m writing in a journal to myself, or something.

        I really appreciate the replies. And again, I’m very sorry for going on such a lengthy tangent.

  12. My Ascendant is 14 degrees Cap and yes this Saturn transit has been tough. It is asking me to build a true foundation for my future. Also highlighting nerd to take better care of myself & my knees…Saturn surely rules the joints & knees in particular…

  13. Yep I’m a 21* cap rising, ties in nicely with the Jan 2020 planetary showdown…??. Had Pluto in 12th H since 2008, I’ll be glad to see the back of the pair of them!! (Saturn and Pluto). Huge amounts of change, evolution and foundation-shaking change during that time. Seems to be heading in an overall positive direction now, I can see an exciting plan emerging…!

    I’ve still got a bit of trepidation about what our natal charts being so closely aligned to the Jan 2020 alignements mean for us though. Guess we haven’t got long to find out now :).

    1. Avatar
      Taylor Richmond

      I’m at 24 degrees cap! still trying to figure out what the significance of Pluto/Saturn/Sun/Ceres conjunctions to my ascendant will mean?

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    Terrie Bird Cummins-Jamison

    Wow! I have 0 Cap rising. And I had never thought about all the things that have happened to me because of this!

    In 1992 I had a Car accident when trans Pluto hit my natal Saturn and was square my natal Mars conjunct Chiron. Trans Mars was conjunct my natal Sun. And trans Saturn was conjunct my natal Pluto conjunct Jupiter! I broke 104 bones including all my ribs which went thru my internal organs and I instantly bled out, waking up in the morgue!

    So when Pluto got within 2 degrees of my ascendant in 2006, and I had my second big car accident, I was already tempered it seems? I thought I had died again, but there I was still alive! (Long, long, story)

    But here I am up at 2:30 wondering how I have been thru some of the things I’ve been thru since then? And WHY? But I think your question here solves that riddle! Thanks Elsa!

    I managed to live thru that 2nd Saturn return, back and forth over 0 Sag for years! And then over my ascendancy, but I have to tell you that the mere thought of Saturn meeting up with Pluto was a stake in my heart! This time my husband is the one who passed.

    I have a lot to digest… thanks again.

  15. My progressed chart shows Capricorn ASC at 25 degrees with Pluto transiting and almost conj my ASC. I am planning on a complete health make over though I keep being diagnosed with things that are not life threatening but reveal the cracks in my foundation. I feel more anxious about my future and uncertain but am continuing to be as positive as possible and climbing that mountain.

    (((Starr))) I hope you find your ring and you can fix your situation. It sounds painful, inexplicably cruel and sorry for your losing all your friends : (

  16. I am a 26 degree Cap Rising and am one of the 80% that had a consult with Elsa. I highly recommend a consult with Elsa to help gain some clarity as well as a down to earth explanation of what is going on, no sugar coating! So for a lot of us later degree ascendants we will have 4 planets conjunct our ascendant in January 2020. Pluto and Saturn will be conjunct each other at 22 degrees Cap January 12/13 2020 so if your ascendant is anywhere near that 22 degree mark you are part of this “Capricorn Convergence” along with the Sun and Mercury all conjunct too. All this as you already know is in the 12th too. I am dealing with things a lot better since talking to Elsa and just know we are being transformed for the better no matter how hard it is right now. I am taking my solitude and using it for me. I am spending time on myself, doing what I want to do right now instead of having to be considerate of what others want to do. I got divorced a year and half ago and that’s when everything started for me but today I am making a conscious effort to use this alone time to better myself, I am shedding weight.. physically, mentally and emotionally and I don’t have others around to get in my way and I am starting to love this aspect for now as I know it won’t last forever.

    1. Thank you for this. I’m a Cap Rising at 25 degrees and I think maybe I need a consult with Elsa as well… The transit started off with a atomic explosion when my sister committed suicide with Pluto @ 1 degree Cap. I’ve lost a lot since 2008…people and situations, and I’ve really tried to roll with it, but damn its been painful. I also retired from my job (July, 2018) after 30 years and am looking around to see what is next. So yeah, I’m definitely transforming.

  17. I’m on the opposite end, my DC is 22*53 Cap – the Saturn Pluto conjunction will sit right on it. In fact All those major conjunctions involving Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will fall within 2 degrees of it 2019 – 2020. Uranus is also conjunct my MC 2020 – 2021. I feel a wave of energy heading for me, better learn how to surf!!!

  18. I’m Capricorn rising at 25 degrees. I really need to understand this Pluto/Saturn in the 12th house transit. I feel like there have been a lot of dark energies in my life. I’ve been a magnet for addicts, narcissists, bullies and any one else who wants to take advantage of me it seems. I’ve had suspicious activity on my credit card multiple times, I’ve had things stolen from me, I was laid off unexpectedly (it was strange and political, didn’t make any sense), most recently in October someone stole my catalytic converter and now I don’t have a car. Right before that I was dealing with my leasing management company who wasn’t giving anyone their deposits back. It has been one thing after another. I literally have one friend that I talk to and trust and she happens to have Capricorn rising as well.

  19. God you are almost talking to me I’m cap 20 rising I’ve looked at dread at this time I’m also Scorpio sun when you say tight what you mean ?in last ten months I’ve broken my back been dumped after a long relationship I dread anything else to come how long will this last ??

  20. I’ve also noted extreme pain in all joints of body especially knees ankles increasing steadily which I when I went back to this transit nothing I’m doing is working getting turned down for new jobs and other efforts and love is a total desert

  21. Cap ASC @ 26 degrees. I’m not sure if Pluto or Saturn has been harder on me, but its all bubbling up with the south node conjunction. In 2017 I caught my husband having multiple affairs and got a divorce. A month after moving out of our house my best friend since early childhood died suddenly. This is all opposing my cancer moon so my home life and my children have also had many upheavals to sort through. I suppose it was Pluto that opened my eyes to the fact that my ex husband was a narcissist and a sex addict. In the midst of all of this I fell deeply in love with an alcoholic that can’t seem to get his life together to be with me. I’m at the point of not wanting to leave my bedroom ever again. I know transformation is coming but the journey is relentless. There is a heavy feeling of abandonment, like every day is a tower moment. I’m exhausted.

    Sending best wishes to everyone that is going through it. See ya on the other side ; )

  22. My ascendant is at 24 degrees capricorn. With transit pluto conjunct my natal venus at 20 capricorn and transit saturn conjunct my natal mercury at 23 capricorn, yeah, I do say that it’s really not a stellar time for me but there’s nothing sweeter, or bitter, than becoming face-to-face with your past actions and decisions. My plan is to face all of them with “The Impossible Dream” as my perk-up song.

  23. I have my ascendant on 20 degree of Capricorn. I sincerely hope that sharing my story will help some people to deal with this difficult, sometimes unbearable transit.For me it started at the end of 2017 when Pluto was at 17 degree of Cap. By middle February 2018 I’ve left my husband(been married for 25 years), lost my job, moved to a different apartment, lost all of my friends(even those I knew since childhood) and lost communication with my middle child. We still don’t talk to this day. I’ve been laid of jobs 4 times since than for no logical reason. It felt like being sabotaged by life itself. Most of the time it feels very,very lonely and kind of very close to being dead but for some reason still being alive…I feel completely changed, totally different person, more cynical,sometimes mean but definitely stronger, capable of enduring so much more then before. A lot of things that would bring me to the state of depression and anxiety before don’t bother me that much anymore.If I could give some advice about how to handle this transfer, I’d say learn to let go of things that you hold dear and surrender. It’s like jumping from the cliff not knowing if you will survive but the thing is that you will. Don’t fight it, try to go alone with these energies and trust the universe that it got your back.
    Sending everyone Love and support

  24. My three year old daughter has her natal ascendant at 25 degrees Capricorn and her natal moon and Pluto at 16 and 17 degrees, respectively, in Capricorn. I have the 9th house in Capricorn. I got pregnant with her in graduate school during my Saturn return, which started a cycle of upheaval. I almost died giving birth to her, and she was in NICU for 6 weeks before she could go home. And, there were times when I was pregnant with her and after I gave birth that I wanted to die, because i didn’t want to be a mother and felt forced by guilt brought on by my then boyfriend now husband. I have since tried to rise to the occasion, but it has been incredibly difficult because emotionally I am unstable and scream. Sometimes I am just detached or distracted and it’s difficult for me to be present with her. I also have adult adhd, which adds another layer of craziness.
    I constantly fear that I will die and leave her motherless, which is compounded by the fact that she is so attached to me that leaving to go to the store without her renders her inconsolable until I return. She’ll cry and scream “mommy, I want you forever,” which makes me so sad. And then the other fear is that she’ll die, which would destroy me forever. I have natal mars and mercury in cancer in the third house, so maybe that could be the source of my terrible imagination and thoughts surrounding my loved ones.
    I don’t know how the upcoming convergence will affect my young daughter. If anyone could offer any advice that would be great. Sorry, too, for the bummer post.

  25. Capricorn moon 13 degree and Capricorn rising 22 degree plus Pluto squaring my natal Pluto as it squares my natal ascendant. It’s been an intense and interesting time, lots of changes and challenges but I’m taking each day as it comes doing my best, driving the change, letting go, doing the inner work and staying positive because I trust the universe and I’m thankful for this great opportunity to have Pluto cross my ascendant in this lifetime. There are days I feel great and some I just want to crawl in a hole and die and it’s been this way for quite a few years now. I feel like at times I just need a break! But I’m not in control so it is what it is. I’m learning a lot about myself and it’s an extremely personal journey and hard to articulate to people so it’s a lonely one too but I’m enjoying getting to know me. This energy is affecting everyone on this planet though collectively and it’s for the good so I hope us cappys can inspire the 5th dimensional ascension and be the leaders we are born to be. Blessings to all!

  26. Thanks Wozzi, I’m a 22 degree cap rising too (squaring a natal Pluto-moon opposition and opposing Mercury) and I so relate to your description here! It is incredibly testing over many years, and does feel hard to articulate as its such a personal journey of empowerment. I’m with you on the thankful, positive and leadership too ?. I’m fascinated to observe what is coming together and lining up next for me for Jan 2020 and beyond… Good luck to you and all :).

  27. Well, the “usual” with Uranus still transiting the 4th house. I wanted to settle in a place (I really wanted) but my marriage fell to the wayside, I’m not investing anymore in a relationship that I’m taken for granted and I have to put all effort alone, so I am moving yet again. Another road trip, another packing up of bags, another town. But the uncertainty remains. I kind of got used to the chaos now. These past few months I’ve been feeling this really strong feeling of peace within me, it’s like I reconciled with myself. Not trying to forge my path anymore, I just let the waters lead me wherever they go, not trying to change fate anymore.

  28. I have a Cap rising at 22 degrees and Cap moon at 25. I am so interested to see what happens in January when Saturn and Pluto conjunct my ascendant. The past year has been crazy. Every day was the same up until March 2019. I’ve separated from husband and found someone to move me all the way from the east coast to the west coast with my dog and someone have been blessed enough to “work from home” so I’ve been traveling and sight seeing all the while making money to make me feel Atleast a little secure. Wonder what and when will happen when I end up alone out here. Atleast I have my dog with me. Nothing too dark but I see my life changing..

    1. Welcome, Beth. I know what you mean.
      I have these conditions, which do get progressively worse. So my life is not changing, it’s unfolding.

      I was warned about my spine, gravely, in 2005. I was getting shots in my back beginning in 2001. It’s just the situation, thought all the bills coming due at once is remarkable.

  29. Death-gauntlet?

    I’ve already reached the peak of despair, I would hope…but not assume. My whole life has been a dark human existence with men. With Mars Venus Conjunct Leo in the 7th, that is what Pluto forced me to deal with

    While bringing back my first true love from 16, who is born 10 days after me and can now without a doubt, see, also has a Capricorn rising —- making his Mars Venus Conjunct in the 8th

    That right there should tell you what I’ve suffered and been trying to piece together. I didn’t know he loved me, and he didn’t know I loved him, even though we told each other we did. Pluto checked me and him —- by forcing us to have the empathy you gain from the lessons, your learn while having your human life experiences.

    4 years of Pluto back — me and my husband asked his best friend to go to rehab. He said yes and did 2 solid years —- it gave me the inspiration I needed to leave: and start over. The week of my divorce, the best friend, was found dead of a brain anyerusm. He was always going to die young. He had 6 —— count it 6……Capricorn placements

    I don’t know if it was ascendant or not
    But in 2015, his gay older roommate died of an overdose after being caught and arrested from stealing from his clients.

    I had always suspected weirdness—-a girl always knows ——and well – 6 months and my friend was homeless and addicted to crack.

    Ascendant or just Pluto transit in the regular?

    I have a mother with late Capricorn ascendant
    —- my father isn’t speaking to me and his father died not talking to him and his father too

    I literally need a grip on this once an for all – I’m 36 — I have started over more times than you can know —- I won’t survive if I don’t get it right this time

    I’ve started my own online business
    I stay isolated
    I don’t know what else there is to deal with

  30. It would be interesting if every people posting could let us know on which house (or sign) is the natal Moon in, since it’s one of the few placements that vary between us, the outer planets stay the same pretty much.

    1. Is it obvious hahah cause it’s Aquarius First House —- I am not even kidding about it the fear I have when Pluto shows up for that – it’s 5 degrees ——-and when I say I’ve had DARK DARK DARK Ascendant transit —- I mean like, every single dark Desiree people keep hidden has been my experience——and so, if there is anything left of me right? Haha not —- but, okay, what’s he gonna do to my emotions in the rebirth ???

      I want a game plan and a half ya know

      1st House – Aquarius Moon
      (and it squares Saturn & Pluto that are also Conjunct natal)

      7th House – Venus Conjunct Mars Leo
      8th House – Sun Conjunct Mercury(rx) Virgo

      I sometimes say “it’s painful being me”

  31. Ascendant 24 deg Cap, Saturn 27 deg Cap, Sun 17 deg Cancer — sooooo, Pluto/Saturn conjunct at my ascendant, second Saturn return, all opposing my sun. It’s been an amazing ride of release, release, release. End of a marriage, a 20 year career (business built from scratch) and seeing through so much else that just had to go — including identification with/as anything. I was fortunate to experience a profound awakening in 2014 that is like a booster rocket for the letting go. Wondering what the next two years will bring! Sending all with this transit much love. My advice, just let go. There’s no true grip anyway. Just let go and trust you’ll be caught in a much better way than anyone could imagine. Gemini Moon in the 5th. Neptune at the MC in Scorpio.

  32. Hello,
    After checking my birth chart, it seems that my Cap Rising is at a little over 4 degrees as well as my descendant Cancer. I’m not a high degree Cap, it seems, but I have been sure enough feeling something. I was finally divorced last April 2019, I’ve been thru a Spiritual Awakening, I’ve stopped eating certain things, and started drinking “wine” instead of hard liquor and beer..
    I even bought a few “cork-screws” and have an interest in wine selections and glasses and wine racks ??hmmm (new thing)
    I’ve started using crystals and sage and meditating.
    I don’t know exactly what to expect with the conjunction coming up in a few days on Jan 12, along with the Full Moon eclipse on the 10th (which is my Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th) but I have a “on edge” feeling..
    For me life has been pretty rough since childhood but I always make the best.. I literally have a lemonade factory out of all the lemons that life has thrown. Lol.
    My hopes are that i can finally feel love and peace.
    Im a Taurus Sun and Uranus is also here in retro..
    Any advice?

  33. Hi, thank you for your interesting article about these two planets sitting on your Ascendant… I have them right now on my solar arc ascendant (3rd natal House) and quite frankly I don’t know which way to turn! Added to the mix was the conjunction of the lunar eclipse on 10th January to my natal Saturn (20 Cancer) and square Jupiter (19 Libra)… feeling emotional and helpless is an understatement! Financially things aren’t looking good either… my part time work is almost at an end which together with a pension keeps me afloat! Seems my usual steadfast belief that I am always looked after, has abandoned me, at least for the moment. I know there are lessons to be learnt here though I shall be glad when these two heavies move off that 22deg of Capricorn so I can get myself together and prepare for the next round. I knew this was coming but couldn’t know for sure how it would affect me. If you have any advice I would be very grateful… thank you (9/5/46 19.55 Cambridge UK)

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