Astrology And Beauty: Ideas Through The Zodiac

Let’s see if we can get some ideas for the signs to update their looks or improve on their lovely selves! Grab your chart ruler or the sign your Venus is in and let’s have some fun!

Leos, Cancers, Libras and others who like to wear their hair long, wavy is in! Achieve a wavy look by using a product that is for curls, even if you don’t have any and put it in your hair while it’s damp, not wet, damp, so it sticks. Proceed to slowly dry your hair on a low setting or air dry it and you should have wavy hair in no time!

Cancers, Libras, Pisces and others who like puckered lips: You know there are all sorts of products to pucker your lips for you. Still, you must prepare for the product. Brush your lips! Yes, brush your lips as well as your teeth to remove any dead skin and remember to use a lip moisturizer when you are not using any lipstick to help sloth off that dead skin. Lips have no pores so they can dry easily and do. Try some Shea butter to soften your lips as well before you brush them smooth!

Sag’s, Aries, and some Aquarius, it’s pony tail time and it’s time for a high pony tail again. Let’s put it this way: If you wear your hair in a high pony tail it will bring up your face and accent it as well. High pony tails until further notice.

Gemini’s, Aquarius, it’s metallic eyelid time! If you can’t imagine metallic lids use a metallic pencil to line your eyes. Remember that most can’t line all around their eyes without looking like a raccoon so line your eyes all the way over the top and smudge the liner only half way on the bottom. This widens your eyes and makes them look big. Use green or blue metallic and don’t be shy. Gemini’s, you can get a great metallic look by using a shadow that can be used wet or dry like MAC. Use it wet and increase intensity.

Aries, Virgos and some Sag’s, go to a company like Prescriptives and have your tinted moisturizer mixed exactly to your skin tone. Many companies will mix your custom color and match your skin perfectly. This will help when you are in your rush and hate to use make up and put that moisturizer on only part of your face and forget a bit here and there, lol.

Libras, Geminis and some Virgos as well as some Cappys, there are some great deals at Sephora on make up kits from many companies that supply you with all sorts of colors to use on cheek, eyes and lips. These are great for you because they come in one kit and you can use those that flatter you and even, yes, play a bit with a color you might not have used. They are great financial deals and last until next Christmas! Pisces, you may enjoy these too.

Taurus, try the mineral make up that is available now from many companies. You love caring for your skin and there are some great mineral companies now that are great for your skin and don’t cause any adverse reactions when using them. If you haven’t tried one of these companies, now is the time because your face feels so soft and appears air brushed. You also have nothing on your skin but minerals that are earthy and won’t hurt your skin in any way, in fact they will improve your skin when you compare them to other foundation products.

Cappy, you like investing in the future so you might try mineral make up too because the damage to your skin is minimal at best and it lets your skin breathe which you like.

Libra, Gemini, and Scorpio, check out “Lipstick Queen” lip products. They are so “you,” and can be ordered from Barney’s New York but are not sky high expensive. The colors are great and new and the texture is brand new. The colors are up to the minute and the applicators are a blast! Poppy’s new brand, they are one to try for certain.

Scorpio, if you enjoy dark eye looks and many of you do, try Anna Sui’s line or if you’re up for fun, “Urban Decay.” For the most product to chose from for dark liners “LancΓ΄me,” has the “won’t come off in a storm” products in Mascara and liner.

Everyone who colors your hair, try “Enjoy,” products that don’t contain sulfur but if you are Gemini or Aquarius and enjoy bright color in your hair find a product that works with color. Another is “Halo,” which smells like chocolate and one more is “Pureology,” expensive but Cancer, you would enjoy the luxurious bath this gives your hair, so would you Taurus!

Virgos, Libras, Cancers, even, try some of “Smashbox’s,” packaging of color. The brand is not too expensive and it is excellent. You can get palettes of color that help you try new things that are meant to go together.

Aries, Sag, Leo, Aquarius and Virgo, try the new facial primers. They are in just about every make up company but they are there to prep your skin for foundation or powder. Used alone they even out your skin tone and get rid of big pores. You just might like the look of them alone. They even come in colors to get rid of redness in your skin or even out skin tone and some of them prime your face to keep it dry and get rid of a face full of oil half way through the day. Yes, worn alone, again, they can be very full of light and improve the look of your skin. “Smashbox,” has a number of them that really rock.

Note: None of these companies are paying me to advertise for them. These are some companies that I have tried or that professionals have recommended to me so I note them. I have tried a product or I would not recommend it. Products can be found on line at Sephora,, etc…

– Annalisa

26 thoughts on “Astrology And Beauty: Ideas Through The Zodiac”

  1. Ooh, makeup. I don’t wear a lot of it, but I really enjoy the act of putting it on. It’s like painting on a canvas.

    My trick for soft lips: put a coat of Vaseline on your lips overnight. I keep one of those sample-size jars in my nightstand. The dead skin will slough off the next morning in the shower with a washcloth. Those exfoliation products for your lips are intriguing though.

    Sadly, I can only wear hypoallergenic eyeshadow, but I believe that Smashbox is hypoallergenic. Haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

    Awesome article as usual, Annalisa. Thanks!

  2. neat πŸ˜‰
    now i’m an aries venus wit chart ruler mercury in taurus… i want fast healthy basic skincare… tinted moisturizers sound nice, but i have to read the ingredients in _everything_ guess i could mix up a mineral tinted moisturizer… or find a mineral primer?
    so i will. good ideas, thanks! now i don’t even need to pretend i might have a reason to read the women’s magazines, what with annalisa showing up here every once in awhile… it’s all _i_ need πŸ˜‰

    and my mercury does loooove that silver eyeshadow… when i go to the trouble. and it goes with everything!

  3. oh, and, chap stick, allll the time. i live in the desert…. (i like my beeswax cocoa/shea butter stuff, personally πŸ˜‰

    aries venus used to love urban decay, but they have some icky chemicals πŸ™

  4. Annalisa, I could kiss you. *air kisses* Thank you so much for this!

    I got a couple of those “gemini” scarves – in raucous color combinations, of course, like this – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

    For any of you who are into the wild hair colors, Manic Panic is a lot of fun too. My hair right now is a sort of ruby red streaked with Purple Envy and Raven. Fun stuff.

    I’m off to the Sephora next payday! Should be fun stuff, and a nice little treat for working my ass off lately. xo

  5. My Libra side likes the idea of wavy hair but every time I’ve tried it, I ended up going “ICK”. Must be due to Venus in Sagittarius – just prefer smooth, shiny hair/mane.

    Have always loved using makeup but what looks great on twenty-something skin is HORRIFIC on sixty-something. I have switched to using dark brown mineral powder as eyeliner instead of gel liquid. Mascara is a must. (Scorpio rising)

  6. Leo with Scorp rising here. Just as Mars entered Leo I colored my hair red (from boring ash blonde). WOW! Feel like a new person! It’s the real ME!!!

  7. I have a certificate in special FX makeup – was heading toward film work before I moved to the sticks. I love the way-out freaky FX stuff but not much interested in the girly girl stuff. If I didn’t have a regular job, my hair would be bright blue.
    I think it’s my neptune on the ascendant in Scorpio with my venus in leo cause it sure ain’t my stodgy virgo stellium. Ha Ha.

    Shannon I LOVE scarves too. I stocked up when I was in Thailand. They are like $2.00 each over there! I like the skull & crossbones ones tho! Ha Ha.

  8. Annalisa I just wanted to say thanks for your recommendation of shea butter hand lotion. There is a night and day difference in my hands!

  9. Haha, Aries rising here and I had a high ponytail in yesterday for the first time in ages and thought, damn I look good like this! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you Annalisa! I’m a very down to earth Gem and rarely wear make up but I love good lipstick. I might have to get some lipstick queen before I go to Ireland and have places to be all dressed up!

  11. Aries/Aquarius here… I’ve been doing a low ponytail at work for a couple of months, switched it to a high one after I read this. Jaunty! Fresh! Just the instant lift I needed! Thanks, Annalisa!

  12. What cracked me up was that I had already planned to do the purple and black in my hair when I read the thing about hair colors and styles (and it mentioned gemini with purple hair!)

  13. This is so funny – I am not sure if it is Mars in Leo, sitting on my sun, venus, uranus, AND mid-heaven, but my hair is getting wavier and wavier, and with the highlights I added not too long ago, I sware I look like I have a mane!! ROAR!!

  14. funny! I just bought a new supposed-to-really-curl-my-very-straight-long-hair curling iron (libra, libra rising) and have been obsessing about foundation (venus in virgo) pretty spot on article I’d say!

  15. virgo here, force to grow my hair for my wedding after having a bob for years. but i remembered how nice it is to be able to change it up, put it back, etc. i like!

    on the makeup side, i’ve been using clinique since high school (although back then i could only get one thing so it was the foundation). they have some good ones that aren’t too thick but even out your skin tone (yep, you had me pegged annalisa – virgo with sag too). mac lipstick is really great but sometimes their counter girls aren’t great at working with others (no, i don’t want to be your clone kthx)

  16. hahahahaha totally lucy. either that or they try to apply a real nude lip (read: matte *flesh-colored* lip almost matching your skin) which i find sorta freaky and late 90s. always dramatic in some way, not necesssarily good!

  17. LOL venusflytrap – I never understood the point of nude lipstick. Let’s make my lips look … LESS like an important part of my face? Hi, I talk WAY too damn much for that.


  18. I’ve been obsessing about my skin lately, I may have to try one of these “primer” thingys.

    For a Leo with a Libra stellium, I don’t do everyday makeup and abhor hair product (although I do admit that when I used the curl wax my stylist recommended, there was a tad less ‘fro goin’ on). I hate the hassle and the time spent fiddling when I could be sleeping in instead. *laughs*

  19. Love this !!
    Gemini rising love makeup:) Lots off colours please:)
    I love nude lipstic…atleast for the summer, but when its winter I usally do peachy cheeks, peachy lips or rasberry lips and cheeks..
    Lovve Mac, but agree…usally B…es of both genders work there, but I like the way they are overdressed/ made up for work…I wanna work for mac too…carnival everyday!!!

    Tip: Shea butter is great, but a good homemade mask, to wear at night is Honey and cinnamon, just mix, you can exfoliate with a mix of bakingsoda and cinnamon first…cinnamon also puff up your lips for a little bit…just do not lick it off:)

    Annalisa you are so right with the metallic makeup for geminis…I look great with both gold and silver…and the eyeshadow I normally use witch compliments my blue eyes is bronze/ orange metallic, I place it both under and over my eyes, and usually a little light gold in the corner of the eye…anyone else with blue eyes should really try this:)the gold/orange yellowness really bring out the blue

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