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  1. After viewing your video, the very first thing that came to my mind was the Fed Ex story. It’s about a young Yale business student who was given an “F” by his professor. The professor reiterated in his class that the student’s idea will not work, and the professor based his judgment from his solid education and number of years experience and should NEVER be questioned. Fast forward, as we all know the young humble student’s idea has now become a well known name.

    What I am trying to point out here has nothing to do with the impaired judgment of the professor but what occurred to me maybe the student was there to teach the professor the meaning of humility? I have noticed that with this kind of level of a profession some not all has God complex?

    Didn’t IBM biggest regret was to let go of Bill Gates and wasn’t he proud to admit his mistakes?

    With that being said, Saturn square Sun transit, does it apply to the student or the professor?

  2. :). This is a *great* insight. Thing is I was involved with a kind of “fake” Saturn figure for five years who told me all-messed-around kind of stuff because I was messed up enough to give the wrong people false authority.

    In that case I guess you ignore that one and wait for the next one πŸ™‚

  3. WOW!

    Elsa, thank you for the “insight.” I was meant to see your post today, because I want to give up, again! But, this re-enforces my belief that Saturn is on my side, although the lessons are hard.

    Many times I want to give up — with the notion that “What’s the point?” “Why am I doing this?” “Am I on the right track?”

    When I let go, some unseen FORCE appears.

    You are a GEM! Don’t stop!

    Thank you again, Elsa, and may the FORCE forever guide your path!


  4. I truly love this post. I had heard it before, but seeing it again is really great right now.

    I have Saturn and Pluto conjunct in my chart and my Saturn is in Scorpio so these influences are strongly felt in my life. I always got along well with most authority figure (Sun, ASC, MC trine Saturn/Pluto) but I struggled in school (Mercury square Saturn/Pluto).. and not for lack of understanding (I understand what I’m being taught well.. I just used to sabotage myself by not doing the work or studying enough for exams!) After being kicked out of school twice, I got more serious and I got automatic support… It seems that even if I mess up a couple of times, I always get support if I go on a more serious and determined outlook. I have Mars square Neptune so many false starts happening but if I’m serious enough, I’ll get support and succeed!

    Thanks again for the video Elsa! πŸ™‚

  5. I also have Mars in Cancer (1st) square to Neptune in Scorpio (5th). Talk about false starts, trial and error!

    Although I don’t feel the passionate writer’s soul, I met an astrologer many years ago, who has been my guide toward the North Node.


  6. Avatar
    passage to power

    Elsa, I’ve been a lurker for several months, and this has made me come out.

    I do have a tale to tell, but no time to tell it. However, I have to say YOU ARE PHENOMENAL.

    I know that kind words don’t put bread on the table, and if I were a wealthy woman, I’d be your patron ….. What I can do is ‘put the money where the mouth is’ and join the Colosseum.

    First, I have to find the entrance (I found it a while ago, then lost it again)

  7. WOW…

    I needed to watch this vid! I have been asking for “signs” for a long time if I am on the right track. I am not sure if I am going through a saturn transit right now, but I this vid really reminded me of the signs I need to watch out for. Actually, there is this older man at my job who always tells me that I should back to school and to stop wasting my time…maybe that is a sign?! hehehe.

    BTW…Elsa, you look great in jewel tones! πŸ™‚

  8. Great post!
    I’m on the lookout for old Capricorn men now as I’ve got Saturn opposing my sun, squaring my moon, inconjuncting my mars and sextiling my Asc. Whew!

  9. Awesome! Thanks, Elsa! I think this vid is possibly my favorite of all you’ve done.

    I’m having Saturn trine my Moon & Sun (and will soon trine my Venus, too). And along with a bunch of other intense transits, I’ve been questioning if I’m on the right path.

    And then I watched your video! Lightbulb! I keep having a number of dreams where I either meet a police-officer, or one comes to visit me, or I call one on the phone (via 911), and EVERY time, they tell me: “You did the right thing.” Every. Single. Time.

    So yay! Thanks again, Elsa! You rock, Lady! πŸ™‚

  10. Wow––this is so dead on for me right now.

    I’m going to have to watch it a third time, cause I’m still in shock.

    Thank you Elsa, this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  11. Hmmm… My boss (older man) says I should study instead of working in this shithole (his own words) πŸ˜€ He’s right, but I need to stay for another year so I can clear my debts. Then I’ll study. I feel like I’m on the right path, it’s just taking ages.

  12. LOVE this video Elsa, thank you so much for posting this, so simple but so effective too!
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the negative people that comment on your GREAT blog, get you down! You know you are on the right path with this one ;o) Thanks again.

  13. Cool, simple! So how would one translate this through the houses? For example, Saturn in Virgo kicked my butt in the 10th when it went through there but I am trying to remember any Father figures and I can’t think if any really. I find I had NO support at all (or could be indicative of the unsupportive boyfriend I had at the time – although that wouldn’t translate to 10th house). Saturn in Libra was more symbolic – Libra is my 11th house – I made scarey change (away from the unsupportive boyfriend) and had supportive of father figure (my dad) and now in the past few years, I had made a few new friends in groups – Capricorns and older men types. And I have no doubt that I am going in the right direction in those situations because my Virgo help is accepted and not rejected. I am guessing this theory would apply to all planet transits than? Like if Pluto is transiting a certain house, you look for the support of Scorpio types?

  14. How about older, saturn/authority type women? By this, I mean women that were or are still teachers, our apartment complex manager (she runs the whole place and comes across VERY saturn to me), etc? Would that be a saturn type figure also? I ask, as I’m having a saturn transit, though it’s a trine to my sun/sextile my moon and I’ve got tons of these types of saturn figures that are going out their way to help me. But no old men, no cops, no others like you mention in the video.
    Thanks for your help, this was so perfectly timed this morning,

  15. Elsa, thanks for sharing. I get it now! You could not have explained the awareness of saturn transits better than what you did. I have an older lady who volunteers her time where I work and she is a capricorn. Also, a great friend of mine who I had not seen in years, he and I been talking lately about relationships. He’s also a capricorn. I know both of these saturn figures are teaching me that I’m on the right path. Amazing! Thanks again for you and your wonderful blog. I LOVE ASTROLOGY and all of its ELEMENTS!!!!

  16. πŸ™‚ A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks Elsa, that is just the slightest lift in the heavy pressure applying today that I needed to get the ball rolling πŸ™‚

  17. I just think you’re great Elsa:)
    Anyway, Saturn is transiting my Scorpio stellium right now. I have had some older women come into my life. They’ve all told me to find a man. I appreciate the guidance, and I’m working on what they’re telling me to work on.

  18. This is a favourite on the Best of Elsa for me too. Thank you so much. Your videos and forum discussions always hit the nail on the head with compassion but such clarity. Then all the people commenting help further my understanding. This is great Elsa!

  19. Anthony overheard this video and said “Is that the dulcet tones of my older lady lover?”

    He’s got a crush.

  20. πŸ™‚ Love you Elsa P.

    However what if you are dealing with a Small Man posing as a Saturn Figure?

    I talked to a complete moron at seven in the morning today. Completely idiotic men, all day, told me I sucked.

    Men I loved and respected told me it was okay.

    I think one has to be careful whom one congratulates as Saturn. With Pluto, Neptune and Scorpio themes it seems there are imposters.

  21. How long it will be true Elsa?? Until Saturn square Pluto??

    One Capi helped me out during my bad days on April 2012. Not sure how long I’ll get protection from him.

  22. I did look at this video a while ago, and I did notice a turnaround with my Saturn figures. Many people are telling me I’m on the right track these days, and I’m feeling this.

    Of the numerous videos you have produced, this is the one that changed my life the most. As a Sun square Saturn native, I’m taking more in stride comments from Saturn figures pointing out my mistakes.

    And for once, I’m doing quite well during a Saturn transit. I don’t know if it’s because Saturn in Scorpio is gentler towards people with Virgo and Pisces placements, or if it’s because of the effort I had to put in during Saturn in Libra, but I’m finally faring well during a Saturn transit.

    So thanks for making this video Elsa.

  23. It’s like pushing a giant boulder up a mountain, with every one step you take forward you slide back two. At some point you become aware of the lack of progress…that’s when you need to step aside and let the boulder roll past you.

  24. This is fantastic and so true. I had an experience years ago where a Saturn authority figure was very prominent in encouraging me on my path (once I determined where to go). I am in a similar situation these days – just need to find another Saturn person! Thanks for reposting this Elsa!

  25. I lurk around you site often, and had to post on this one. Bingo. I realize how much I need a Saturn figure at the moment.

    Saturn/Scorp in House 5 has been a tough one for me. Thank you so much for the video!!

  26. I lurk around *your site often ….

    I can’t believe I missed the ‘r’ in your.
    May I buy a vowel please?


  27. …proud to be the 100 respond to this post-
    thank you elsa- i’ve been feeling like crying for a whole week- watching this video made me realise it has begun: saturn opposite moon and pluto square saturn transits on top of my head.
    hope i’ll survive.
    will be watching out for the saturn figures- but hey, elsa- you are probably my first one:-)
    thank you!!

  28. Thank you Elsa. It’s my Grandmother’s name and also my favorite quote in life.

    ”There but for the ____ of God, go I.”


  29. Strawberry Fields

    I’m glad and grateful that the support you need to keep this blog going always surfaces, Elsa. Because every time I need you, there you are. A rock. Solid. Thank you.

    And thanks for those reports. They are helping me make decisions I need to make.

    Oh… and this video? Bang on. Thank you for that too.

  30. Wow… As soon as Saturn moved into orb of square to my natal Venus (January, approximately), I *did* indeed meet a Saturn figure – older man, with his Sun conjunct Saturn. This was a very helpful and accurate explaination. Thankyou so much Elsa.

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