Depression: Saturn Transit To The Moon In Sagittarius

Regarding, Astrology, Society, Mars, Anger and Depression, I want to make it clear, I am not Tom Cruise. I loathe the man for telling pregnant women how they do and do not feel when their hormones fall off a cliff as if he’d know.

I don’t know what major depression is. I do know what “depression” is though, when it is situational and I have a lot of clients who contact me when Saturn contacts their Moon and they find themselves depressed.

Saturn in Virgo and it is throwing many who have Sagittarius Moons for a loop. If your Moon is in Sadge, you are naturally buoyant and when you find yourself sluggish… well it’s so foriegn, many don’t even know they are depressed.

It can be greatly relieving to have this explanation because once the problem is defined (Saturn) it is much easier to deal with. Further, you can check the degree of your Moon against and ephemeris and find out exactly how long winter is going to last.

Your average Sadge Moon (or person like me) can make it through a depression without medication. I’ll tell you exactly what it’s like…

I have a baseline mood and from there I go up. My baseline mood is pretty damned happy so I go up from there to terrifically happy and various other states of joy.

Currently my baseline mood is lower… maybe even much lower and when it shifts it drops down rather than spikes us so it really is a remarkable change. I still function… in fact I think I am functioning better than ever, however I do not feel joy like I did and I don’t see that there is anything I can do about it.

The fact is the soldier and I worked very hard to be together. We went through a lot and we only had a few months of bliss before he had to go and come on. It’s depressing! But much more hard core is the situation with my daughter.

I don’t see how anyone could go through what I have and emerge without some degree of depression. I mean, come on. I am grieving. I am in mourning, that is all there is too it. But I’ll tell you this:

Astrology helps. I would far more bewildered if I did not have this framework. I see Saturn transiting my Moon. I know I am looking at what? Another year and a half? Something like that, and I have got to make it through this. I’ve just got too, right?

And so I will and so I do and for me (and people like me) who CAN manage depression with effort, I think it is a big mistake to take the crutch. Because this is Saturn we’re talkin’ about and he’s pretty reliable. Basically it is pay now or wish you would have.

Lemme give you another example. The soldier (Saturn on his Mars / Mercury) has fierce pain in his legs due the fact they are full of shrapnel, one of them has been shot, one of them has been broken and he’s jumped from a plane 200 + times (he quit counting) landing like a bag of rocks each time.

It would be a very simple thing for him to take Vicodin or the like… live on it for the rest of his life but if he does it will rob him of his vitality. Because of this he opts to suffer and I do the same.

If it gets too bad for either one of us, the pills are there and for that we are grateful but by God, if we can avoid it we will. Do you think this blog would be like this if I was on an antidepressant? I don’t. It’s one of the reasons I continue to fight.

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  1. Elsa, I agree with your perspective on drugs vs. pain. Thank God the drugs are there, but there is a cost. Good luck and strength to you and the Soldier in your fights.

    I have a Gemini moon and Virgo Venus so this Saturn transit has touched me, but boy oh boy do I see it clobbering my close favorite Sadge moons. (I don’t know many who aren’t affected, since my whole universe seems to be Mutable Madness.) I do feel the Sadges are most blindsided since depression is so unnatural for them, as you say. Thank you for the perspective. If I can help these folks with the observation, I will.

  2. I am so sorry for all the crap you have been going through with your daughter. I don’t know the details it is none of my business, but it would be agony for me to be seperated from my child.

    I used Tom Cruise as an example of an extreme point of view. I was not comparing you to him and I apologize if what I wrote was taken that way. I agree there are extremes on both sides of the debate. I also find that if someone has a chemical imbalance and they are not treated for it they sometimes tend to self medicate, for example alcohol,cocaine,pot etc.

    I have had panic attacks since I was a child, prob in part due to the environment I was raised in and partly due to family history. I have used anti anxiety medication but I felt strange taking a pill to stop the anxiety. Looking back I see that I didn’t have a problem getting shit faced,lol. Now I know certain thoughts will trigger them and sometimes hormonal stuff. I also tend to obsess and be compulsive but through years and years on self work, therapy, and intospection I kinda have a grip on it all.

    I agree that looking at ones chart and seeing the transits that are happening can help deal with the hard stuff that happens. I new about this when I had my saturn return so that indeed helped me through it and to realize that I would eventually get to the other side.

    I think we are all trying to find our way through this life and I appreciate you and the work you do here.


  3. Hi Elsa, I just popped by to give you a hug across the sister has a Sag Moon, and she’s the biggest hearted, kindest, most positive thinking person I know, but Saturn’s been hard on her of late too.and you’ve reminded me I must go see her and actually GIVE her a big hug.
    Daughter stuff aches like nothing I’ve ever known..Saturn and Pluto’s opposition gave me the worst time of my life over my so adored daughter..typically Plutonic, complex and impossible to share without hurting anyone, and when you have emotional pain like that you never want anyone else to feel that bad.For me,too, it’ll never really be “over”..but from then, there have been massive,deeply enriching personal compensations too.. sometimes when life kicks you that low and you carry on doing the best you can, I truly believe that others come and lend you their wings, because actually, through your plucky determination to survive and smile again, you’re helping us all to stay my head I’m giving you a big sister hug and making you a cuppa, maybe doing a few things around the place to help.. the way I do for my family,and often, especially for my daughter… (((Elsa)))

  4. Heh. I have a Sadge moon, but so much Saturn that I have none of the buoyancy of a normal Sadge moon. (I am a 0 degree Sadge, no less. Really, shouldn’t I have come out a Scorpio moon?) So I’m used to it.

    Drugs flat-out scare me. I make no judgments on people who are on them (god knows some people it really does help), but I’m terrified to try them. Not to mention how the stigma screws you with insurance for life if you so much as get prescribed one of them.

    I know darned well I am exactly the sort of person who needs to be on them for life (tons and tons of Saturn…retrograde Saturn puts the “You SUCK!” voice screaming in your head for life), but I’m scared to take anything beyond birth control and Excedrin and vitamins, much less stuff that has varying bad side effects and it takes 6 weeks to figure out if they work or not, then eventually they wear off and you go through the whole damn cycle again. And nobody even seems to know how they work- we’re at the stage of leeches in psychiatric treatment with drugs here. The “nobody knows, we’re just throwing various ones at you and seeing what happens” thing is terrifying. At least I know what it’s like to be me on a regular basis and know what to expect. With the drugs, who knows? Yikes.

    Then again, I am not suicidal, haven’t been and doubt I ever will, and I’ve never felt THAT BAD in my life. I can *always* get out of bed and work, I am never incapacitated by bad mood. So things aren’t bad enough that I am motivated to try them either.

  5. Sadge moon/ Virgo Sun

    Is it weird I’m not depressed? More hard on myself than usual, but just happy that the Pluto/Sag transit is over.

  6. I’ve found that a good way out of depression is by not resisting it. Normally we make any effort to not feel it, but it seems that it wants to be felt. So, I try opening my heart to it, and sometimes it is big and needs a lot of space…but once it’s all in I start feeling better. Because there’s a limit to everything, also to suffering.
    I’m thinking if Moon-Saturn is the feeling of our limitations, Saturn-Moon would be the limits of our feelings, right? And this reversible formula may apply to other constellations too, what do you think, Elsa?

  7. I think it helps that there are aquarius planets at the same time – gives an out to the sadge and gemini’s caught in the virgo/pisces battle.

  8. Hmmm, it’s interesting that Elsa likened medication to a crutch, when for me, I see it like wearing glasses. Yeah, I can get around without my glasses, but I would suffer needless headaches and I have wrinkles from squinting.

    I’m still very moody. I cry at commercials for god sakes. But before everything was kind of muddled together. Like when you mix all the different color Play-Dohs together and you get this ugly brownish lump. Now each emotion is sharp and crystal clear and they feel transitory.

    I always knew that no feeling was forever, of course, but when you have chemicals/hormones/unconscious thoughts arguing against that, you just can’t feel that hope, even if you know that as a Cancer, a mood change is 2 1/2 days away. And like many in my cohort, depression always brings his pal anxiety around so I’m being double teamed. Anxiety slows time down. You feel every minute acutely. So 2 1/2 days might as well be years.

    I could go off the pills and I would live. Would even do ok. My resume is impressive and I’ve never been turned down for a job. I was educated, married and made friends pre-meds. But if I gotta run the rat race, why do it carrying weights when I could wear comfy shoes? (pssst, post meds and therapy, I wonder if I should be running with the rats in the first place)

    For years, I was scared to death of trying drugs. But see, for me, being anxious about anything was par for the course. Would my personality change? Would my values suffer? Would I not know myself? Now, I don’t care what anyone thinks. No one can steal my sunshine. And goddammit, I LIKE myself now. So, if I have changed, it hasn’t been in a bad way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go jump on a couch and declare love for myself. Tom Cruise is a Cancer too.

    –dreago, stellium in Cancer. If it isn’t obvious. Saturn Virgo in the 5th , sextiling my Cancer moon- this aspect is being knocked on it’s ass by Wellbutrin. Pleasure and Self Love without guilt is awesome.

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