What’s Your Status With Saturn In Capricorn?

Saturn will ingress into Capricorn in one week. It’s at this point we graduate Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius; aka our higher education. I’ve been thinking about where I fit in this new real world. Or rather, the information has been coming to me.

A few months ago, my teenage son added me to his snapchat. His friends also added me, as did his girlfriend. These are college students. I know this window into his life is a privilege.

My son has met this great girl. Having met my husband when I was seventeen, I believe that young love can be real love. I would bet on this couple having a future, without hesitation. This gives me a lot of joy, but I know that it is their life.

They’re together. They’ve got to stay together, and plan their life, their family and their careers. I am outside this. I can root for them and that’s it.

Saturn is transiting my 12th house; the house that’s known to be a prison. This situation with my son provides an example of the restriction but there are countless other ways this is playing.

I don’t fit well in the social media culture.A person’s “story” is told in pictures. On one level, a picture really is worth one thousand words, but the picture stream is also profoundly superficial.  I see you went here, here, here and here and you ate certain things or it was raining, but what’s that tell me about you, really? Virtually nothing.

I’m a person who shared deeply intimate, true stories, online for years…for more than a decade.  Things have really changed.  Hi, bye!  This is how people interact now.

I accept this. I have to accept it but it doesn’t interest me in the least. How could it? I have a packed 8th house.  You come through with your one-inch-thickness and what am I supposed to do? Admire your veneer?

I’m not sure how cut and paste memes took over the world. I am sure I’m going to be spending a lot of time alone over the next couple years.  Because there is another thing I don’t feel a part of…

I don’t like the anger out there…out there in the world. Having Libra, I’ve always been sensitive to strife. I made this agonizing video in 2010 with Saturn in Libra – Libra Struggles…

Seven years later, I give up.

If you need actual, real (Saturn) help or service (12th), I will be there. Otherwise, I’m going to walk by like a wisp.

All around me, I can see people with a job a do.
My son and his girl and his friends have to finish college.
Another young couple we know had their first baby yesterday.
I know an older woman having to deal with her husband’s illness.
Another woman I know will be getting married soon – she’s nearly sixty.

Tell us about your status with Saturn in Capricorn?

47 thoughts on “What’s Your Status With Saturn In Capricorn?”

  1. Busy 8th house here. I completely understand.

    Will ponder on your question and look at my answers to the Saturn in Capricorn workshop questions.

    My progressed sun will move into Taurus soon: it will help with focussing on a thing or two only.

  2. I’m currently hiding out in my hermitage in the woods, sulking but determined not to get involved in the Cause I’ve been working on for the past eight years if it’s going to be superficial and manipulated by others who want to undermine its true purpose. I’ve walked out on this so so so many times. Well here I am again about to step out of the fringe to put into action the Cause. Yes, the offer is back on the table again! There’s somthing in this for sure but with Saturn about to solidify everything I want to make sure that it’s ‘cemented’ in the right way (I am quite flexible and creative, there is wiggle room) but with the right people and with it’s aim going in the right direction. I’ve made so many mistakes, costly ones but the Cause – it seems – is not going away. I have sun and merc in 8 house capricorn so with Saturn about to chess-move his way into this space means something – something possibly solid, worthwhile, stable, serious and permanent could come into being. I have a real chance to get this right. I’ve hopefully graduated from the Saturn in Sag learning curve (it was beastly! along with transit pluto square moon – son’s cancer, two car crashes, no travel only hopsitalization) but we graduated, we’re alive!!! And we want to give something back! Hope Saturn in Capricorn will allow us to do that.

  3. This resonates with me so strongly.

    I’m not sure when being authentic went out of vogue, but I’ve noticed it too. I’ve got planets in the 8th house, including Saturn in Capricorn, so the current social media landscape does feel hollow.

    My status…I’m about to be living in a condo, this is the first time I’ve owned property in my name (although it was a gift from my parents). There is a lot to take care of, there.

    I feel pretty satisfied with my job. I’m undecided as to whether I should look for something else next year…I don’t really want to stay here permanently, but there are definitely advantages to sticking around a little while longer. Building up savings is the priority. Losing weight is another priority.

    There are a few things I’ve decided to leave up to God, and that includes romance, social life, and creativity. I don’t have the desire to actively be dating or meeting new people anymore, and I don’t have a lot of creative inspiration. Too focused on practical matters these days. As long as I keep myself entertained, I can keep myself sane.

  4. On the deepest level, im rediscovering my Self. It cant really be put into words because that would just make it another part of the storyline. In that way, there is no status, but if i had to try to sum it up i would say, that im at the most profound crossroads ive ever been at.

          1. I mean that the universe is telling me that I can only manage things, but I can’t control them. Those two things are different things.

  5. I like this post.
    Language and hobbies, hobbies involving technology which reduces one’s attention span, have taken over. Internet language is the new calligraphy and uses less “space” to convey a message. This has definitely hacked and chopped down the cadence and rhythm of human interaction.

    My best friend’s younger brother who is autistic, was involved in a minor car accident. He is being sued.
    I’m moving again, but this time to care for my paralyzed mother who’s recovering and be around my son, 2 years of age.
    Another best friend and I split. We attempted to create a business and due to impatience and bravado, it ended while he’s unhappily married and retelling the same stories to the same people. His father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he retells he stories too.
    A person in my community was harmed because someone found out what he does for a living which is aiding in the death of the Yemeni people. Some say he is only trying to feed his family. Others state he’s morally inept.

  6. I’m a Capricorn Ascendant and Moon, with my Sun in Gemini. I’ve had Pluto go through my 12th house (Sagittarius Cusp) almost ready to cross my Ascendant in two months roughly from now.

    Out of your four points I can say YES to each of them for myself, because I’m going to be that Capricorn man many people might encounter over the next two weeks, excepting that for me Pluto still being in my 12th house (hidden in the woods kinda thingy).

    Anyway my point is, after the “wrecking ball” of Pluto has gone through my “Capricorn” nature and existence, I’m becoming less Capricorn as the days go by! I’m looking forward to being “restricted” by Saturn in not longer having to be “Capricorn” in nature at least for a few years! Not having to take responsibility for anything or anybody. Not having to worry full stop! Not having to be concerned with status or career, etc

    Mine will be the opposite perspective to most non Capricorn types in the next 2.5 years and I’m looking forward to that rest! Lol – just saying!

    Cheers – Shane

  7. I so feel this. People are SO ANGRY and SO VAPID. I have not had my picture taken (to my knowledge) in four years. How do I fit into this world? Every opinion inflames, every relationship tenuous and based on commonality that is superficial. I thought this was just me, because it is incredibly isolating. There must be some kind of tipping point?

    I don’t know what my job is, I wish I did because my life has stalled and only gets smaller an smaller every day.

    1. You’re so right. We’re in the shadow side of Gemini culture. We’re have so much information at our fingertips and yet, we lack true wisdom. Saturn in Sagittarius has shown us the pitfalls of superficial knowledge. That’s why these kids coming of age and being raised in front of strangers on social media are so shallow. They’ve gleaned that “likes” and “thumbs up” and ghosting/blocking people at will is somehow less complicated than real flesh and bone friendships and relationships with nuances and fallouts. We’re seeking only hive-minded folk. Also, I’ve never seen so many commitment-phobes in all my life. It is ridiculous. Nobody wants to be responsible for shit. Well, Saturn in Cap has got some lessons to serve up about work.

      1. The worst is, these very young children are entering school having been put in front of iPhones to watch “learning” videos but they are brain-dead. Brain development is most crucial during the first 6 years of life. “Here baby, sit here and watch mama’s phone while she enjoys her omelette”. I’ve heard teachers tell me very sad stories.

  8. Hi Elsa,
    I am late Cap Asc but felt this type of isolation of 12 since Saturn passed through Sag. It is my choice. But why if it is 11h for Cap Asc.. U use equal house sys as I know. I am confused now cause that means nothing would change with Saturn shift by house. If I swich to whole sign sys it fits kind of. And Saturn in 12h suppose to shrink your time alone…and to restrict you being alone when u like. Why it would isolate u in 12h, it is isolated place by itself.

    1. You know, I did notice that when Saturn passed through my 12th house, I wanted time alone so bad! But my responsibilities prevented that, for the most part. I had to work and come straight home and help take care of my disabled husband. Forced isolation in my work became a theme, but I really craved the idea of just getting away from it all and being quiet.

      1. Thank you @blue_rose for your shared experience. That’s how I imagine Saturn in 12 house role. In case with Saturin in Capricorn – career, work, they all are public themes and they restrict you from staying home and nurture family the same way. I remember clear my previous saturn in cap period. I was 4-5y old and was hospitalized many many times to do surgery on my both hands. I am born with abnormaly fingers like mini frog 2 of the fingers of both my hands and foots are like 1 with skin between. I still have my foot never did surgery. But 1989-1990 they fix my hands and I had more than 20 flights with a plane to the capital with my father. My Saturn is 9th house 🙂 thats how I explane it. I dream of emigration since 9th grade 15y old. Never did it successful I have always switched to another path because of my lovely nature:). But since 2015 winter I am planing and planing my escape from Europe for forever. Tiny steps one after another tons of job rejections but didnt missed a day APPLYING MYSLEF to the market. I will leave I won’t put any priority in front of that. Saturn in Sag was the greatest spiritual growth I am more healthy in my projections in others more compassionate, religious tolerance is result of the country I was traveling a lot and still trying to move there –
        Middle East – UAE. I met all the rules I ever imagined exist for me as European. I cannot just move, I should move by their rules. I have a cat too, wont leave her. There is so many rules for her – I should pass through 3 countries to enter with her. The whole process of preparing documenation is 5-6 months I am in the middle of them. So so many NO-s on the way. But Iam Cap rising – I LOVE RULES I LOVE RESTRICTIONS they are the hardest but shortest way to make me MATURE PERSON WITH HEALTHY CONFIDENCE AND EGO (no ego at all…demolished). According to my present situation I am still applying and applying 😉 but wont quit – this is the only way to continue. I am 33 wont work in Europe and give birth in Europe rules that won’t skip ever. European culture is ruined for me and don’t get it… As Elsa said . …. I don’t fit that NEW ERA… I am so stick to the basics and foundations I build are hard as rock. That’s why I still fit with Eastern culture cause there they value basics…I want to live rest of my life in peaceful relationships not in anger…and in SOCIAL anger and virtual COMMUNICATION all the time….

        1. Missed something. I think in my case my hardest thing will be leaving my pet for a while 6th house… I should leave her for min 2-3months because of the job and get back to take her when fix accomodation and rest of the docs for her. 6-12 house polarity… but I am prepared I will cry a lot but thats the only way…

  9. I need to be left alone so I can get some work done. I have five lectures to prepare for a job that begins Jan 25th. At this time of the year everyone wants to socialise, and relax, an they drop in to visit me, but I work from home! I can feel the tension mounting. I don’t want to be rude, but I’m starting to panic that I won’t be ready come Jan 25th. I’m a multi Cap, so it will be done, and done well. I WILL make it so. Gahhh! (Oh, and I keep distracting myself by looking at things I’m interested in on the web ..like this! So … self-undoing!)

  10. Saturn crossed my Ascendant very recently. Now I know I have a job to do, but I’m still shaking off the sloth and fog of the 12th house. I’m currently in the middle of a huge Neptune transit, soooo not so easy to do.

    Nevertheless, Saturn’s shaking me through the fog and saying. “WAKE UP. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER NOW.”

  11. Namaste everyone
    Can anyone help me here with tropical charts.
    Both Sagittarius and Capri share my 10H with Sagittarius in MC.i am Pisces 14 degrees.
    So Saturn is still in 10H for me only sign differs how to interpret thanks

  12. Second Saturn return at 4′ Cap. Will this be a boost in worldly status or a karmic setback? A home move or improvement in living conditions? The first one was jarring but important to my personal growth in the long term.

  13. As sof October, my progressed sun is at 1′ Capricorn and my progressed moon is at 0′ Capricorn. They lay at the end of my fourth house about to enter my fifth. I have sun in Libra, moon in Taurus. Four inner planets are a stellium in Scorpio in third, square Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 12th. So, I know about Saturn in the 12th. It is a difficult taskmaster. However, with Pluto as a partner, its limitations always lead to wisdom. From as early as I can remember, I wanted to be n artist. I graduated from college in fine arts after my first child and life then tended to form around my family. South node in the 4th. Now, my children no longer need me and I feel a growing freedom from needing them. In addition, I understand more and experience more of my intuition than ever before. Yet, I stand like the Fool, at a precipice. I can’t see beyond it and I feel a drive to move out into the culture but the future is behind a cloud. I am where I am. Trust is my only tool at this time

    1. I would add that the saturn pluto conjunction (that has been driving me out of every settled situation…that has been the breath blowing the Tibetan sand painting…is now situated on the midheaven. lol

  14. I’m settling in as a person of my own, I think.
    since Saturn transitted my Scorpio sun in the 9th house some time ago I have been struggling to make a life on my own, to be my own person in my own life, and that has slowly begun to settle around now.

    So as I’m learning my own two feet to walk as my own person, I remember the saying by Elsa the other week: You have a whole life to regret it.

    I regret something that happened 5 years ago when I had my Saturn return. On the other side I could not prevent it, it was out of my control. It passed my SaturnPluto conjuntion in the 8th house and nothing was the same afterwards. It has taken me 5 years to get back to the Me. The changed me.

    I’m thinking about that and how Saturn will put my 8th house under pressure very soon. My Libra moon is up for a tour in the pressure room. And after what Pluto did to her… Phew!

  15. “I don’t fit well in the social media culture. A person’s “story” is told in pictures. On one level, a picture really is worth one thousand words, but the picture stream is also profoundly superficial. I see you went here, here, here and here and you ate certain things or it was raining, but what’s that tell me about you, really?
    Virtually nothing.”
    Beautifully, beautifully put. I’m withdrawing from that world. It leaves me cold.
    “I accept this. I have to accept it but it doesn’t interest me in the least. How could it? I have a packed 8th house. You come through with your one-inch-thickness and what am I supposed to do? Admire your veneer?”
    I couldn’t have said it better, from someone who also has a packed 8th house. Thank god there’s still someone with substance!

    1. Sudden withdrawals from social media. I first saw this from a blogger I follow who is in to some things and today I followed it up myself. There is some strange mystical reason people all over the world are likely doing this right now.

  16. Me too, packed 8th house and nothing “superficial” in my chart. Hence I have lived a very isolated life, and I don’t see that changing. I thought in the last few years I would be building towards “integrating community”, being part of. But I can see and sense now that that is unlikely to happen.

    When Saturn enters Capricorn next week? Well, I have natal Saturn at 0 degrees Cap. So it will mark the attainment of my 2nd Saturn return. I’m gonna go out and celebrate. (Alone.) (Nobody in my entourage “speaks” astrology.)

    Specifics? I dunno. I am once more unemployed (and now age 58). So the priority is to get back into the money-earning game. Time (Saturn) to get down to business (Capricorn).

    I am also currently caring for a rescued/abandoned kitten (Saturn parenting) that reality (Saturn) says I cannot afford to keep (Capricorn bean counter). I’ve girdled my heart with steel, intent on not getting attached to this (totally adorable) “child”.

  17. With a packed 8th House in Capricorn, I feel very much like I am playing out the string…When my progressed Sun enters Taurus, that will be the end. I feel very relaxed about all this, and just want to help people…

  18. Cusp of Sagittarius- Capricorn is in ninth house. Saturn will move into the tenth on February 21st.

    Suddenly, on cue, got a huge positive interest in chess. I am planning to do IQ tests etc. to prove my worth to employers in a semi- technical field.

  19. Saturn affecting my 4th house opposite my natal Saturn in 10th house. No problem for the next 2.5 years. I may learn something useful meanwhile. Get a degree in something or the other. Financially a fluid situation. It will help my career. It will be possible for me to earn a living by being indispensable.
    I will improve my method of instruction(as a teacher). Rewards are in the offing.

  20. Mars in Capricorn 8th house. Looking forward to it. My career took a hit with Saturn in Sag. Mostly because of a divorce. 7th house stuff. It was necessary. He was holding me back and withholding Love to the 10th degree. Many things came to light. We both agreed it was time.

    Now I’m building a future for me and no longer have to wait until he is ready to grow. Brick by brick I will build my house. I have the tools and the know how. Industrious Cap Mars is friendly with Saturn IMO.

  21. Saturn is transiting my natal 8th house, and I’m about three years away from my second SR in early Aquarius. My husband is the sole breadwinner in our empty nest. I walked away from my career in 2013–after a move to another state, I was never able to find a job that paid as well and was as low stress as the one I’d had the previous 10 years before. So it made sense for us that I stay home. Hubby makes good money as an IT professional, but he has natal Neptune in his 2nd house, so it’s a foregone conclusion that I manage the budget. So handling “other people’s money” (a very 8th house theme) is a huge focus for me right now. We are trying to buy some land within the next 2-3 years and we don’t want to take on a huge mortgage. So I’m all nose to the grindstone about not overspending.

  22. Hey Elsa! 🙂
    Reading your blog for a long time!I also have Saturn in Capricorn in 12th. I’m 28 years old and actually one of those who had Capricorn stelium back in 1989.
    I’m Aries Sun,Aquarius rising and have strong Taurus Moon.
    So this is basically my first Saturn return. Having stelium in 12th house is no easy thing to do,I always need my time off to “charge the batteries”.
    For six years I worked in a very high class brand but since Jupiter moved too Scorpio I got “sick” of that place because it was to superficial for me,I’ve always wanted to be a vet technician because of my love for the animals. Right now I have a dog and a cat at the same house. 😀 It’s not ordinary love it’s much much more than that. A life call.
    So one day I just quit my job,I got one year paid by the state so no working just studying. I also got more into Astrology. So for me…Jupiter and Saturn are just being true to myself and my wishes and working hard to achieving them. I think that Saturn transits are very important not just for Capricorn but also for Aquarius. When the Saturn comes to its natal degrees I will be working/volunteering in Animal Clinics. Cheers! 🙂

      1. Oh yeah! And forgot to mention…I’m gonna have a secret wedding next year in July! It’s secret because it’s a gay wedding and our parents don’t approve,so when I finish studies we’re gonna leave the country and start a new life! 🙂 He’s a Leo!
        Will keep you updated with events because I’ve ready you’re interested in our Capricorn generation. 🙂

  23. Hey Elsa! Update!
    Unfortunately me and my fiancee broke our engagement. I’ve noticed that break ups are common with this Saturn XII transit.
    Otherwise it’s quiet most of the time. I’m mostly in my apartment studying for the exams and in free time I’m hanging out with friends.
    One interesting thing is that nodes will be making conjunction with my asc/dsc during Cancer/Leo period and that next solar eclipse in Leo would be exactly on my descendant. Maybe that will bring some refreshment in my love life. Keep you updating! 🙂

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