Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds

Saturn ChironLately I’ve run into a number of people, both clients and people I know personally, who are having Saturn transit their natal Chiron. This is an incredibly painful transit, and there’s very little written about it. That’s too bad, because it has the potential to both harm and heal depending on how you respond to it.

Chiron represents our wound. It’s the place where we’re always hurting, always vulnerable. It’s also the place that teaches us to heal ourselves and others. Now mix that energy with Saturn, which points out our inadequacies and makes us feel small and lowly. That is a recipe for serious pain.

Inevitably, something comes along that triggers the original trauma and brings Chiron issues to the forefront. I have seen people having this transit withdraw, becoming lost in their internal world, ruminating on their own weakness or on the unfairness of it all. I have also seen people swing the other way, lashing out at perceived slights and being completely unable to hear what anyone else is saying.

This transit brings with it a tendency to search for something to blame for the pain. Saturn rules responsibility and karma, after all. But the problem is that Chiron rules old trauma, the kind that is with us no matter where we go or who we meet. So while there may be blame to spread around, it’s usually not helpful. Either the person has to go back to childhood and revisit those experiences, or they have to find a way to recreate the situation in their present life so they have someone to lash out against.

And all that is understandable! Bringing these two energies together can feel unbearable. But there is a better way.

The truth is, we are all responsible for our wounds. I don’t mean that we create them or that we aren’t sometimes victimized. We aren’t to blame for our wounds. But once they exist, we are the stewards of our own pain. We own it, and we get to decide how to handle it.

And that’s where Saturn comes in. Saturn urges us to take responsibility for the role our wounds play in our lives. He pushes us to decide how much power our pain should have over the way we structure our lives, and makes it very clear that the decision is ours alone.

Do you want to stay mired in pain? Do you want to be debilitated? Do you want to keep recreating those painful situations over and over hoping something will be different this time? Do you want to blame yourself and feel unworthy?

Or do you want to thrive? Do you want to get in touch with your wound to create real, lasting healing? Do you want to heal others through sharing your pain and making sure you never inflict the same pain on others? Do you want to be free?

Saturn teaches us that while our wounds are always with us, they don’t have to define us. They don’t have to have the final say in our lives. Instead we can own them, create good boundaries, and take responsibility for ourselves. And that is how we find our freedom.

Have you had Saturn transit your Chiron? What happened?

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  1. I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? It will be too much, and I have already suffered a lot, I do not want to continue living.

    1. My boyfriend has the same chart:
      Chiron @ 4 Tau
      Ven/Mars @ 11-14 Tau
      Saturn @ 14 Leo
      Uranus @ 7 Tau

      Can you elaborate on the issues you faced?

      1. In short: a nightmare. I have lived situations that are emotionally extreme, and now the fatigue is a lot. I do not find any reason to continue living, my pessimism and frustration is wide and deep. Loneliness is killing me little by little. I find no comfort in anything.

        1. Hi there–if you are still On Planet– go get a package of peanuts in the shell go to a park feed the squirrels they will come to you everyday surrender your life even in pain to serving the planet simply Nature will not let you down. Do not use your body to hurt yourself Consecrate your hands to Beauty

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            Constance Walsh

            This is beautiful. The person you destined your words to may or may not have received them, but I do (and who knows who else). Thank you, may all your transits be fruitful!

        2. I get how you feel. I have Saturn conjunct natal chiron in my 4th house right now. The entire country where I live has gone insane, psychopathic “leader” has brought in martial law, my daughter and brother haven’t spoken to me in over a year because I won’t get the toxic vax, retired, alone, nothing left to live for.

          1. Hi Carla, I hope you are feeling a bit better by the time I am writing this! I think we live in the same country. You are not alone believe me. Sending you Love, peace, and joy!

          2. Carla, sometimes the tribe you are born into isn’t your tribe. Go outside and search the internet. You have more friends than you think.

        3. Hope, you‘re doing good and that you might have transformed the pain, for example by reading your comment I (precisely in the same situation) immediately felt relief, knowing that I‘m not alone. Thank you for opening up about your situation. Stay flexible !

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      sabina de sturler

      i’ve lived like this for 60 years. i recently realised that my shirking, i did not want to incarnate, contributed much to my pain.

      1. I’m sorry for my late response to all msgs here. The distress and sentiments described in the original post were more than hard to bear at that time and my heart and empathy goes to every person going through something similar. When I wrote that I was extremely sad and furious. My inner world was pretty chaotic while I was trying to keep a drop of sanity. I still believe that life could be unbearable in certain cases but mine was not worst that many others I learned on my path. I heard all kind of hard stories, my suffering ended up being pathetic to my own eyes. I become cynical about my own suffering but in order to move from the edge. My suicidal ideas were never something to do, I have a daughter and something like that would stain her life forever. Just a venting in the midst of despair.

        There is a way out, and joy and hope to be found in little moments.

        1. Please get Ron Watson’s Book “the Greatest story NEVER Told”. Focus on what he says about “praise and thanksgiving”. Also watch his videos on Youtube. He was a metaphysical Astrologer who could look at you and tell you your sun sign. Brilliant. It wasn’t about just reading your chart, it was about transforming your life. You are not fated to your chart.

          1. Thank you.This transit is approaching to me as I have Chiron in Pisces and in 4 th house, and I was badly abused by my own mother( deceased now) and her relatives until she died,She suffered from narcissistic disorder and she was very toxic.Abusive.She acted like my worst enemy and my family kept quiet.Accomplices.. It was a created a toxic pattern that folllowed me until this very moment and I am attracting narcissistic people.But it hurts a lot despite my own efforts to heal

    3. You need to keep living to enjoy the new you after growing through challenging aspects. No matter what the aspects look like on paper, your potential is hidden until you live through and interact with the planets. These are powerful external planets, make them your own and direct your life for the good of yourself and others.

      1. agree, and some can even be pleasant to live through, i’ve chiron trine uranus as well.
        a breath of fresh air indeed.

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      Madeleine Ericsson

      Jupiter in the seventh house and Chiron in the tenth house. So l have Jupiter crossing Uranus wher l live. Not good?

  2. I think so. The thing is there’s something about your description of this that is me.. the awkwardness, the unsolvable tiny pain.. how it can’t be more than awkward and prickly. It’s how I feel. Uncomfortable in myself, spazzy, pathless, the energy leads nowhere. I have Sun Chiron and the energy leads nowhere. I’m always small and tinkering with how being me doesn’t work. I can’t explain it. In classes I show off like a child, at work I repeat patterns of being incapable (that have more to do with my mars.) Chiron is definitely a ‘Wise Up’ transit that makes you own your repeated mistakes. But then what? One day I own them, the next I purposely forget. I’m too immature and small to reflect properly.

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      sabina de sturler

      i’ve sub/chiron con, with c in 7, s in 8. liz greene wrote a great ”article on that. Wounding and the Will to Live
      by Liz Greene

      Apollon, August 1999

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      Constance Walsh

      This is so articulate. I can relate, ‘pathless, the energy leads nowhere.’In a more balanced place I see this is not true, it is the view from hurt, fatigue, depression. It is not the truth! Speaking to self as well as to Kro. Writing is healing. Watering the cacti. Washing my small things in the sink. When I’m in the ditch it’s all there is, paralysis, but then something moves, Rapunzel drops down a single hair… grab onto it, start to climb the slippery slope. Such pathos and beauty and sadness here, we understand each other.

  3. I just had this transit, Midara. My Chiron is 18 degrees Capricorn and the conjunction of Saturn occurred when my older sister died. She was the last older person at 74, aside from a distant cousin, in my family. She had a lot of health problems.

    I became the oldest person in my immediate family and it was traumatic to me that everyone that knew me when I grew up was gone. That was what hurt me the most. I also became the replacement matriarch, so to speak, to my younger brother and sister. I still do not know how to handle this new role.

    Just the loss of my sister was very devastating. We were very close. I’ve spent the last couple of years coming to terms with the loss in a sad place. Its painful to accept that those days are gone forever, but they are. As an aside, when my sister was alive I always had dreams that were set in our childhood home. Those dreams immediately stopped with her death. I haven’t had one since. I guess she was the last thread holding me to my childhood memories.

    I still have a ways to go until I move on. Now Saturn is conjunct my NN in Capricorn at 26 degrees. Its a time for me to decide whats next.

  4. Midara: this is superbly written and it is right! My natal Cheiron is 23 degrees Capricorn.
    I worked hard to solve my pain and my problems. I have sought and received help : – ). This was not easy but it was a “great journey”.
    Now I am 66 years old, I think I know myself good enough and I can put things in perspective! : – )

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I have quite a few uncomfortable transits coming up.
    After my 5 degrees Aquarian Saturn Return in my 5th, Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024(a year after my Saturn Return ends) and hit my natal Aquarian Saturn in the 5th. Meanwhile transiting Pisces Saturn will already be in my 6th house hooking up with Jupiter at 5 degrees and then Chiron at 7 degrees
    Hows THAT for drama and trauma. Oh boy!

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      sabina de sturler

      after 5 years of s return and other saturn transits. practically every outer planet is transiting something, and vice versa. next months on my bd i’ll have pluto con mars, and sat con chiron on top of half a dozen other saturn, chiron, uranus, pluto tranits. nep just finished with my merc. fun times.

  6. When Chiron transited my Saturn, my granddad died. I was recently seeing my father’s natal chart and found that his Chiron is conjunct my Saturn. I have a great relationship with him and am scared how my Saturn return will play out for him. How do you think this aspect plays out in synastry?

  7. My 11H Sag Saturn sextiles my natal 1H Aquarius Chiron. The sextile aspect has encouraged me to successfully seek out counseling (Saturn) and utilize astrology (Aquarius) to deal with childhood (1H) pains (Chiron). In turn, I attempt to uplift others who have experienced similar situations to mine.

  8. I have Chiron conjunct Saturn and Venus natally in Pisces in the sixth house. Although they are not being adversely affected by Pluto and Saturn at the moment, I’m having some awkward and hard to fathom health issues at the moment – and seem to constantly get these strange and difficult ailments – which I’m finding difficult to deal with. I’m considering astro cartography to shift this miserable trio away from my 6th house, but I’m not sure the 5th or 7th house will be much better. Has anyone had any positive results with astrocartography?

    1. Yep, using astrocar. I moved to spain and my scorpio desc. moved to Libra…so less heavy 1:1s. Of course that meant my asc. moved into Aries…..:-)
      you can’t have it all. Just make sure your natal asc is protected…no pluto, uranus, neptune and mars conjunctions, squares or inconjuncts aspects to asc.

  9. I have Chiron at 0 degrees Aquarius. Saturn just entered Aquarius (right after Jupiter did following the Grand Conjunction). Without awareness of this transit, I finally decided to seek relief from my childhood trauma wounds in a 12 Step fellowship which focuses on just that: Adult Children of Alchoholics and Dysfunctional Families. I have hope it helps.

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    sahara spracklin

    Dear Rob Jupiter is expansion Saturn is contraction An opportunity to choose carefully the people who are around you This Saturn based higher love group sounds wonderful Wishing you all the best with the new friends aquarius and outlook jupiter and the greatly improved structure of your life You have taken the 13th step just by joining aquarius this quality group God Bless You

  11. This transit is absolute shit. All of us born in 1992 are having transit Saturn opposing our chiron. It’s worse for people like me who have depression and already feel shitty about ourselves. This is one of those transits where I’ve told the universe to fuck off and die and cursed god. I hate this fucking stupid shitty transit and will fight anyone who says there is a worse transit. Literally fuck off if you think there’s a worse transit than transit saturn opposite chiron.

    1. Avatar
      sabina de sturler

      idk if there is, i’m getting sat con now, and last time was bad.
      i’ve had 5 years on transits by pretty much everything to everything now. after being suicidal ectr i’v come to realise that i am the light at the end of the tunnel. now with sat/c and pluto con mars/venus i feel a little shakier again. hope you’re ok.

    2. Dear Angry. It is 2023 now so I trust that your shitty Saturn/Chiron transit finally ended. Can I enter the shittiest transit ever contest? Saturn sitting on 4th H Chiron/IC/South Node conjunction in Pisces, grinding slowly back and forth, like a torturer taking sadistic pleasure causing optimal pain. No transit darker or more painful ever experienced in this life.

      1. how about many heavy transits combined? not that it is a competition. it’s what one learns though/ i recommend michael mirdad’s ” healing the heart and soul”. helping me, along with other things, with ,for instance an extremely painful eczema flareup around my eyes/whole face to do with old guilt/shame.

        1. I’m just venting. Last time I experienced this transit, in the early 1990s, Saturn moved through the bottom of my chart conjuncting my natal Saturn (first Saturn Return), then passed slowly over my natal IC/South Node/Chiron conjunction in 4th House (Pisces). During this period, my young husband discovered he was HIV positive from a blood transfusion, developed AIDS, and died. Now Saturn is transiting the same part of my chart again, and I am bracing myself for similar heartbreak. Will he crush my life again?

          1. that’s hard . i’ve just had my second return a few years ago. and sat conjunct or opposite/square everything. now chiron/sun/8th. + pluto/chiron/uranus. it’s heavy. 5-6 years of being suicidal. it got me into spiritual stuff, big time, reconnected with ACIM , which i all but threw across the room in 92, through michael mirdad. i just did his The Soul-Level Healing Process
            The 5-Steps to Healing & Forgiveness yesterday, free on his website, though i’ve the book too. i’ve had a red, burning face for over a months, a variation of eczema, swollen eyes, pain, itching, almost blind at time, figured out it’s to do with past lives, abuse in this, and now feelings of guilt and shame over failures as mother/animal care taker. i’d such a hard time forgiving myself. i’m still working on it. also had my first reiki session last week. when i was younger i tried everything but after having children i got anxious/fearful. yes, transits, great stuff. such fun!

    3. They are both shite. Suffered my husband’s ongoing extramnarital affair for 2 plus years Saturn was opposite my natal Chiron & am now barely enduring Saturn conjunct natal Chiron transit. Bonus, Saturn transit is opposite my natal Pluto. I want to curl up into a ball in a hole in the ground & never emerge.
      Hope you are doing better

      1. i’m getting this now, sat con chiron/sun, op pluto.
        lots of skin issues, face/eyes. old shame, guilt,anger, being stomped on, abandonment/abuse issues, including past lives, commming up. doing the long version of michael mirdad’s ” healing the heart and soul ” every day + reiki.

      2. Verstehe dich sehr gut, auch ich habe die Konjunktion gerade und die Opposition zu Pluto! Und ich befinde mich auch am liebsten im Boden vergraben und muss doch immer wieder im Alltag funktionieren. Kostet soviel Kraft!!!!

  12. great! mine is coming up in April fools day. About to get done with the dark night of the soul transit in my 12th. I don’t think I can go through more pain- god help me. this sucks.

  13. Mine just started in february 2021. until nov 2021.
    I don’t really know what to think.
    My father keeps talking about death.
    I will pray and think positively, what else to do really?

  14. Thank you for identifying exactly what is going on and putting a label on this madness!!!Feelings of old trauma bubbling to the surface that I thought had been cleared years ago. But, I guess not. There is still enough for Saturn to work with. Now, what I am going through makes perfect sense. It didn’t just “come out of the blue”. Saturn and Chiron are having a slow dance of healing. Thank you so much for your last 3 paragraphs. I copied them into my journal and I will leave no stone unturned in examining these questions in depth, deep depth. Thank you for a great post.

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    Lynn Harbaugh

    Ooeee, have upcoming end of March ’til Feb. 2022 Saturn squaring my natal Chiron, which piles on a bunch of hard stuff in my natal chart where Chiron is Scorpio Sun squaring Pluto and Mars. Am kinda spent already. Just started online minfulness course w/Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. They talk so much abt. having compassion for yourself. Am hoping it will help see me through. But to be honest, I’m scared. My 12 house Virgo Moon goes there often…

  16. Saturn transiting retrograde is now exactly quincunx my natal Chiron retrograde. And Pluto transiting retrograde is exactly quincunx my natal Mars. I suppose this should be quite tricky.

    But at worst, I am mildly bemused. I am coming up against quite a bit of quiet hostility. But somehow, they give up and pretend friendliness. I shrub both off.

    I wonder if this is because Jupiter, now transiting retrograde, has been sitting on my natal Venus for a good while, and is semi-sextile my natal Sun. My natal Venus is loosely conjunct (less than 3-degree orb)my MC. I cannot truly say that I am happy. But I am not unhappy either. ‘In a light trance’ would fit.

    Mildara,I usually pick up good advice from you. Now, however, I’m something of a misfit in this context. Am I saying goodbye to the world?

  17. Hey Sam–I was wondering how natal chiron conjunct your natal saturn has played out for you in your life. There is not much literature on the aspect, just that typically you feel rejected by at least one parent. I have one friend with this natal aspect and it’s true that his father faked his own death when my friend was born. But I’m wondering if this issue of parental rejection is true across the board for those born with this aspect.

  18. Currently, trans. Saturn is conj natal Chiron/MC opp natal Uranus. Trans. Pluto is in my 9th house squaring prog. Moon but trine ASC/natal Moon and prog. Jupiter. Totally obsessing on my spiritual ascent to our Father. Reading ACIM and feel this IS IT. This is THE answer but finding it difficult to live a life of forgiveness and balance with the people who are still living in a very Ego oriented world. I’ll get a handle on it, but I’m sure it will take time. Thank you for your post. It was quite helpful.

  19. I’m catching hell seemingly from all sides but I’m truly grateful for this exposure to the Chiron experience.
    It’s the key to my past and much of who I’ve become and the info bout it in my chart opened me up to the source of my pain n how I can basically just let it go.
    However this is an ass kicker of enormous proportions.
    Transit Saturn not only conjuncts natal Mars but that Mars is conjunct Chiron.
    Natal moon is widely conjunct as well.
    Simultaneously this Saturn squares Tau Sun in 8
    Simultaneous to all that Uranus conjuncts said Sun n squares natal Mars, Moon n Chiron.
    Pain and mo pain. No relief from pain. Stay here n finish up yo pain before you get up from the table. And no dessert either.
    Only relief are daily grueling workouts. The ONLY outlet of frustrated energy since relationships and or sex are seemingly out of the question now.
    So out of the question that when it comes I’m afraid it might harm me in some way in the future. So out of the question I question it’s arrival.
    In fact it’s so down I’m not feeling ANY Uranian energy from the conjunction whatsoever. I thought conjunctions n oppositions trump trines, sextiles n squares.
    It’s just the vibe of loneliness, retrospection and introspection.
    Lost friends both through death n this current ‘event’.

    There is some semblance of ‘joy’ as transiting Jupe sextiles natal Jupe n Pluto n trines natal Venus and Neptune.
    That is basically for me the morning rising Sun of a new day fraught w/possibility even though it’s been ending the same damned way unfailingly.

      1. It’s funny you ask because after Saturn opposed Jupe n Pluto nnhas now ingresses into Pisces there’s a bit of relief.
        Also since said Saturn isn’t bogging things down all the myriad transits hitting my chart are much more free to bestow their blessings or challenges.
        Death is still ‘a thing’ but I attribute that more/most to my age.
        Its not expected but more easily accepted.
        Jupe trine Jupe then Jupe will conjunct my Sun.
        Much to look forward to that’s for sure.

  20. My boyfriend has this exactly. Talk about old wounds popping up. He has suddenly gotten gout like symptoms making different parts of his body seize up. Fingers one day, knees and shoulders the next. He claims it is arthritis affecting his old wounds. if that isn’t saturn and chiron, what is? His usual methods to ignore pain would be copious amounts of alcohol and marijuana, but now he has developed vertigo which upsets his head and stomach. I am a healer with lots of plant knowledge (have jupiter conjunct chiron in my own chart) He is a junk food junkie processed food and very little plants who only drinks diet pepsi and cheap beer-no water. I gave him tart cherry juice a few days and he improved, but went right back to pepsi. Those are self inflicted wounds. He got away with this for forty years when he pounded a hammer every day, but has since retired and fallen apart. He ate only a ground bologna sandwich on white bread yesterday, and today he is worse. He thinks astrology is a crock just like healthful eating. It is difficult to watch.

  21. I have TR Saturn coming up on a conjunction to Chiron in the 2nd house, Saturn transiting 2nd all year and am working through major money/tax issues. Yes, Scorpio eclipse involved and Uranus opposed (exact opp now) in the 8th. Def bringing up all the old money and self-worth issues. Article is very helpful, going to work it differently this time!

    1. Paula, How did the recent TR Saturn on your 2H Chiron end up playing out–was it in AQ when you posted? I have the same 9 mos. behind you but in Pisces, opposing my natal 8H Uranus in Virgo (while TR 4H Uranus opp. Sun is bringing no velvet to the hearth!). In my case, learning to distinguish gaslighting from any actual painful truth I may need to hear seems to be involved, esp. related to my domestic orbit.

  22. Insightful and helpful, thank you. I am going through this now. Chiron at Aquarius 22 in 1st house. The pain is almost unbearable, I’ve spent the last week or so feeling as though my stomach has been shot out, with suicidal feelings. I was an unloved child ( wrong sex) and abused by my parents, my wider family knew but found it easier to look the other way, or even use my pain to their advantage. Now my son has a girlfriend who wants her for himself and wants me out of the picture. He loves her and chooses not to believe how she speaks and acts towards me. I have retreated alone, once again, to avoid conflict. I am a spiritual person and will come through this fire to shine more brightly. I see Saturn as the Shaman showing us the opportunity to further evolve. Stay strong everyone.

      1. Thank you. It’s all passed now and I see and feel the benefits and lessons. But wow, it felt excruciatingly painful at the time. Lots of love to you and all. Jennie x

  23. I am having a huge series of oral surgeries done on cavitations that were created from very old traumas over 44 yrs ago next month when Saturn conj my Chiron in pisces in 8th house. Saturn is teeth and responsibility so I’m taking responsibility by having my teeth pulled and jaw bone healed and my partner and his son have offered to pay for it ( 8th house?) Fingers crossed this is the best move towards big big healing on many levels

      1. They were beyond marvelous! No swelling or infection, no pain, no need for any medications. Just natural supplements. He used ozone therapy and at the check up infra red Lazer. Miraculous. Stitches are already loosening after 2 weeks and all continues to heal perfectly.

  24. One of the most painful relationships I had involved my partner’s natal Saturn on my already stressed Chiron. It was hard to be in a relationship where we constantly poked each other’s deepest wounds (there wasn’t abuse btw). However, when it finally ended, we moved on to heal them or at least do the best we could.

  25. My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. I love him deeply and this pain’s almost unbearable.
    Abandonment & Loss.
    Today, transit Saturn square my natal Chiron
    (8H conjunct Algol)
    This article sums it up.
    Thank you.

  26. astounding, all your pain!
    have always found life painful as far back as i remember
    came to a conclusion using the idea of karma
    the last karma before i don’t have to come back to play it out again i expect to be painful – cos then my energy/soul, i think, will have to used up to balance out the pain of life
    astrology, when i found it, has meant to me that when i see the struggle i have to go through, it all makes sense
    if i didn’t have astrology i would be lost in the sea of life which makes no sense
    but the patterns that people have seen since times for humans began are laid out for us to experience
    what a boring life if there was no pain
    to have the pain means that i can also have the joy of being alive too and its not people that make me happy – tis the sun on my face, the bird that looks at me and sings for its supper, the bee that allows me to watch it suck the pollen from a flower, or the flower that promises beauty as it opens
    i have saturn square chiron – another go at bringing out the pain of old wounds and hopefully letting them go cos they just weigh me down and creep out when i can’t sleep and give me pain
    don’t need it, am 73, and the knowledge that one day i won’t be here is hugely comforting cos nature creates and destroys and within its creation are the seeds of its destruction – bring it on!!!!

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    Sherri L ZImmerman

    YES! IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! I believe t Saturn began hitting in a few months ago MAY? or so 2023 AND WHAT DEEP PAIN of an OLD TRAUMA!!

    SO I THANK YOU much for this article to help me say what I can possibly DO to allow it to be healed more and not keep having it rip open again so deeply!!

  28. what an deep one!!
    have 2 sisters who have more or less ignored me for 21 yrs – one visit in that time and more abuse
    my older sister bullied me when i was young, always lashing out when she was pissed off, me – whipping boy, and caused damage to my skull when i was 2, although am sure her lashing out was not meant to cause that much damage – twisted skull, long term reproductive illness and eventual cancer
    just this week they rang to say they weren’t well and could i help them cos i studied herbal medicine – hahahaha – what a joy and brought it all up again – their lack of respect – no apology for behaviour!!!
    when i first engaged with my natal chart- many years ago – i noticed that chiron was in my house of family – hahaha – but didn’t really know how much – had dental treatment from a radical dentist which brought back memories of the skull damage and of her causing it
    and now i have all this stuff come back that i need to sort out with a narcissist of a sister – loves herself and has no recollection of her bullying ways presumably she still considers me inferior – will that ever change? methinks not!!

    hahaha – what a joy – and so is the natal chart – its all in there – how clever were those people who saw the patterns and connected it with the character and behaviour of individuals

    methinks we get more stupid with the ages
    nature creates and destroys and within its creation are the seeds of its destruction – methinks we are now at the stage of destruction world wide

  29. and saturn is teeth – hahahaha – gets more crazy than i could ever have thought – how comforting that all the nonsense that humans surround themselves with, all comes to nought when we engage with the real real – the rest of the universe – so, so puny we are
    thanks elsa

  30. For those who say the relationships that end during this are forever, its not true. However, the repair takes much longer then if it were to happen during a less saturn transit. Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your words and actions that pain attributes. I haven’t personally had this transit but two of my closest people have. My boyfriend broke up with me during the end of the saturn 3rd time over. The damage has been done but saturn brought to light what wasn’t working. When my best friend had this transit, I had to walk away from her. She was making bad choices and didn’t treat me well. Though she never saw how horrible she was during the time her saturn squared chiron, it changed the way I looked at them both for a very long time. Unfortunately, it will take longer to repair. I couldn’t imagine the pain that comes with saturn on your vulnerability.

  31. “I have seen people having this transit withdraw, becoming lost in their internal world, ruminating on their own weakness or on the unfairness of it all. I have also seen people swing the other way, lashing out at perceived slights and being completely unable to hear what anyone else is saying.”

    well, if it isn’t me, from when Saturn was in Capricorn a couple years back.

    Now what can I expect and/ or what should I be doing since the inverse is happening, Chiron is transiting my natal Saturn?

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