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Ben asked me something, yesterday. I fired back my answer. We’ve been friends for thirty-five years.

I woke up this morning, afraid I might have offended him. I emailed to apologize, in case. I got this back:

“…so when we are in our rocking chairs, rest assured I will still be able to tell reality from fiction.  And, I will always recognize YOU as the person I have always known.  I completely understand how and why you are on pins and needles every time you may say something that could be misinterpreted.  Don’t worry about me… I know you!”

What a gift, huh? In this era, I can’t think of anything more preciously valuable.

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  1. That is a beautiful gift, indeed! People often (often? usually) take what I say the wrong way or put a weird twist to it. I try not to offend (Libra) but, sometimes, I just don’t give a fuck (Aries). I’m happy for your friendship with Ben & the treasure you have, in each other. ❤️

    1. As far as I can tell you’re no pushover Elsa; and that is only right. I also think you have your heart on the right place and your friend knows that. You deserve this gift. That is what I think and I can know a little for example, the answer that you gave me earlier today.

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    Being understood and accepted by a friend is incredibly comforting. Invaluable. And when that friend is a Scorpio, times ten. From what I’ve experienced.

    1. I have two female friends with strong Scorpio: one lives nearby and she has her Sun in Scorpio, the other lives in another country and she has her Moon in Scorpio. Both are very special persons, it takes time to know them, both, but it is worth it. And indeed, to be understood and accepted by those dear friends is precious.
      Again Elsa: I think you deserve this. And it is great that you apreciate it so much.

      1. And not to forget: my own progressive Sun is in Scorpio and my Progressive Venus ass well. Most of the time I forget this!! 🙂 Maybe I am a little afraid for myself sometimes (write this with a smile and a soft giggle.)

  3. This is why I LOVE Scorpio, both my Dad & Brother are Scorpio’s and my cancer self just appreciates the hell out of them!!!

  4. Scorps are very magnanimous in forgiving quirks and occasional slights. Even in bad people, tbh. They are not looking to nail people to the cross over minor transgressions. That’s too petty for a noble Scorp. 🙂

  5. I live with someone I seem to offend every five seconds and I have to try to explain to them what I meant and I am sorry I offended them. It never works though. They would rather tell me how much I hurt them and the I don’t listen than make up and go one from there. It’s exhausting. So Elsa you do have a real gift with Ben and he with you. That is awesome.

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