60 thoughts on “What Do You Do When A Friend Pulls Away?”

  1. I was thinking about this today. Two casual friends who I met in a bus line on the commute home. We were super friendly at first. Laughed a lot, went to dinner a couple times, the movies. We seemed to be compatible. Then, one retired. I missed her a lot. We met up a couple more times for a movie or a coffee. She has a nephew she cares for so got very busy and ellnoff the map. The other would take my bus home but now after five trips seated together, takes another bus. Grant d the bus we took was a small piece of crap compared to the one we usually got in the a.m. Anyway, once in a Blue Moon hear from
    the first in a text she was thinking of me, hoped I was well. Then…nothing. For sometimes months. That does not bother me. She’s busy. I get it. The other… did I offend her and so she won’t take the bus I take, or dioes she just want space? I wonder but I would never invade their space to ask why. Just seems smothering. Venus in Capricorn in the second house. Moon/Pluto conj. In the 10th. Jupiter in Libra 11th. I make friends easy but they don’t always last.

  2. I am usually the one pulling away, but I leave them be and cut the ties. My Venus is in Scorpio conjuncting Jupiter and in opposition to Saturn. Pluto has a negative aspect to my Venus as well. My Venus is in my 9th house and it doesn’t really bother me to leave people behind.

  3. I used to hold on for dear life with my friends , and it has both caused grief in friendships and for my self worth. Some of those friendships has withstood that type of obsessive nature , but not before being completely wrecked and rebuilt. Now I just let people go off if they want to .It is easier for me to handle that I am meant to have intense but short friendships, and maybe 1 or 2 for life. Friendships need space too. I have Venus in Aries 10th house , trining Leo moon and uranus. Mars is in my 11th house.

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