What Do You Do When A Friend Pulls Away?

Venus squareWhat would you do if you noticed a friend had pulled away?

Would you question them? Try to pull them back in?

Or would you let them be, maintaining the friendship within the new frame they’d established?

Where is your Venus and how is it aspected?

60 thoughts on “What Do You Do When A Friend Pulls Away?”

  1. I was thinking about this today. Two casual friends who I met in a bus line on the commute home. We were super friendly at first. Laughed a lot, went to dinner a couple times, the movies. We seemed to be compatible. Then, one retired. I missed her a lot. We met up a couple more times for a movie or a coffee. She has a nephew she cares for so got very busy and ellnoff the map. The other would take my bus home but now after five trips seated together, takes another bus. Grant d the bus we took was a small piece of crap compared to the one we usually got in the a.m. Anyway, once in a Blue Moon hear from
    the first in a text she was thinking of me, hoped I was well. Then…nothing. For sometimes months. That does not bother me. She’s busy. I get it. The other… did I offend her and so she won’t take the bus I take, or dioes she just want space? I wonder but I would never invade their space to ask why. Just seems smothering. Venus in Capricorn in the second house. Moon/Pluto conj. In the 10th. Jupiter in Libra 11th. I make friends easy but they don’t always last.

  2. I am usually the one pulling away, but I leave them be and cut the ties. My Venus is in Scorpio conjuncting Jupiter and in opposition to Saturn. Pluto has a negative aspect to my Venus as well. My Venus is in my 9th house and it doesn’t really bother me to leave people behind.

  3. I used to hold on for dear life with my friends , and it has both caused grief in friendships and for my self worth. Some of those friendships has withstood that type of obsessive nature , but not before being completely wrecked and rebuilt. Now I just let people go off if they want to .It is easier for me to handle that I am meant to have intense but short friendships, and maybe 1 or 2 for life. Friendships need space too. I have Venus in Aries 10th house , trining Leo moon and uranus. Mars is in my 11th house.

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