Scorpio Man Kisses Taurus Woman, Biting Her Lip As He Takes His Leave

Taurus vintage poster pinkDear Elsa,

I meet this wonderful Scorpio man and we’ve seen each other for 3 weeks, which is great. Suddenly through a hurtful rumor (not true) he decides we broke up and so follows me to my car, grabs me by the hair, kisses me passionately on the lips… biting me hard when ending this kiss and tells me to go home. A week later he has brought another woman along but waves and smiles at me the whole evening. Please give me some advice


Dear Unsure,

The Scorpio is playing games with you. If you like the game, play along but realize in the end, he wins. Why?

Because you care and he doesn’t.

I say run for your life and in this case, you need only pay him no mind and he will drop off himself… which will leave you feeling repulsive if you’re not careful.

But if you understand he is only after energy and he’s leaving because you have chosen to cut him off, you can reduce the negative impact this is going to have on you.

Good luck.

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  1. ow. i know this hurt, but this guy just gave you a HUGE gift at 3 weeks in. how would you like to have been 3 years in with something like this? eek!

    he “sold you cheap,” as elsa has been talking about, too. i mean, i know on some level you were probably hoping for advice telling you how to fix this, but think about it.

    would you have bothered to find out the truth first from him if the situation were reversed? and in situations where you might actually make a real mistake, is this drama queen bullshit what you want to face? real people have problems sometimes. he didn’t want to address the problem. he wanted to produce it for the stage. eyew.

    find yourself a nice man, honey, who appreciates your positive attention. peace out to you.

  2. Ummmm. yea. Dude was playing games on the serious tip. What you need to do is not mess with him at all. He knows you care, so he teases you about it. If you stop worrying about it, hell start to dislike the fact that you are now a challenge to make upset.

    He wants attention. Find yourself a nice guy who wants attention in a better way. Try a capricorn man. When a capricorn man wants you, he wants you. That man is just waitin for trouble to start and you dont want that typa disruption in your life

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    SISI the Taurus

    As a Taurus woman I love the Scorpio man. I have found Scorpio’s love to cause drama, pain, hurt, etc. These men are so sexy though. The man loves watching you squirm. It is hard for you fellow Taurus woman who keeps thinking about the 3 weeks prior to the big let down. Stop holding on to this drama king.

    A Taurus woman hates to be bored. So, I understand your anger when that Scorpio haunts you with the passion. Play him back by ignoring, throwing a coy smile his way. If he tries you to see where you are do not discuss the past…just say that was a long time ago. He will chase you. The thing is you cannot give in to him. He just wants to see if he can manipulate you into a deeper pain. Go for a Virgo. This man is passionate, mysterious, not a bore like the capricorn…Loyal as well.

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      Michele Johnson

      Actually I’m a Taurus women and had a Virgo man for 10yrs, never emotionally attached to me, wouldn’t marry stopped all affection,, I am now with a Scorpio man (first time) I’m not your normal Taurus women with all traits, we are getting married

  4. No one likes to be hurt – your man got word that he was going to be hurt by you, and did what any scorpio would. He retracted…he would have given you an opportunity, and some time to explain. When all else failed – he kissed you to see if you were genuine. A passionate kiss never lies…
    Since he got a mixed response from you, he wants to see if he still has a place in your heart.
    Approach him directly and pour your heart to him…all his games are based on that end result. When you do tell him that you love him, let him know that you got the hint but would prefer for him to come out in the open with his feelings in future. And in future make a point of listening to what is of concern to him…he loves you, explain to him the rumour is false and ask him to have some faith in you.
    Hope this helps

  5. I’m interested in this Taurus guy and he is interested too, but isn’t ready for a commitment. I told him I wasn’t looking for a commitment yet and he said quit, u know u would date now he doesn’t text back? I’m a Scorpio.

  6. I’m a no-nonsense Virgo who has NO patience for indecisiveness and NO tolerance for cruelty.

    Obviously, this Scorpion can’t decide whether or not he made a mistake dumping you. You have to put your foot down and tell him straight out what kind of man and relationship you want. If he can’t deliver, he should forget he ever met you, because you deserve respect!

  7. scorpio is playing games now,very unassumingly at that.You need to totally avoid it or again hurt youself with one last explosive confrontation again.
    This scorpio misses you yet hates being dumped.

    dont mince words with him and privately meeting,cordially part ways otherwise his tactics are expected to continue.

  8. i am scorpio man … he is just trying you…toying with you.. we scorpio like to kiss.. we would kiss a stranger or friend or any girl who looks atractive in one way or another… but if he dumped you is because of reason behind..

  9. It would be cool if we could have a thing like this on Facebook just to open the responses…. I am a Taurus woman my man is a Scorpio … We hit a rough patch see this is going to sound odd all together but im going to spill it I’m 22 he is 43 . He is charming.. loyal… consistent but I don’t know where his loyalty begins see my aunt who is also a Scorpio has a wild crush on him… I confront him about the emails yadda yadda he claims he doesn’t respond back which he doesn’t, I agree but I mean he buys my aunt stuff takes care of her family more then ours. He claims everything is in my head like when the bitch (aunt) stole over 20 pair of underwear out my panty draw and I caught her with them. He sticks up and sides with her all the time in-front of me and her when we are home he acts as if nothing is wrong. He lacks passion in bed …I am beginning to think what we had was just a fling for him.. This is really going to hurt me if it is because I have had nothing but bad relationships with men in general. I’m looking to settle down I thought he was too. anyways any advice would be helpful because I screwed up and fell head over heels and I just want to know if I can fix it! I have been faithful to him I just don’t know what else he wants..

  10. LOL what a drama king, forget him, he’s just insecure and most of all you need never to look back on such negative low minded individuals such as him, just realize it was never you that was the problem, it was him and if he really loved you and respected you he would never hurt you in such a way. Get over him, and move on, there are more mature and respectful men out there, that know someone like you is worth something. Most women need to wake up, as hard as it sounds, men like this are a red flag and you need to leave and think about you and how you can rise above people of this nature. You can’t change a man that wants to manipulate you and play these games with you. You need to have a firm mind set and know when to call it quits.

  11. If it had been me though, I would have kept on going, not bothering to show up with someone else. That gives it away to anyone with eyes that he’s still interested in the original girl. I never did that no matter how much I hurt inside. When it’s over, it’s over unless they come up with something real good. The passionate kiss and biting the lip was both a good test and a vivid reminder of what she would be missing. Scorpio’s a class act even when they’re being a weenie.

  12. Seeking an open advise here:
    I am 53 and my wife is 52 but we live a very healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. We both are (Taurus) looks way younger than our age. My wife is mix. Mother side is black and dad side is European. I am mix with middle eastern and white as well. I have a friend who is 53 (Scorpio male) black mix with natives indians and lives alone. We becomes friends after i responded to his add for meeting couples. At first my wife didn’t know but now I thinks she is aware of my intentions but still isn’t sure. I got a weed from him and introduce my wife to it but she smoke it and has no effects so he ask me to bring her over and tries the Bong. I haven’t as yet. I read that Scorpio man and Taurus woman are great lovers. Also he knows this lifestyle but not us as we been together for decades. Would this experience good and make my wife more sexually active as I would like. Also reads that this strengthen relationship. He is also about 4 to 5 inches more that me.

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