It Appeals To My Macabre Sense Of Humor – Scorpio Moon, Moon In The 8th, Pluto In Aspect To The Moon, Pluto In The 4th

I hate to tell ya, but I secretly smirk when a Pluto Moon type person who denies their roots realizes just how deep they go. This happened to my sister recently. She has an exact Moon Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. You know that thing wants nothing to do with Pluto but there he is. Pluto is right there in Virgo, squaring her Moon and so when out mother (Moon) died (Pluto), all this stuff popped up.  Stuff that is repulsive to her, yet embedded very deeply.

It’s become very trendy to believe you have no connection to your family. You raised yourself, etc. You were adopted or kidnapped or something.  You might get away with this if you have an Aquarius Moon, but if your Moon is in Scorpio, there isn’t a chance in hell.

I think this is funny in the way my husband says that people sometimes “step on their dick”.  It’s your dick. It’s your depth and your power and I don’t think it’s wise to lose track of it.

Any Pluto Moon types want to cop to waking up one day, realizing their mother is driving them?

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  1. *raises her hand*

    Ayup. My maternal grandmother was killed when my mom was a month old. She’s been driving my mom ever since, same as my mom has been driving me. That’s my natal Moon Opposition Pluto for ya.

  2. LMAO! I didn’t realize this was a common theme. This particular post hits me square in the face. I’m guilty of dick stepping. My Sag Moon has been trying to lose track of my fam since I was like 5 years old. I would always secretly hope and pray that aliens were my parents or that I was adopted. Especially when something particular repulsive happens within my family of origin. I always knew that with Pluto in the 4th house this was indeed a fat damn chance. Im glad you have qualified this for me. I should probably stop running now. I could move to Paris France and by ^%@#^ golly…..somehow I’m right back where I frickin’ started. Really working on acceptance at this point….denial seems to be futile. Excellent post Elsa!

  3. Aquarius Moon Mom of Scorpio Moon (conjunct Pluto – yikes!) Son here.

    Deep, intense, private, that he is. I hope it’s a blessing in the long run that his mother’s Aquarian moon gives him breathing room. (Notice how I just wrote of myself in the third person? That’s what I’m talking about. LOL)

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    To do this one justice I’d have to be typing on a computer not my phone. Pluto sextile moon. Pluto square 8th house Jupiter from 4th.

    This was a really good heads up for me thank you 🙂

  5. I have a scorp moon in 9th house conjunct uranus, which makes for some oddities to say the least. Uranus is in Sag but still a conjunct….

  6. Spot on Elsa! My Moon is conjunct Pluto (exact) in Leo and square Sun, Merc, and Venus in Scorpio (8th): My mum had Mars conjunct my Sun, and we battled for most of the first 40 years of my life. The fact was all I ever wanted was her love and approval which I never felt I truly had and didn;t understand. During her last 10-15 years, with some gentle prodding, we spent a lot of time uncovering and exploring some pretty intense stuff that in the end provided peace for both of us – and our relationship. (Chiron trines my Moon/Pluto natally, and was at play by transit in her chart as well as mine.)

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    I have a…
    2nd Libra Pluto TRINE 6th Aquarius Moon
    both SEXTILE Sagittarius IC 4th Neptune, and both also TRINE 10th Jupiter.

    Sometimes i have great doubts over my roots… Sun SQUARE Pluto intensifies it, through the struggles.

  8. hah. always knew. just needed to figure out how i best should tack to that wind.
    and. aquarius moon here. moon sized orb (9+) to a pluto trine…

    and realizing it goes way deeper than my mother. there’s a mother line… that reaches back into the past down which strange things fly…

  9. Yes. I recognized probably about 20 years ago how affected I have been by the two mothers in my life. I’m driven by a hatred of my birth mother who abandoned me as an infant and by an intense love and devotion to my biological grandmother who raised me. She IS my mother…the only one who will ever matter. The other one, I wouldn’t pee on if she were on fire. Natal Scorpio Moon in the 4th house conjunct Sagittarius Neptune.

  10. I have Scorpio IC AND an Aquarius moon. They are in a pretty tight square.

    Innovation and detachment via deep historical research/confronting the ugly.

  11. I’ll cop. Also had a similar experience as Burnedbridge, always thought my real family was coming to get me lol. except with an Aquarius moon 😉 …. but never successfully dropping them thanks to square Scorpio Pluto

  12. Moon Pluto conjunct in scorpio in the 8th…

    I feel my mother drove me out of the house… I go back and visit to the “guilt thing” I’m terrified to move back because I’ll feel like a failure… And as much as I want to feel like an individual, everything goes back to everything she ever taughtme… I love her but I sometimes want her out of my head!

    Wait, I think I just realized I never will!


  13. Moon conjunct Neptune in the tenth house in Scorpio — spent my whole life fighting to be my own woman when I would end up in situations like living in her house and being her secretary. My whole life this way until she died, at which point I realized I wasn’t just in a relationship with this person, I was an *expression of her.*

    The only thing I can do about that now is try as hard as I can to make sure this does not happen to my kid.

  14. and I’ll have to add that my life is much much better with my family in it so there is a lesson there 🙂

  15. Moon+Mars@6*,Merc@8*,Nept@10* Scorpio; yep my ma was like a bat out of Hell. After she couldn’t screw me up enough, she went after my daughter, so at 50, I am turning to my Exchange program mother- the one I went to when the only way I could legally leave home was to go halfway around the world to get away from the abuse. LOVE her! The real one is hopelessly caught up in her lies and deceptions.

  16. My moon (pisces) is inconjunct pluto squaring neptune. I woke up one morning and realized I didn’t have a clue who my mother was.

  17. MY sister has a scorpio moon, and she loves her “mommy” even at the age of 31.

    My moon is in libra conjuct pluto. Im wondering if this works differently than a scorpio moon, even though is moon/pluto.

    I used to want to get away from my family and act as an independent entity, but now as Im getting older I like falling back on my roots.

    Pluto in capricorn will be hitting my fourth house, and transiting my moms cap sun soon enough. Wonder how thats going to go down?

  18. @Josi…my moon (pisces) is exactly inconjunct my neptune and 5 degrees inconjunct my pluto, forming a yod. I woke up one morning and realized my mother had never had a clue who I was, nor had she particularly wanted to know.

  19. @ Norah
    “realized my mother had never had a clue who I was”
    Yes, I had this too. My Moon square Neptune hits my ASC and MC. I don’t think she realizes this yet. But, I’m not the person she keeps reacting to.

  20. Moon square Pluto–yes. It was never really hidden to me, though, that I am deeply affected by the relationship. I learn new things all the time, about how this drives me. It can be a terrible burden on the people who love me. I’m doing the work to air this out, because it benefits me AND the people who love me. I’m far more functional than I used to be.

    IC/Chiron trine Moon–it’s ugly and scary and a weird relief to wake up an realize you’re the walking wounded…but you don’t have to be if you commit to getting better.

  21. Yes, i have a love/hate relationship with my mother, and with her mother for that matter. Often feel like all the restrictions and inhibitions i place on myself inwardly are the compound results of all the ‘no’s’ and disapproval i met with growing up. Now im just a stunted emotional stump without the ability to love. I try to put the idea that im actually biologically related to my family out of my head as much as possible, because when it truly hits home it terrifies me.

  22. And what the hell does it mean when, if i dream about my mother, she always appears as a clingy little girl, and i cant stand the clinginess? Theres a morbid desperation to it that just scares the hell out of me.

  23. Dre I had recurring intrusion dreams until I started talking about them out loud (to my therapist). Our house was built and ran like a panopticon. My instinctual feeling is that you have answered your own question (about the dreams).
    I’ve come to a lot of realizations about the mother relationship and then thought–ok. NOW what? So my mother is a psycho? Ok–and?

  24. “It’s become very trendy to believe you have no connection to your family. You raised yourself, etc. You were adopted or kidnapped or something. You might get away with this if you have an Aquarius Moon, but if your Moon is in Scorpio, there isn’t a chance in hell.”

    I’m glad you acknowledged this. I have noticed this and as a Gemini, it’s just good to hear someone else say it.

  25. My 25 year old son has Scorpio Moon (late 7th house) conjunct Scorpio Pluto (early 8th house). And Scorpio Venus and Mercury… and Pluto in aspect to everything in his chart except his Libra Sun and Aries ASC.
    I wonder if he thinks his mother is driving him? I think his girlfriend is driving him… she has a Cancer Moon so maybe she is acting as a mother figure?
    He is the most rebellious of my kids… middle child syndrome big time… but the most loving, caring and sensitive too.

  26.! That must have been awful. My mom was the same. Im an only child but its like the only things she is ever aware of are watching what im doing and if im doing it right, or what im not doing that i should be doing etc etc. And even after living away from her for 10+ years, the moment i moved back for a year, it all started up again as before.
    I get the meaning of the dream, but its just so weird because on the outside she acts just the opposite of the little girl lost. She gets all authoritarian and gives orders like im still a kid.
    Yeah, see i admire your ability to look past it. For me its not so simple. I feel like my relationship with her is a kind of template thats now hardwired through which i relate to the relationships with all other women. Im screwed!

  27. yup, mom made her mark alright. So did the dad unit. Post deaths, it took awhile to distill it all down into the palatable essentials. I’m glad that I did. But I always envied people who said posh to all that. Like the parentals were irrelevant. I guess it’s always nice to think about the possibility of a free ride with no homework. Would that be boring?

    I do have some niggling arising as pluto moves into opposition to natal moon. Acquired survival behavior I picked up. It’s knee jerk reaction stuff.

    Crosby Stills Nash and Young’s “Teach Your Children” comes to mind.

  28. haha wow! I made the choice to disconnect from my parents…not my family. strong Pluto /weak moon. there is no question whatsoever I’m basically replicating my mothers life in a way that heals the situation once and for all. I almost never speak to mother due to a very complicated sticky situation she’s in but have been very aware that we are more the same than different since Saturn went over my moon in 2010. Very interesting post!

  29. I think that family is huge. I strongly believe that we each create our own lives, but your parents have an influence. Sometimes they serve as a good example of how not to behave. I am fascinated by the fact that I share a virgo moon with both of my sisters. I also believe that our virgo moons says more about how our mother parented than my sisters and I than it says how we parented our own children. My four children have the following moons, leo, cancer, libra, and aquarius.

  30. I’m sorry Dre. But I’m glad you can articulate it. It’s the first stage. I get tripped up all the time. I was talking to my partner about this last night–articulating what you need to do is one thing, applying it is another. I get tripped up in crisis situations. In a crisis situation I immediately go on emotional lockdown. No one is going to help me, so it’s time to start doing what I need to do. That’s my MO. It hasn’t worked for me, for a long time. But I do it anyway. It’s hard to change, but I’m committing to it.

  31. Pluto in the 4th here, (minor aspect to my moon), center of a T square with Venus and Jupiter. I spent some time distancing myself from my family. And then I missed them horribly and I could only pretend to be sophisticated for about 1.2 nanoseconds anyway. (Sun/Ascendant/Mercury conjunct – I have NO poker face.)

    I’m a citified, high tech hillbilly with a college education . . . but I’m still a hillbilly. 😉 My family thinks I’m weird, what with wanting to live among 16 million people, but they love me anyway. Plus I provide entertainment (Sagittarius moon) which is valued highly in this crew!


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    Blessed Place

    I have Moon square Pluto and I AM adopted.

    As most regulars here know, I’ve spent a lifetime trying to come to terms with the implications of all that: my impossible relationship with my Narcissist adoptive mother and my long search for my real mother, who declined any contact when I finally found her – possibly just as well considering the way I grew up…

    I distanced myself from my immediate adoptive family as much as possible from the time I left home at 19 (a lifetime ago); and I’ve had no relationship with any family member now for some years – and not with my ‘immediate’ adoptive family since my adoptive mother died ten years ago.

    But I’m under no illusion that my family roots don’t matter, nor that my lack of any mothering didn’t have very profound effects on me (and hence, on everyone close to me) even though this was not my birth mother, nor my blood family

  33. I think I have a bit of this in my chart. I’ve got a very loose natal moon square uranus. Sometimes I really want to disown my family or at least distance myself from them a bit and it doesn’t work out.

    Cool topic.

  34. 10h Scorp Pluto semi-sextile 12H Sag Moon… I like my family, but not that much–I wanna keep all of them at arms length, minus my sister and female 1st cousin. Especially want to distance myself from my mom as much as possible.

  35. Not too proud of my beginnings either, but my family roots as a whole, sure. We’re an immigrant family from the Caribbean that worked long and hard to get where we are now.

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    Moon in 8th sextile pluto.

    My mothers background is a lot more diverse than I thought. She is half French and half Haitian french. I have a Carribean side of the family which my Yugoslavian father never allowed me to socialize with because they are black. Typical racist Balkan attitude. I try to keep in touch with them since properly meeting them and talking to them for the first time last year.

    I still try to distance myself from my family quite a bit especially my moms side. I always have drama with them, especially with my older Scorpio moon sister from my mom’s first marriage. My mothers mother and I are barely on speaking terms. She traumatized me and manipulated me from the moment I was able to understand her. She was always talking badly about my dad and my moms dad saying how my dad just uses my mom and is an alcoholic. And this is just the icing on the bullshit cake 🙂 Now the Scorpio moon sister will be staying at my house for 2 weeks I’m not excited for this at all.

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    When I was younger up until now I always wished I was adopted or somehow I got switched at birth except for the fact that I look like both of my parents LOLL

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    Pluto just finished it transit through the 4th. Maybe it will go back for a couple of times, as 5th is 7º Capricorn… anyway, i had tough times with it in the 4th. And just now im definitively thinking in moving houses, and leave my parents. Its been a really tough decision for a Cancer like me.

  39. My Scorpio Moon is out of orb with Pluto in Virgo. But transitting Pluto in Cap is currently sextile my Scorpio Moon.

    I’m back home with my parents, and my Mom is nearly the only one I speak to. She’s doing the best she can for me, and I am grateful for that, but there are many levels on which she cannot relate to my experience. She says alot of things that she doesn’t realize are hurtful and not helpful. We do better with some distance (phone relationship).

  40. Here here! My moon in 8th linked to my moms Scorpio moon. I will be the one to see her to the next plane when the day comes. Just how it is…

    I also tried to convince myself of adoption. Nope.

  41. PS Just after I post about communicating with my mother, I found out that she’s not paid my mortgage for the last five months, pushing me toward foreclosure! We rent the apt. and she collects the money and is supposed to pay the mortgage from that income.

    She swore to me that we had discussed this and I was aware, but I had absolutely no idea. She’d told me previously that we were maintaining the apt. “so I could keep my options open” when in fact she is closing off that option.

    She is handling some of my affairs while I am dealing with an illness, and I do appreciate that. But I don’t appreciate her making a major move like letting go of my home and not mentioning it to me. My parents are the most passive-aggressive people I’ve ever met in my life. Plus she straight-out fibbed about this!

  42. My mom is a power house with her Cap moon. I have moon opp pluto (aries moon opp libra pluto). I’ve always been that happy-go-lucky but get me intense about something and see crazy volcano erupt kind of woman. I’m intense…and I can thank my mom for that. When used positively, there is a great deal of amazing things that can come from channeling this moon/pluto energy. Especially because there is something nurturing and feminine (in a little dark way) about this aspect.

  43. Wow look at all these posts. You obviously hit something here Elsa.

    My daughter has Moon conjunct Pluto square both hers and my Sun in Cancer.

    Guess we will always have an emotionally intense relationship!!! Never boring.

    So far we do quite well …there is a lot of love there… as long as we give each other lots of space. Skype works well!

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