Scorpio: The Least Appreciated Sign In Relationship By Far

brown scorpianI figured the title would get your attention. Scorpio always gets attention but I really think most miss Scorpio like missing the side of a barn. 8th house types too and I will explain.

Scorpio has and ungodly amount of power. This is why people are attracted (and repelled). They are disturbed.

Scorpio gets you by the balls basically and some people don’t like to admit they have balls so you see the problem.

But even people who like Scorpio or love Scorpio seem profoundly confused and unaware of what they getting from the the bug because the energy is just so hidden. They don’t realize they’re thriving because of the Scorpio in their life. They don’t realize they are being fed at the root and they are thriving because of it.

So scared of the power, they don’t realize it is the Scorpio providing their vital nutrients and consequently there’s no appreciation. Scorpio is the bastard you have to defend against – he or she is going to come in and rape you I guess. Scorpio is the shadow, the thing you want to cut off from and defend against. I see this every day.

I am forever having to tell people what they are getting from the Plutonian in their life – high quality energy. Want a tiger in your tank? Scorpio provides this and hardly anyone recognizes it, so concerned they are that the Scorpio is going to do something nasty.

Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.

I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???

Tell us about your experiences with Scorpio…

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  1. More surgeons are born under the sign of Scorpio, they can and do save lives. Scorpio energy is intense because it is self-centered, Aries on the 6th. If that energy can be turned away from the self and towards others with positive intentions, then Scorpio can be a source of very humane giving and love.

    Evolved Scorpions elevate mankind, Aquarius with Scorpio on the MC. Unevolved Scorpions drain and degenerate humanity. Many atrocities have been committed by this type of Scorpionic energy, it’s why they get such a bad rap, even though in many cases it is deserved.

    The true Scorpion redeems itself by service to humanity through right relations as shown by Libra on the 12th.

  2. You’re welcome Natalie, happy to be of assistance 🙂

    With your Mars in Virgo, you have a natural feel for what is right, I’d say go with your gut instincts and research some astrologers. Some of the best ones are expensive, and worth every penny. I personally would like a consult with Isabel Hickey, lol, unfortunately, that’s not possible.

    Anyway, Michael Lutin seems pretty good too, you can find his website on Google. It all depends on what you really are looking for, there are many Astrologers on the web, like Elsa; some specialize in relationships because they have a feel for them. I’ve spoken to some psychics who were right on, they just started telling me my past and my relationship without any information from me, so go with your instincts when choosing.

    Good luck, I’m sure you will find the information you seek.

  3. I have my Sun and Venus in the 8th house and Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio… I don’t know if I have this energy but then my Neptune I think squares my 8th house planets..

    But It would be cool to have some of that energy…

    I have to say though I am extremely uncomfortable with Scorpios … I feel very mistrustful of them even though I’ve never met a scorpio I couldn’t technically trust.. I just feel like they want too much from me and I’ll fall short

    I think my father’s moon is in Scorpio, he’s very complex and women both drawn to him and repelled at the same time.. But boy is he the best!! Unfortunately for me that sets the bar very very high for a long term partner

  4. I must disagree with this post. Not sure why, but almost every Scorpio male I’ve ever come into contact with has tried to either manipulate me into sleeping with them, tried to convince me I’m in love with them (when I’m not) or has tried to make me feel inferior to them. I’ve always been extremely loved and respected by Scorpio women, but the men almost make a sport out of trying to head-trip me. It’s bizarre. I always feel completely drained when I’m around them. Could it be my chart?


    Sun, Merc-12th house
    Moon, Mars, Jupiter, True Node-1st
    Venus, Uranus, Neptune-10th

  5. My Scorpio Venus/Mercury/Uranus definitely gets a Scorpio. I actually have worked, and continue to work, very, very well with Scorpios and Scorpio moons. 🙂

    The majority of them are great. Rarely do I deal with a dipsh*t, and when I do, I know how to handle him/her.

  6. I was totally channeling this piece when I wrote that thread about bragging. *lol* Oh, the things I forget I’ve read… Sorry, E-P. 😉

  7. Hello, I just started dating a Gemini, who has so far been very charming & sexy (I am thinking it’s all too good to be true.) His b-day is june 18, 1970, I am Scorpio 11-21-1964. I know that Geminis represent duality, & am concerned about this supposed other side (?). Any insights about what to watch out for? I detest people lying to me &/or manipulating, don’t want to invest much energy if he will be a jerk! Am I being too suspicious, am I right to be suspicious? Am I being too much like a Libra :-)?

    Again, advice, insights, warnings ?!

  8. I have a Scorpio Moon and a Leo sun and although this puts the two signs square with each other, it gave me the chance to balance and mesh two opposing energies within myself (masculine & Feminine). I feel like the Scorpio moon really contributes to my ability to assess situations for what they really are and helps rid me of some arrogant Leo pretenses I occasionally develop. All in all, I truly feel I am able to strengthen myself by channeling my Scorpio.

  9. Thank you Elsa P for this thread as I have enjoyed reading these comments greatly. I am a Scorpio my Mate/Husband is an Aries with a Leo rising his sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 8th house and Pluto on his Assendent so he really understands me extremely well and I personally find that to be a blessing not only that he accepts me as I am. A difficult thing for a Scorpio person to find is someone who accepts them as they are faults and all.

    I have the hardest time asking anyone even my wonderful husband for help because I look around and see that everyone is just as busy as me so rather than say hey could you help me I just keep on keeping on. Why ask if no body can help it just makes them feel bad.

    I am the current Matriarch of the family my mother passed away St Patrick’s Day 2009. My father is still living and I am not only his Guardian but his P.O.A. His lung cancer his out of remission and he is in radiation treatment right not every day I pick him up at the skilled nursing care facility he is at and take him to his treatments which will be finished the 28th of October. I also am assisting my daughter get her life squared away by taking her to work nearly every night of the week. She is helping my sister who has been a single parent now for almost a Year thank the heavens so they can’t help with daddy and the economy is not being kind at all but the girls are making it. My younger brother is also a single parent he does daddy’s laundry which is a great help to me every one of my siblings and kids have said I don’t know how many times they don’t know how my husband and I do what we do. We have a blended family between my husband and I we have 6 grown children most have children of their own, so I have lots to keep me very busy.

  10. Wow… When you said “energized and blooming” that related to me a lot. I’ve been progressively feeling this way since my partner and I started dating 2.5 years ago. I went from pretty much “hopeless” and without self esteem to someone who is growing to love herself. It’s as if a part of me in the past has died.

    My Scorpio partner has given nothing but love to me. He’s absolutely wonderful and I could not ask for a better partner. I’m really surprised to hear about negative experiences with Scorpios because I had nothing but positive to say about them – at least when it comes to male Scorpios. My stepdad and my youngest brother are like best friends to me. My first boyfriend is a Scorpio and we are still in touch and never had a messy breakup. Some male friends who are Scorpios are very honest, straightforward and absolutely faithful to their girlfriends as well.

    I wish I could say the same about females, but there are a few that I can definitely connect strongly with.

    Overall, I have nothing against Scorpios. If we’re talking about bad reputations in romance in my life? Let’s talk about Pisces 😛

  11. Nota: I just noticed you wrote this:
    “They are the ones who can say something that if anyone else said I would be totally offended, but coming from them it is so stripped of bullshit pretense and steeped in an awareness of what really is for my own good, whatever bomb theyre gonna drop recieves immediate acceptance in the depths of my psyche as the raw naked truth.”

    I totally relate to this. I like the “bullshit-free” environment Scorpios provide. It’s enough to keep this feisty double Aries happy 🙂

  12. What he did FOR me? Well he threw me into a year depression, for starters, however I came out of it with a heightened sense of myself and the world around me and I’m a better person for it. He hurt me, he used me, he diminished me, but all the negative was only temporary. In the end he helped me see things I never knew existed, he took my defensive blinders off.

  13. Still with the Scorpio Man.

    Both of us keep our individual controlling & jealousy tendancies in check: We both know how challanging that is and we respect each other more for the effort.

    I love that we both are very honest.

    He clued in that we’re both scorpios on his birthday Nov. 8th: “Huh! Huh?! Hmmm…. we’re both scorpios. Imagine that we’re doing ok!”

    I guess it takes awhile for negative sterotypes to put to rest.

    Well. I’m hoping that what we have going on will continue for a long time.

    Thank you so much for your time and these conversations.

  14. I’m a Double Skorpion with Neptune, Venus and Mercury clustered around my 12 deg ASC. Currently carrying on a difficult long-distance affair with a fellow Skorpion/AQU rising. Her Moon is 16 deg’s SCO placing my ASC at the midpoint of her Sun conj. Mercury. Finally her Neptune conj’s my Sun, and my Sun conj’s her Sagg Midheaven (my Sagg Mars is just inside her Xth).

  15. You can keep your Scorpios!!! And they do do nasty things!!! My father is a Scorpio and I told him once that he is a manipulator and a shiester!!! He then showed me the door!!! It took me almost 35 years to understand just how “power hungry” he and other Scorpios are. I am a Leo and I should have been his “bragging right” with all my college degrees and such, but I didn’t turn out to be what he wanted and now he is hell bent on punishing me for the rest of his life. He almost comes undone when we withhold information from him. He’s opened my tax-statements. I have thought about going to the Feds on him for this but being a Leo we hold out until sheer force is necessary–unlike Scorpios who hold on to slights and who plot and plan revenge against you for the rest of their lives. Gotta wonder why so many Scorpio relatives of mine suffer from auto-immune diseases and diseases of the immune system? It comes from holding on to anger and resentment!!! Scorpios never fail to promote their hidden agendas.
    Scorpios never do anything ALONE!!! Just like if you find a scorpion in your house you had better look for the other because they always travel in pairs. Scorpios have this incredible nack for getting into other people’s heads and getting them involved in their little schemes. Sometimes I think it is because those folks are terified of these Scorpios and would rather not be the “target” on the receiving end of their “stinger”. Scorpios constantly play mind games with you until you become completely exhausted from them and their schemes and require years of psychological counseling just to reclaim yourself. My own father has told me that he admires certain qualities about me (yes, can you believe that I actually got a few compliments from him) and that if he could bottle these traits up he would. HE WOULD BOTTLE THEM UP AND SELL THEM OR MANIPULATE THEM TO HIS OWN ADVANTAGE!!! He has been unable to tame his “idealistic” Leo daughter and trust me, he is bound and determined to get back at me until the day he is gone from the face of planet earth. I do not want this man in “control” of my life. EVERYTHING YOU READ ABOUT SCORPIO COMPATIABILITY COMES MOSTLY FROM THE STAND-POINT OF HAVING SCORPIOS AS MATES. But how are you to handle Scorpios when they are your father, brother or cousins? And please don’t mention all the “mind blowing sex” that you can have with a Scorpio because I don’t want to have “mind blowing” sex with any of my relatives!!!!!! I want them to keep their distance and know their boundaries when it comes to my relationships with them!!!! Scorpios almost make you feel like killing them and people need to quit giving them so much power!!! How they are able to get into the heads of other people to MANIPULATE them is beyond my comprehension!!!! I don’t know about most of you but dealing with a Scorpio leaves you feeling repulsed and mentally and emotionally drained!!! It is almost though everyone in this world has given Scorpios “carte blanche” to do things that are counter to “biblical” scripture and “time tested” truths!!! Vengence is against biblical truths and is frowned upon in almost every society. But yet, Scorpios get a “pass”!!! Controlling and trying to possess others is against biblical scriptures and is frowned upon in almost every society, but yet, Scorpios get a “pass”!!! The Bible says don’t let the sun go down on your wrath–meaning use that anger to bring about positive change and results, but yet, Scorpios get a “pass” to be as resentful,mean-spirited, caustic, angry, vengeful and vindictative as they want to be. Somebody needs to re-write the book of astrology when it comes to these “shape-shifting” (transforming??) vile creatures or better yet, Scorpios need to start adhering to sound principles, sound doctorine and the TRUTH!!!!

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    just checking in

    To Sharon:

    It takes guts to be so honest & it is too bad you had such negative experiences with family members.

    Scorpios do have some defining traits and I agree, that letting go of hurts can be difficult. In my case, I do not like that I have a hard time forgiving the slights & abuses of others, I sure wish that it were easier. Then agsin, I have suffered some really painful injustices.

    I am a late Scorpio & have Libra and Saggitarius traits. I suppose one of the ways this plays out in my life, is that when I have a hard time forgiving, I pray to God to either forgive that person or situation for me, or for insights & enhanced ability to forgive. I find that when I nurture myself & take perspective forgivintg & letting go, and letting God becomes easier. Physically letting god of physical things that I do not need on a regular basis, also reminds me of the importance of letting go even if forgiveness is difficult. I wish it were simple, but neither can be forced, & Sharon, you need the time & space you need to forgive those who have hurt, slighted, and manipulated you.

    Sensitivities, sadness and anger toward family tend to come up more during the holiday season. I think this is true for most of us. I struggle with thinking about my Taurus mother, the ways she hurt me when I was a child and adolescent, but I try to recall the good things that she did when I need to spend time with her, like Thanksgiving dinner :-). Being stuck in anger & sadness is not good for my spirit, my body and my mind.

    Good luck Sharon & Godspeed…

  17. Raised in a psychic modality, I definitely feel that Scorpio energy! They do not let go, either… I tend to drift away from people I know are leaving or who are moving on, but Scorpios tend to keep their friends as long as they want them no matter where you happen to be on the planet. Meaning, it’s not up to you to let go. (This particular friend of mine has his Saturn in Aquarius, which might contribute to it.)

    Very manipulative, though.. I feel like my correspondence with my Scorpio friend is like a fencing match. On guard, parry, riposte. I’m always dodging manipulative traps. They wear you down even if the energy feels great, but you’ll have to adapt and–hopefully!–be stronger for the experience.

    You definitely don’t tell them what to do–you ask nicely, and still aren’t guaranteed what you want (kind of like praying to the almighty, haha.)

  18. this may be a bit late, but great topic. i have sun and mercury in the 1st in scorpio and sun contraparalell pluto so am very aware of this energy. yes pluto types can be very intense and controlling, when not aspiring to great things. i will say that i like scorpios, they are just not phoney like everone else. they will tell you if they like or hate you , so you know where it stands. that fighting and mean stuff is just to stir it up and see what really lies beneath the surface. it’s just testing. there is an unspoken understanding with scorpios, if you don’t start trouble there won’t be any. however if you do, they can be vicious. fair enough. the bad reputation, i think comes from bullies who don’t expect someone to fight back. i think no one will be as reliable and loyal. you have to really do something pretty bad for them to give up on you. the ones i’ve known are just cool! they are interested in things, and are very resourceful people with creative ideas and solutions (and DEEP). you can tell them anything, and they actually know how to keep secrets. if you ever have a real life and death problem they won’t fall apart and abandon you. i think all the little annoying stuff is a small sacrifice for the loyalty and devotion they have to give. my sister has a scorpio stellium w/ sun, and has come to be my best friend now that we are grown. there is also this quality of things always evolving and developing, which encourages growth. very positive in my mind. sometimes people have to go through bad spells and experience hardships as part of their growth process. i have observed that scorpios have this potential to evolve far beyond other people, and to keep evolving. so you can’t label them bad. maybe at some point they are terrible, then go on to do some truly wonderful and amazing stuff, you just never know.

  19. I’m a double Skorpion (Venus in SCO), and I get this response from the women (cis-women AND transgendered M2F) that I approach. Basically they can’t stand the heat like you say. My current flame is a SCO/AQU Rising 3000 miles away in Canada (I’m presently in Atlanta), and she’s giving me the scared-bunny-facing-a-boa act right now. She doesn’t have an excuse, being a fellow Skorpion!

    I’m an Orchestra Director/Musician with Pluto, Uranus, and my North Node in my Leo/Virgo Xth house. I think I scare off a lot of investor angels.

  20. This post originated some time ago, but I found it while searching this site for reasons why Scorpios cut people off (“WHY DO SCORPIOS LEAVE?” or “WHAT CAUSES SCORPIOS TO LEAVE?” “FROM FRIEND TO NONEXISTENT WITH SCORPIOS”)

    The post was such a positive reflection, I decided to pose my question here. I have 3-5 examples of Scorpios (mostly Sun, one Moon) who BREAK CONTACT WITHOUT WARNING.

    – my logic says “they are self protecting” (during their own personal crisis)

    – the rest of me says “did I do/say something? take too much”?

    They seem QUITE available and engaged when they’re IN with you (in tune to relationship vibes, events, etc) – quite connected.

    Then, no contact: no returned calls/txts… missed holidays, events, etc. One Scorpio re-appeared (smiling brightly) and explained that the absence as “me time”; it happened 2 years later, I remembered, accepted, and wished my dear Scorpio friend well.

    Any experiences with this? Anybody find it abrupt? or acceptably self preserving?

    1. Speaking for myself, I am Scorpio and am definitely a giver. I really have no other choice for if I am not giving, people basically do not interact with me much. That is, there is no real interest in my “interior” meaning my inner world. I understand this, as my interior is challenging even for me to live in, sort of speak. The truth is that most people are not going to want to or be able to be curious about the world of the Scorpio person, and frankly speaking from personal experience, one does get tired of giving, and giving and giving, in order to have some type of connection. Reciprocity is so rare it is practically non-existent.

  21. re energy for life: it is simple. you did something, either hurtful, something to make them angry, or have shown yourself to be disloyal and unreliable. crisis is ongoing, that would never be enough to cause them to withdraw. superficiality is also a big deal, if you fail to open up and be honest and real, after a certain point you will be written off.

  22. I love the power and the energy of being a Scorpio and i have many scorpio friends. We just “get” each other and my experience i never crossed the line or border w/another scorp as far as i know. People love to tell me their secrets or bounce stuff off me and sometimes they dont like when i tell them blunt truth but they do learn to just deal with it and they respect me for it later. They cant stay mad at me for long. They always see how i survive anything that comes at me and want to know how i do it. I just have to i tell them i take care of me and mine. Simple. Those that know me well know that im quiet but resourceful, loyal, honest, humorous, and sexy. Men come around me even when i am in my plain state (no make up,not dressed up)and if there is an attraction i can usually get a date or a kiss. The kiss will let me know if its going any further. If the kiss wasnt good, we are not gonna be dating. If it is, ooohweeee. I get along with male friends better than females who are very catty. I dont like bullshit and i am hardheaded and stubborn about what i like and dont like. It drives my kids (taurus and sagitarious)crazy but they love me and depend on me even tho we all try to get our own way. Not a dull moment, we either having heated conversations,or laughing hysterically, or taking a time out from each other. Lots of spice here!! I love all the comments about the scorpio experiences. Just gotta live fully out no matter what you are…only i chance in this life to make your life matter.

  23. It is amazing that this post has been generating comments for over 2 years now. I am a Scorpio and I agree we can frustrate anyone who takes an interest to us or cares for us. Trying to understand someone who is focused on the pain of the world is an impossible mission. You peer into my head to try and comprehend what my thoughts are and you may be transported to the other side of the world or maybe 20 years in the future. To be an evolved Scorpio is to have an almost omniprescent sense of what’s going on everywhere and still noice the small details like an Eagle. Yet the fact that we don’t focus on the “small things” because we are looking beyond them mystifies and frustrates some. This energy and insight is our responsibility and I have been fine tuning my “Eagle’s Eye View” as soar above common consciousness. Scorpios that I know and myself included don’t plot revenge. However we do agree that bad karma from crossing or betraying seems to come fast and furious to those who tread on us.

  24. My father was a Scorpio. It was easy to read his energy, if he was lying, hiding something, etc bc he is ScorpioI suppose. To this day, I find it very easy to know what a Scorpio male is thinking or feeling without him saying anything. For this reason, they are often very, VERY attracted to me. Even if I leave them. BUT, I always see the Scorpio stinger come out and I hate it!
    My father was evil, violent and exerted power only over who he perceived as weak. They few times I was hoping he would step up and exert some real power over some real situations to help me out, he simply folded or ran from the challenge.
    It’s hard for me to go past this view of Scorpio as the tormentor/tormented. I can’t see them as powerful bc I saw my father was sniveling. Sorry.
    My father was never on my team and was very good at betraying that bond and never followed thru on promises. I actually really do hope Karma comes through. Hahaha! I’m just kidding….I let go of that desire but I’m still wary of Scorps. Females, I like though. My aunt was a Scorpio female and was very kind to me. I heard negative things as I grew older but I only care about how she treated me. And she treated me very well. I think both were cheaters, though. Funny enough.

  25. Oh how being a Scorps is of so much beauty but yet of burden all at the same time. Sun, Merc, Venus, Pluto all in Scorps and that 8th house energy is so amazing to have but a burden to the people who don’t appreciate the loving nutrients. It reminds of your other blog entry about Scorps amputation and in some way that links for me. When people don’t appreciate, I amputate. When people are sucking me dry, I amputate. When people moan about what I’ve done TO them instead of FOR, I amputate. Sad but very true.

    It is very true when you say that people should stop moaning about we have done to YOU have you looked at what we’ve done FOR you?! They haven’t because they’re too busy moaning about being stung due to their own stupidity and instead of taking responsibility blame us for it. *sigh*

    My mother is also a Scorps as is my Aunt and a few cousins. My mother and I sting each other quite often and to be honest the truth hurts but in some weird way it’s brought us closer. I use to be one of those who would moan about what she’s done TO me instead of what she’s done FOR me. I’ve realised that she’s done a lot, more than most in fact and has taught me the number 1 Scorps weapon of having patience to find the truth. We’ll give enough rope to watch someone hang themselves and then amputate for the deciet and lack of appreciation.

    But I do like this entry though, we don’t look for the thanks or the appreciations but just saying it out of courtesy wouldn’t go amiss. What ever did happen to manners and courtesy?!

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    complaining today

    check this out!

    female MOMMY scorpions carry their babies on their back until they are strong enough to live on their own! YES ON THEIR BACKS!!

    find this so interesting, this speaks to the “burdensome” experiences of scorpios. the mythical phoenix is also said to have a capacity to carry HUGE burdens.


    as i get older, i get tired of all these burdens, i want to simplify my life, want to lighten up and enjoy more, yet find myself still carrying burdens, and oftentimes willingly. however, this has taken its toll on my health and i feel has also cheated me of having more joy in my life. i feel much older than my actual age, yet have the experience of people perceiving me as younger than i actually am. what a strange paradox!

    sometimes i wonder if i take on the burdens of helping others because of that attract-repel dynamic that plays out with scorpios, and how difficult it is for others to get close to us and stay around.

    it is as if my options for human contact are very often based on providing help and attention to others, because they do not easily come to me. is it because of that “appearance” of strength? that hard shell, “ectoderm” of the scorpio that belies the softness and depth inside? this apparent toughness that repels? yet, when I let down my guard, it seems that many people are also repelled by that. it is as if because I appear to be strong, i have no right to complain or be vulnerable. i have carried many babies in the form of helping many, many people. however, who carries me?

    GEEZ, I also want and need to be taken care of!!!

    Tired of the burdens…

    Need love, appreciation, help, TENDERNESS….

    I ask this of this universe, GOD, help and some TLC for this exhausted Scorpio, autoinmune burdened, single mom!!

  27. Sun Scorpio 4°33’43 in house 12
    Ascendant Scorpio 9°53’36
    Mercury Scorpio 18°51’55 in house 1
    Venus Scorpio 1°01’19 in house 12
    Jupiter Scorpio 10°27’36 in house 1
    Neptune Scorpio 4°31’06 in house 12
    Moon Taurus 13°43’36 in house 7

    House position (Placidus)
    8th House Gemini 9°05’33

    Those are the important planets in my chart, and I am quite proud of them!!

  28. OH, & our of curiosity, what is Placidus?

    Is it the “placid” aspect of your astrological profile?

    the balancing element perhaps?

    or…. I projecting, I have Saggitarius, Virgo & Libra influences.

    playful, LOYAL, & tend to strive for BalancE.

    Anywho & silly-willy joKe aside. I am in fact interested in what Placidus means. 😉

  29. Elsa,

    Do you have a twitter account. I would love to speak with you about this. This is so interesting and btw, LOVE your blog.

  30. When I was young thought I was born in a different family I thought that there’s some thing wrong with my family . I was always hard headed and I liked things my way I was sweat and bitter because but deep down I always believed. In my self I knew I was special . I had my opinion snd that was it I joined the navy at 18 boy I’m glad I did it was against my families wishes and tradition and culture that the girls join the navy . And I met my first love and he saw I was confused he’s a Scorpio . He gave me a book about astrology And was I Sooooooo happy to read about all the true traits about us and I’m so happy to be a scorpio . If I wasn’t I would be Sooooo jelouse !!!!! All that intensity ! Pasion ! Energy ! Love it !!! And btw we got married and have 5 children together would not want to be married to some one else !! Love my scorp snd love being one. Because Scorpios do make the world beautiful !!!!!

  31. I just want to add my 2 cents here. I have mentioned in a recent post elsewhere that I love Scorpios. Reason being I have both a brother and a sister who are Scorpios. Know why I love them? They always tell you the truth. They are brutally honest when you need them to be. And if they aren’t, it means they don’t give a damn about you. They are brutally honest about your good points too. Want an upper? Ask them what they see as your good points. And if they care…they are the best at showing you they care.

    1. Here is the caveat of Scorpio truth telling.

      In this day and age, life is not about truth any more. It’s about Image, and how you make yourself appear. I mean via social media, and any other way you’d present yourself. Most people have some sort of hidden wound, inner pain, or trauma they are trying to ignore. I believe this is what makes social interactions so difficult for me, because I am often “tied up” internally with my own issues. Running into someone with similar wounds will trigger my own wounds, and then I can hardly keep up with the conversation because I am being slapped (energetically) in the face with the realization of someone else’s issues that they themselves are either blind to, or they are trying to hide. I end up making people angry when I try to relieve the pressure by speaking on it, and more oft than not, it drives people away.

      I’ve just started considering that maybe people just don’t care about the truth anymore, and being who I am is not something people care for.

  32. Hello again! I just wanted to let you know that this site is truly excellent – really amazing how insightful it is.

    My Scorpio is the one I’ve loved who cut me out a few months ago. I’m a Sagittarius I (November 26).

    There was just something about him…I met him at a party in December of ’08, and it was this sort of – instant connection. He was (still is) tall, handsome, funny, and ever-watching. We seemed to hit it off quite well, I think, but I didn’t get his number and didn’t expect to see him again.

    A few months later, we did run into each other. I remember seeing this hot, tall, gangly guy sitting on a bench, and I asked my friend who he was. Turns out that it was him (I’ll call him Liam). One thing I was drawn to about him was his gaze. He always seemed to be where I was, always watching.

    Case in point: A few weeks later, I saw him again. We didn’t speak, but our cars were parked next to each other, and my Libra mother started talking to his younger brother. I came over and just sort of leaned against my car, only half-listening, until – voila – Liam came out of his car and stood right in front of me. Only about two feet away.

    And he stared. I was texting on my phone, pretending to ignore him, and I could very plainly feel his eyes on me. When I did look up, he quickly averted his gaze, and then resumed staring. It was so very blatant…I was really intrigued by that. Could he possibly like ME, of all people?

    We did have a lot in common, but we never saw each other much after that – just communicated over email. I found out he was dating his now ex-girlfriend three months later. It tore me up, really, though now I can’t say precisely why. I’d liked being the center of his focus over the summer, though.

    Fast-forward to December of that year. Another party. And again, we saw each other. And again, everywhere I went, he followed. He stared, I stared, and yet we didn’t speak. I didn’t even think he would have remembered me. I do recall feeling insanely jealous when two pre-teen girls started chatting with him, but he continued to look over at me, like: ‘Do you see me? Are you paying attention? Come over and talk.’ I don’t think he was very interested in those girls, but I didn’t talk to him, though I did go near him on purpose to see his reaction; he just….stared at me while I got a drink, and then returned to my seat.

    It felt good, actually, practically disobeying him. I can’t deny that 😉

    He was still dating his girlfriend, though, which sort of turned me off…

    Anyway, those are the events that led up to our friendship and how it crashed and burned.

    Do you think he was interested?

  33. sure, in you and every other sexually desirable woman he sees. unless you actually had a relationship it means nothing. it’s just attraction. not always, but most people with prominent scorpio are extremely observant, and your game playing is easily recognizable. this puts you in the category of people not to take seriously. sounds like he likes to flirt too. that’s all!

  34. My Scorpio male friend of 18 years, “helped” me to see that I would be happier and healthier if I lost some weight. I have sprained my ankles several times, so having extra weight on me, hurts my ankles. I have lost some weight now, and my ankles feel much better. I really did not like him telling me that though. 🙂

  35. The thing about Scorpios is that if they turn thier energies inward they show the worst. If they focus them outwards as into a pretection they shine.

  36. Thank you so much Elsa for this informative article on the power of Scorpio..and I also appreciate the many insightful comments and stories of other fellow readers speaking of their unique scorpionic journeys and influences throughout their lives..let us all delve a little deeper and soar ever so higher, shall we?

  37. Taurus here:

    I have dated exactly one (1) Scorpio woman and so help me God, I’ll never do it again. You can keep your ego, your drama and your nasty vindictive side to yourself. Wallow in it for all I care.

    As for the men? Known two so far and both of them turned out to be douchebags. One in particular screwed over a best friend of mine to the tune of $20,000.00. Yeah… Scorpios…pfft. You can have ’em.

  38. Avatar

    Thank you so much elsa.

    I think this is the main reason why we amputate. Giving energy kills us and we need to be reborn. If the energy taker isn’t giving anything back then why stick around?

    1. Typical cold scorpio outlook. Nice!

      Perhaps the ‘energy taker’ you describe is in fact NOT taking but is being overpowered by your so called energy giving, probably didn’t even ask for your energy in the first place but you pour it out over the “chosen” from your own free will, yet unlike most other signs, you don’t do it altruistically, there are catches, motives and tests that go with it.

      It’s totally sick and vindictive to target a person who is ‘normal’, that is thinks with a mix of head/heart, in such a black/white manner then amputate them or constantly complain about how they have let you down when they don’t live up to your unrealistic expectations!

      I have found the two scorpio females I’ve known to be the same, they appear to be very giving and generous, and are, but it’s not truly giving because there is so much expected in return! It’s more like an energy loan and they want INTEREST on the repayment, and if you can’t simply because you are your own unique person, man will they make you pay. Via cruel, vindictive emotional torture and obstinate, almost childish twisting of situations to suit a deeply hurtful ‘sting’ outcome for them.

      A scorpio (female) is only capable of being nice while they think something is in it for themselves, be it the chance to mould you into their ideal man (an awful idea that should have died out years ago), using you for your status/power, or simply to leech every bit of emotional intensity out of you until you are bled dry, used up and discarded cos you can’t give any more.

      Scorpio are truly the most unforgiving creatures I’ve ever met and have no idea what ‘have a heart’ means. Most people who get angry and disagree will attempt to make things right before sunset, afterall life is too short, but scorpio? no way, they thrive on suffering, firstly their own imagined suffering over the smallest, least harm meant, slights which they amplify into massive problems/drama, then in time, the suffering of the ‘offender’. No matter how much the offender shows regret, sorrow, and apologises, the scorpio never lets it go. They constantly attack even in calm waters just when you assume peace is restored. They also seem to think only their hurt counts for anything, and that your hurt is something to be smiled at and discounted as irrelevant!

      The more you bleed for a scorpio the more they take advantage, it’s such a horrible and sad situation and surely they are the ones who, for all their bluster and so called ‘strength’, end up hurt most, through their own awful cold actions and lack of forgiveness. If you treat scorpio cold to ‘please’ them, they will show interest, but it’s not love, it’s not warmth, it’s all just another ego game and you will never win. YOu can’t win against someone who changes the rules every time you try to make peace. They are NEVER happy and blame everyone else for never being happy.

      Also they are very judgemental, they talk viciously about others to you, and no doubt about you to others yet act like angels to your face.

      I loved a scorpio woman for years, unconditionally, even through her faults and my own heartaches based on her actions and lack of fairness, and in the end I amounted to nothing more than a list of my flaws and a man emptied of all I had good in me (in her eyes) before she sucked me dry with her impossible to please personality.

      In summation Scorpio females are vindictive, possessive, jealous, paranoid, unforgiving, spiteful, cruel, stubborn and worst of all, absolute hypocrites. They can hurt you daily and it’s all part of ‘living’ yet you can accidentally upset them and apologise fast but be stung/reminded of your mistake every day for the rest of your life (if you allow it).

      You have to be a weak willed mo-fo to put up with the constant drama, nagging and domination of the scorpio female. If you have strong will of you own, forget it, because while most of us with strong will still know about a little thing called ‘compromise’ and posses altruism and compassion, the scorpio female doesn’t! Every good turn from them is a test to be repaid or noted as a ‘fail’ for use against you in the future, every attempt to appeal to their kind nature (which they occasionally show if they stand to gain from it) falls on deaf ears, and your own real pain is simply dismissed as histrionics, laughed at and ignored while their ‘pain’ over the most stupid or long forgotten (by most) reasons is what comes to define you in their eyes.

      Simply put, scorpio females are wonderful while they are getting something from you, but if you start to take control of yourself, back from them, they will simply discard you, make you feel worthless, and when you adapt and move on they will attempt to follow you, play to your heart , then hurt you over and over again without remorse or real sadness in their own actions.

      In essence, I will never trust a scorpio again as long as I live. I put all I had into the one I loved while also maintaining my own sense of self, I’m not a doormat, and eventually when they deemed it was time, they just cut you off then play hot/cold mindgames for nothing more than entertainment. They seem to not care one bit that others have hearts that can be hurt too, so long as they feel in control and the one causing the heartache they appear to be fine. They get off on being heart breakers while most of us normal people ‘get off’ on finding peaceful loving compromise and fun.

      Pisces man here telling it how it is, the most altruistic and compassionate/forgiving of all signs treated like absolute **** by a scorpio woman once she’d had all the goodness from me and saw my bad sides rear up through frustration and manipulation (tests) on her part.

      My warning is – do not trust a scorpio woman. She may not be intending to hurt you, but eventually she will and knowingly, and not care one bit that she does.

  39. Avatar
    A Virgo Male 26yrs..

    Hi Elsa,,
    I am a virgo male and I love a scorpio girl..
    She liked me so much but now started to say I am just a friend only..
    Recently she got successful in career and is surrounding her with lot of successful people and many boys among them too..
    she is freezing me out.. I didn’t even figured out whats going on yet..
    she used to say that “no one ever in her life loved her so much as I DO”..
    she was possessive of me,, like she didn’t wanted me having good time with other girls or taking any of them in my bike..
    she was so excited to see me every time before,, and was connected so much emotionally..
    I used to support her in every means possible to me..She says I was just an episode of her life and it is almost ended..
    At a point of time she said that in next birth we shall be together..
    Many times I sensed she giving me chances and giving notions..
    No talks from a couple of months.. It hurts deeply.. 🙁 me too keeping silent since a hard talk she made.. told me she “JUST LIKE ME BUT DONT LOVE ME”..
    and added even if she has a little feeling for me,, it will be gone by a two or three years of time.. Like showing so much of maturity and knowledge..
    I just love her so much.. is there any way if she will come back.. What do I do…. 🙁

  40. HI, this is a very old post so I’m not sure I’ll get a response. I’m a virgo girl who met and fell in love with a scorpio man then he cheated and I decided to take him back and give it another go but I just couldn’t trust him and he said that he only wanted a casual relationship as it wasn’t working. Stupidly I went along with this as I was too scared to lose him. This went on for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore as he was looking for another girlfriend. Also around this time he had been writing mean things about me on twitter so I confronted him about this and asked him to stop. He replied to me on twitter saying he didn’t want to be with me and didn’t want to be friends. It really hurt and that was last communication I’ve had since then (nearly 3 months ago).

    I can’t get over him and have been checking what he’s writing on twitter and he’s spent the last few months pointed out all of the things he doesn’t like about me and at times saying things like you’re my one true love but I know I can’t change etc. However, I know that he’s in another relationship so why is he playing these mind games. Is it just that he hates me and is getting some sadistic pleasure from the thought that i will hurt me if I read it. Because he’s made the comments in a subtle way if I confronted him he would deny it and say I’m paranoid.

    I’m so hurt and want to confront him. Also despite all of this I still have very strong feelings for him. I think I made the mistake of letting him know I had such strong feelings.

    If anyone has any advice that would be great. I realise that I don’t have to read what he writes and have stopped.

  41. Umm freaky or what? Old post from 2009, two posts above from last 30 days …. one is a scorp male in love with a virgo girl, the next one is a virgo female in love with a scorp male.

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