I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 2: Laziness!

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This is studying, right?

Another problem with Grand Trines is pure laziness. Sometimes when someone with a Grand Trine fails to execute, it’s not so much that they don’t know how to do what they need to do, but that they don’t want to.

I am a prime example of this. Not only do I have a Grand Trine, but 4 of the planets are in Leo. Do you have any idea how much lions sleep!? In the wild, lions sleep up to 20 hours per day (more after a good meal!), and that sleep is broken pretty much only to find food and mate, then it’s back to bed. I won’t lie – it’s a pretty great life! But it’s not exactly an accomplished one.

When I was a kid, I was in the gifted/talented program in school. The teacher always warned us that, even though our classes were easy now, we should develop strong study skills for the future. She told us that she’d seen too many smart kids sail through school only to hit a wall when they faced a real challenge. So what did my Grand Trine ass think when faced with this wisdom? Pffffffffft. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. IF I get to it.

See? This wasn’t me not having an opportunity to develop skills. It was a refusal. It seemed like a lot of work to put in when I didn’t have to. So why bother? And I nearly got away with it. I glided through high school and most of college without ever having to study a day in my life. Until I got to Advanced Latin. Suddenly it wasn’t enough to just pay attention in class and let my near-photographic memory do the work. No, the class was too rigorous and fast-paced for that. You just can’t learn 40 new words and several new grammatical principals and 10 nonsensical idioms in 50 minutes and have it stick. But I tried to anyway. Because I wasn’t going to study, all right? I wouldn’t do it. But that refusal didn’t stop the tests from coming, or stop the professor from calling on me to translate on the fly when I had no earthly idea what the text said. In the end, I got my first B. It was a B MINUS, actually. Maybe that’s not bad in the scheme of things, but I’ll tell you one thing: Over a decade later, I STILL have nightmares about Latin class.

Has there ever been a time when laziness got in your way? How did you handle it?

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6 thoughts on “I Hate My Grand Trine Pt. 2: Laziness!”

  1. I’m lazy all the time! But not due to grand trines – more like my bewildered Mars in Libra in 12th, I think.
    How do I cope? I try to kick myself to do things, or do them when there’s simply no other way.
    Yeah… feels like like a flat Mars to me.

  2. A friend of mine has a water trine: 2H Neptune, 7H Saturn/Chiron conjunction, and 10H Mars/Jupiter conjunction and Venus. Her 9H Moon squares her 12H Pluto/Uranus conjunction. Self admittedly, she does not possess inertia and a healthy self esteem. Therefore, she stayed in a physically abusive marriage and dead-end jobs until she experienced her Chiron Return. At that point, enough was enough. Now, in her early 50’s, she’s a whole new woman! You go girl!

  3. Grand Trine in Capricorn SUN MERC and MARS in 9th house. I aced cramming sessions- 5 minutes to exam – in HS – and still aced it. In college, was different – I actually loved studying and doing research.

    For Cappy is different. Once a responsibility is thrust upon me, I actually thrive in completing it.

    For Leos, I believe the 5th house of creativity is your forte. Pick an ambition that involve lots of self-expression (5th house activities) ….

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