Saturn Square Neptune In Pisces – In Reality, It’s Not Ideal At All

sagittarius adRecently, I am so aware of how imperfect everyone’s life is.  In modern times, idealism peaked around 2008 with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. I wrote a lot about the mass delusion back then. With Saturn set to square Neptune over the next two years…here comes the reality check.

What I notice, is everyone is affected. I don’t know a single soul right now, who’s not got some kind of hardship or burden to bear.   It’s so different from a dozen years ago when so many people were beanie-baby obsessed. It’s so different from when people believed you could cut out a picture of a man or a car, stick it on a bulletin board and these things would be yours!

In a way, I see that last as fake, inflated “spirituality”(Jupiter Neptune).  It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of. Not to denigrate fairy tales. We’re just not in that mode at this time.

Right now, Saturn is headed back into Scorpio – Last Chance To Deal With Scorpio-Themed Problems.  Death is real. It’s everywhere.

When we wrap up with that, Saturn will head back into Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces for two years.  Think in terms of “real” spirituality and TRUE compassion as opposed to the bullshit kind where you cut and paste your love! 

I have Venus square Neptune natally. I would like to deny limits when it comes to love and money, but really that just makes me delusional…part of the problem.  We’re all going to have to come up with beliefs that are grounded (Saturn) in truth (Sagittarius).

As an example. I’m shopping for a house at this time. A person wants their house to be worth a certain amount of money and it just may not be worth that amount.

As a buyer, I am willing to pay what your house is worth. There isn’t much I can do make up the difference between what it is worth and what you want it to be worth. This is heartbreaking.

It’s heartbreaking for me, too. I don’t want to buy a house and have someone feel they are getting robbed. Consequently, I have to look until I find someone who has or will come to terms with what is real today, which most likely has little to do with what appeared to be real a few years ago.  The situation is less than ideal from any angle. It makes me feel sick to think about it.

However, we’re talking about houses here.  Some people have overvalued themselves – High Flying People Come Down To Earth.  That’s got to be even worse.

Have you been hit by hard truths lately?

This is going to be a BIG topic in 2015/16. If you want a jump on understanding this, check out Coping With The Saturn Neptune Square.

Also see tag – Saturn Neptune

33 thoughts on “Saturn Square Neptune In Pisces – In Reality, It’s Not Ideal At All”

  1. I still believe you can create your future by imagining what you want and then set about to make it happen.maybe more work involved than a vision board,but you do create what you want.Neptune is only 3 degrees from my natal moon and I do agree about the compassion and spirituaity.I’m all about helping out, I just don’t want to help those who can help themselves. like the “go fund me” for vacations on facebook. Really? you want me to give $’s to someone I don’t know so they can go on vacation? now that is an over inflated ego.

  2. Yes I have. And I have the Saturn Neptune square natally. I felt wretched enough the other night to call my accountability partner and ask her to pray for me. I have always been a proponent of silly spirituality. Wishing on candles. Making collages that express my desire for true to the marrow love and to a much lesser extent material things such as a decent truck and a nice house. Lately I have been praying hard and am searching for a church home.

  3. I just see a lot of people realizing, not only that this might be as good as it gets, but that they’ve seriously (Saturn) lucky (Sagittarius) they have what they have…and they may not be able to keep it.

  4. I believe that is just what’s happening to me, and my family right now. In 2008 we were struck with the reality that the way we lived would never be the same again. Illness came in with that news/reality and it would take these 7 years (like the 7-year-itch) to adjust, adapt and ground our truth. Scorpio is strong in my natal chart, as is Capricorn (and therefore, Saturn). Neptune’s influence is to water down my suffering (for that was built-in) while it also brings spirituality with all the tidal influences.

    Now, with Saturn retrograde and heading into Scorpio we(my husband and I) are being hit with later life and aging reality. Our bodies are wearing down. The deeply rooted spirituality IS FUNDAMENTAL, and that keeps me from simply checking out. Your advice, “We’re all going to have to come up with beliefs that are grounded (Saturn) in truth (Sagittarius)” is solid wisdom. What does work for me is the long-sustainable values. But, I really appreciate the grit of it, making me feel very real, old and not in the way, for all the hard work it takes to get here.

    I’m looking forward to Jupiter going direct, and will hitch my hard-working ass to Jupiter who is in my Natal 11th House in Sagittarius.

  5. It’s like tsunami coming through. Did you see this thing?

    People have got to adjust their expectations.

    This is EVERYWHERE. The drought in California…the salaries of superstars who can no longer sell movie tickets. Paula Deen.

    I could go on and on. And I’m afraid I am ahead of the curve on this…as always. Which means it’s going to be punishing.

    I hear people make statements that are so far off-base, I’ve just learned to nod.

    We’re going to buy a house and as soon as we do, it’s value is going to drop. Odds it recovers it’s value in our lifetimes (if ever) would be very iffy.

    Consequently, I’ve come up with beliefs that fit this era.

    1. I’ve been ahead of the curve my whole life, too though that’s not always the way I framed my experiences. Now, “ideal” means far different expectations down to the penny.

  6. hi elsa, thanks for your insight and beautiful blog!
    ….what if you lost everything ( thank you uranus-pluto)
    do you still think this is as good as it gets? because that is heartbreaking deppressig….how do those who lost everything should cope with the saturn neptune square?…
    thank you..
    and good luck in your new home:-)

    1. thank you for the key note…I hope you meen saturn-neptune will help build a true authentic reality- I find myself recieving comfort from the course in miracles mantra: “I accept attonment for myself. I align with my purpose”.
      Thank you for welcoming me to your site:-)

  7. Somewhat. But I am trying to work around it. It is my challenge. And what is still most important does not change.

  8. Yeah, people get really strange with respect to this issue! This post reminded me that when we bought a house (1986) the woman hadn’t had any bites for a very long time, and we came in with a reasonable offer. She had no choice but to accept it, since he husband had already left and was living in another state. She got really mad and immediately stopped watering the yard, which had looked beautiful. By the time the escrow closed, the yard was dry and quite unkempt. The seller also did not disclose that there was a paranoid schizophrenic living next door who refused to take her medicine in order to stabilize her condition. The seller was also into witchcraft and I had to do a clearing on the house really soon after we moved in. She got angry and took it out on us because we didn’t pay what she thought the house was worth!

    1. Not surprising. it’s got to suck to take a huge hit on your house…no doubt about it. But in many cases like this, a year later your house is worth even less. 🙁

  9. If I recall correctly, we came in at 5K below the seller’s asking price. Of course, that was a lot more money in 1986. But even now, 5K is a fair amount of money when the economic cards are stacked against most consumers.

    I have a neighbor who is literally a prisoner of her mortgage, which is actually the case all over my condo complex. People won’t or can’t buy here because while they usually qualify for the mortgage, they often can’t qualify when the HOA fee is added in. (It’s just gone up to $260/mo which is very high and in addition the place is mismanaged.) My neighbor has literally gone crazy over this “underwater” situation. It’s made her extremely ill physically and mentally/emotionally. There is no way to win in the situation, she may never break even and is approaching age 70. And so many millions of people are affected by this same issue it makes me really sad.

  10. Well, I think I am doing teh hitting.

    I have a natal water trine: Neptune (4)-Chiron (8) -Venus/Mars (12). My Chiron Return arrived (8) and I decided to step out of the shadows and state who I am without fear and with the intention of no longer being hidden or wrongly labeled (12), particularly in the context of my family (4) where the secrets and lies originated. That revelation exposes the family secrets and lies and shocks people into realizing they have been lied to and/or have a different place in the family than they thought for decades. It is causing some people to be delusional to protect themselves from the impact of the truth. It has also caused my wo sisters to use rage and threats to try to force me to deny the truth of who I am because it places them in an entirely different light.

  11. I went back and looked at the ephemeris, because that was a very transitional time for me. It looks like the Jup/Nep conj was May 2009 at 26′ AQU…. it was a bizarre time.

  12. Yup, I saw this coming wayyyyyyy back, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. I kept asking myself how people could possibly continue living off of so much debt and deceiving themselves that they could have so much without paying the piper. It has gone on so long that I was beginning to doubt my take on the situation after so many years. There are egos that are unrealistically inflated, lifestyles unrealistically inflated, investments unrealistically inflated, the list goes on and on. Things are finally going to become real in a very painful way and yes I do agree it is going to be sad for these people who have deceived themselves or been decieved. We simply can not go on like this forever and the truth is it will need to get really bad before people will be ready to get a grip on the new reality. Everything is cyclical and our grandparents lived through such times. They suffered greatly for sure through scarcity. In spite of that there was a cohesive sense of community and that was uplifting.I think we will see in the future a return, slowly to these values and a new growing sense of self-sufficiency. We are going to have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and return to better values and care for one another.

  13. I’m in trouble if I don’t get a hard skill to work so I’m likely going to get a vet tech license at a local college. The director doesn’t want me to do both vet tech stuff and pre vet work but I’m going to psych him out and when I’m done I’m going to say “guess I do want to be a vet.” Thing is according to him “I’m not focused” but reality is I have bills to pay and debt to pay off so I need something stable now. I find it hard to believe I can’t get a job while going to school. I think a 3.7 GPA may be doable but in the meantime I need sustenance. The tricky part is whether I should take courses at a local college finish in 2 years or do it privately and finish in less than a year for no license, vet assistant with out security for a job but listings and references. I hate decisions like this. What’s sad for me is that while this transit was going on I thought I could make it in the music industry I was so stupid. I did have talent but the group/band wasn’t there. And when we did have it I blew it! I broke up the band so it wasn’t meant to be. Plus I was always passionate for animals it just was on the back burner for the arts fad. I feel bad because in high school I knew I wanted to be a vet but then this music craze. Feel like I almost blew my time away, its such a pity. But at least now I know. Hope an ironic thing doesn’t happen. Praying above for help to the Creator if you know what that feels like. Surrendering my problems to a higher power and doing something about it helps so much. I can’t just say ‘please give me help to get a good deal on a car’ I have to do something about it. Things are improving for me but its a long path. Luckily I have experience around animals since I can remember so I feel fine doing this. Anyway where did I get off tangent. Oh yeah. I am worried about how I am going to pay off student loans, of course! Something tells me I have to do the vet assistant job and take courses in pre-vet studies. 🙂

    1. Thing is according to him “I’m not focused” but reality is I have bills to pay and debt to pay off so I need something stable now. I find it hard to believe I can’t get a job while going to school. I think a 3.7 GPA may be doable but in the meantime I need sustenance. The tricky part is whether I should take courses at a local college finish in 2 years or do it privately and finish in less than a year for no license, vet assistant with out security for a job but listings and references.

      Becoming an actual vet is very difficult. You need to get a GPA in the 3.9’s just to get into vet school. It can be done, but you’d really need to move that GPA up. That said, if you can get the vet tech license, you’re pretty made indefinitely. (Nursing, in all forms, is where it’s at.)

      If you can manage to double up and do the pre-vet stuff and get the license at the CC, that’d be the best play. If the private stuff doesn’t give you a license, it’s not worth it, because at best, in the end, you’ll wind up going to the CC anyways.

      [‘My ex went through this…so.’]

      1. Thanks! yeah mom thinks so too and only bc mom says so I think I should get the license haha. I don’t want to regret anything let alone not taking my mom’s good advice and your reminder 🙂

  14. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Hi Victoria, as an animal lover myself, I admire your determination! Have you compared the pay scale and job market in your area for licensed vet tech vs. non-licensed vet assistant? The local community college classes should be less expensive, and perhaps you can qualify for scholarships and grants to cover most of the cost. Also, might there be some other animal related career you could work towards with less expensive education but plenty of stability even in a tough economy? If you have experience with horses, you might check out equine massage therapy — fairly short and reasonably priced training. Wishing good luck to you!

    1. Hi WH I have worked with horses, but I just fed them and groomed them at a farm and I walked them with children with developmental disabilities. However as much as I love horses and sometimes wish I could be a stallion in a next life (haha) I want to work as a zoo vet. I love what they do they are so lucky! But yes people are telling me left and right to be licensed. Signs wise, 3/4 say go get your vet tech license, 1 says vet assistant to see if its what you want to do. But I already worked with animals in different settings and loved it so I know what to expect. I think the tech thing may work for now. had to sleep on it. thanks!

  15. It’s heartbreaking for me, too. I don’t want to buy a house and have someone feel they are getting robbed. Consequently, I have to look until I find someone who has or will come to terms with what is real today, which most likely has little to do with what appeared to be real a few years ago. The situation is less than ideal from any angle. It makes me feel sick to think about it.

    Someone who is underwater, is underwater (particularly if they bought pre-bust), and in a rural area, prices almost certainly won’t be coming back any time too soon. Especially with the oil bust playing out. (I lived through the S&L crisis at ground zero. Not fun.)

    That said, you are likely doing people a favor (prices fall because no one is buying), so while they may be upset at letting go, you’ve got nothing to feel bad about. Things will come back….eventually, but it’s gonna be awhile.

    Have you been hit by hard truths lately?

    I’ve been pounded hard enough for the last couple of years, that I’m not sure the truth could get any harder.

    [‘That is, it’s not quite as bad as it seemed, so there’s that.’]

  16. I’ve had a looong go of Saturn transits, having libra and scorpio stelliums. Before that pluto transited every one of my planets, most before the age of eighteen. I’ve had a lot of hardship. A lot of it self imposed; I’m not complaining. Just trying to illustrate the tone of my life so far. I’ve always been a spiritual person; even before I understood what spirituality was. But I never understood my place. I never understood why god would choose me to talk to if I couldn’t share my experiences. It kind of stopped with me in a way.
    I have neptune in the 12th sextile my sun natally.

    I think the combo of years of Saturn transits and now neptune aspectint my moon and venus along with Saturn entering my 12th has given me a different perspective. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding and loving god. Now, I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t know if it means living an average life or meditating under a tree and not cutting my hair. But that promise has been made. I’m committing to finding the Truth.

    Eta: I did look into all that law of attraction etc. stuff. I liked some of it. I liked that it got people at least acknowledging that they had a soul. I think that the law of attraction is part of the big picture but a small one. I think those people that were profiting from that were not giving the full picture.

    1. Hey Libra Noir – I’m in much the same boat as you. Saturn in the 12th transit as well right now. I’ve found this man’s writings helpful – the organization he founded is interesting too. Most pragmatic & non-bullshitty approach to spirituality I’ve encountered – might interest you.

  17. Have exact Saturn/ Neptune square natally, like everyone born around 80s! Hope i can go through it easely 🙂

    1. So these would be folks in their thirties. Thanks for the info. That’s one age group I really don’t have contacts in. Now that it has my attention, they will probably be popping up.

  18. Yes, reality has been knocking on my door. I’m also feeling a deep need to connect more with spirituality, but I guess it’s more related to jupiter transiting my 8th house.

    Btw, does anyone has an idea abt this saturn neptune square being in the 12th and 4th house respectively? (not to mention saturn will be also conjuncting my sun…)

  19. Historically speaking, it is funny that the hardest truths were 2000-2008 for me. I knew something was up about my bio unit already in the 90s, but then I saw it in my work environments as well. I made it through 2008-2012 somehow by delving into a an area of interest or two. It wasn’t the world scene or the national scene, it was very localized in my immediate environment. The uranus pluto square has been a time of creating some personal freedom for myself and encouraging it in those around me as well. And deciding how to approach life again knowing what I now know. I most likely spent a whole jupiter cycle in shock at the hard realities. Double speak. What I did not think about until yesterday, when the ton of bricks lifted, is that I was probably working through my natal aspects to uranus and pluto during the square. Duh. I am going to check the jupiter neptune thing since neptune will be opposing natal jupiter soon enough. And jupiter in virgo will be opposing neptune in pisces like when, next year? I kind of am chuckling because I have decided what would be my ideal course of action at this time. 😀 Like you write jupiter neptune idealism. 😀 I like the dream. I think it is do-able.

  20. Peoples fantasy lands are being squashed and as they notice this happening they (actions) get worse. Some not

    A lot of people are “physically”sick right now because of “emotional” hang ups. Some not

    I’ve noticed a lot mean spirited antics in the form of emotional manipulation.

    Stubbornness as well

    There is also a lot of good out there, just hard to find at this moment.

    “Everyone thinks everyone else is better” that kind of stuff has got to go

    House hunting very emotional, but tv shows make it look fun with happy perfect couples looking for perfect things.

  21. Saturn retro in sag is bringing out the liars and making the lies themselves very hard to believe,

    It’s gettin’ round’ to be wake up time

  22. I recently made the decision to stay with my fiance. I realized we will be together till the end. he’s 20years older so more likely his end, but still. knowing we can do this. I can choose to not put him first and not short change myself,something Elsa said about tending to give and love without limits. its a nice idea,and well meaning, but for me, I’ve realised its time to value myself,my sanity, my needs for peace, space,time.what a foreign concept! you mean everyone else doesn’t come first? you mean I get to be happy too? holy shit! it’s those baby steps I see and feel every day, little light bulbs, or big ones in this case. I’m a Scorpio. things are all going to be ok. Its all ok.

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