Shellshocked! Adjusting To Pluto In Aquarius

bombSaturn and Pluto have changed signs. People seem shellshocked to varying degrees.  Basically, they’ve not adapted to the change which I think is understandable.

It may not have occurred to you, this would be good idea.  I think it’s the idea. I’ll make my case and you can decide.

I don’t know anyone who is not struggling in one way or the other right now. I don’t think this is normal. Why would it be happening?

I think it’s because the schema has changed. I’m not talking about the “new normal”. I’m talking about Saturn and Pluto changing signs.  We have moved ahead.

The Aquarius portion of this sees the change has come fast.  Meantime Saturn in Pisces is dissolving reality and security, round the clock, while seeming to be innocuous. I say that because the planet is well aspected right now.

Most people I talk to are trying to restore their lives or their reality or their sense of control; but we’re going back. This is like advancing to a new world in a video game.  You want to adapt as quickly as you can to your new field of play.

My website is a mundane example of this. I can’t restore it, I have to rebuild it. I can’t use the dev I’ve worked with for a dozen years, I have to… involve AI!

If you’re having a hard time, you might think about flushing everything behind you and getting your bearings in this new world. I think this is the faster way to get a handle on things. We are not going back!  It will never be like it was.  “Like it was” is long gone.

If you need help with this, call me. I live in future and I can show you around!

26 thoughts on “Shellshocked! Adjusting To Pluto In Aquarius”

  1. I have been fairly apprehensive about using/knowing about AI… Like “understand it”, as in knowing where it originated from, what’s the new aspect of it and so on.

    This week, while Mars and Pluto smashed up, I got a LOT of reading done. If I am to understand something new. Which, it’s really NOT. AI is NOT new. AI is possible only due to bigger and better processing power in machines. Yes, that creates bigger opportunities. Yes, it’s very unregulated and Wild West right now.

    But AI is not new. It’s been around for DECADES. The difference in AI now, is the use of it for “regular people”.

    AI is built on machine learning and different ways of how a machine learns. Supervised or unsupervised learning, reinforced learning models. The new aspect is how the algorithms are now able to calculate more data than we have seen in all human time.
    If you want to get ahead in this game, I suggest people go invest time in learning how machines learn, and which models are used to make the technology generative.

    There was algorithms, then big data, and then machine learning, which uses both to generate answers. It’s like a 2 year old kid, who knows a lot – but not everything. It’s very rudimentary still. But learning where AI and ML comes from would be a very good place to start. That way you are better at adapting to the new.

  2. In my state, our Governor declared us to be a sanctuary city. They bussed thousands of migrants in and then sheltered them, then cruelly dumped them out in the cold and snow, homeless. If they arent sleeping in a tent in the snow, they are buying up cars with no way to register them so they are driving around unlicensed and uninsured. We are getting hit and runs of pedestrians and the migrants are knocking on homeowners doors now begging for money. They closed down our DMVs and Rec centers cause they ran out of state money, now they are looking for more services to cut.

    People are furious the way this was handled. We are supposed to help people in an orderly and legal manner, but its being done so sloppily and cruelly that no matter if you are pro immigration or non, both sides are mad and its getting to be a big mess. Saturn needs to change signs and get this under control so people can be helped the proper way

    1. It is badly done S and causes social unrest.Simalar things are happening in other parts of the world. It is like some people are throw away… l am sorry your city has to deal with the fall out of this.

  3. Serious question I was pondering yesterday (and BTW so confused about Aquarius and Pluto in that sign)

    Is Aquarius independence or community or independence leave me alone within the community of humanity!?! Or is it get the f out I am weird and here it is.

    How did the old scholars of astrology view Aquarius back in the day?!? There was no AI, the was no high end technology so was it all about the mind-

    It gets very confusing to where my intuitive insight cannot even kick in and everything gets stuck in the here and now as if I cannot have a birds eye view of what is truly ‘Aquarius’ without the stigma of ‘today’s world’ aka Elon Musk brain chip or meta verse/techno take over.

    What are the bare bones without today’s influence- ugh! 🙁

    1. aquarius rules ” electricity” thats why the wave symbol in aquarius. It doesn’t rule robots or things that are empty. What keeps the robots/tech alive is the electricity. without it, it’s just a “shell” of nothing. So yeah, the past where there was no electricity and no AI, was where people (communities) gathered around and the wave of thought (electrical currents between people) is produced and you have groups/the common people /communities which aquarius rules. Also Lightning, which gives me a thought on the past/history with aquarius having the lightning symbol too. The AI is being produced because of the electricity and who is running the electricity? People have managed to create this because humanity has made leaps of progress with the resources. We still have solar energy (the sun) but we need electricity to power our homes inside though. So totally understand the confusion because all this AI talk. lol

      i guess with Elon Musks’s ambition to seek a future community on mars or something out there, he’s definitely using the power of electricity. Your question of community of humanity or independence. it would be just that, humanity. be it independent or in a community.

      1. Ohh i just had a epiphany how similar Leo/Aquarius is.. both are energy/power with the sun produces energy and lightning electricity is from the sky but needs water that is why the aquarius symbol of water jug. 😄

        1. you’re welcome ^^ i’m also trying to learn, and understand and now that pluto is in aquarius – it’s a great way to understand the sign’s energy, especially in conjunction to air.

    2. I’m pondering on this too. Aquarius is a social sign, and all about equal connections, we are all fellow travellers to the grave (as Aquarius Charles Dickens wrote), and there should never be a hierarchy.

      All the Air signs are social: Gemini is about communicating ideas and sharing information (shadow side being sharing gossip), Libra is how we appeal to others, how popular we are (how many likes on Insta do you have), and Aquarius is about the group dynamics (shadow side being cliques. No, you can’t sit with us)

      However, and this is something I have noticed with Sun Aquarius especially. And this is where Saturn comes in.

      Once an Aquarius joins a group as a newbie, they begin to establish themselves as the “head honcho” of the group (polar opposite Leo), ousting the previous leader of the pack along the way, and it worked because they’ve suddenly become everyone’s best friend (including the previous leader). And the Saturn bit is them setting THEIR new rules, replacing the old ones.

      The exception being if there is already an Aquarius in the group, then it becomes territorial and competitive.

      The detached side of Aquarius can be quite brutal! Everyone sees the Aquarius as their BFF, but the Aquarius never reciprocates that, as they’ve already selected and established their one and only best friend (usually someone they can have the upper hand with). The rest of them are just their delegates, it’s almost political!

      So maybe the Pluto Aquarius is about establishing your place in a group, where do you fit in the larger scale collective, and who is the Top Dog? Group politics could be a thing too.

      1. Just realised the seemingly inane but perfect example, Aquarius Paris Hilton. Socialite of the 2000s, she was famous simply for being everyone’s friend, being popular for that, and being invited to the most exclusive parties, yet she only had her one true friend (Nicole Richie). Everyone else, she was simply holding court!

        1. that’s a great analysis, although paris hilton has leo moon. It might show her leo stature there too. Going from this, another example is Susan B. Anthony (aquarius sun/Pisces moon cancer mars, although she has a stellium in water) i can see her leadership skills promote causes towards feminism or towards anything venusian (women for example) and her partner who helped her and was also a leader was Elizabeth Stady Stanton (scorpio/pisces moon aries mars) maybe that was her best friend together for a cause. Maybe the way the energies in the chart show what they like too. But also seen in a positive sense there is also the negative side too, there was that infamous Aquarius sun/Pisces moon scorpio mars lady who frauded, Elizabeth Holmes. I think her cause may have been too much on the money and fame side and that is a downside for aquarius i think, as it should promote humanity and causes for good of all, not for greed.

          1. saturn is their co ruler so karma will get them if they do bad, and if they do good, then there’s promise of greatness and goodness for them like what happened with Susan B. Anthony, as she was remembered for good causes.

    3. Gemini = the conscious mind, the thoughts and processes of thinking that we are aware of. Aquarius = higher consciousness. We need our heart energy (Leo) to connect with Aquarian consciousness. The energetic heart field is a form of technology (a portal) that we haven’t fully remembered how to utilise, this is in process now. Each individual is unique and when placed in a group accessing consciousness through both the individual and collective heart field, it enables levels of knowledge to be accessed that can evolve our species. Creativity. Each person has a piece/s of the larger picture within them, but needs to be in interaction with the group heart field for the pieces to connect and find true meaning/purpose. The mind on its own is not the answer, the heart is the source, and the mind must yield to the heart.

  4. In a worse case scenario, it could mean, ‘leave immediately and take only what you need or comfortably carry; take what you need and leave the rest or the needless things carried becomes a drag.’

    1. Probably explains my compulsion lately to clean out closets and cupboards, 24 years worth of keeping things. The local thrift store has come to expect me weekly, lol. I just can’t get the feeling my home space is crowded, like I’m suffocating, I can’t move. Oh, Uranus and Jupiter traveling my 4th house right now. I can’t picture an actual move, but I’m definately cleaning out like I am.

  5. I was working with an older woman. She told me that she and her sister had moved here when their mother died and had gotten a mortgage so they could buy out their little sister, who already lived here. She told me how hard it was to have such a collection of things that her mother had left and her sister wouldn’t part with these things like second grade report card and mini skirts. They were wearing when they were teenagers. However they’re in their 70s now, I shared with her my desire to completely eliminate most except my necessary things I would love to rent one month of summer ,
    Bailey needs to paint perhaps new couches it’s very hot here and we are on an island, beaches !! To help me cut out some of time on my mortgage, and I would opt to live in my car with a sleeping bag, fishing pole (I have 6 sisters to visit also) she came back after our tiny hour and a half break and told me how wonderful it was to fill a bag full of unwanted unnecessary things. She was so free for a minute and then began to think about the things she was seeing at the drop off spot which may drop off for free you may buy things very cheap,And she told me she
    Realize they had seen socks and legwarmers that she always wanted so she bought and took home a bag!! I cry for some people if it’s not something I’m wearing I would give it away , that’s me .But she still thinks she’s needing wanting more?
    Here , we have many at church and shelter open to the homeless, but they must come in sober ?in their pain , Alcohol makes them smile ,warmer ?we do have a lot to fix , I’m hopeful about change

  6. Some things are eternal, there is no end or beginning. Make room for this in your experiencing and it’s way less stressful.

  7. A few days ago l referred to these times as being like a ‘twisted bowel’ which was an exaggeration ( blame it on my Jupiter in Scorpio) although, l feel it is true for the hold outs, holding on too tight (and for the part of me that still does).The old ways bring old results, or no results, stalemate…the new ways have less clarity…but this is a quality of ‘newness’. l had to punch Pollyanna’s perky nose last week too…l have to become more business like and less ‘nice’ old pop up nana.
    (Elsa, has written about this more than once)
    Raerae’s story upset me. There is something about the comfort of familiar things…but there is also ‘needs must’ You have a kind heart Raerae more power to you.

    And this Pluto in Aquarius…squ my Merc. sending thinking off in too many directions…and too far into possible futures.

    And finally,Taylor Swift held her biggest ever concert in my town last night. Everything well managed for the crowd of 96k…and l thought of S and what is happening in that town.
    And speaking of towns ‘small’ ones this time–they are folding. Banks closing, Medical services of all sorts closing. One town was going to lose their Vet.Farmers need Vets.Next closest 400k. So the town bought it as a coopetative. Cooperatives are very Pluto in Aqu,a way for people to hold power, take responsibility– it also makes people less dependent on Gov. A good thing or a bad thing? Needs must…

  8. Pluto in Aquarius symbolizes to me a drastic focus on the common man- his needs and wants. I was born with pluto in leo. My mother in law said “all you young people think you are special…everyone is an artist or a writer”.
    Now with Pluto in Aquarius the focus will be on the common man. Universal health care, housing , education will be the outcome i think. My daughter is 57 and still paying off her student loan!
    Perhaps this migrant problem is putting a focus on all this. I suspect there may be many disruptions before we are done and have figured this all out. I think the anarchists will proliferate since anti authority will be pronounced. Perhaps Elon is planning to move 🤔 to another planet to avoid some of these interesting times. Things do happen suddenly and unexpectedly with Aquarius,the common man. The days of kings will be over.

    1. Ohh i hope not. We need kings to lead the people. Or we are aimlessly without hope 😔😪😫 even during the last pluto aquarius. The great Napoleon Leo sun Capricorn moon came in the picture to lead. Interestingly strong saturn in him.

  9. I believe Saturn in Pisces is about getting serious about one’s faith. And incorporating it into our lives, whatever that faith is, in a disciplined and workable way. Of course it wont be easy – great swaths of humanity have for the most part, lost their faith. I’d love it if this led back to building smaller communities again, as the online world seems to already be doing. I’ve been harping about the need for self-sufficiency and small community circles for years. Lets make it so with Pluto in Aquarius excavating the dark communal nonsense so we can clear it away. Namaste.

  10. Saturn in Pisces in my 6th house. I had to give up all alcohol. I’m not a drunk by any definition but did love and enjoy my red wine – but it didn’t love me anymore. The acid reflux from it became absolute torture so I tried beer, which worked for a minute, but that quickly became the same torture. So I’ve had to accept this change-for-the-better, begrudgingly though.

  11. Wow I was just thinking this, and now here it is in black and white. I didn’t realize it was partly the Saturn/Pluto combo but especially with Pluto it makes sense. I still remember the shift from Sag to Cap all those years ago.

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