Ideas For The People In A Housing Crisis

zodiac squareI got in trouble on my post: Cost Of Reducing Your Social Interaction, though I meant well and put a lot of effort into the post.  Weeks of thought, before I even tried to write it. I took the time to link other posts, etc. 

I take responsibility for my failure to convey my message. I am seriously considering turning this blog over to AI. I just don’t think people at large like people like me and I tire of the blowback.  Also, search won’t send traffic to this blog. If the writing is contrived, this would probably change.

I am going to take another stab at this though, because this topic is so important.  Perhaps it will clarify this for some of you… or not!

I was thinking about people who do not want to be alone. I was thinking along the lines of Golden Girls situations for older people. Women, who typically outlive there husbands?  

For younger people, roommates. But I have also thought about young people getting together as a group to buy a property. I  was thinking about commercial property, which is getting cheaper by the day. Get together will some friends and convert one of these buildings.

These are ideas for people who are not in ideal circumstances, but want to own something, etc. But you will not be able to use these solutions unless you can get along with other people.  That’s why I wrote the post.

To be complete, there is another scenario to mention – I have personal experience in this case. My husband and I were going to move people in to our home… to help them out and see them get on their feet.  This was set… but it fell about when the person went to punch hole in the wall and throw a recliner.   You see, you can’t live with a person like that.

So here’s the post. If it gives someone an idea, that would be great. Also, if anyone else has any ideas, please add them, on the chance someone who needs an idea may benefit.

I leave you with this: It looks rough up ahead, to me. I meant to say, I think it would be worth everyone’s while to try to get along… just in case it becomes impossible to make it alone.

In other words, I was trying to help.  For free.

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  1. I think it was a very good article with astute observations and a point of view that you do not often hear. I wish people would chill or move along if something doesnt resonate.

    1. I agree with this on both counts…I have left comments here and there on the internet, and there who people who will nitpick the heck out of them. If I try to respond to clarify they get even snarkier. Then I wonder if I’m talking to a robot, and hope that I am, and that people aren’t really this awful, needing to stamp someone into the ground over whatever misconception or disagreement they have. Do they spend all day doing that?

  2. I’ve really liked this kind of idea ever since I saw this documentary about happiness years ago. They showed co-housing where many families and elders lived in the same large building, I think it was in Denmark. Everyone looked out for each other’s kids and took turns cooking. It was really heart warming to see this kind of mutual support.

    I live in Spain now and the house we live in is owned by an elderly couple who lives on the second floor, their son owns the ground floor. It seems very common in Europe to still share a building with family.

    I hope when I hit my golden girls years, I hope to be lucky to find a place where I can have community but also live my 4th house Aquarius moon. 😆

  3. I am sorry if I was one of those to throw a monkey ranch into the last post.
    Golden girls ah yes I understand- that would be great!! Kind of like multiple generations living under one roof. I guess my point was it’s a rough world out there, people are nuts and I have tucked and reserved my trust to only very few. I like the animal kingdom as an example- trust MUST be earned. But the Golden Girls idea with those you already trust and love sounds wonderful!

  4. I just mentioned on the thread, the assumption you will be safe, living alone, is questionable. It’s bodily safety, health safety, but also, you come home to your place, ransacked.

    This is not a scare thing. I have experience with this, as does my husband. Again, this is only for people who might be interested.

  5. So the thing about the tiny house post from the other day, those don’t look like tiny houses for people that can afford a tiny house because they are trying to live less materialisticly, those look like the tiny houses that the city has set up to shelter the homeless and there’s a big difference.

    Anyway, basically the younger generations are looking more at polyamorous structures to solve some of the issues of housing… cuz apparently polyamory isn’t all about sex, it’s about the freedom to have/create different types of relationships that aren’t part of compulsory heterosexuality and relationship escalation. Basically friends and “romantic” partners don’t need to compete for each other’s attention etc

  6. I agree there is a need for shared housing options that offer people of multiple generations and incomes. My husband and I have often thought about commercial space(former office buildings) being converted to living space, There are building code challenges but with networking the challenges could be overcome.

    My comment on your post was not to discount your premise; we live in a shared space situation while hooked up to a larger home and negotiate with others to cover utility costs, garden space, personalities. We are old and having others near does create a form of safety. Still as you say one must want to get along! It’s a process, takes commitment and it gets messy.

    But it’s real and develops human energy worth investing in. We made mistakes as we launched our new life in 2008. Pluto was transiting my 12th house it was a wipe out! Yet, 2024 finds us old and still alive, and grand parents too!

    Yes Elsa is an important issue: grow it let’s see how it looks !

  7. I like people like you and I love your writing! Unfortunately only people who complain make their voice heard. We all need to give more complements freely!

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I want you to know, I wrote a long response to this, the evening you posted it. It got overly long and it was getting late. I did not have the time/energy to edit it down and put protective underwear on it, to ward off attacks… so I Saturn in Pisces dissolved my work! But I appreciated your comment.

  8. Avatar
    10,000 Daydreams

    “The real deal is concealed” Yes it is Elsa, and for god’s sake please don’t stop posting.You’re the last ‘real’ astrologer out there. And your life lessons may take awhile for the layperson to assimilate, still they are gold.
    For example, your Grandfather Henry. You wrote ages ago of his living a simple life in the desert, from a house he made from mud by hand. I could not conceive of such a thing.
    Now I’m like, what a great idea! Collect rainwater, solar, earth berm -the works! And it only took ten years (lol).
    You may be out in front, a moon/jupiter shield to deflect the arrows of ignorance and fear which come to all pioneers. But you are not alone. We follow behind you, in your wake, taking courage from your courage.
    And I thank you for it.
    (maybe its time I bought Mrs. P another kofi 😉

  9. I like the idea of sharing a house/home with friends. I have broached it with a couple of single/divorced friends. It is still a possibility. My family is difficile to live with but I am open to trying other options.

  10. I think it would be sad if you would turn this blog over to an AI – I might not comment that much but I always read your thoughts and I like them (and you) even if I don’t agree all the time. You touch on things other people don’t and I like it that it’s more on edge than others.

  11. I thought that was absolutely nothing wrong with that post. Isn’t it in our biology? People need people – we are social creatures. Social isolation leads to negative consequences, it decreases life longevity, both mental and physical health suffer. I understand many people like it, it’s their comfort zone. But just because we like something doesn’t mean it’s good for us, in the long term it is not. Feels like people were triggered by certain words perceived as an attack on them, which it definitely wasn’t, and in fact it never is because Elsa is a kind and loving human being, she does not attack! Period.

  12. Flatsharing is a hard no for me, but I do like the idea of buying commercial buildings with a group of friends and converting them into separate flats, so everyone gets their space. Maybe with a communal meeting “Netflix” room, or even a mini gym.

    Not sure that’s an option though in the UK, what with so much red tape around planning permission. And even if it was an option, maintaining the building could come with many disagreements around costs. How much would the Netflix room cost each of us, for starters, and who’s Netflix account are we using!? 😁

    Could be an idea that takes off during Pluto Aquarius, especially as the Pluto Libra/Scorpio generations start to age.

  13. I love you Elsa, I love what you have to say and the way you explain things.
    You are honest and don’t pull punches to make people comfortable.
    Unfortunately, some people don’t want to hear the honesty.
    That would make them have to be honest with themselves.
    Life is hard and timing is everything, at least it has been for me.
    If you are not ready for the task ahead sometimes a practice run helps you see clearly.
    I do believe that is what we get if we pay attention and grab that opportunity.
    My husband passed last year.
    His second time on life support in a year made me realize that the first time was the practice run and that this was not going to be easy no matter how things turned out.
    Brings me back to the timing of events.
    I am not saying it was easier, but there was a surge of “here we go again” and I just took it on with everything I had in me.
    The same with his death, all the things that need to be done.
    Overwhelming but I just kept at it. I’m still going at it!
    The point is it’s in the timing and knowing when to deploy the skills you learned before.
    Also, the learning to live alone after a lifetime of always being with someone has been difficult. So sudden and hits with such an intensity.
    It’s been 7 months, and I am just now making myself comfortable and finding the rhythm of a routine.
    I agree there should be generations living together.
    The benefits to that situation would be incredible for everyone.

  14. Elsie I always enjoy your articles, if you enjoy writing them, continue. That is what is important.

    My son who went through a divorce last year just moved into his own apartment this last weekend. Both my son and his daughter have been living with us for the last 10 months. It went well, at least for me and my son. But my husband really missed his privacy and the ability to walk around the house in his undies. 😁But I’ve found that after Pluto and Mars going through my third house and now onto my fourth. Even though I am tired of the crisis. I’ve developed a much shorter fuse for putting up with crap from people. Lo and behold I starting to fight back. Two of my daughters ( I spoke about them before) Have a habit of trying to shut me down when I try to say anything. They “ think” they know what I’m going to say and cut me off. Well, I’m standing up to them and it’s develops into a full blow shouting match. They don’t like it that I no longer just sit there and smile while they can say any thing they like. Unfortunately I’ve given them both a dose of brutal honesty and they don’t like it. (Actually it’s making most of the family uneasy. ) But I almost feel like everytime I have to crawl back inside that tiny shell I was “permitted “ to inhabit during our family interactions I die a little inside. So I told them am I done being silent.

    So….for 2 of my children (Son and one daughter) we are great, we can communicate with each other and not play those control games. The other 2 daughters? They hate that they can’t shut me down anymore and that perhaps they don’t know me as well as they thought. They get defensive and tell me to go get therapy. Ha! I’m not the one with issues. But that’s another story.

    Hubby still doesn’t know what to think, because I won’t let him shut me down any more either. I know those 2 daughters would like their mom to sit silently and just smile and tell them how wonderful they are….. nope no longer.

    So a multi-generational household? Yes and no, I could never live with those 2 daughters, but the third daughter and my son, I think I could if necessary. If it can be done without diminishing anyone then fine. But the minute power games are played, no way.

  15. I’m a divorced golden girl, entering retirement age, although I will never be able to fully retire as I was a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years, so SS income is just fun money and not enough to live on. When my last of 3 children moved out I waited 1 year and began renting her space. I was lucky and found a great roommate for the last 2 years. I also rented another room downstairs, he has been here 5 years. They were not the first to rent a room, it began with friends in need, but these 2 have been with me the longest. It sure beats the heck out of working multiple jobs to make ends meet, and I still own my own home which is cheaper than renting. 😀

  16. I think multi generational dwellings is brilliant, cost effective, embracing and practical, though unconventional for the U.S.A. I lived with my Grandmother and parents in a one room apartment, temporarily, in Zurich, and lived coming home from school with my whole family there. We enjoyed sitting together at dinner and I got to to know my Grandmother well (who had only visited us in New York and later in San Francisco, twice). After we left my father’s native country, and getting our own apartments, she moved in with her best friend and husband and they looked after each other until her death. I think it also gave my father a lot of peace of mind.

    And @Elsa, we would lose a lot if you turned your site completely over to AI. Please re consider.

  17. A couple of thoughts: through PayPal I set up a monthly fee to send Elsa. It adds up over the year, it gets done & it creates an energy exchange which is a basic metaphysical principle. This thought is on target to this discussion which I think is energized through the NN Aries/SN Libra transit bringing up question of balance in the arena of “I & Thou”. How much of me (Aries) do I have to give up to be with you (Libra)? For Libra types it may be how much of me do I have to claim (Aries) to stay with you?
    Also another weird thought bcuz I know nothing about running a website, Elsa, but I’m wondering if your site & the overall web situation is similar. Could you give up PART of the site (Libra) to AI to drive people here & get what you want (Aries)? For instance: do an AI basic astrology component (weekly) and the rest of the time “Do You”? Or can you run two sections. Kind of like New (AI) and Classic Elsa? They find you new and you migrate them to Applied Astrology Elsa-style?
    Again I know nothing about AI & big sites so please excuse my foolishness but maybe…NNAries/SNLibra thought.

  18. Well, I’ve tried writing a response 3 times and somehow hit the delete button each time instead of the backspace. wtf.

    Anyway – Elsa, I always appreciate hearing your take on things. If I don’t I just move on to something else. Those who havent evolved in the age of social media to know that firing off angst online is a stupid habit, arent worth the energy.

    As for my housing situation, Elsa, I offer a 4th situation, which is mine. It seems Im always the damn oddball out – I have several rare and complex chronic illnesses, as well as C-PTSD and I CANNOT take the chance of living with anyone I dont know very well – not just potential stress, the unknowns, but also severe immune dysfunction akin to “the bubble boy” syndrome.

    I’d love to buy a home (I have very high credit score, but low savings) with a balanced, intelligent, considerate, interesting individual – unfortunately those 3-4 qualities together in one human are exceedingly rare. And I require at the least balanced and considerate.

    The world for those living on the edge is a cold place. Capitalism is the downfall of humanity. Period.

    If anyone who reads this is in Oregon and seeking a home, send me a message – grnwoodtree @ yahoo —– I am a gardener, astrologer, fiber artist, and into self-sufficiency and I work fulltime from home for very measly wages. I like to have nature at my back. HMU

  19. You were offering advice, ideas and information for free and people couldn’t ‘get along’ with it (ie you got a lot of blowback) HA!! The irony is not lost on me, but still sorry it got you in trouble. Personally, I got a lot out of the post, it’s helpful to see these things, to understand these things. These are things my own kids are talking about, so very relevant and helpful, to me.

    I’m still wondering about the pay-wall and how that might be helpful in weeding out trolls, etc. I’d rather see a pay-wall or subscription type service over AI ANY Day!!

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