Venus Neptune and Love Spilling Over

If you have Venus mashed with Neptune you just can’t focus your love. It’s going to spill over no matter what you do. I can’t love the soldier and not love his son for example. I don’t know how people do that.  I also can’t love my kid and not love his friends or even kids I don’t know who stand beside him in karate class. I also find out, I love my friend’s sisters.

Yeah, I love her and I learn she is dead and then my love goes OVERflowing onto them and I really couldn’t stop this if I tried. It’s like a valve that is wide open, that is all there is to say.

Who can relate?




36 thoughts on “Venus Neptune and Love Spilling Over”

  1. Yep…spilling all over alright, and many times indiscriminantly! I love everyone…faults and all…Not sure if thats good or bad??!?!?!?

  2. This is a wonderful attribute says Venus in Libra. I love people like you!, on the other hand, I don’t love everybody.

  3. that is a wonderful attribute. I’m not very forthcoming about the fact that I am NOT like that. I wish I were. I’m very much “love on an individual basis and some pretty stringent rules which may or may not make sense.” aries venus square cap moon.

    I don’t like all animals or all children anymore than I like all adults. some toddlers can be assholes and horses seem kind of stupid for the most part.

    I’ve just outed myself as a total bitch.

  4. Err yes. It’s ridiculous actually! I need may different avenues of affection as to not overwhelm any few people with the depth of it. Especially with this 12th house venus in cancer. With all this uranus and mars on the forefront though no one else is that able to tell :P.

  5. Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra. At work I’m effusive to say the least – love people, and let them know so. Have found, tho, that effusive love can throw people off. Not everyone feels like they should deserve love, and it isn’t easy to take sincere compliments when they come too frequently. I def have to hold myself back. it’s such a love fest it can sometimes come off as insincere, since it isn’t for one but for all

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    Scorp in a Suit

    I can relate. To Satori, that is. Some toddlers CAN be assholes (repeating that because it’s true, and sounds kinda funny). Horses… I’m indifferent toward them.

    That said, I deeply respect (and feel better around) those who gush love.

  7. Venus conjunct Mars, sextile Uranus, in 8th house Libra. I wish I had what Elsa had, but most of my love valves are closed or defective. It’s really hard to get my head out of my ability to love. I sometimes find myself overly cerebral and analytical in my approach to love. The Libra wants to love but can’t quite get there for some reason.

  8. Well it is embarrassing to tell the truth. It’s just so damned stupid on one hand (Libra), on another it is music and just has no edge.

  9. 8th house Venus in Cancer trine my 12th house Scorpio moon. Neptune is loosely trine Venus as well. I imagine it’s the 12th house moon that’s more responsible for my overflowing emotions and thank god for that because Scorpio moon without something to soften the edges is pretty intense.

    It has caused me a great deal of grief what with the shifting tides and all but the ability my heart/moon has to transcend and to tap in to something beautiful and universal is probably my favorite thing about my own chart.

  10. Satori I think it’s a valuable thing to be able to define boundaries around love. Not all kids or animals are nice. There are dogs I groom that I adore and dogs that I hope never come back to our shop.

  11. I have venus saturn and moon neptune… my love is for real, my love feelings overflow, my love disapears… and then turns up

    it’s a little confusing, but I am very open to loving

    I am do love my children’s friends and my friends children and lots of people like that.

  12. I can totally relate and it is stupid at times….Venus in Picses trine Neptune in Scorpio trine Mars in Cancer……it is a huge lovefest. Does that translate into wearing rose-colored glasses? I hate that idea…..

  13. Alicia…..that is so funny! When I read Satori’s response, my first thought was “ahhh, I want to love her” see? Like Elsa said….the edges get blurred. I admire your fine, streamlined boundaries, Satori. I have had to learn to build mine, very begrudgingly, brick by brick, where the cement is slapped on thick in some areas and there are holes in other areas…

  14. New here–I’ve been lurking for several days. Second Saturn return is making things freaky on a daily basis. Everything feels like love right now. It’s nice at work–I’m a drug/alcohol counselor so miracles are happening. But I blurted out my feelings to a pretty special Libra and now he’s hiding in his cave and won’t talk. Sad when people can’t accept.

  15. I have venus neptune but also a virgo moon. And Saturn ruling 5th. I def don’t love all children, animals, anyone. But for sure would have an “affection” towards my friends or loved ones’ loved ones. Until they cross me that is — and then i’m annoyed with them as with anyone 😉

    Last night in my meditation class though, i felt my love for my lover spill out in general. He wasnt there — but i felt like, i could meet someone new and love them too. That my love was MINE and i chose a direction — hard to explain maybe at 4 am but i wonder if that is similar. I also have venus in 12th. And pisces NN pretty much conjunct my desc i.e.lots of venus neptune. Mutable.

  16. oh i forgot to add, my roommate has Venus conj Neptune & Saturn. Talk about contradictory! She also has a cancer ascendant, Aquarius sun, libra moon.

  17. I admire that too, but I am very picky with my love – I dote on those I love. I would lay down my life for those I love.

    But my boundaries are huge. I most definitely without a doubt do not love everyone. Oh, hell no.

    So I guess it is the Venus Leo square Neptune Scorpio.

  18. Elsa, I think that is really great your friend’s sisters are responding positively to you. I definitely would if you were my sister’s friend. I hope you keep us updated.

    I have Venus-Neptune and I definitely notice the love spilling on my son’s classmates. I just adore them all when I drop him off and pick him up every day. I also care about my boyfriend’s ex and my own ex and all sorts of people I probably shouldn’t. 😮 satori, I’m glad for people like you, and my sister for instance, because you remind me it’s okay to rein that love back in, especially when the recipient is being hideous. 🙂

  19. I have venus in pisces (27 degrees) and just went thru the conjunction from Uranus (in the summer) and the opposition from Saturn followed. To boot, I have Pluto in Libra (1 degree) in the 2nd opposite that venus in the 8th.

    I have come to the realization that I must balance that urge to merge (pisces) with the evolutionary impulse to be independent and self sufficient (pluto). That means defining boundaries within the area of relationships (sat, in libra)

    This has been very hard for me, cause that Venus in Pisces trine moon and neptune can get very ADDICTED to love and romance…and boy, have I been romanced! I have a man in my life who is a quadruple pisces…and them some…just what i need! But, Pluto is not a happy camper about it…he has his own agenda, and with saturn conjuncting pluto, ive gotta get real abou it all. Talk about a wet blanket.

    Do they have AA for Love Addicts??

  20. i need to reign that piscean love back in…control it, be mature and discriminating about it…its their (as a gift) to give but i have to learn to give it wisely…

  21. sometimes i can love the whole universe. or the random person at the bus stop. but that doesn’t mean i _like_ them.
    venus/neptune and venus/saturn

  22. Here goes again…

    I have Venus sq. Neptune. There is a day-care up the street from where I live and nothing gives me greater joy than to see the little line of toddlers waddling their way out with their teachers.I turn into a big grinning fool and feel my heart bursting.

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