She’s Ready To Blow!

blow upTomorrow is an amped up version of today.

As you can see, the stellium in Pisces will remain intact. The change is the moon in Scorpio is clashing with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. If something or someone blows, it’s going to be BIG.

As to what. it’s beyond merely unpredictable.  We’ve got planets in Aquarius, including Pluto involved here.  Aquarius ruler, Uranus is also involved.

Uranus’ placement in Taurus indicates finance, but also thing Fixed for years, if not centuries, could be shook here.

On a personal level, relationship can be flipped on their ear; even those which are long-standing.

Now please look at this chart. Where to you see “stability”?  Saturn in Pisces, yes?

If you’re a regular reader here – you know what that means.  STAY IN THE BOAT!  Even if you have to fire at someone, do it with your butt planted firmly in the boat. This is not a day to flail around in the water. Simply put, it’s dangerous out there.

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Anyone want to guess what’s ’bout to burst?

13 thoughts on “She’s Ready To Blow!”

  1. Yes! In mostly, a good way. Noting, that the Moon has been VOC since 12:22 pm CST yesterday, will go into Scorpio, at 9:09pm tonight! Wondering if that, is when things, might blow? Be careful, out there!

  2. The boat got blown over for us, quite suddenly and shockingly. We have to move in two days time and for this Aquarius Rising, it was more sudden than ever before.

      1. Happy Birthday! (P.S., I wasn’t born on Leap Day. It’s my solar return, not exact calendar birthday, which I guess most everyone here understands that distinction.)

  3. That’s my Solar Return!! 😲 so I guess my whole year is themed on that, things about to blow.

    I will have that Scorpio Moon in my Solar Return 7th/8th house, and almost exact square the other planets listed. I’m rather single so there’s no long standing “stable” relationship to implode on me, which is one problem I don’t have to worry about. Unless I divorce myself 😁

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