Short & Sweet, Saturn Tip For Pisces

pisces fishesThe Pisces client has someone trying to manipulate her into giving her energy (money) to someone she’s not responsible for and does not care to support.

Tricky, huh?

I wrote:

“…Looking at your chart, if I was going to try to manipulate someone in this way – you would be a good choice! I know that’s a shocking thing to write but I’m trying to tell you that you need boundaries..!”

This is simple and it’s true. Saturn is heading into Pisces.

If you’re a fish getting squeezed, chances are, boundaries will be part of the solution to your problem.

Who can relate?

8 thoughts on “Short & Sweet, Saturn Tip For Pisces”

  1. I’m not a Pisces but I believe I have Pisces signatures-Sun in the 12th, Mars conj Neptune and 4th House ruled by Neptune (Pisces).
    In the next two years, my plan is to find my “forever home”. Saturn will be transiting my 4th, and opposing in the early part of the transit, my Moon/Pluto conj. So I will be juggling my emotional convictions about where to go and maybe who to go with. I need to be sure my convictions are not going to overstep boundaries of someone else who lives with me. Maybe there will be a power struggle of sorts. But shoring up my boundaries will be a theme I’m sure!

  2. Very worried about saturn heading into pisces,first conjunctions mercury,moon and the sun. Sounds like some hard years coming up.

  3. Pisces Sun here with Scorpio rising. If anything I had boundaries all over the place 😊. Very private about my personal life and emotions. Also a bit too careful about being used by someone or pushed into something I don’t want to do. Suspicious about everything.

  4. Pisces rising 5. Neptune Scorpio 6, in the 9th. Yes, boundary problems. Not so much now, or am l kidding myself?

    There is a sense of history repeating and l am watching it unfold.

    Saturn in Pisces will set off a Grand Sextile (earth/water). Issues with land. Fences. Not mine. Friends who remind me so much of my parents– it is spooky. Leo/Taurus/Gemini mixes like me…with a dose of Pluto/ Saturn.

    I have been trying to redirect energy expressions of transits prior to hit.
    I might be a stubborn old bull, but l am practical and try to avoid repeating mistakes.

    Oh, if it was that easy, and well, true. Repeatition compulsion.
    Trans. Saturn in Aqu, squ Sun, opps moon, squ Jupiter, right now…it all feels older than the hills.

    PS. I have been reading about the difficult and challenging times some people here are going through. I am sorry.

    I was banging on about a toe at the time. I had taken walking for granted — not anymore.

    I hope you all find the best possible way through these troubles given the limitations.

  5. If i use Whole Signs Saturn will enter my first house.If I use Placidus, it would be a while yet. I still veer back and forth with house choices.. who uses what and do many of you use whole signs?It changes up my chart pretty considerably.. ALso,Saturn has not caused me great problems in my life . I usually accomplish quite a bit and get very structured in my goals and activities,to good end, Under Saturn transits.Pluto pretty much upended life as I knew it, but Saturn has always been very stabilizing and rewarding for me (My Moon in Capricorn thrives on hard work and climbing that hill…)

  6. My Pisces sister and her husband (some dementia and a Leo) made a decision to buy a house in a different, cheaper-living state with her daughter, husband and 2 kids. The daughter got to live in the major portion of the house and my sister and her husband live in the small basement apartment. (She checked out the area before moving-so no blinders.) The motivation for the move was that my sister was looking for her daughter to take care of then in their elder years. A big red flag-The basement has 17 stairs, not conducive to the elderly. I tried saying something, but she wouldn’t listen. Not to mention that once the daughter and her family got in the house there was a total change in her personality and now my sister knows she probably won’t take care of them. My sister now wants to undo everything, but doesn’t know if she should go back to her home state (she has 3 sons living there). She didn’t choose this with them because my sister doesn’t like or trust the daughter in laws.

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