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  1. Love matters. When overcoming one’s pathology, love matters. It can be hard to be open to love, though. To trust any one.

    To me pathology is something which is hardwired into a persons nervous system. And working with it requires a fair amount of determination, patience, gentleness – and love.

  2. @SaturnRxScorpio1985 – Energy is neutral until directed! So it is crap about a generation being dark.

    “You mentioned hard-wired personal philosophy, morals… if these things are ingrained, then how can one chose to let go of pathology?”

    I don’t see how one thing has to do with the other. I may have been misunderstood in the other post.

    As for getting “lost” in the video, that would be due to my poor communication as well. Sorry!

  3. Hi Elsa! I am late to this thread & haven’t read all the replies, but see you wrote “There is such a thing as a person’s constitution and it varies from soul to soul.”

    In my own experience, I am 46 and have struggled all my adult life with the resulting damage of repeated trauma in childhood and adolescence. I am once again in therapy and finding I can get right to the core very quickly at this point in time. No beating around the bush, no endless sessions in which we skirt the topics, no avoidance. I am pretty sure this is because I have been working for so many years on myself and my emotional patterns. But also, with my North node in Taurus and a stellium of planets at my South node (Sun, Venus, Neptune), my soul’s path is very challenging… there is a lot of energy “tied up” with my personality/ego and achieving intimacy/committed partnership requires perhaps a lifetime of effort. This isn’t true for everyone who experiences trauma! I think some people will find themselves with greater or lesser difficulty, depending on their charts, in terms of surmounting trauma.

  4. I vote wanting to let it go. Comitting to it. Paying attention to the thoughts that arise. Taking ownership of the thoughts and hopefully the thoughts will begin to disconnect from the perpetrator. I think I had to hold on to the PTSD for awhile to insure that I did not get into the same situation again. Goals helped me alot too. I mean long term goals so that I did not beat myself up if I had low productivity days. Chippin away at the goals got me moving and changed my course and the way my brain focuses.

    And then I run into some astrology stuff this week that turned my head around good. It didn’t release anything this time except the guilt about who I am. I better know what I’m dealing with now. The challenges I faced and how societal norms gave me negative feedback. ‘The norms’ didn’t have the answer, I had to find it for myself. I’m a hodge podge of everything I hear or read, feel, and experience. There’s alot of life left. Don’t want to waste it.

  5. I just wanted to add that I like the elsa response to the kingsley. Internet etiquette or something. Online communications can never tell the whole story. I wonder if overall people have improved on their understanding of this. When I first started reading this site you wrote something about telling someone ‘this is not reality.’ Like snap out of it will ya? Get a grip. We’re just discussing.

  6. Kingsley was obsessed and I mean he was CONSUMED with both my husband and myself.

    He was like a dog, chomped onto my ass, who would not let go, lol.

    What’s crazy is he felt I was the one with the bad manners.

    I actually know someone who is friends with him…good friends. She told me he was brilliant, but had lost his mind in regards to me.

    She even tried to talk to him. “What they hell is up with you and, Elsa?” For her own curiosity, as his actions against me were out of character for him.

    She said he just couldn’t see it. She couldn’t understand why he couldn’t and wouldn’t leave me be.

    I thought it was strange myself. He is a pro, and had been for years, but he apparently felt he needed to harangue me.

    Anyway, it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen sometimes. A person looks into my Neptune MC and just loses their ever-lovin’ mind.

    Now it’s all these years later and it’s a lot harder to get me to speak freely outside of private consultation. I don’t need the grief.

  7. No I’m sorry! This is probably the first video of yours in that the message hasn’t been totally clear, so I do not think it’s due to any fault in your communication! I think you are good on that front! I actually don’t have much knowledge about the topic (that’s probably my issue here), but it’s my understanding that cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to treat the kinds of pathologies that you’re talking about. no? So if one has some moral or philosophical line that prevents them from breaking through with the cognitive therapy, what are they supposed to do? Does that question make sense?

  8. There have been times in my past when I have obsessed over men. I mean I didn’t bug them, but they got stuck in my head. I don’t know if that’s a vertex thing with me or natal weirdo septile thing or what. But I just don’t go there anymore. It ain’t real. And I’ve been obsessed over, too. It can be frightening.

  9. CocoPeaches, the question makes sense, but I don’t have any one else’s answer. If current therapy is not working, try someone or something else. A fresh look at something often knocks the dirt loose for me.

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