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scottI am just off the phone after a long conversation with, Scott, who I have written about over the years.  We met when I was fifteen, he was nineteen. We dated on and off for seventeen years. We have continued to know each other since, though there’s plenty of space. He’s a Cancer with an Aquarius moon, and certifiable.

I had just posted, Gaining Authority Via Experience Outside The Norm, so it was on my mind.  We were talking about the state of the world from our differing perspective. I explained, briefly, how I’m seeing things these days and how I feel my background has contributed.  The affect of my background is positive in this regard.

Scott came from more than moderate privilege which never bothered me, but always bothered him.  He talks about my “deprivation” but in fact, he was easily as deprived as I was, which he can see at this point.

Today, he said he feels this is why we were so attracted when we met as kids.  We both grew up in so-called “deprivation”.

Scott was a child prodigy. He spent his entire childhood, indoors, practicing piano.  When he wasn’t playing piano, he watched TV, to have an escape from the piano. That’s it. PERIOD.  It’s like the rays of the sun, never hit his skin!


Allie showed up on Gaining Authority Via Experience Outside The Norm, to ask:

How does this align with the idea of a scapegoat? Can it be a subset? A Venn diagram? Or is that simply how one would view themselves or others in a circumstance such as this (gaining the authority)? Or are they two entirely different things?

Based on today’s conversation, I don’t think being a scapegoat has anything to do with an unusual upbringing or life experience. I do think it’s shown in a chart, though.  Both the unusual experience and one’s authority.

I am not familiar with a “Venn diagram” but in the case I cited in the other post, the man decided to lead by revealing his shameful beginning. Since he was talking about love and persecution, he had my attention, immediately. I was writing a blog at the time.  I know what’s like to have the whole world against you. You either buck up or die. I liked that he made this his first handshake. If you couldn’t deal with it, too bad!


See, people victimize people like him; they do it to me as well. So if you’re like that and one of us stands up, anyway, I guess that’s too bad for you!  Consciously or otherwise, you wish to destroy us but we fail to die, ha ha!  We do it this for your sake as much as our own,  I think.

I’ve been mulling writing about the upside of ego, from a perspective I’ve never covered before. It occurs to me, you’re not going to hear about unusual experience unless the person is an extrovert.  This significantly limits access to real telling of real experience.  If you talk,  you’ll be judged, so you better have a healthy ego!

I’m going to post some “vintage internet” next.  I miss those days.  Total free speech blogging. Scott and I, wrote independently, in a “he said / she said” format for awhile. This was in 2002, prior to the universal blunting of people and their creativity, that’s taken place since.

It will be fun, like reading something illicit that gives you a thrill; then you’re realize you’re blushing, because really, people and the chemistry they create is one of the best things in life.

Free, by the way! No makeup, surgery or supplements required. It’s tip top in my world. Human connection.


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  1. Human connection is everything. Great point about requiring a healthy ego. Looking forward to reading the vintage blogging 🙂.

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