Speaking Of The Incredible Power Of Mercury – Lying!

I’m the one who first asserted that Mercury was every bit as powerful as Pluto…in fact, I believe that Mercury routinely trumps Pluto. I made some videos to this affect, a number of years ago. They’ve been missing for a long time. I’m just now recovering them.

Back on the theme of the phenomenal power and importance of information, here is a story from last year. As bad as this was, it was the tip of the iceberg of what I went through due one little FOUR WORD lie someone told.

It is phenomenal the amount of damage that can be done with just the tiniest bit of misinformation. I was completely discredited. You can watch and I’ll elaborate below.

I have a lot of Jupiter action going. I have to guard against stories expanding. I mentioned this small bit in the video where I was in a room with three people because it was the point at which I discovered I had a problem. But the misinformation had been swirling around me for weeks.

There was one point where I attend a meeting with about a dozen people. I made the most passionate plea I’d ever made in my life. I had no idea at the time that everyone in the room thought I was an alcoholic. This was a blessing because if I’d have known I’d have not have been able to function at all. The information would have disabled me. I think this shows how powerful information is from both angles.

Everyone in the room was duped by a lie… except me. Having not heard the lie I was empowered and the point here is this:

You REALLY have to scrutinize your information. Where does it come from? Can it be verified?  Virgo, baby! Learn to discern or be duped, it’s as simple as that.

41 thoughts on “Speaking Of The Incredible Power Of Mercury – Lying!”

  1. i’ve had something very similar happen to me and it’s disorienting as Hell. You’re in a total catch-22. Yes, the people that do these things deny. But also the people that don’t do these things deny. There is no defense.

    Involved with mega-authority figures at the time, and I’m trying to box with an illusion. It was freakin’ surreal.

  2. “There is no defense.”

    Actually there is a defense… I know because I launched one and I am glad you reminded me because when I was in the gym today I had pretty much decided to film my defense… just to shock y’all. 😉

    I am on something else now. God, I hope I get to it. I have too many jobs by far.

  3. No, I am glad you said something because by God (Neptune) I did defend (Saturn) myself and when i was thinking about this today I realized how interesting it is.

    When I am actually living I don’t know my life is interesting but then sometimes it hits me. LOL

  4. Wooo…that’s facking rough. I really look forward to hearing your defense, when you have time 🙂

    I have experienced something on a smaller scale.
    An old roommate took offense that I brought a man home and so decided to tell his wife (who I also lived with) that I had come on to him! Him, as in my married roommate!
    There was no way out of that but to expose myself (a tryst with someone that was not going beyond one night that’s for sure) and I was devastated.
    Defending myself with “No I didn’t come on to your husband as I was busy with _____” was one of the worst things I’ve had to do. Saturn in the 8th trine Neptune in the 12th…exposing my sexual life is excrutiating for me. Luckily she believed me but my living situation became like a car without brakes careening down a mountain and yes there was a giant crash when I got to the bottom…survived though (phew).

  5. Hi Elsa! I have Neptune(3deg) on the midheaven(4deg) along with Jupiter(2deg)in Scorpio. Would Jupiter there help to soften the victimization aspect because I can’t recall being abused in this way.

      1. I just thought of something. Maybe unjustified dislike or nastiness directed at me from other people is part of the victimization. That I’m used to. I guess there are different ways the same energy can me expressed.

  6. I have virgo asc. Plus the ruler Mercury in 9th house Opposite 3rd house Scorpio Pluto! DYNAMIT BABY! haha!

    I’m a human Lie detector indeed! But just as lie detector gets off even when its not a lie thats been said I’m too sensetive and my sensors will get off with the tiniest bit of suspicious behavior, facts being said etc etc.

    And I have found that the best liers are those who mostly tells the truth and only waves in lies in between seamlessly. Those are real masters. In my mind, everyone is a suspect, until the opposite has been proven. I can’t help it, this is how my mind is wired for as long as I remember!

    1. Mercury exactly conjunct Lilith.

      Pluto in 7th with Neptune on MC. Sextile.

      I get this feeling of malevolence from the environment sometimes when things are about to turn sour (by about a couple of days, not long). This is very often completely opposing my thoughts on the situation but usually starts to form them.

      It’s hard with a Leo male and girls/ groups, but groups where girls are moving, because, the personality is so open and direct and the girls are so indirect.

      The trouble is in order to defend the self there is always some element of push back which is not pleasant if the person did not actually attack.

  7. And I’m nor proud to say that as a teenager I would use half-lies to “Control peoples perception of me” and to manipulate them.

    It was all about controlling other peoples thoughts (and by people I mean, my crushes). As a 3rd house Pluto oppo Mercury I loved this power as I was so good and used half truths half lies so it was not possible to detect for most of my peers. But my Virgo asc hated it! Luckily I grew out of it. Now I believe the harsh complete truth is the real power

  8. Watched your video now, oh man that sucks! I can’t understand how one can take you for alcoholic, you look pretty strong and put together in videos!

    I have Neptune trine my asc, I too often get mistaken for something I’m not, but nothing as strong as your incident.

    I have Mars and Moon and Chiron in my 10th house, so I can relate having planets all in the open where you can’t hide it! Its rough 🙁

  9. Well yes, I can identify with your experience, Elsa. Many years ago someone, a flat mate, decided I was a former alcoholic because I had given up drinking altogether – the reason was since learning to meditate, I found I couldn’t have even a small amount of alcohol! He didn’t know I meditated, but I found his sweeping assumption arrogant and ill-informed. I have Neptune in aspect to my Ascendant, and very widely opposite my Midheaven. Yes, lies can be so insidious and tenacious.
    I don’t believe half of what I hear about anyone. I’ve learned to discern facts and sift through rumours and judgment.

    1. NO!
      At it’s worst Neptune will twist Mercury and you’ll have a very delusional person. The kind of person you have to run away from.

      At it’s best the person will tend to like poems and music.

      A healthy dosage of Saturn does the trick.

      1. Sorry, I meant that Saturn was the antidote/balance for neptune.

        Yes I agree, that planets don’t force you to lie…

      2. Elsa,
        Agree one chooses truth.
        I believe Richard Nixon,
        Had mercury opposed Neptune, didn’t see himself as doing things dishonest. He said “I am not a crook. ”
        When he was impeached by the house, they did not agree.

        1. Robert Hand’s book on transits there is a short article on Watergate. Nixon, California-born, had his locational Neptune in Washington,DC.making his mercury -Neptune more prominent. He didn’t need to tap democrats headquarters
          In an election he won
          So easily. After his successful China-Russia trips. He was a successful goat. After losing to Kennedy, and
          Californian Governor races, he said “you won’t have sick Nixon to kick around any more., He was president six years later.

        2. Avatar
          James mccasland

          Nixon appointed two or three justice nominees
          To Supreme Court. One was named G.Harold Carswell. The reaction was immediate-He is no good, mediocre. An eloquent Republican senator, when asked said “the mediocre man needs someone to represent him. ”

      3. We have been going through some horrible lies being said about us as well. My partner and I have been slandered all over town by his ex wife that we did all these horrible things and she took his kids away. We have been paying thousands of dollars in court to clear our names and get his kids back. It’s been so bizarre and we both have prominent jobs in our community. So some don’t believe her (being the jealous ex wife and all) but some do believe her. Our composite chart hits a lot of points on her natal chart ..idk how to clear our names! But I have never gone through something like this in my life … Let the truth prevail !

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Just want to add….

    I am a recovering alcoholic with over 18 years of sobriety and no relapses. I have learned that if you mess up somehow on your job, or cocoon at home for a bit, or are just out of sorts, it is automatically speculated that your drinking again. Everyone goes there first. Absolutely no defense there either! So I have learned, that I have to COMPLETELY TRUST someone before I share my sobriety info – which isn’t very often, sadly, because I am so proud of my recovery.

    1. Good for you! I know it’s hard to do. BTW, from my experiences, you should share very little or nothing of your life with co-workers, alcoholic or not, it’s safer that way.

      1. Avatar
        James mccasland

        I concur. Unfortunately, coworkers are competitors. And what you say can be used against you. I used to skydive on weekends. On Monday’s, a coworker would ask-“did you do anything exciting over the weekend? ”
        And say you were a wild and crazy guy. Every place I have worked there are two or three people, I am close with, at lunch
        You could confide in.
        But rank and file, better
        Not to talk about personal life, opinions about management.

      2. Avatar
        the laughing goat

        Thank you!! I agree it is safer to keep to myself… then there’s a whole other judgment because of that – ha!

        1. Avatar
          James mccasland

          Also, workers who are loners I. E. Sit by themselves, are often selected for promotion. If you too chummy with everyone, and are promoted above them, it is harder to get respect because you were all equal.

          1. Avatar
            James mccasland

            PS work, from my teenage years, a book called astrogenetucs. Research looks at 12000 bankers, statistics would say 1000, each sign but 30 percent more Virgo. Are they better-not necessary KY but like the routine, detail. Labor leaders sagitarius 30% above
            Average, even at work they are on strike. 🙂

  11. I am a moon in the 12th house, plus Venus and if you start adding other things, I have more than these powerful planets in my 12th, it sucks im an absolute 12th house sufferer and Uranus and mercury and the freaking sun along with Lilith are in the 10th house. I have every personal planet but mars aspecting my midheaven plus Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto arg tired hours seem long I feel your pain Cap rising bb

  12. Ps I have read that Uranus in the 10th you are always talked about and I’ve read the same thing for mercury and lilith in the 10th, also having your sun in the 10 means you know powerful people.. my 12th house says do something then! Make me feel better then! I’m usually (always) left to my own I live the 12th and I live the 10th it is not easy.

  13. Oh Gosh !
    This is happening to me now , spreading untruths.
    But the evil brainwashing is happening.
    I maybe having a suspicious mind now.
    But my gut is telling me its out there ,this “thing” , lurking.
    I m playing it down.
    Doing my thing.
    But I can feel it.
    Negative influencers are dangerous.

  14. I’ve always been amazed how easily drawn in most people are by talk. Seemingly intelligent, “nice” people.

    Thirty years ago my husband said, in relation to some neighborhood drama, “I prefer to make up my own mind about people based on my firsthand experience. “

  15. Need to watch this vid! …really interesting, I heard for the 1st time the other day that mercury is the antidote to pluto … at the time the best i could imagine is that mercury would ‘call out’ plutonic stuff … afterall he’s the only one that can go down into the underworld and come back up to the top … have no idea if this correlates! I need to re-read and watch the vid!!

    1. Sounds like someone trying to appropriate my work, but stepping on their dick. 🙂
      Mercury is no antidote for Pluto.
      That’s ridiculous.

  16. Lol!!!🤣 think it was to do with opposites … the other example was venus antidote for Mars… make love, not war??! 🤣 looking forward to reading/ listening to more, life has seemed busy somehow! Nearly at the end of half term, but even before then!

  17. I am a virgo sun (2°), ascendant and mars. Discernment is my North so to speak – and really, every single one of all those Mercury key words, are me to a T. Neptune is wreaking absolute havoc in my life though: last I checked it was at 27pisces, opposite my 27virgo asc and mars. I feel like I’m in a complete whirlpool of misinformation and out right lies about me, and like in your example Elsa, I was horrified to find out how my very innocent behavior has been misconstrued through the lens of misinformation. Lies, rumors and misunderstandings have completely sent my cart flying off the rails and this normally so capable and grounded virgo woman has no idea how to counteract this. And as a mars rising, my defenselessness has been so jarring like I can’t even tell you. I’ve been an absolute doormat, by necessity, I thought. Didn’t change anything.

    Honestly it’s kind of broken me a bit. It’s hard not to be able to trust that the facts you know will lead to a fair or correct outcome, and it’s hard to know that it really truly did not matter how constructively I thought about a problem or a conflict. I tried to do the right thing, and to be kind, but that kindness was turned against me as a weakness.. and I tried to be practical and communicative, but was branded as disruptive. I was honest from the very first moment but I’m still considered a liar; like I have no idea here, and no conclusion either.

    Maybe I should just book a reading on how to handle this energy, with you Elsa.. I consider myself quite astro literate but I can’t see the solution to this. Too close to the problem. Maybe letting someone help, and teach me something new, is a small key – Neptune and Mercury might both be satisfied by that..

    1. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I feel for you and would be happy to help you.

      “It’s hard not to be able to trust that the facts you know will lead to a fair or correct outcome..”

      Yeah, don’t rely on this at all. Sorry!

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