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Neptune rough seaI have Neptune on my midheaven.  This morning I woke up to a comment left by some dude who said I was obviously damaged for life? And various other sundries…

I’ve seen this guy do this to others around here. I’m talking about you, Dawn.  Yes, it’s that same boundary-free man.

I’ve already tried talking to this person about messing with people on this site. He wasn’t too happy about it and now he’s back to stick knives in me, so I deleted the comment. I noted that Mercury is opposing Saturn with Mars is conjunct Uranus so, bam. It’s a cutting rejection and I own it.

Then a few minutes ago someone posted a comment on this old video; looks like it is from 2014?  It also looks like it’s not on this blog which is surprising.

In whatever case, here it is. I like it because it’s still 100% valid but also because projection is a simple thing.  I feel the video illustrates this and now it exists on this site.

Oh!  And for newbies, “The solider” is my husband. We met when I was 17 years old. This is what I’m talking about.

What do you know about projection?

Edit for clarity – I learned via a comment, it sounds as if, Dawn, did something. This is wrong and my poor writing is at fault. I’m sorry!

Dawn got bombed by this same man. Basically he’s a drive-by shooter. He reads people comments and then writes crap he imagines about them as if it were true!  It’s disturbing. It’s also a pattern and he won’t get away with this on this site, ever again.

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  1. I too have Neptune smack-dab on my MC. One old interpretation of this placement is that you never have much money…because you don’t prioritize it. Agreed. I have never focused on money, and as a result, don’t ever have much, but man do I live my life! I have traveled more and said “yes!” to more fun and adventure than most folks I know.

    Do you, Elsa. Haters gonna hate. Tell Dawn, “I’m rubber and you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!” Neptune MC=Immaturity??? 😉

    1. No, Dawn was another gal this man did this too. He reads what people write and then evaluates them; writing disturbing things that are questionable on every level.

      I asked him not to do this to readers here and he was very upset. I deleted his comment then too. He said he’d never be back but I guess he changed his mind.

      Anyway, he said I was damaged for life to which I would say, and who isn’t?

      To be clear, Dawn is innocent!

      1. My guess is this guy has also posed as a female to mindfornicate innocent posters. Gaslighting is also a tool these tools use: You say something completely supportive, yet they insist on playing victim and saying “Ohhh, I KNOW you meant well…” If that is indeed the case, then they should STFU. If they “knew I meant well,” yet decided it was appropriate to rake me over the coals anyway with the Superiority Stupidity Dance, who’s the one with the problem?? I give no quarter to that type of impertinent twit and will not hesitate to call it out.

  2. My apologies to Dawn!!!! To (mis)quote a line from the movie Tombstone: There’s no such thing as a normal life; there’s just life.

    Three cheers to us damaged folks! Some people just need attention, and negative attention is still attention. Ignore him.

    1. I just wrote her to apologize as well. But I won’t ignore him because he causes damage with this. I edited the post to better explain. Bottom line, he causes problems here but not anymore!

  3. Did I post TMI? Thank you Elsa for removing the analysis. This is why I am Social Media shy. You just don’t know who is reading your stuff. Kinda creepy. And why on Earth would he say you or I are damaged? He doesn’t even know either one of us. But again We take the responsibility for maybe posting too much info but I don’t remember if I did.

  4. ANYWAY… thanks for the perspective, Elsa — I think that, especially in times like these, we need to keep a cool head. And may those who TRULY should be worried (the perps) marinate in and ultimately fall by means of their own iniquity.

  5. Neptune is currently on my mid heaven. I have recently been subjected to all sorts of projection by someone who I thought was a friend. Suddenly, I have all of the problems he actually exhibits. What do you with these types? I’ve distanced myself, like way far away.

    1. Also, there is not a soul on this earth who is not in need of healing on some level or at some point.I always wonder at folks who take a jab at some person they dont know and isn’t bothering them.Bullies and all that.Let them box with their shadows elsewhere and you keep being you,learning you and doing you.

  6. I have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant but well aspected. I have been projected on all my life and could never figure out why people would this,that,and the other me until I began learning astrology.I would soak up all the energy flying around from the world around me and did not always know how to protect myself.
    I had to go within,deep,deep down inside and get to really ask myself who I am what I want and need and how I choose to show up in my life.I have it Rx. I figured out that I defined who I am nobody gets to do that for me ever again.It may not stop projections good or bad but if you know who you are it doesnt matter anymore.

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