Speaking Of Two Shadow Figures Joining Forces, What About Amy Winehouse And Blake?

winehouse blake beat upContinuing on this theme, What Happens When Two Shadow Figures Join Forces, look at these two.

It’s pretty easy to look at these two and feel you have no problems at all, but do you really have no problems at all?

I bet you have all kinds of problems.

So how about looking away from these two and their problems and taking a look at the problems in your own life?

In other words, take responsibility (Capricorn) for your shadow (Pluto). Hmmm.

Pretty sure this is the path to real (Capricorn) healing (Pluto).

8 thoughts on “Speaking Of Two Shadow Figures Joining Forces, What About Amy Winehouse And Blake?”

  1. Yup. I’m all about cultivating a shadow with integrity these days (Capricorn Moon). I’m getting my ducks in a row, so to speak, for when Pluto transits my Moon.

    I don’t want to be one of those people who plead ignorance when the shit hits the fan…something tells me that just won’t fly anymore.

  2. Great commentary, quite apt. I’ve been evaluating how I act and if is out of love or not. This is what is important to me. I’m working on acting the right way (acting=action)which is love based at least most of the time. My current relationship is forcing me to deal with this as it brings out my shadow like anything. It’s quite plutonic.

    Thanks for this.

  3. It’s funny, just in the last 24 hours I’ve been thinking about something that’s hurt for awhile now and thinking how much of it really was my fault. It didn’t occur to me that Pluto in Capricorn might be involved. Great interpretation.

  4. Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn seems to be forcing me to be stronger. Getting me very used to being pushed out of my comfort zones. Virgo Sun Sign, Pisces ascendant, and Cancer Moon. Pluto in Virgo.

    My Comfort zones are the nurturer, the family man and devoted husband, the person that uses diplomacy and goes out of their way to avoid conflict.

    I do find loud and aggressive people vex my spirit so I tend to withdraw, but will definitely stand up for myself where necessary.

    My natural tendency is to withdraw and go inward, to meditate to contemplate. To bring my own sense of well being and centredness into my workplace and life in general.

    In September 2006 this changed dramatically. I got a new boss. She is a Leo and eight years my senior. During the ensuing shake up I was propelled higher in our company ranks by virtue of qualities like honesty, loyalty, unshakeable ethics and dedication to service.

    It has been exciting and rewarding and I have been learning a lot, but I was being thrown off centre, sometimes on a weekly basis by new demands, and new challenges.

    I am very good at regaining balance and maintaining my centre even in times of chaos or dramatic change.

    In some respects it does feel like it is getting easier now. I have comitted to riding this wave out for as long as I can. Knowing that I can get off the surf board and swim to shore anytime I want.

    I am never intentionally mean to anyone. Though sometimes later I do realize that I have said hurtful things. I do go out of my way to make things right wherever possible.

    I also have a very unusual sense of humour that I tend to share only with the people that know me best, because it can leave others scratching their heads and saying what is that guy on? [Mars in Gemini?]

    With a Capricorn Dad who would say things like, no truer thing is said than the things that are said in jest, I am usually very conscious of this.

    Also as a person who is required to respond to communication by e-mail on a daily basis, I can tell you for sure that this form of communication is fraught with challenges and misunderstandings. I prefer to walk down the hall and find out what is going on than go back and forth via e-mail.

    Anyway, I have been enjoying Elsa’s blog and the huge variety of comments. Also I am very much enjoying the stories about Elsa P and the Soldier.

    The Soldier seems like kin, like one of my crazy Uncles that I can drink beer and BS with around the bonfire.

    Have a great week everyone,

  5. Oh, man, I was so relieved to get in touch with my shadow. I mean, it was talking to me and I acknowledged it, but accepting it has been helpful.

    Now that I’ve accepted it I can put it in its place or bring it out for discussion. Sometimes I still just dance and ackward dance with it, like when you’re politely passing a stranger in a narrow hallway. Um, oh, excuse me, oh, pardon, uh move, oh do I know you. You get the picture.

    I’m curious, does the shadow come in handy, or does one recommend alwasy keeping it in check? Does anyone use their shadow, like take its advise when they’re planning revenge or strategizing a business move or something? I’m just curious?

  6. Tomorrow is Take Your Shadow To Lunch Day. 🙂

    I dunno… I used to be really scared of mine, but then I took a good hard look at it and realized it was composed of nothing but ancient fear and sadness. When it was this nebulous, hidden, undefined evil creature, it was terrifying. Having taken a flashlight to it, I can see its contours and its content. Not so threatening anymore. And yes, it can be used, but carefully.

    I used my shadow to my advantage a couple of years ago. There was a man stalking and harassing me, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. The cops wouldn’t help me because I didn’t even know this guy’s name or anything about him. And the domestic violence/stalking laws in my state don’t cover an abuser you’ve never met or had a relationship with!

    So I ended up surreptitiously stalking HIM, getting info on him, found out he was stalking his ex-girlfriend, looked up his criminal/psych hospitalization record, contacted her, and helped her get another restraining order on him. Nice thing about that was (and part of my plan) that I was named as a witness in the complaint, and anything he did to me from that point on would fall under Intimidation of a Witness, which was a felony. He’s gone, baby, gone, and I have my shadow to thank for that.

  7. I was always aware of and able to acknowledge, nay, revel, in my dark side. But really taking responsibility for it, instead of only focusing on the (bleeps) that “drove me to it” – this is kind of novel. Difficult for me, but oddly uplifting too.

  8. Avery,

    What a great post. I love your idea and your story.

    I’m going to raise my (water) glass today at lunch and say, “bon appetit” to my shadow! She’s always with me, might as was make a date!

    What a great story of using your shadow! That’s what I was looking for.

    Now that you mention your story, I remember a way I used mine that was similar, but definitely not as dark and dangerous as yours;) My sister used to love to wear my clothes (and my other sister’s clothes too). So, one time I wore this shirt of mine to get a haircut, and then put it back into my closet. Very shortly thereafter, she wore it out one night and complained for days at how itchy she was. He he he. I was the youngest and about 13 years old at that time. I was used to getting pushed around, so this felt empowering and creative!


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