63 thoughts on “Styling Elsa By Annalisa”

  1. Elsa, you’re so incredibly beautiful!!!!!!!! Look at that smirk !!!!!! I want some big hair now !! I’mma have to load it with product and a curling iron but I can get some big hair for a couple hours 😀 I LOVE the skirt too.Aww what an expression,thank you for sharing,really ^^

  2. *wolf whistle*
    Elsa, you look fantastic 😉
    Only way I’m going to get beautiful hair like that is with a wig… half your luck!

  3. We were on the base where my husband was stationed when we met as teens. 🙂

    For the record, my husband is going to die when sees that skirt was worn on the base – I am telling you, he’s going to have a fit!

  4. Oh geez,I just noticed the Styled by part !! Annalisa, you did a really lovely job 🙂 That skirt was made for Elsa and you knew it and put her in it,and she owned it,that’s just awesome 😀 I love dressing up the people I care for( if they are ok with it and all lol)even if that sounds a little odd 😛

  5. Seriously hot! And a great boost for the ‘older woman’ to see how HOT we can still be in middle age.
    Makes me wish I could get my figure back!! I used to love wearing that colour combo and slinky type top when I had back hair

  6. Home’s looking real good on you Elsa and Annalisa’s styling is just kickin’ it up. You girls are so much fun.

  7. Avatar
    White Chocolate

    Go ‘head girl! Strut your stuff! You look GOOD! If I had that red skirt I’d be swinging that like no tomorrow!
    Keep it sexy!

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