Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – No Friends!

Last night my son was reminiscing and he told me about a time he had no friends…

“So I drew some friends, cut them out and pinned them to my shirt,” he said.

I was stunned. “Did that work? Did it get you some friends?”

“Nope,” he said, not sounding sad.

We were talking about the argument he’d had with his best friend at school. His friend told him he did not want to be friends anymore but I reminded my son he’s been through this with Jesus before and I thought sure they would make up within a couple days.

“You’re at each other’s house almost everyday. I am sure he is going to miss you,” I said.

Happy to report he got off the bus today and said I was a wizard… in fact the friendship was repaired but here’s my point:

The kid drew pictures of friends and pinned them to his shirt. It’s creative. It is Libra because he most certainly does not want to be alone but mostly it is CHARACTER building. You know how you read Capricorn (and Saturn) types build character? Well this is how it’s done.

When my son is an adult he is going to be the only man you ever meet that pinned friends to his shirt so if you like him you’re going to be screwed. Because there will be no replacement or substitute will there? So that’s that but there is one other problem that may loom even larger if you are keen on my son: His heart belongs to Belle.

Last night he was typing into an Internet 8-ball, “Will I marry Belle?”

I told the soldier about this. “He reminds me of you and your quest to have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, well he likes her and that’s how it is. Sometimes it’s not all that easy to be a boy, P. It’s not easy at all.”

I think he’s right about that.

Do you feel your character is developed?

8 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – No Friends!”

  1. Once in gymnastics class when I was 12, my teacher told me I could do a back flip from a springboard. I told him I didn’t think I could but he didnt believe me, and said he would spot me. I remember weird looks in the room when I was picking myself off the floor after what I felt was my attempt. That was character building. I felt responsible for everyone in the room and the horrible looks on their faces. My teacher was in shock about how I so could not do a back flip. There was focus on me and I was focused on myself, and with all that laser like focus I felt I got to know myself better. I felt at least some confidence that I knew what I didnt know, and I have often gone back to that experience to protect myself before trying to heave my body backward into the unkown.

  2. i’m not nearly old enough yet for that! maybe start to take shape out of the mess, but not “developed.”

    er. or maybe it is and i can’t tell because i’m stuck in the middle of it all the time.

  3. Elsa, that would be a beautiful premise for a children’s book. And he could write his own ending. 🙂

    I think I’m evolving and fine-tuning; the character is pretty much developed but not crystallized yet. The challenge is discovering and coming to terms with what’s already there on a daily basis.

  4. Really??? Oh, that’s wonderful! It’s going to be out of this world. Big hugs to him from New Mexico way.

  5. awww man, I can relate to this. I remember a girl from the first grade who once told me that I didn’t have many friends – because I didn’t deserve it. I would come home and tell these things to my gold fish, he was my friend.

    I bet your son will learn far more about friendship than his peers…sometimes you have to be without to know the value of something when you finally get it.

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