Sun: What Kind Of Father Are You?

sun by johnThe sun in astrology is associated with the father. Leo fathers are a lot of fun. They play games with their kids. They’ll get on the floor and play with their kids. I love this!

Scorpio fathers tend to be eagles. They keep a protective eye on their children. If you harm or even attempt to harm one of their kids, they’re going to hunt you.

Virgo fathers make sure their children do what they should. I’m talking about day to day stuff. They make sure their kids do their homework and it’s done on time!

What kind of father are you?
What kind of father did you have?
Where is your sun?

This as meant as a companion piece to What Kind Of Mother Are You?

25 thoughts on “Sun: What Kind Of Father Are You?”

  1. I wish I have lived with my dad. He’s a Taurus Sun. Stable and safe. He was my anchor. He would sing and dance with me, helped me with homework, took me to movies, restaurants and museums.
    He left when I was 4/5 yo when Pluto hit my IC.
    He kept coming to visit once a week for many years and had good relationship with my mom.
    He’s the only man I’ve ever missed.

    1. I had a Taurus Sun Dad. Admittedly, he was manic depressive. He hated me from the age of four years, when I first met him. He detested my successes, sought at all turns to humiliate me, was slap-happy, and made up disparaging lies about me. As is, I believe, generally true of children, I courted his, the reluctant parent’s, affection. Later, I despised him. I still do, even though he died 26 years ago. I was lucky my Mama was a darling, through and through.3

      1. I have a similar experience with a Taurus father. His treatment of me is rooted in his own pain so I work to forgive it. I fail a lot, but I really do try. Funny, I have a Taurus son now, with the same Moon placement as my dad, so there’s certainly a lesson for me to learn in this life.

        1. Thank you, dolce. I certainly reognise this: ‘His treatment of me is rooted in his own pain’. But unlike you, I cannot forgive. I admire you for trying. I wish you every strength and happiness.

          1. Thank you Sophie, and I understand. It sounds like my experience was not as drastic as yours, and if it were I doubt I could forgive it since I can barely forgive my own for lesser sins. I hope I didn’t come off preachy to you! I do sometimes, unintentionally, and can be super annoying without realizing it. Either way, I wish the same for you!

  2. My bio father was a Pisces that left before I was born. I only had a name to go on as an adult when I got the records from the court, he was already dead. I never knew him and actually didn’t even know about him until I was an adult. I didn’t contact his widow or children, I doubt they knew about me.

    My dad, who adopted me at 2-1/2, was a Leo. He was dutiful, but not someone I would consider fun. He was easy going, but seldom home, always working, leaving me to be with my mentally ill mother, who was abusive.

    I had many “adoptive” mothers in my life, mostly my friends’ mothers, but no “adoptive” dads. My experience with parents was not good. I attached to dogs for love and still do.

    I’ve learned that none of it is my fault.

  3. I have Libra Sun in my Scorpio-ruled 8th House. My father died when I was a child and my mother was secretive about him. I learned he was quite social and was a salesman. I’ve discovered more about his family via genealogy research.

  4. I was raised by a Pisces dad. He was a hard working farmer who I think dreamed of more but could not break the bonds of his family/farm etc. I always wondered what he really thought about. He got sick when I was young and he was not happy for the rest of his life. He loved us but did not value us girls. He never got a birth certificate b/c he was born at home. My husband is a Capricorn father and my kids respect and slightly fear him. They are responsible because of him.

    1. My dad was born 1916 at home. He had a postcard from the doctor that listed his name and the day he was born. Cancer sun, cancer stellum.

  5. He died when I was a toddler. He was really respected in a true capricorn sun fashion. He had a big capricorn stellium, put importance on conduct, generous, pushed for education- my older cousins know, hard working, loved geography. I get the feeling he was also very much liked or at least a more social cap due to his libra moon. Despite his absence I felt loved by him. There are always tales with us visiting mom at her job with him bringing her lunch during his own break time and hugging me or holding my hand as I was learning to walk. I have sun conjunct venus, square jupiter and opposite pluto in the 4th.

  6. My dad was a Virgo dad. He had me at the age of 59. He was serious, dutiful, and exactly how Elsa wrote, he made sure I ate, did my homework, went on my after-school activities, that I was always on time where I was supposed to be. He kept me like a drop of water on his palm. While he was working, he was very, very strict, real authority, serious, and he would be exactly the same father even if he got us 20 years earlier. But he was my ground, reality and with 3 sentences he knew how to solve a problem, how to calm me down, or just tell me that’s enough of my drama, emotions.

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    I have a Leo dad! He’s a dad of three girls so he would play the girly stuff with us – barbies and even would get in 100% silly mode and put on makeup with us while we put on our little kid makeup. We loved this! He cracked himself up doing it too. You don’t hear about that kind of dad too often! He’s also Italian, so very boisterous for that reason in addition to being a Leo!

  8. Sun in Gemini in the 4th. No kids of my own but busy with plenty of others’ kids around. I coached sports, tutored, babysat nieces and nephews plus many more. Grown kids often board with me when their parents go into hospital or on vacation. As much as I love and enjoy them all, I sure enjoy the peace at home when it’s done! Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

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    Hildegarde Noviciate

    My dad was a Gemini with Virgo Rising. He was a visionary. Very strict and a disciplinarian. But very loving and affectionate. He had his demons tho’ thats for sure. He was a great provider and made sure we were provided with the best he could give. What I loved the most was that he would argue with us. I learned to be a good debater and self examiner because of him. I think being challenged it was mentally stimulating(gemini ?). Allowing me to speak my mind was the greatest gift he gave me.

  10. I never knew my biological father. He was a Leo Sun and an alcoholic. Anyway, my stepfather is a Taurus with a Cap Moon and he’s been with my mother for 55+ years. He doesn’t talk much so when he does, we listen because he’s going to say something important. I think underneath his rigid exterior he has some jealousy (at times) going on but he keeps things hidden except when he laughs at TV. I’m a Libra Sun, Gemini Moon so I didn’t appreciate his perspective on things when I was a teenager and I was quite a rebel because he moved our family around so much and I lost friends. Anyway, he enjoys lots of TV, and junk food and soda pop are always beside his recliner. Yes, he can be a little on the selfish side. My mother is an Aries Sun and she can be insensitive at times, too. It is what it is and with them, I have to be direct in order to be heard.

  11. My Dad was the playful Leo Sun Dad with a Virgo Moon. My Pluto-Jupiter is on his Sun and my Moon on his Moon. Fitting for a firstborn. He had to be pushed to correct us, leaving that up to Mom. Hard working, good provider, perceptive and wise in an extremely down to earth way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had Taurus rising like me with more Leo-Virgo planets in the 5th than I have. I’m a Cancer Sun on his Pluto.

  12. My dad is a Virgo and he did not raise me in a typical Virgo way at all. Never made me do homework or asked about it. He was very fun-loving in a way. Aries Moon. He was also sensitive- he has a grand trine in water- Venus in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces and Mars in Cancer so I always felt he understood me.

  13. My dad is a Pisces sun; he cries easily. A ‘softie’. Also, an alcoholic. My Chiron is in Pisces – I sobered up almost 30 years ago now.
    My son is a Leo. No grandchildren for me yet. If it does happen, he will be a wonderful and fun dad I think.

  14. Dad was a Gemini Sun with an Aquarius moon.

    He was verbally abusive to us, and an alcoholic. He probably had an undiagnosed ADHD condition – as I have recently been diagnosed with the condition.

    He didn’t know how to raise girls. Called me “clumsy” when I was sick or had hurt myself. Not in an evil way.
    Still – he gave the best hugs. When he hugged me,I never doubted his love.
    My mother’s hugs was always kinda … Strangely distanced in some way. She never just “gave it all” for us to feel.

    They were opposite each other. She was the Virgo ascendant mom (and yes – a typical Virgo) and my dad was… The emo one. The abusive/brash/choleric one with a giant temper.

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